Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 11

Zhou’s Group eventually closed down, a huge commercial warship, standing for nearly a hundred years, in just two months turned to ashes. And the Jing Group took a bit hit, the stock fell, the commercial crime investigation section also started an investigation and the competitors launched an attack. All of this was enough to make Zhou Wenjing sore.

Zhou Yunsheng was staring at the AI on his wrist, the progress bar had risen to 99%. Because the original fate of the world changed, it was out of the Lord God’s control, running on an unpredictable road.

There was a 1% chance for the world to return to normal, but Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t care about this. He could choose how long he could stay in this world, so there was enough time to guarantee success.

Half a month ago, CBS’s interview with Noah’s president was broadcasted on C country’s international news channel, and the true identity of the legendary figure was known to everyone. Yang family that almost suffered bankruptcy quickly joined the ranks of the first-class families in C country.

Today was the master of Guo Jia’s, Guo Liqun, wife Guo Lin Danping’s sixtieth birthday. As the in laws of Guo, Yang home’s Yang Zhenhai and his wife were invited to attend. Of course, Guo’s main purpose was to meet Zhou Yunsheng through Yang. Who let Yang Zhenhai be Zhou Yunsheng’s uncle, and made the relationship between the two be so close?

If the world developed the way it original did, after the death of his father, Zhou Wenjing and Zhou Wenang would join hands to deal with Yang Group and it quickly fell apart. Therefore, the original Zhou Yun Sheng did not get his uncle’s protection, and his days were very miserable.

But now Yang was not in any danger.

After Yang suffered from the divestment crisis, Yang Zhenhai’s wife, Guo Shufang, went home for help but was refused by Guo Liqun. Guo Liqun was married to Guo Lin Danping, who had two daughters, but because he was anxious for a son he kept a mistress, who gave birth to a pair of twins that he then took under his wing. Guo Lin Danping was angry enough to die.

Guo Jia old-couple loved their grandchildren, without regard for Guo Lin Danping and her two daughters’ feelings, they took in the twins. Guo Liqun’s old man was even in charge of their personal education. He’d even bring the male twin to board room meetings and treated him as the successor of Guo family.

You can imagine how embarrassing the situation was for Guo Shufang. When she went home for help, Guo old couple were soft-hearted but, after their son demanded it, they could offer to buy the contract for the undersea tunnel project for the lowest price.

So the outcome wouldn’t have been very different from bankruptcy. Guo Shufang was angry enough to die but with no way out she almost gave in. Her mother Guo Lin Danping and her sister even sold their jewelry to secretly help her. Because of this, after her nephew fixed the shortage of funds, Guo Shufang went to the mall to buy jewelry to compensate her mother and sister.

In short, if there was no Guo Lin Danping, Yang and Guo would’ve become enemies.

Guo Lin Danping, although sixty, her maintenance was very good. Her rich, ruddy face, had an older beauty. Guo Liqun stood by her, smiling to meet the guests.

“Yang’s car came.” Seeing the slowly approaching luxury car, Guo Liqun’s eyes light up, he rushed to the door with the pair of twins. Guo Lin Danping, with her littlest daughter under her arm, unhurriedly followed behind, her mouth had a slight mocking smile.

Yang Zhenhai couple accompanied a young man up the steps. The young man looked handsome, had a gentle temperament and a pair of peach eyes. When people looked at him their heart would undoubtedly jump.

“This is our big nephew? Really handsome ah!” Guo Liqun warmly greeted, he also tried to introduce the young twins to Sheng.

Zhou Yunsheng faintly nodded, smiled and bypassed the three to pull on Guo Lin Danping’s hand, then said ‘I wish grandmother a happy birthday’. He didn’t even spare a glance to the twins.

“Let’s not stand here, quick come inside.” Guo Shufang intimately held her nephew’s and her mother’s hand and went in. Guo Liqun was very embarrassed, but he refused to let the opportunity slip, and quickly followed. The arrival of Yun Sheng attracted all the guests’ eyesight, they secretly sighed at Gou’s good luck.

“Yun Sheng, this is your nephew Guo Zi Nan, he’s currently learning from me, but if you have free time you’re welcome to teach him. This is your niece Guo Baoyi, she’s in B school, learning vocal music.” Guo Liqun was persistent in pushing the pair of twins to him.

Guo Baoyi smiled a bright and generous smile- Guo Zi Nan twisted his brow, his eyes disguised hostility.

Zhou Yun Sheng glanced at him, smiled and said, “I heard you’re good friends with Wenang?”

Now who didn’t know the relationship between the three brothers? Originally, outsiders thought that Zhou’s two illegitimate children had forced the eldest son into a corner, but the eldest son was actually a hidden tyrant. He just had to lift his hand to break all the hard work of the illegitimate children.

So, even if Zhou Yunsheng looked handsome and gentle, others couldn’t ignore his power.

Guo Zi Nan’s face slightly paled, Guo Liqun, embarrassed, interfered, “He’s still small, his vision has not opened so it’s inevitable that he’d make friends carelessly. There’s a saying, a young person’s mistakes can always be forgiven.”

Zhou Yunsheng moderately smiled, commented, “Young people do have the right to make mistakes, but not every mistake was worthy of forgiveness. Guo, your words are not good, treat the small one strictly, and don’t condone his mistakes. My brother Wenang will be fifty years old after he gets out of prison, even if he wants a do over, he’s already lost his chance. Isn’t that true?”

On the surface the Zhou Group collapsed because of a series of economic crimes, but secretly, who didn’t know who was behind it? The eldest child only needed to move his fingers and he squeezed Zhou Group, Guo this third-rate family was not even worth his time.

Guo Zi Nan’s body couldn’t stop trembling, Guo Liqun embarrassingly nodded while pulling out his handkerchief to wipe at the cold sweat on his forehead. Guo Lin Danping mother and daughter were drinking and chatting, as if they heard nothing, but in reality their hearts were unsympathetic.

Just then, the door suddenly opened, Guo family turned around surprised to see a tall man slowly walk in. He wore a black and white suit, his chest pocket was dotted with a silver gray handkerchief, and his hair combed back exposing a knife carved handsome face. His narrow eyes were sharp and daunting.

Today’s Du was the world’s number one arms dealers. As Du Xu Lang was in control of all the forces in the family, he needed to threaten fewer and fewer people, and he gradually appeared in the public eye more often.

In C country, all the big characters were familiar with most of his deeds. Although he did not understand why he showed up uninvited, Guo Liqun still immediately put down his glass to greet him, enjoying the eyes of envy on his way.

But Du Xu Lang directly walked around him, smiling at Sheng, “Baby, why didn’t you wait for me?”

“I was accompanying my aunt to buy a birthday gift.” Zhou Yunsheng gave him a hug, and then handed him his glass, reaching to take another.

“Grandmother, happy birthday.” Du Xu Lang let go of his lover then gently held Ms. Guo Lin Danping, his intimate call finally woke up the people around them.

“Mr. Du, you and Yun Sheng are … …”

“He’s my boyfriend.” Zhou Yunsheng carefreely dropped a bomb, causing Du Xu Lang to smile. He simply loves his companion’s fearless and straightforward nature. If they even lacked the courage to recognize their lover, why would you stay with them?

Guo Lin Danping was not a pushover, after seeing her daughter’s non-reaction -showing that she was already informed- she quickly restored her calm. But Guo Liqun’s face was pale with regret. Noah Group had enough weight, if they added in Du chaebol, the pair would simply be the world’s strongest combination- anyone who provoked them might as well have a death wish.

Thinking of his past treatment of Yang Jia, Guo Li regretted until his intestines were green. His mistress, who saw the situation, couldn’t wait to slap him in private.

The people on the sidelines thought of Du’s recent cooperation with Noah in the development of new weapons and exposed expressions of realization. Guo was now completely covered by Yang’s light.

Not long after, Zhou Wenjing arrived with is arm around a pure looking girl. Today, his group, after a series of frustrations, was not a large as before and he’s previous public attention was cooling. When others saw him they always used to call him ‘young and promising’. But after being crushed by Zhou Yun Sheng, how can he be called excellent?

Seeing the intimate couple, Zhou Wenjing’s eyes darkened. The girl at his side also exposed eyes of hatred.

“That seems to be your second uncle’s daughter?” Zhou Yun Sheng lightly asked.

The girl was one of the many harem members of Zhou Wenjing, her family background was not simple. Her father was Du Xu Lang’s uncle, he was the most promising to inherit Du Jia but he was suppressed by Du Xu Lang. After repeated confrontation between Uncle and nephew, the seed of hatred had long been sown, and each were anxious to watch the other fall apart.

Zhou Wenjing being with the woman was the equivalent of standing as a hostile party to Du Xu Lang.

Du Xu Lang looked at them, his nephew quickly turned his head. His attitude was very cold. He suddenly laughed, “It’s my fault. I was too easygoing with him.”

If it was the original fate of development, Du Xu Lang would easily forgive his nephew, and then be stabbed by the girl causing serious injuries. Zhou Wenjing killed the girl’s father in revenge. Afterwards, not only did he not alienate his nephew, the relationship between them grew closer.

Today’s Du Xu Lang had a lover, his desire for a family was naturally sated. Moreover, Zhou Wenjing and him had no blood relationship. After so many transgressions, could they really be considered relatives? After the fall of Zhou Group he’d had pity for Zhou Wenjing and he’d helped him to stabilize his situation. If not for Du’s help, his group would have been carved up.

Du Xu Lang felt that he had given enough to his nephew. He was not his father, there would be a bottom line for his concerns. Since his nephew showed intentions to part, he would not hold on to him.

After that thought, Du Xu Lang raised his glass to his nephew and drained it.

Zhou Yunsheng was surprised to find that the progress bar on his AI had suddenly risen to 100%, he wondered at the reason.

Du Xu Lang was the biggest cheat of Zhou Wenjing, even if all his women were added up, the role they played was less than Du Xu Lang’s. Because Du Xu Lang supported him, he could survive all kinds of crisis. Now that Du Xu Lang gave up his shelter, if he later met a crisis it would not be so easy to resolve. Of course it was now 100% impossible for him to achieve his original achievements.

Changing the fate of the protagonist was a shortcut to changing the world’s fate, but unless the protagonist was actively against him, Zhou Yun Sheng would not take the initiative to provoke them. Zhou Wenjing failed because he jumped into the trap of his own will. In addition to changing the fate of the protagonist, Zhou Yun Sheng could also change history, change technology, change the fate of the supporting role, change his own destiny, and use other methods to attack the main god system.

He does not have to fight against the protagonist.

But it’s fair to say that Du’s decision helped him save a lot of time, and also helped him avoid a lot of trouble. His mood suddenly happier, Zhou Yunsheng hooked his arms around Du Xu Lang’s neck, kissed his cheek and said, “Thank you, dear, you helped me a lot.”

Du Xu Lang froze, then he grabbed the back of his head and exchanged a deep kiss. He secretly slipped a ring on his left ring finger.

The guests stared slack mouthed, some even shouted out loud. The next day, the two business giant’s scandal was all over the news, but the public relations team on both sides did not come out to clarify.



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