Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 13

Zhou Yunsheng stayed by Du Xu Lang’s side until they grew old. The day after his death, he did not hesitate to leave the world. In the past, under the control of the villain system, he never got a chance to breathe, after he completed one task he was pushed straight into another.

This time, he was free to control his own time. He stayed in the Xinghai space for a long time. He slept to rest his soul until the heartache of losing Du Xu Lang gradually faded with the passage of time. When he woke up, he began to fiddle with the AI on his wrist again.

During the few times he had free will under the Lord God’s control he learned that the more difficult the task he completed, the more the power of his soul increased. At the same time, he’d become more closely linked to the world. The world and the host depended on each other, after the task is completed and the power of the soul was strengthened, the Lord God would absorb them and use their power to support its dimensional trap.

The promise to be sent back to the real world after completing a number of tasks was just a beautiful lie. They were only a group of livestock for the Lord God, once they fattened up they would be slaughtered.

When 007 penetrated deeper into his soul, he accidentally found out this secret. He is a hacker, so he is not like the others who were desperate to return to the real world. In his case, there is no difference between real and virtual. He usually lives more arbitrarily in the virtual world. He has always been the king of the virtual world.

Choosing him as a hostage was the Lord God’s greatest mistake, and his retribution would come.

After adjusting his mentality, Zhou Yun Sheng gave the AI an order, then disappeared into the endless sky.

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