Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 14

Black Hearted Lotus

When he woke up again, Zhou Yunsheng was standing in front of a canvas, holding a paint-stained brush, with a strong smell of poppy oil. He stood still for a moment before he began to observe the surrounding environment. This was a rather empty room, without any furniture, only four white walls and an open window. Outside the window was a lush green garden, there was a blue lake in the distance.

The scenery was beautiful and fascinating.

Except for Zhou Yunsheng, there was no one in the room. The AI’s screen flashed a lot of text, it was the data stolen from the main god of the owner and the world’s details.

The body’s name was Wei Xiyan, 18 years old, currently studying in the Kyoto Academy of Fine Arts. When he was ten years old his parents died because of a car accident. He was adopted by friends of his parents, and moved to F country. The relationship between the couple was very deep, on the day of their silver wedding anniversary they decided to travel around the world, their due return uncertain.

Worried that Wei Xiyan couldn’t take care of himself they entrusted him to their son in C country.

Ning Si Nian was 28 years old this year, but he has been married twice. The last wife died of bone cancer leaving him a three-year-old son named Ning Wangshu. Because of the busy business, he had no time to look after his son so Ning Si selected a gentle, introverted woman in a hasty marriage. Although they had no strong feelings of husband and wife, life was stable.

Wei Xiyan and Ning Si only met when they were younger, then Ning mother threw the huge family business to her son and Wei Xiyan settled abroad long-term. So the feelings between the two were not deep, you could even call them unfamiliar.

Wei Xiyan lost his parents at a young age, his personality had become somewhat autistic. He never took the initiative to cater to others, but would not add trouble to others either. Ning Si Nian was mature and stable, he wouldn’t deliberately make life difficult for an orphan. They lived together but didn’t disturb each other, living in peace.

The bad days started with his new wife Zhao Xinfang, whose appearance was pure but the inside was a vicious black-hearted lotus. Before marrying Ning Si, she got together with Ning Si Nian’s friend Qian Yu. Qian Yu was Ning’s university classmate, after graduation Ning Nian hired him as a personal assistant.

Most personal assistants were trusted by the boss. Being relied on was a kind of discipline, so when Qian Yu reaches Ning’s expectations, he would naturally arrange a more suitable position for him.

But Qian Yu obviously couldn’t wait. Born in poverty, he had a strong hostility towards the rich and a more morbid sense of self-esteem. In his view, being driven like a nanny was an insult by Ning Si Nian. He began to hate Ning Si Nian, on one side he sold company secrets to rival companies, on the other side he seduced Zhao Xinfang to help with his wicked plan.

But Ning was the male protagonist in this world, he is not so easy to deal with. The two were almost successful when the female protagonist appeared. She not only won Ning Si Nian’s love, she also exposed the conspiracy of the two. In the series of dangerous and romantic clashes, Wei Xiyan was just a negligible cannon fodder.

One day, he went out to buy paint and accidentally met Zhao Xinfang and Qian Yu coming out of a hotel. The two feared he would tell the matter to Ning Si Nian and make him suspicious, so they set up a plot for him to be expelled from Ning home.

Zhao Xinfang bribed the home nanny Wang Ma to let her abuse Ning Wangshu. Then they secretly allowed Ning Si Nian to see Ning Wangshu’s shocking scars, and said Wei Xiyan was abusing him while they were out of the house. Ning Wangshu was barely three years old, he didn’t have a clear view of right and wrong, plus Wang Ma threatened to hit him even more. So when he was brought to Ning Si Nian, with a scared soul, he said that his Xiao Shu hit him.

After repeated abuse, Ning Wangshu started showing autistic symptoms too- he would no longer cry or laugh. Ning Si Nian naturally despised Wei Xi. Not only was he kicked out of the house, he also broke off their relationship. Zhao Xinfang’s plot can be described as hitting two birds with one stone. She eradicated the obstacle for her future children, and kept her cheating a secret.

A few years later Wang Ma retired and the female protagonist applied for nanny. In her gentle care, Ning Wangshu’s autistic symptoms miraculously improved, the goddess also exposed Zhao Xinfang and Qian Yu’s plot. When Ning Nian went back to find Wei Xiyan, he found out that he had been abandoned by his loved ones, swallowed sleeping pills and committed suicide.

Ning Si felt extremely guilty, so naturally, the female protagonist was there to comfort him and cheer him up … …

Wei Xiyan was the innocent person in this story. He never suspected Zhao Xinfang and Qian Yu, and with his personality, he would never take the initiative to say anything to Ning Si Nian. Even till death, he never understood why he was expelled by Ning home.

This character was very unfortunate, a hundred times more unfortunate than his last body. He was only a prop to increase the feelings between the male and female protagonists.

After reading the material Zhou Yunsheng shook his head and silently sighed. So far, Wang Ma had “worriedly” reported to Ning Si Nian twice, both times Ning Wangshu was severely bruised. Ning Si Nian wanted to talk with Wei Xiyan but Wei Xiyan was very closed off, once he hide in the studio and locked the door, no matter how much you called he wouldn’t come out. This made Ning Si Nian very frustrated so he commanded Wang Ma to stare at Ning Wangshu. Wang Ma herself was the culprit, unless she angered Ning Si, why would she stop?

By the time Wang Ma complains again, Wei Xiyan should be expelled from the house.

After reading the last sentence, Zhou Yunsheng steadily thought of some plans. To completely change the direction of the world you can change the fate of the protagonist, the original body, or other supporting roles. You can also change the historical process, major events plus other methods. But the quickest way was to change the fate of the protagonist, followed by the fate of the owner, the others were slower. The more you choose to do, the more time and energy you spend.

As the villain, Zhou had been killed by the protagonist hundreds of thousands of times, adding up to at least tens of thousands of years he has been in the virtual world. After getting rid of the system’s control, he decided – unless the protagonist took the initiative to provoke him, he would never entangle himself with the protagonist. Even with slow progress, what did time matter? He no longer had a time limit forced onto him.

So his best choice at the moment was to change the fate of the owner, but there was a great deal of cleverness involved. To help the original body avoid danger was only the most basic approach to restoring the owner’s reputation. To help the original reach an unfulfilled wish and realize their dreams, this was called a complete change.

Now Zhou Yunsheng, of course, can go directly to Ning Si Nian to explain to him, but who would Ning Si choose to believe? Wang Ma, who served the Ning family for decades and personally brought him up? Or an unfamiliar cheap little brother with mental disabilities? The results was self-evident.

Besides, how can he explain why a closed-off teenager knows so much?

Zhou Yunsheng repeatedly thought for a long time, then he decided to use a more tactful but also more intuitive way to resolve the crisis. He placed down his paintbrush, covered the sketchpad with a white cloth, and went into the bathroom to wash.

In the mirror a pale and thin but handsome face emerged, he looked slightly feminine. With light coffee colored soft and smooth hair, obediently hanging to his ears, people couldn’t help but want to touch and rub it. The body’s sharp eyes suddenly faded, replaced by a faint melancholy look.

Satisfied that he had imitated the original owner’s temperament, Zhou Yun Sheng took off his clothes and went into the shower. Due to the discovery of too many deadly secrets in the network, the real world Zhou Yunsheng had long become accustomed to hiding his life. He would black out a person’s identity then disguise himself as them, then after a period of time he’d change to another person, it was a cycle. From appearance to temperament, temperament to habit, he can completely from the inside become another person. His impeccable camouflage ability made him get an appropriate code name–The Pretender.

As for being Deicide, that was the result of being trapped.

Since he replaced the original body, he would completely live his life the way he always did, plus he’ll avoid all dangers to achieve his wishes. He was now the orphaned and socially closed off Wei Xiyan.

After the bath and change of clothes, Ning Si Nian came back. Wang Ma sent a maid up to call Wei Xiyan to eat.

As the male protagonist, Ning Si Nian’s appearance was extraordinary handsome, his almost 190 centimeters tall stature made him anything he wore work. He was sitting at the table, coaxing his emotionally stunted son Ning Wangshu, hearing footsteps, his eyebrows wrinkled. His cold eyes casually looked over, full of lethality.

The original Xiyan, because he was too afraid of his eyes, he refused to communicate with him and lost his chance to clarify himself. Zhou Yunsheng was of course not afraid, but he shrunk his neck as if frightened, and chose to sit in the farthest corner.

Zhao Xinfang said in a soft tone, “Si Nian, give me the baby I’ll feed him, you eat first.” After talking, she gently took Ning Wangshu, her drooping eyelids covered her deeply malicious eyes.



Lost his parents – Lost presumption. It means lose a father but he lost both parents so idk. Maybe he lost them at different times?

Xiao Shu- Small Uncle

Goddess- Chinese novels often call the female love interests goddess

I proof read this story with a migraine, so the grammar may be worse than usual but it’s still readable. I’ll fix it up later.

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