Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 15

Ning Wangshu wanted to grab his father clothes, but Wang Ma glanced at him with insidious eyes. Scared stiff, he let Zhao Xinfang hug him.

“This is your favorite purple potato rice paste, very sweet and fragrant.” Zhao Xinfang softly whispered, her attitude kind and patient. If Zhou Yun Sheng was not aware of her true face, he almost would have been deceived by her.

Ning Si Nian and Zhao Xinfang meet in an orphanage. She was a volunteer, every weekend she would go to take care of children. Ning Si Nian saw her treat the children tender, considerate and patiently. That helped introduce the idea of marrying her. Right now, he was satisfied with the performance of Zhao Xinfang, his grim face was slightly warmed.

Zhou Yunsheng picked at his rice, his line of sight only staring at the plate, he didn’t look elsewhere.

Wang Ma finished the vegetables and cleaned the kitchen, laughing while wiping her hands she said, “Madam, I’ll come feed the baby, you look tired today.”

Ning Wangshu’s face paled, but because of Wang Ma he was afraid to protest, he just bit his tongue in silent tears, and didn’t dare to resist. Wang Ma pretended to be concerned, “Oh, what’s the matter? You were just in a good mood, why are you crying in a blink of an eye? The baby has refused to talk these days, refused to eat and even refused to sleep. He’ll inexplicably start crying, and crying some more. It’s really distressing ah. Poor thing, what is going on…..”

She said it in tears, looking more pitiful than Ning Wangshu.

Ning Wangshu was scared into a quail, stiff and shrinking in her arms, he was even afraid to breathe. Zhou Yunsheng in only one day could see Ning Wangshu’s fear of Wang Ma, but Ning Si Nian was too involved. Wang Ma raised him from childhood, he loved her like a mother so he didn’t notice the slightest strangeness.

Right now, Wang Ma’s few words provoked his anger, his cold sharp eyes brushed Zhou Yun Sheng but because of the child he reluctantly restrained his anger. He picked up his son, gently comforted and coaxed, singing the nursery rhymes Wang Ma sang to him as a child. But when Wangshu heard it not only did he not calm down, his whole body started convulsing.

Ning Si’s heart was worried, he immediately brought his son back to his room and repeatedly called the family doctor. Wang Ma and Zhao Xinfang followed him.

In the blink of an eye only Zhou Yunsheng was in the dining room. He put down the bowl, slowly wiped his mouth, washed his hand, and returned to his room.

The room was very simple, the bookcase was full of books on painting, and the drawers were mostly filled with paints and canvases, all kinds of brands. He was clearly a crazy painter, there was nothing in life but painting.

But Zhou Yun Sheng was a hacker, he needed a computer. After rummaging in the room for a while, he finally found a notebook under the bed. He opened it and connected to the web.

The light cast a shadow on the boy’s delicate face, he looked intently at the screen, fingers moving at speeds the naked eye couldn’t follow. A few minutes later, he was interrupted by a violent knock on the door, he couldn’t help but frown.

“Wei Xiyan, we need to talk, come out!” Ning Si shouted while knocking on the door. There was no movement, he was a little agitated he couldn’t help but kick to the door.

Fortunately, Ning family was very rich, the door was a well-made solid wood door. Unless he brought in another two big men it wouldn’t be so easy to break into the room.

Zhou Yunsheng’s tight nerves relaxed, he licked his lips, picked up a tea cup on his desk and severely smashed it to express his determination not to meet with him.

The former Wei Xiyan was afraid to talk with Ning Si, Zhou Yun Sheng simply didn’t want to talk to him. Ning Si Nian long ago sentenced Wei to death in his heart, even if he wanted Wei Xiyan to explain, he probably wouldn’t listen.

Ning Si Nian heard a loud noise, saw the tea spreading out on the carpet. Apparently the man inside was also agitated. Thinking of his parents’ advice to not stimulate Wei Xiyan, he pulled his tie, had to walk away. His son had bruised scars, he’d sent photographs to his parents on the other side of the ocean but they didn’t believe, only saying that Xiyan would not hurt others.

Even a cup can be smashed, was that the attitude of someone who would not hurt others? If he didn’t hit him then was it Xinfang? Is it Wang Ma? One was a gentle and kind-hearted wife, one was like a mother to him. Ning Si Nian would not doubt the two. Not to mention, his son said it was his small uncle who hit him, he was so small, how could he lie?

Hearing footsteps go away, Zhou Yunsheng clicked on the Enter key and a small program was sent to Ning Si Nian’s computer.


Ning Si kept at his son’s bedside, looking at him. He was injected with a sedative but he appeared to be in a panic sleep. Ning Si’s heart twisted. The family doctor’s words echoed over and over again in his mind: Mr. Ning, look at the situation, your son’s abuse has left a psychological shadow, you need to find him a psychiatrist as soon as possible and keep him away from the source of terror.

Away from the source of terror?

Ning Si Nian mused for a moment, while walking to his study. Zhao Xinfang stood in the hallway lamplight, saw him approaching and whispered, “I’m sorry Si Nian. I didn’t take care of the baby. Do you want me to quit my work at the orphanage? Wang Ma is guarding the baby, but she has other responsibilities. Also, I have contacted a psychologist from the Kyoto University Department of Psychology, Dr. Sun Wen. His research on the psychological problems of children is second to none. This is his business card, you keep it. Every Wednesday I’ll take the baby to see the doctor.”

“You don’t have to resign, you just go on the weekends it doesn’t take much time. Besides, a thousand days of guarding is only a thousand days of anti-theft. I told my parents to send for Wei Xi as soon as possible. I originally intended to contact Dr. Sun Wen, but you are a step faster than me. Dr. Sun Wen is good, and he is currently staying in the country. Xin Fang, it’s been hard on you.” Ning Si Nian took a look at the business card.

Zhao Xinfang saw his expression was very tired, opened her mouth but finally didn’t say anything. The brothers’ time together was not long, their feeling were weak, but if they grew closer in the future Wei might speak about that day. Now not only did her schemes work, but the little bastard Ning Wangshu was turned into an idiot. Zhao Xinfang’s heart was filled with pleasure.

She smiled pleasantly as she opened the door for her husband.

Ning Si walked to the window, smoking, orange-red cigarette butts flashed rapidly, he was in an anxious mood. Half a minute later, he lit the lamp and called his parents.

“The number you dialed is not in service …”

“The number you dialed is not in service…”

“The number you dialed …”

After it failed a few times, he became irritated and threw away the phone and it accidentally hit the mouse, activated the standby computer. An ad box jumped out, the orange font was very eye-catching.

Ning Si Nian was ready to turn it off, but he froze when he saw the contents.

“Are you still worried about theft? Are you still worried about the lazy nanny? Are you still angry for your child’s nanny abuse? Pinhole camera, solve all your worries! Home installation, convenient and practical …”

He ignored the following words, he’d seen enough, his eyes flashed a shimmer – since his parents didn’t want to believe, he’d place the evidence in front of them. Under the irrefutable proof, even if Wei Xiyan did not want to go, he could call people to throw him out and also let him pay a painful price.

He re-picked up the phone and dialed Zhao’s number.

Zhao Jun lived in the west of the house, once a mercenary, he now served as Ning Si Nian’s driver and bodyguard, but he was also responsible for the many things of Ning Si that should not see the light. After he received the call, he didn’t ask for reasons and soon prepared a set of monitoring equipment.

The next day, Ning Si Nian went to work. Zhao Jun pretended to clean the air conditioning and installed the pinhole cameras in every corner of Ning home, he didn’t even let go the bathrooms, and finally a rice grain sized listener was placed on Ning Wangshu’s locket.

Now was summer vacation, Zhou Yunsheng didn’t need classes, after getting up to eat breakfast he locked himself into the studio. He is now taking the place of Wei Xiyan, naturally he will help Wei Xiyan achieve his dreams.

There was no doubt that the dream of Wei Xiyan was to become a great painter.

Feeling a lot of monitors in the house, his not happy mood slowly became brighter, he stretched out white slender fingertips and picked up the white cloth on the canvas.

This a completed pastoral landscape painting. It was of Ning home, the bright sunshine was a blooming rose in a rose garden, the large sections of warm colors made people feel happy. In all fairness, Wei Xiyan in the way of painting had a little aura, but because of his closed-off emotions, it was missing something deeper.

His paintings were very delicate, very beautiful, and gave visual enjoyment, but cannot shake people’s souls.

Zhou Yun Sheng reincarnated through nearly hundreds of thousands of years, although every life he played the villain, but it can’t be denied that if the villain had no ability, how can he compete with the protagonist? In every world cycle, he not only completed the tasks, he also didn’t forget to learn a variety of skills. He has been every identity- the general, the emperor, the immortal, the knight, the Duke, the pope, the magician- these experiences gave him endless pain but also gave him priceless wealth.

He’s picked up many skills, which naturally included painting. Whether it was Chinese painting, oil painting, sketch, or water, as long as he had a brush, he can create a world.

His accomplishments in painting were totally unmatched in the world, and even in this world, no one can find a person to compare with him. So to complete the dream of Wei Xiyan, Zhou Yunsheng was simply not troubled.

He slowly observed the works of Wei Xiyan, trying to figure out his painting skills, the room was quiet, only the sound of the breeze blowing the leaves.

At this time, a little figure came in. He stood in the doorway, seemed to be fascinated by the beautiful scenery on the canvas, step by step, he quietly and carefully walked behind Zhou Yun Sheng.

Zhou Yunsheng was trying to figure out Wei Xiyan style, he turned to pick up the brush and palette, but met Ning Wangshu’s eye.

They were both awkward, apparently shocked by each other. They shared a ‘you see me, I see you’ blank look.

After a long time, Zhou Yun Sheng slowly, slowly stretched out his hand, and picked up the palette from the bench beside Ning Yu Shu. Ning Wangshu was going to retreat but found that his goal was not to touch him, he stopped, and with a pair of big eyes he looked up and looked up.

Zhou Yunsheng ignored him, diluted the pigments, and seemingly carelessly smeared it on the canvas. Uncle and nephew stood close together, seriously focusing on the painting. Two exquisite faces with the same deadpan expression, the scene looked a little funny, but seemed so warm and lovely.



A thousand days of guarding is only a thousand days of anti-theft – the thief will just wait for you to relax before striking.

Brothers – They’re brothers remember? But idk how you’d call it if the tie is through adoption. Adopted step-brother?

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