Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 17

When Ning Si Nian left for work, he actually hadn’t gone to the company, but was hiding in the nearest underground parking lot, wearing headphones to monitor his home. Zhao Jun stayed in the house to look at the monitor, once Wei Xiyan acted against Wangshu he would immediately rush to the rescue, and also send the video to Ning mother on the other side of the ocean.

After wearing the headphones Ning Si Nian was very nervous. His son’s fearful look was engraved in his mind, he was in fear that he’d suffer the slightest injury. He concentrated his mind on the headset, as long as there were any abnormalities, he’d immediately step on the gas.

The monitor was in his son’s hollow pendant, the quality was very clear. He heard Wang Ma tell his son not to make any noise, the tone was very severe. His son didn’t make a sound, there was a long silence.

Ning Si went from tense to numb, holding the steering wheel, he maintained the same position until one or two pm. When he almost turned into stone, a clear voice came through, “No, you can’t play with this.”

It was Wei Xiyan’s uniquely flat tone. Ning Si Nian immediately sat straighter, holding his breath, carefully trying to distinguish any hidden emotions. There was not even the slightest trace of maliciousness, although his head recognized this, he still had a hand on the start button, ready to launch the engine.

Not even waiting for him to press down, the clear voice sounded again, the same flat tone, but the words were overflowing with care.

“You use this to paint. Paint and poppy oil contains toxins, small baby can’t touch, will get sick.”

So he stopped his son from playing with oil paint. This was right, blameless.

Ning Si let out a breath, he recovered his hand from the start button and wiped his forehead. After a burst of silence, Wei Xiyan talked again but he had learned to calm down.

“Obediently put it on, so your clothes don’t dirty.” He was putting a bib on his son, so that the paint wouldn’t stick on his clothes. This was also blameless.

Ning Si Nian twisted his brow, he didn’t understand why this caring young boy and Wang Ma’s angry manic that attacks people was not the same person.

He felt that something might be wrong, or the teenager was just good at disguise. But even if he pretends, wouldn’t his son the victim know to stay away from him? He’d heard his son’s light footsteps, clearly his son ran into his studio himself.

Ning Si Nian took off the headphones, shoved his hair back, and finally decided to go home.

When the car arrived at the house, Zhao Jun came out of the house and whispered, “Boss, you’d better look at the monitor yourself, maybe we were all wrong.”

Ning Si nodded, leaving him to walk upstairs but he just happened to hug his son after Wang Ma threatened him. His son still had an expression of extreme fear, his big eyes were filled with tears and he looked very fragile. In the audio, he almost never said anything, just slowly painted with his uncle showing that his mood was very calm, it could even be said to be happy. How did he completely change by the time he returned?

Ning Si’s mind was more doubtful, he took his son from the hands of his Ma, but was shocked to find resistance and resentment in his eyes.

Ning Si Nian suddenly felt heartache, he desperately wanted to find out what happened on this quiet day.

“Wang Ma, take Wangshu to the garden to see the baby ducks. I’ll come after I change my clothes.” He handed his son to Wang Ma, then walked to the study.

He couldn’t wait to open the computer and pull up today’s recording. The pinhole camera on Ning Wangshu can follow every move and change of angle. Wang Ma went out early to buy food, and Wangshu was left alone sitting on the carpet playing with toys, his face without the slightest expression, like an empty shell without a soul. He sat till noon, then the maid brought in lunch. She put it down and immediately left, she didn’t even coax him to eat.

Ning Wang Shu was very well-behaved, he took a biscuit to slowly eat and sipped some milk. Then he walked his small feet toward the direction of the studio.

Ning Si Nian’s eyebrows lowered, he unconsciously frowned. If it was true that Wei Xiyan had beaten his son several times, why would his son take the initiative to find him?

He restrained his heart, and continued looking down.

Ning Wang Shu walked to the door, looking in for a long time, when he saw Wei Xiyan was completely immersed in painting, he quietly went in. Wei Xiyan turned to take a brush, then one tall and one short person suddenly looked at each other.

As they looked at each other, Ning Si Nian also held his breath, his fists unconsciously clenched. He was waiting for the boy to turn angry. But he didn’t, he very carefully avoided his son and picked up the brush to continue painting. His son’s frightened mood instantly calmed down, his little face showing a marvelous expression.

His relieved eyes almost drived Ning Si Nian to tears.

The following was Wei Xiyan stopping his son from playing with the paint, gently helping him dress, and affectionately patting his hair. When his hands were removed, his son blankly touched his forehead, his big eyes were nostalgic.

Who would sentimentally attach themselves to people who beat them up? Ning Si Nian’s tight nerves were a little painful, he endured and continue to look down.

A large one and a small one stood side by side, in front of them were two canvas. The boy’s canvas was a blooming starlight, his son’s canvas was a large mass of blackness, he didn’t know what is was supposed to be. But he was happy with it, and even pulled his uncle’s sleeves to let him appreciate his masterpiece.

The boy didn’t speak, just gently rubbed his hair to show praise. His son’s eyes emitted an unprecedented light. He was very happy.

Ning Si Nian was also unconsciously smiling, his sharp eyes had been replaced by tenderness. He was silently staring at the screen, feeling the peace and quiet.

But soon, Wang Ma’s shouting broke the warm picture, his son started trembling, his healthy red face paled revealing the familiar expression of horror.

Wang Ma appeared at the door, loudly shouting to let Ning Wangshu come out, but Wei Xiyan took two steps towards the door and slammed it shut. Miraculously, Wangshu stopped shaking and his small face filled with worship and attachment, as if Wei was his hero.

Ning Si was stunned, staring at the screen his heart began to sink until it fell into a biting cold abyss. He realized that he had been deceived. He clicked fast forward and saw Wang Ma crazily hitting the door, after the door opened she dragged his son, her ferocious expression was pregnant with maliciousness.

Ning Si Nian immediately stopped fast forwarding. Wang Ma’s vicious voice entered his ear – You’re not allowed to follow that hybrid bastard anymore, otherwise I’ll peel your skin! Not only is Wei Xiyan a bastard, you are one too. If you don’t obey my words, I’ll throw you into the river to drown. Your dad has a new wife and will have a lot more children in the future. He’d quickly forget all about you.

I see! This is how Wang Ma treated his child in private! Ning Si’s forehead veins bulged, he was angry enough to lose his mind. At this point, if he can’t see the truth he was a complete fool.

Thinking of how he just handed his son to Wang Ma, Ning Si Nian suddenly got up and ran out.

While Ning Si Nian was having a revelation Zhou Yunsheng was quietly in his room. He opened the AI, and invaded Ning Si Nian’s monitoring system. Zhao Jun worked carefully, in order to prevent people coming across the monitors he even installed several cameras in Ning’s study and bedroom. Zhou Yunsheng transferred his view to the study, he stirred his coffee while watching Ning Si Nian’s suddenly paled white face.

After looking enough, he took a small sip of coffee, went to the door and stared at the lawn. Wangshu was watching the ducks but his arm was grabbed Wang Ma, standing in place he did not dare to move, his small body trembled, extremely distressed.

If Zhou Yunsheng’s body had his real personality, he would be striding forward to twist off Wang Ma’s neck. But he was now Wei Xiyan, Wei Xiyan’s hands can only be used to paint, it can’t be stained with blood.

It was a pity … … he looked down and sighed, he heard Ning Si Nian’s rapid footsteps and turned back into the room.

In the corridor Wei and Ning Si Nian met. His expression was stunned for a moment, his heart was guilty and embarrassed but his son was still Wang in Ma hands so he did not have the time to think of other things. He nodded and hurriedly ran out to the lawn. He saw that Zhao Jun was close by staring at Wang Ma and his heart slightly loosened.

Ning Wangshu’s head was down, shrinking his shoulder, stiffly standing by Wang Ma’s side. Wang Ma’s hand was holding a yellow duck, trying to use its soft hair to caress his cheek. His eyes was wide open in fear, it seemed that Wang Ma’s hand was not holding a lovely little animal, but a human eating monster.

He was frightened and had lost the courage to resist. But his loved ones turned a blind eye to his pain, and again and again handed him over to the devil.

No wonder he was full of resistance to himself; no wonder he had a grudge against him; no wonder Wei Xiyan just had to close a door, but it was enough to produce attachment and eyes of worship.

Ning Si’s heart squeezed at these thoughts, it was painful. At that moment, he couldn’t help but shed tears.

However, he was the leader of Ning family, known as the ‘cunning fox’, a commercial overlord. When he reached his son, he had tidied up his mood, smiling at his son he brought him to the house, softly saying “Look at you. That animal is dirty let Papa help you take a bath. Wang Ma, you go make steamed custard for the baby.”

Wang Ma didn’t suspect have him, she put down the duckling and went into the kitchen.

Ning Si Nian returned to the bedroom with his son that no longer laughed or cried, and closed the door. He gently placed him on the bed, squatting in front of him, his always solemn eyebrows showed a deep sadness and guilt.

“Baby sorry. Papa is so sorry.” He kissed his son’s forehead over and over again, but he could no longer see a trace of affection in his son’s eyes.

Ning Wang Shu was so disappointed in his father that he had become completely numb.

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