Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 18

Ning Si Nian’s apology, Ning Wangshu could no longer hear, he just quietly looked at his father with dark eyes.

Ning Si Nian held him tightly, kissed his forehead and hair. He took a few minutes to calm down his emotions, then quietly asked, “Baby, tell your Papa who hit you, was it Wang Ma?”

Ning Wangshu trembled but remained silent.

Ning Si hurriedly patted his back, he asked repeatedly several times, but he stayed silent. He appeased, “Baby, don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you.” He paused, he struggled with guilt as he continued, “As long as you say it, Dad will help you punish the bad guys. But if you are too afraid to talk, Papa can only make Uncle Xiyan leave… …”

“Don’t!” Ning Wangshu who had been silent for ten consecutive days shouted in panic.

Ning Si’s heart trembled, he forced himself ask, “Don’t what? Don’t throw Uncle Xiyan out? Then can you tell Papa who has been beating you? If you don’t tell Papa, how can I protect you? You’re Papa’s only child, Papa’s baby. Papa cares about you. Don’t you know?”

He tried to slow down his tone to encourage his son to lower his defenses.

Ning Wang Shu struggled for a long time before he whispered, “Don’t make uncle go away. Wang Ma hit me, not uncle.” He finally looked up, his tear filled eyes looked straight at his father.

Ning Si also had wet eyes, holding his head he kiss him again and again, then pulled him into his arms. His cautious treatment was like he’d recovered a long lost treasure.

If the monitor was not installed, he would probably have been kept in the dark. Who would have thought that the real culprit would be the Wang Ma who brought him up? If he had driven away Wei Xiyan, his son would’ve only fallen into a more tragic situation. His autistic symptoms would become more and more serious. His disgust, hatred, anger, all was vented on an innocent boy, while Wang Ma probably secretly ridiculed his stupidity.

Thinking of this, Ning Si Nian’s face flushed, like he was fiercely slapped dozens of times, ashamed of his failure.

Zhou Yunsheng saw Ning Nian’s embarrassed expression on the AI on his wrist, he bowed his head to avoid the pinhole camera and smile happily. He stood up and stretched, taking off his clothes while walking toward the bathroom, but while standing under the shower his muscles were slightly stiff.

Zhao seemed to have installed a pinhole camera in the bathroom, and more than one, his work was a little too attentive.

Zhou Yunsheng pulled up the corners of his mouth and continued to take a shower. Ning Si was a straight male, he should not have a hobby of peeping at men, even if he let him see, what was the harm?

Playing countless villains, Zhou Yunsheng’s shame and integrity was eaten away hundreds of years ago.


Ning Si Nian got the truth from his son’s mouth, helped him bathe and changed his clothes, and repeatedly assured him that Wang Ma would be driven away. Ning Wangshu was very happy, but because of his repeated torture he’d even forgotten how to laugh, only the corners of his mouth slightly curved. It broke Ning Si Nian’s heart.

Ning Si Nian was known as ‘cunning fox’, it was not difficult to figure out that his son’s abuse must have a deeper hidden meaning. Wang Ma had worked for Ning family for a lifetime, she also worked hard to bring him up, why did she suddenly change temperament? Wang Ma was not a pervert, child abuse was not the only way to satisfy her desires, what was her motivation?

Ning Si Nian believed that profits are the source of human activities. Wang Ma abused his son because she can benefit from it. Then who could profit from his son’s abuse and Wei Xiyan’s expulsion?

Ning Si Nian thought of a person, his brow fiercely wrinkled. If it was her, things might be more complicated than he thought.

Father and son stayed in the room for a long time, they finally got back a little bit of the warmth and harmony. At this time, the bedroom door opened, Zhao Xinfang came in carrying a bag, in a tired tone she said, “Si Nian, Wang Ma called you to eat. I’ll change my clothes first, you don’t have to wait for me.”

Ning Si promised, holding his son he went down to the dining room and saw a wet haired boy sitting in the corner. He softly said, “How did you not dry your hair before coming to eat?”.

Isn’t your concern too late? Zhou Yunsheng’s heart lightly ridiculed, but he slightly reddened his cheeks, pretended to be frightened and bowed his head.

Ning Nian let out a helpless sigh, but didn’t scold him again, afraid to scare him. The past Wei Xiyan always avoided his eyes, he thought the other just had a guilty conscience, but now he knew that it was because of shyness. His childhood tragedy caused him to close his mind … … the same as his son.

Thinking of this, Ning Si Nian’s heart softened. He secretly vowed that he would take good care of the young boy in the future, and never let him have the slightest grievances.

Wang Ma was surprised at Ning Si Nian’s suddenly changed attitude, she almost dropped the dishes. Zhao Xinfang also arrived at this time, the two women glanced at each other.

The atmosphere of the dinner was very delicate. Wangshu obediently nested in his father’s arms, mouth full of dinner, his shiny eyes sometimes looked toward his uncle, and then he became visibly relaxed and happy. Zhou Yunsheng slowly ate, after he finished he headed back to his room, avoiding looking at anyone.

“Is baby full? Come with Dad to the study to read.” Ning Si saw his son refused to touch the spoon, so he slowly helped him wipe his mouth.

Ning Wangshu nodded, eyes bright. He was actually afraid his father would hand him to Wang Ma.

Ning Si kissed his son and brought him upstairs.

Ning Wangshu had always been very well-behaved and quiet, he’d happily play with a set of building bricks for several hours. Ning Si Nian sat him on his lap, spread the bricks over the huge desk and let him play as he stared at the monitor.

In the room across the corridor, Zhou Yun Sheng was lying on the bed, wearing a large white shirt without any pants, shaking his pair of white long legs, he leisurely looked at the AI. He likes to watch Ning Si Nian’s face, but he also looked forward to Zhao Xinfang’s and Wang Ma’s wonderful performance.

After making sure Ning Nian went away, Zhao Xinfang put down the chopsticks, “Wang Ma, what did you do today?”

“Today, I played cards with my sisters and forgot the time. Tomorrow, I will do it for you tomorrow” Wang Ma whispered.

“Do it quicker! As soon as I see Wei Xiyan I feel uncomfortable. Also, be more ruthless, make that little bastard into more of an idiot, anyway, you have Wei to blamed, what are you afraid of?” Xinfang seemed to feel that her sentence was very interesting, she even chuckled.

Wang Ma nodded again and again, “Yes, I know. … …The money we agreed on beforehand…..”

“As soon as Wei Xiyan leaves, I’ll immediately call you. If the small bastard becomes an idiot, I’ll give you 500,000.” Zhao Xinfang generously promised.

Wang Ma repeatedly promised to do the necessary things tomorrow.

They were unaware that on the table, placed in the vase, was a hidden pinhole camera. Their expressions, actions, and dialogue were all converted into data and transferred to the computer screen.

Sitting in front of the computer, Ning Si Nian’s face had been completely distorted, eyes burning with anger. Although he had guessed it was the two women, but after directly hearing them he couldn’t wait to cut them to a thousand pieces!

Ning Wangshu was keenly aware of his emotional changes and started trembling.

Ning Si Nian exhausted all his efforts to suppress his fury, kissed his son’s hair, his hanging eyelids hid his brooding. Zhao Xinfang chose to harm his son to clear obstacles for her future children, he can reason as much, but she also desperately wanted to kick out Xiyan….why? Xiyan’s parents left him a huge heritage, he didn’t care about Ning industry.

His eyes and heart was only focused on painting, he has no bad inclinations. How could he offend Xinfang?

Ning Si guessed that there may be a deeper reason behind it.

Time unknowingly passed while he was in his thoughts, so when he became aware of his surroundings again Ning Wangshu was lying on the table asleep. Ning Si Nian brought him back to his room, gently covered him, kissed his forehead and quietly sat for a long time. He eventually left.

At this point, Zhao Jun was waiting with Wang Ma in the study.

“Wang Ma, you are getting older, why don’t you retire.” Ning Si Nian sat down in the leather chair and said straight out.

“My arm may be old but my legs can last a few more years. Plus the baby is being hurt, it’s not safe for me to leave ah. Si Nian, I know you feel bad but I feel more distressed than you. I raised you from a baby, you and your son are no different than my own children and grandchildren.” Wang Ma said in tears, but in reality her heart was running wildly.

Ning Si sneered, “If 500, 000 can persuade you to kill your own grandchildren, I really don’t want the privilege.”

Wang Ma was shocked, she faltered to argue but was surprised to see the man had turned on the computer- on the screen was her and Zhao Xinfang whispering.

Caught, Wang Ma spilled that Zhao Xinfang’s affair was seen by Wei Xiyan, and how she colluded with her for money, then she began to reminiscence about the past, trying to use nostalgia to soften the man.

Zhao Xinfang, Qian Yu … … Ning Si Nian chewed the two names, his deep eyes slowly turned red with rage.

“Wang Ma got up at night for a drink of water, tripped on the stairs and broke her legs. I felt distressed for her, and let her recuperate in the hospital for several months. This thing, you know what to do, right?” He looked straight at Zhao.

Even the past mercenary Zhao Jun couldn’t help but be shocked by his sinister eyes, he stabilized his mood and immediately took out a syringe and stabbed it into Wang Ma’s neck.

Wang Ma’s eyes twisted as she fell to the ground.

Zhao Jun walked around Wang Ma and slowly broke her left leg. The crisp sound made people’s scalp tingle. Ning Si felt it was not enough, he said, “The right leg too.”

Zhao Jun did according to his words and broke Wang Ma’s two legs. He carried her on his shoulder, found no one in the corridor, and left.

Ning Si Nian stood up, walked to the floor window before smoking. He catch a glimpse of the monitor that was still on. Wei Yi Xiyan was unaware, lying in bed asleep wearing only a large white shirt, smooth white legs unconsciously curled up, and his toes hooked- he was clearly cold from the air-conditioned wind.

This kid can’t even take care of himself.

Ning Si Nian sighed, pinched off the cigarettes and lightly went to the boy’s room. A picture album was scattered over the bed, after putting it back in the bookcase, he reached out and gently adjusted his sleeping position. Then he covered his thin body with the quilt and slightly adjusted the air conditioner.

The teenager mumbled, his delicate face burrowed into the soft pillow and he rubbed his face against it – the action was extremely cute.

Ning Si Nian was a little stunned, then leaning into his ear he whispered, “Wei good night and……I’m sorry”

When he left, the room sounded a soft laugh.

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