Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 22

The coffee cup whipped past the department head’s face and slammed into the door of the office. It made a bang, and the shattered porcelain pieces drew a trail on the expensive furniture. The person in charge froze, after a few seconds he slowly raised his hands to his forehead to wipe his cold sweat, trembling he asked, “B-Boss, was there a problem with the proposal?” Even if there is a problem he shouldn’t have made so big a scene ah. It’s as if a family member was killed.

Ning Si was staring at the computer screen his face livid, his chest undulating, he was clearly in a rage.

He coldly looked at the department head and waved his hand. The head hurried out of the office as if in amnesty.

On the computer screen, the boy was brushing his teeth, this was the fifth time. The foam he spit out had visible blood. Ning Si Nian’s tongue also tasted a trace of blood, he couldn’t wait to devour Zhao Xinfang.

But now was not yet the time, he had just cast bait to Qian Yu and he was on his way to Ning home. He was about to call Zhao Jun to stop the boy, before he brushed his gums to rot, but then he saw his bleary-eyed son, wearing a pair of large slippers, walk to the boy’s side.

“Uncle, we can go paint, right?” He pulled the boy’s trousers.

Even if he felt uncomfortable to the extreme, the boy still quickly fixed his mood, spit out the rest of the foam and dried his mouth. He pretended that nothing had happened and led his son to the studio. He was absent-minded, his brush didn’t move on the canvas.

Ning Si Nian stared at him until his eyes dried, only then did he fiercely blink. A few words were squeezed out of his clenched teeth – Zhao Xinfang, you dared!


Qian Yu urgently wanted to get the bid his employer mentioned. Just as he stepped into Ning house he was pushed hard into study. The door slammed shut and a warm body covered him.

Qian Yu was surprised a moment before he started returning the groping. After a heavy bout on the sofa, Zhao Xinfang wanted to pull Qian Yu to the desk for another round, but was rejected.

“How come you’re so hungry? Ning doesn’t feed you anymore? I can’t do it again so quickly.”

“He hasn’t touched me in months. Is he getting it outside?”

“Maybe your charm has faded.”

“Let it fail, anyway, he married me just to help with his kid. Why didn’t that asshole just marry a nanny?”

“What nanny could be prettier than you? Could have a better body than you?”

They talked and kissed for a while, then finally separated. Qian Yu pulled up his underwear as he skillfully turned on the computer, entered the password, and transferred out a copy of a confidential file.

“After I’m done with this sale I’ll go abroad for shelter. Help me monitor Ning Si Nian, if there is any movement call me. When I get settled later you will ultimately benefit.” After he recovered the USB, Qian Yu fondled Zhao Xinfang’s full chest and rushed out.

Ning Si stared at the messy study, and suddenly felt his stomach somersault.

Qian Yu’s file had a significant error in information, if sold to other companies the company would face billions in losses. Ning Si Nian just had to wait for their failure and carve up their assets. He forced himself to continue to handle business, but no matter how he tried to relax every few minutes he would bring up surveillance to look at the state of boy.

Finally at half past five, he immediately tidied up his papers and went home.

Qin Li and Ning Wangshu were by the lake feeding the ducks, Wei was not in sight. Ning Si called out a greeting and hurried into the house.

“What are you doing?” His voice was very stern but if you listened carefully you could hear it shaking.

Zhou Yunsheng slightly paused, then continued to pack. In accordance with Wei Xiyan’s character after such a thing he certainly could not tell Ning Si Nian, but he wouldn’t dare to stay in Ning home. But Zhou Yunsheng was also doing it for his own benefit. He needs to give Ning Si some pressure, to force him to deal with that woman as soon as possible.

Having said that, Ning was a bit too easy to use. Zhou Yun Sheng just had to blink and flatten his mouth, and he would bend over to help him with everything.

“Stop! Please listen to me!” Ning Si nervously grabbed the boy hands, saw him widen his eyes and look a bit frightened, then quickly hugged him to apologize, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just didn’t want you to leave. What happened today, talk to me.”

Zhou Yunsheng just slightly shook his head without a word.

Ning Si Nian didn’t dare to force him. His heart felt like it was immersed in boiling oil. He thought of Zhao Xinfang’s forced kiss, he eyes gradually reddened in wrath.

What is going on? Why can he only hide in a dark corner quietly watching the boy, while others can dishonestly get close to him, even force a kiss on him? What the hell?

The repressed anger in his heart burned out his reason, he pinched the boy’s jaw and repeatedly wiped his thin lips.

Zhou Yunsheng frowned in pain, just as he turned to avoid his wiping he was stunned to see the man bend over. It can’t be called a simple kiss, his tongue pushed past his teeth deep into his throat, deep and crazy, he seemed to want to swallow him alive.

Saliva leaked out from between their lips, forming a long silver wire.

After a long time, when Zhou Yun Sheng was finding it difficult to breathe, Ning Si pulled back, but not by much. Their lips were still touching, his fingers grazed his jaw, and his eyes gazed into the boy’s eyes. He softly asked “Tell me, what do you feel?”

I want to fuck you! Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes flashed, but he still remained silent.

“Tell me, hurry.” Ning Si Nian’s fingertips slowly deepened, leaving a few pink bruises.

Zhou Yunsheng ignored the pain, and cowardly said, “I’m afraid.” Certainly not of you ah, big pervert.

The man’s breath was very hot, radiating a strong taste of male hormones, it almost invaded Zhou Yunsheng’s mind. He liked strong men like Ning Si Nian, when the other side was intense and wild it made him excited. And that kiss was very good, it completely washed away Zhao Xinfang’s nausea. He almost wanted to hold Ning Si and say thank you.

Ning Si Nian was panting, his voice sounded hoarser, “Besides fear, what else are you feeling?”

Zhou Yunsheng dropped his eyes, his cheeks slowly flushed, his dark eyes were soaked in shallow tears. It was radiant and moving.

Ning Si Nian forgot how to breathe, his mind repeatedly echoed a thought – He’s shy, he doesn’t find me disgusting, he also has feelings for me.

After becoming aware of this, he was like a victim hanging on the edge of a cliff who finally found redemption. The ecstasy and excitement washed his heart again and again. His nerves finally relaxed, his eyes melted, filling up with deep and heavy love.

“Wei Xiyan, Wei Xiyan, Xiyan … …” He repeatedly called his name before carefully pecking his already swelling lips. He whispered, “Wei Xiyan, baby, I love you. I love you so much. Can you understand? Can you feel it?”

Zhou Yunsheng was lying on his violently undulating chest, he slightly nodded his head.

The room was filled with a romantic sucking sound … …


Ning Si’s feelings were such a matter of course, regardless of what happened after the emergence of the female protagonist, Zhou Yunsheng didn’t care. He only lived in the moment, only cherished the moment.

A month later, Kyoto Academy of Fine Arts released some news- in this session five works sent to participate made it into the finals and would be eligible for the highest award. In this kind of art event even making it into the finals was like receiving a gold plated trophy, not to mention your work would be evaluated by art Masters from around the world. This was simply an incredible honor.

The notification letter not only printed the name of the person, but also attached a photo of the work. The oil painting department students were competing to read the notice board.

“This is my work, why is it under senior bother’s name?” Zhou Yunsheng paled.

Everyone was silent, the co-mentor Professor Tang Weiming gave him a harsh look, “This was obviously hand painted by Fu Xuan, I watched him complete it. Why do you say it’s yours? What evidence do you have?”

Tang Weiming of course knew that this painting was stolen, but he received benefits from Fu Xuan so he can only feel sorry for Wei Xiyan. The art world was not as pure and simple as outsiders imagined. This is something that Wei Xiyan should learn sooner or later.

“Yes ah, we share a studio with Fu Xuan brother, we personally watched him paint it.” Several students echoed. Apparently Fu Xuan prepared well.

Fu Xuan took the letter, patted Zhou Yunsheng’s shoulder and laughed, “Younger brother, only speak with evidence, or I can sue you for slander.”

Zhou Yunsheng seemed to be intimidated by his threat, his face paled to transparency. He looked at Tang Weiming, but the other just shifted his eyes, embarrassed. The several students also looked away. Wei Xiyan slowly left.

Fu Xuan took a deep breath. Assured that an orphan would not be able to stir up trouble, he invited the other students out to eat. Everyone cheerfully hooted, they walked to the school gate in good moods.

Zhou Yunsheng went to a secluded corner, rubbed his eyes, cleared his throat, and made a phone call.

The thick nasally voice on the phone almost made Ning Si jump in fright. He asked anxiously, “What’s wrong baby? Did something happen? Don’t be afraid, I’m here okay? Tell me where you are, I’ll come right away.”

“I’m in school, I’m very uncomfortable.”

Ning Si appeased him while walking to the car, and only hung up the phone when he headed out on the read.

Zhou Yunsheng could easily handle Fu Xuan, but he was now Wei Xiyan. Wei Xiyan’s world was only painting, he doesn’t need to know about these dirty things. So from the beginning he intended to let Ning Si Nian solve all his problems for him. This is also what Ning Si Nian owes Wei Xiyan, sooner or later he had to make up for his past actions. As for Ning Si Nian’s emotional changes, that was purely accidental.

Poor Fu Xuan had no idea who he had provoked.



Fuck – not my exaggeration. This was the literal translation. ZYS doesn’t beat around the bush.

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