Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 21

Du Xu Lang was only a series of data compiled by the Lord God, he was not like himself, an immortal soul, how can he follow me? Smoking is a normal habit, and similar gestures are also normal.

Zhou Yun Sheng convinced himself, but the bitterness of his heart was unspeakable.

But it was not long before he did not have the time to think about it. Fu Xuan called him and repeatedly reminded him to start on his oil painting to get the big prize, his tone was too eager to conceal.

Fu Xuan in the oil painting department had a very strong background. His father was the president of the C Country Painting and Calligraphy Association, his mother was an internationally renowned oil painter, good at landscape painting. Her masterpiece “Wheat Wave” sold for 7.5 million in Deli Jia auction house. Fu Xuan inherited from his parents’ fine genes, at the age of six he held his own personal exhibition, he was a skilled painter.

But in the upper classes Zhongyong was not common and unfortunately, Fu Xuan was very typical. As a result of premature success, he grew conceited. Coupled with being highly sought after, he gradually lost his ambition. Not only did he not study his skills, but he became addicted to eating and drinking.

Painting skills needed to be polished. After ignoring the brush, inspiration and skill will be wash-out with the passage of time. When Fu Xuan found himself standing in front of a canvas no longer able to draw a straight line, he finally panicked.

But his reaction was not to force himself to love the brush again, but to hire lackeys. Whenever the instructor arranged homework or entries, he would let others do it. Art schools did not lack for talented but poor students. Fu Xuan finds the most close-lipped, desperate for money, and unassuming students. Miraculously, not only did he make it to senior year, he also became one of the best students in the teacher’s eyes.

But the International Oil Painting Competition was held once every five years, it was one of the most important events in the art world. Fu Xuan’s lackeys also had a quota, they would like to take this opportunity to become famous so they naturally rejected him. Fu Xuan panicked, but then Wei Xiyan popped into his mind.

Wei Xiyan’s character was withdrawn, low-key, and he rarely interacted with the students. Fu Xuan naturally didn’t know his family background, but he knew he was an orphan so he picked him as his target. The painting was the result of Xiyan’s breakdown. He’d poured out all his unwillingness, pain, longing, sadness, and confusion. He’d broken his usual smooth style, perfecting the aestheticism of classicalism and abstraction together. It was very stunning.

With this masterpiece, Wei Xiyan had the opportunity to become one of the best oil painters. But Fu Xuan stole his painting, and dared to also take him to court when he objected.

Wei Xiyan who was driven out of Ning’s house naturally couldn’t fight back. He had to settle with Fu Xuan out of court and was ordered to quit the oil painting industry forever. Wei Xiyan who could no longer pick up his beloved brush suffered unimaginable pain and lost his will to live.

Now Zhou Yun Sheng had taken over, his painting was also in his own studio, making it difficult for Fu Xuan to plagiarize. Seeing the time limit for the work submission was getting closer, he was finally anxious, he constantly called, and even told Zhou Yunsheng that the instructor put him in charge of collecting the submissions.

Zhou Yun Sheng promised and hung up the phone with dark eyes.

He carefully looked at the work on the easel, modified a few places where he was not satisfied, and took it to Ning Si Nian’s study after it dried.

It was the weekend so Ning Si Nian was at the home office. He carefully read a thick file, every ten minutes he looked at the monitor, found that boy as usual was standing and painting, this made his heart feel very secure. The boy would not suddenly leave, he would always stand in place and wait for him.

The idea came suddenly, but it made him feel better.

When he returned from his thoughts, the studio was empty and a familiar anxious feeling returned to his heart. If he was at the company, he would’ve immediately called Zhao Jun to find him. But he was here to do it himself.

Just as he put down the file, the door was knocked. Ning Si impatiently asked, “Who?”

“It’s me.” The boy’s voice was crisp and sweet.

Ning Si Nian stiffed a moment, then he immediately turned off the computer monitor, fixed the messy folders and walked quickly to the door. He stopped before the door to fix his hair in the bookcase mirror, after he was satisfied with his handsomeness, he smiled and opened the door, “Wei Xiyan come in.”

He naturally grabbed the boy’s white wrist and brought him to the double sofa. He wanted to pour him a cup of coffee, but he somehow felt that the drink was not right, and went downstairs to the kitchen to pour a glass of milk. When he came back he carefully handed it to him.

Zhou Yun Sheng felt comfortable being waited on, but he put on a flattered expression. Cheeks slightly red, accompanied by a pair of clear and moist peach eyes, fanboy Ning Si almost couldn’t restrain himself.

Agitated, Ning Si Nian sat next to the boy and softly asked, “Wei do you have something to say to me?” If it was nothing then the boy would not take the initiative to get close to him.

“I want to take part in the oil painting competition,” Zhou Yunsheng said, timidly watching him and whispering with his ruddy thin lips.

“I know…did you not get an invitation? I’ll immediately call to get you one. In fact, I’ll put you directly into the finals.” This was a great opportunity to display his earnestness, how could Ning Si Nian pass it up? Before he had finished talking his hands were already dialing a string of numbers.

Ning’s group was the largest sponsor of this art event, getting him into the finals was easy.

“No, no.” Zhou Yunsheng quickly grabbed his arm, his little face flushed, “I have an invitation.”

Ning Si Nian pulled him into his arms, while stroking his soft hair, he asked, “Then why did you find me?”

Big pervert, really suburb at taking any opportunity to touch me ah. Zhou Yunsheng secretly clenched his teeth, head down he vaguely said, “Can I enter this picture?”

Ning Si Nian finally noticed the 22×14 frame at his feet. He opened the protective cover and little fat baby Ning Wangshu’s face appeared, looking extra chubby.

The small child was squatting on the ground, wearing a very large white shirt, sleeves pulled high. He raised his two fat little hands, so that the people watching the painting saw his pigment covered palms. At his feet was a canvas printed with little handprints, in his eyes it was obviously a masterpiece, so he laughed brilliantly, even the sunshine blooming in the background was not comparable.

The painting was full of love and tenderness in each stroke. The warm quality almost occupied the entire canvas- hope, joy, tranquility, vigor, vitality and happiness poured out of the canvas.

Ning Si Nian stared. He’d almost forgotten the last time he saw his son’s smile.

“Can I bring this picture to the trial?” Zhou Yunsheng gently touched his arm.

“Of course you can” he said. He paused for a moment, adding, “Will you help draw a portrait of me?”

He’d never admit that he was feeling a little jealous of his own son.

“I will.” Zhou Yunsheng nodded, carefully placing the protective cover back on the frame.


Fu Xuan looked at the Zhou Yunsheng delivering the painting like he was the savior. He opened the canvas and stared for a long time, hearing that the child in the painting was only imaginary he finally settled down his nervousness. He knew that the painting will stand out, it was too smart, full of charm and emotion, painstakingly painted.

His eyes couldn’t hide his greed. Zhou Yun Sheng knew that he had taken the bait.

When he went home, Ning Wangshu was taking a nap. Zhou Yunsheng helped him tuck in, kissed his chubby little face and whispered, “I’m sorry to take advantage of you, but I will stay with you for the rest of my life until you are old.”

After he lightly left the room, Ning Si Nian called, asked him about his whereabouts for the day, including who he met, what he talked about, what he did and so on. His more and more intense desire for control and possessiveness made Zhou Yun Sheng flabbergasted.

“Wei Xiyan, is that you in there?” Zhao Xinfang called outside the door.

Zhou Yunsheng hung up the phone, quickly change his clothes, opened the door and quietly looked at her.

Zhao Xinfang had on skillful makeup, highlighting her pair of large and bright almond eyes. Although it was late autumn season, she was wearing a pure white dress. She had deliberately pulled down her collar so it couldn’t cover her deep cleavage. A pair of slender white thighs were slightly close together in a sexy posture. She was dressed to impress.

…..Are you ready to seduce me? Pull me into the marsh of adultery? Zhou Yunsheng’s gaze shifted.

Zhao Xinfang saw the boy obviously avoid looking at her, her heart was quite proud. She was very knowledgeable on the source of man’s downfall. With a bit of sophistication and cleverness, even a big fish like Ning Si Nian could be caught, not to mention Wei Xiyan this innocent boy. Orphaned and closed off children like Wei Xiyan were the most eager for maternal warmth. As long as she gave him a smile, said a few kind words, the other would obediently follow her requests.

Wei Xiyan’s parents left him a huge heritage, although it cannot be compared to Ning’s group, it was enough for an ordinary person to eat, drink and enjoy a few lifetimes. Zhao Xinfang thought for a long time, and finally decided to bring Wei Xiyan under her wing for her own use.

Not only women, men also never forgot their first love and their first time. Zhao Xinfang planned to be Wei Xiyan’s first.

“Sister-in-law, do you need something?” Zhou Yun Sheng was pushed into to the corner by Zhao Xinfang. The top and left of the bookcase each had a camera, the picture would be very clear, and also a close-up view.

Zhao Xinfang was unaware, her hands were on the wall on both sides of the boy’s cheeks. Her full chest was rubbing him, her voice lazy and charming: “I was alone so I was looking for you to chat. Your brother is not at home all day, I’m very lonely.”

Zhou Yun Sheng was disgusted. He reluctantly blushed, then shrunk his neck and ducked under Zhao Xinfang’s armpit.

“What are you afraid of? Afraid I’ll eat you?” Zhao Xinfang was laughing. She grabbed him back, held down his jaw and kissed him. This kiss was very short, because in two seconds the teenager violently struggled and pushed her away. He burst into tears and ran straight into the bathroom. Facing the toilet he started vomiting, not even stopping when only bile came out.

Damn, that’s why he didn’t like getting intimate with women.

The ceiling of the bathroom was equipped with a camera, quietly shooting this scene.

Zhao Xinfang’s face suddenly paled. Even if you threatened to kill her she would’ve never anticipated this reaction. Shouldn’t normal people press her on the floor to do whatever they want?

She was embarrassed, angry, but mostly panicked. She threatened by the door, “Wei Xiyan, if you dare to tell Si what happened today, I will tell him you intended to rape me. I am his wife, you’re just a bastard brother- you see who he would choose to believe.”

The boy stiffened, lying on the toilet shivering, he seemed to be afraid and crying so Zhao Xinfang left. After a long time he slowly looked up, revealing a pale face and extremely flushed eyes.



Zhongyong – Basic meaning seems to be a Confusion teaching on moderation. Being rich makes it difficult to be a moderate person.

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