Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 24


The male and female protagonists didn’t even get to talk to each other, let alone get together. It’s redundant to say that the second world was completely out of the Lord God’s control. Zhou Yunsheng was back to his Xinghai space. He felt his soul power had become more powerful than the last time. He was vaguely aware- as long as he changes the fate of a world, the power contained in the space will be become his.

This way of gaining strength was a copy of the Lord God. Perhaps one day, when his power grows beyond the Lord God’s, he will be able to break free from this prison and go back to reality.

This speculation did not make Zhou Yunsheng feel overly excited, on the contrary, he very much enjoyed fighting against the Lord God.

As the energy absorbed was too large, he fell into a dormant state. When he woke up again, there were more than two new galaxies in the Xinghai space.

Zhou Yunsheng stood in the galaxy for a long time, then pressed the transfer button.



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