Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 25

Space Reincarnation Girl

When he opened his eyes he was sitting in a simple small compartment by himself, placed in front was a small book, on it a piece of white paper, a brush and an ink stone.

Was it ancient times? He pulled at his gorgeous gown, then clicked on the AI on his wrist. There was a brief description of the world and detailed data on the original owner on the screen.

Here was a Zhou dynasty palace courtyard, now was the three-year Spring Quarter. The original owner smoothly passed the government test, county test, courtyard test, rural test and a series of examinations, only to be able to participate in the final palace test.

The original’s name was Shen Yi Bin, he was the Ministry of Personnel official Shen Hui’s eldest son. He usually was too lazy to learn, so he could make it all the way through the tests because of the care from the world’s heroine.

The heroine’s name is Xie Yurou, she is the Seven Princes’, Zhu Ziqing, concubine. Previously, she was cast into the cold palace, but she was reborn and acquired a medical space and a spirit spring that could cure disease and give beauty.

Shen Yi Bin’s sister, Shen Qiao Dan, was also the Prince’s concubine. In her past life she and Xie Yurou were opponents, then she gave birth to the eldest son and beat Xie Yurou to become a Princess. After the Seventh Prince was enthroned, her child was established as Crown Prince and she became Queen of the world. As the loser, Xie Yurou was demoted and ultimately died in the cold palace. Before her death she learned that her many years of non-pregnancy was Shen Qiao Dan’s masterpiece.

It is reasonable to say that Xie Yurou hated Shen Jia before she died, how could she secretly help Shen Yi Bin after her rebirth? Naturally, it’s all a malicious plot.

Xie Yurou knows the future, she sent someone to secretly reveal the test to Shen Yi Bin, and helped him get all the way from the government test to the palace test. At this year’s trial a big fraud case would be exposed. The Emperor’s Imperial eunuchs wrote down the exam questions and went outside the palace to sell it, the Prince’s followers thought that it was a great opportunity to get money and joined hands to wantonly receive bribes.

After getting their children the questions, in order to ensure that they get a high position, the parents would naturally also spend a lot of money to hire talented people to write their answers, then have their children memorize the answers for the test. So this year’s test would appear many remarkable answers, prompting Chen Emperor’s great joy. But bad is bad and the number of people with true talent are few, so if you asked for an answer I also asked for, inevitably the same answer would be given.

One by one, after picking out seven or eight of exactly the same papers, Tian Chen Emperor’s happy mood turned into rage. He ordered the Ministry of Personnel and the Dali Temple to jointly investigate the matter.

Within the year, all the people who bought and sold the questions were found out and punished, there were many in Beijing whose children were involved. After the Heaven Emperor investigated them they were dismissed, for a time there was a decline in officials. The Prince also gradually began to lose his prestige and the Seven Princes took the opportunity to win favor.

In the last life, Shen Yi Bin didn’t even take the Tong Sheng test, so he naturally missed the palace test. His father Shen Hui was found commendable in the investigation and become Tian Chen’s close follower. If not for Shen Hui’s support, the Seven Princes wouldn’t have chosen Shen Qiao Dan as his Queen.

In this world, Xie Yurou helped Shen Yi Bin pass the county test, government test, courtyard test, etc. Her goal was to let him participate in the palace test, then get implicated in the fraud and ruin Shen Hui’s career.

Without the glory of Shen Jia, Shen Qiao Dan would be in a tough spot.


Zhou Yun Sheng arrived early but not early enough. Shen Yi Bin had already taken all the previous tests and was currently taking the last palace test. Now he only had two choices. One was to give up the exam and leave early, but the Prince’s followers had a ledger, a record of all the children who bought the questions, even if he gave a blank answer nothing would change.

Second was to give up his current answers and write an answer to shake heaven and earth.

Tian Chen Emperor was thirsty, he had a 1000 gold to buy horse bone– talent was priceless. If his talent was real he would certainly be spared. To what remarkable extent does the article have to be to impress him and escape unharmed?

Zhou Yunsheng looked at the topic, it was very simple, only three words – adjust the rent. It really was Chen Emperor’s simple, pragmatic, and sharp style.

The so-called rent was a tax system. It was based on the system of land equalization, as land annexation was increasing, a large number of independent farmers fled bankruptcy, or were reduced to tenants under a landlord. The equalization system was on the verge of collapse. The foundation had collapsed, and the rent was in jeopardy.

It not only exacerbated the people’s living burden, resulting in people becoming destitute, but they also couldn’t meet the government’s required amount of tax. Now the Emperor was worried about tax reform.

Zhou Yunsheng’s poetry and calligraphy were proficient, coupled with the AI’s robust search engine, writing a Ya Guan Qu Song level of text was really possible. He only closed his eyes, then waved the brush around. His one handed drawing was majestic, penetrating, amazing, but the content of the article was more amazing. It not only described the shortcomings of rent, but also suggested the more advanced two tax laws.

The two tax laws changed the practice of “perpetual rent” taxation with the implementation of a number of property taxation criteria. To determine the amount of tax, it taxed by assets not by head count. It not only increased the state revenue but also reduced the burden on the people. It was the basis of future tax reform, and was a major step in history.

Past Shen Yi Bin’s article was also very exciting, but it only elaborated on the shortcomings of rent, and it was not in-depth, forget about giving an effective solution.

Even so, Tian Chen Emperor spent a lot of effort to find out the true author of the article, made an exception to let him participate in the palace test and hand-picked him for champion. The man was later picked up by the Seven Prince and became the right arm for the Seven Princes while Shen Hui was the left hand.

Such an article made the Emperor awe-struck, but compared to Zhou Yun Sheng’s it wasn’t worth mentioning.

After putting down the brush Zhou Yun Sheng glanced around, then closed his eyes to recall Shen Yi Bin’s life. Shen Yi Bin lost his status, was kicked out of the Imperial examinations, and his father Shen Hui was removed from office, career destroyed. Shen Jia quickly declined, Shen Qiao Dan struggled in the Seven Princes’ House, grew depressed and died.

In contrast to Shen Jia, Xie Yurou moved up to become the Queen Mother, her brother avoided this rigged test after her warning, and in the next test he scored top scores and became the pride of the people.

Shen Yi Bin loved to play and he loved freedom. Becoming a scholar was something his father wanted so he reluctantly agreed to take the test, only to be tricked into destroying his family.

Now Zhou Yunsheng won’t only help him avoid this crisis, he’ll turn the tide and make Shen Jia more dazzling than ever.

So what exactly should I do? Support the Seven Princes to win the dragon’s throne?

Zhou Yunsheng slightly shook his head and rejected the idea. Currently, Xie Yurou has become the Seven Princes’ pet thanks to the medicinal space and spiritual spring. Plus Shen Qiao Dan repeatedly messed with and provoked her, she also used sterilization drugs on her. Even help couldn’t help fix their relationship. If he helped the Seven Princes ascended the throne, Xie Yurou would still seek revenge, so it was better to support another prince.

Tian Chen Emperor had twelve children, but the most favored was the Crown Prince. But perhaps because of being held too highly, the Prince in the past few years had become more and more reckless, after the fraud case the Emperor lost patience with him.

If the Prince became stable, it wouldn’t be difficult to regain the Emperor’s heart. The rest of the princes wouldn’t stand a chance. But he first needed to find out if the Prince had the possibility of recovery. He’ll go out and look first, if not he’ll find another prince.

Decided, Zhou Yunsheng unconsciously fell asleep, prompting the inspector over the test to secretly shake his head.


The examiners would try to correct the tests around the clock. As the test was important to the country, the Emperor didn’t hesitate after the children finished the test, he personally went to the courtyard to view the grading.

The examiner took out a test paper, bowed and said, “The Emperor please see, this volume is worthy of first place!”

“Wei Chen! Here is also a fantastic test paper.” Another examiner offered one.

Tian Chen Emperor took them, only a little glance over amazed him.

Several examiners continued to roll out outstanding papers for him to read, but suddenly one of them knocked over an ink stone, revealing a face full of horror.

“What?” Tian Chen Emperor slowly looked over.

“The Emperor, your humble servant here actually….has the same test paper again.” The examiner’s face paled. He knew that this situation meant that someone leaked the questions and found someone to answer, and those implications were only the beginning.

Tian Chen Emperor’s eyes darkened, he took the test paper and hastily read it. His tone was unprecedentedly cold, “Find all the same papers and hand them to me!”

The examiners didn’t dare to neglect, they immediately buried themselves in the papers. Not long after they picked out eight or nine with the same answers. But one person held a test paper up to his eyes, for a long time he was not willing to let go, his fingers slightly trembled.

Tian Chen saw and walked over, his gloomy expression, after reading the first two lines, turned stunned, followed by happy, and finally ended in laughter, “Well, I didn’t expect my Zhou country actually had such a hidden phoenix, and I actually discovered him! This is my blessing!”

Due to being pleasantly surprised, Tian Chen Emperor disregarded the rules and directly opened the strip covering the name – Shen Yi Bin? Who? Shen Yi Bin, it seems somewhat familiar…..

“Responding to the Emperor, Shen Yi Bin is Shen Hui official’s eldest son.” An examiner answered, then shook his head and sighed.

He was a well-known sloth in Beijing, to make such a beautiful article, he must belong with the rest of the students. It must’ve also been written by a trustee.

Tian Chen Emperor’s thoughts matched the examiners, his face suddenly turned furious, he softly growled, “Grab Shen Yi Bin, be sure to find out who answered this question!”



This is why I didn’t want to translate stories in an ancient setting or xianxia, just look at the amount of notes. This whole chapter was just idioms galore. Don’t skip them, I worked hard for them. I used mostly quotations so if you wanna learn more google the quote.

Three-year Spring Quarter- Imperial examinations period

Dali Temple- highest level of court, equivalent to the Supreme Court

Tong Sheng- county level imperial exam

A 1000 gold to buy horse bone- Idiom. Someone who thirsts after talent

Rent- Equal Field System. Baidu “The tax system implemented in the early Tang Dynasty…. Later, because of annexation of land, a growing number of farmers fled bankruptcy or became tenants, the policy was gradually on the brink of collapse.” Sounds familiar? Yup the author basically wrote the same thing. Naughty naughty

Land equalization- Wikipediaa historical system of land ownership and distribution in China used from the Six Dynasties to mid-Tang dynasty.”

Ya Guan Qu Song- Idiom. An article showcasing excellent literary talent

Waved the brush around- The sentence was really fancy and lyrical. After looking it up, it just meant using your pen to write something awesome.

Two tax laws- Galegroup “…the Tang government abandoned the “equal field” system and adopted the Hang shui fa (“Double Tax” system), which levied taxes twice a year on the amount of land held by the peasant households……it introduced a more equitable system, which was based on the assessment of land cultivated by the farming families.”

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