Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 3

Because of his fine genes, Zhou’s three sons grew well, but since he was the protagonist, naturally Zhou Wenjing looked the most outstanding, his deep and flawless face was like a carefully crafted work of art, no matter from which angle of observation he was perfect.

Compared to him, Zhou Yunsheng’s facial features was slightly dull, but his pair of slightly starry peach blossom eyes made up for the gap. When he looked at someone they would not know what to do, the kind of eyes that hooked people in and made their heart pump.

As the, in every sense of the word but one, deuteragonists Du Xu Lang and Zhou Wenang’s appearances were similar- extremely impeccable, like cut from a knife. But Du Xu’s ear length broken hair, pair of gold glasses, gentle manner and friendly smile covered up his strong and sharp aura.

On the surface he was an elite assistant, a face of innocence, in fact he was at the helm of Du conglomerate. Because he was childhood friends with Zhou Wenjing’s mother, he returned to take care of the son of his enemy. Zhou group was very rich, in C country it can be regarded as a first-class family, but it could not be compared to the fortune of J country’s Du family. A group and a chaebol, the difference between the two words was the difference between heaven and earth.

In J country, the Mafia was legal, and Du Jia was a top-ranked family in the arms business around the world. Such a strong character, but now he was a personal assistant for his father, usually treated like a nanny. Zhou Yunsheng really couldn’t figure out what was going on in his mind.

All because of childhood memories? Perhaps Zhou Wenjing’s mother was the only sun in his dark world, when she died, the beam of sunshine remained immortal, so naturally he felt empathy toward Zhou Wenjing? He wants to protect Zhou Wenjing, to protect his own pure land?

No matter how ridiculous these speculations were, the fact was that he was here to stay. Zhou Yunsheng no longer wanted to delve into that line of thought, slowly drank his cup of milk.

Zhou Yunsheng, Zhou Wenjing and Du Xu Lang quietly had breakfast, Zhou father and Zhou Wenang were eating and laughing occasionally, the atmosphere between them was very warm and harmonious. These two people were the real father and son, everyone else was superfluous. If the previous Zhou Yun Sheng could see through this earlier, he would not have had such a tragic ending.

When he thought of this, Zhou Yun Sheng’s mouth pulled upwards, revealing a slightly mocking smile, then he looked coyly at Du Xu Lang.

The gentle and handsome juvenile suddenly had an obviously evil twinkle in his eye, Du Xu Lang was stunned, his heart sharply jumped twice. When he looked back, the juvenile had already turned his head, concentrating on his porridge.

After breakfast, Du Xu Lang, as usual, sent the three children to school. No matter how he felt in his heart, he always treated the three children equally, but because Zhou Wenang was the most lively and cheerful, they looked like they were the closest.

Zhou Yunsheng kept his eyes closed in the car, Zhou Wenjing also remained silent. Zhou Wenang was the only one who spoke with Du Xu Lang. He was seemingly concerned about the daily life of Zhoufu, but he always inadvertently inquired about corporate affairs. When facing Zhoufu’s beloved third son, Du Xu Lang naturally answered truthfully.

High school life was very boring, the complex homework questions was a piece of cake for a hacker with a high IQ , he passed the first two class asleep, but was awakened by a loud noise in the third class, he opened his eyes to see snowflakes floating outside the window.

Now was summer time, the girls had short skirts on, how could it snow?

Zhou Yunsheng took a closer look and found that the snowflakes were in fact many small pieces of debris, dumped from the upstairs to become manual snow- the scene was very spectacular. At this time many students were squeezed into the corridor to watch, Zhou Yunsheng was pulled out by his buddies. They pointed downstairs to the silhouette standing in the snow, “All his textbooks have been destroyed. That bastard actually forgot he was an illegitimate child and wanted to fight with you and Wenang. I really don’t know who gave him such a dumb idea.”

Zhou Yunsheng remembered, Zhou Wenjing and Zhou Wenang were in class when a classmate had a dispute with Wenjing over a girl. That argument resulted in all the girls guarding Zhou Wenjing, which made Zhou Wenang very jealous. As the middle man in this situation, the Lord God had ordered the original Sheng to give Zhou Wenjing a little lesson.

Destroying books, splashing water, verbal abuse, gang fights- an endless stream of similar pranks plagued Zhou Wenjing. Before Zhou Yunsheng took over, the original’s relationship with Zhou Wenjing had already reached an irreconcilable level.

Zhou Yunsheng gazed at the straightforward stubborn figure standing in the road, the other side was coincidentally looking up. The former squinted, suddenly blooming a provocative smile, the latter’s fists clenched in hatred.

If he was someone else, if they knew their future destiny, the first thing they would do was repair their relationship with the protagonist, in order to hold on to the thickest thigh. But Zhou Yunsheng was a very proud person, extremely wise and independent. He’d never force himself to cater to others.

Plus, being attached to the protagonist would change the fate of the original owner, but his fate would be dominated by the protagonist, which meant a return to being the Lord God’s puppet. How was that different from the past? So he never thought of sticking to Zhou Wenjing.

Of course, he never thought to get rid of Zhou Wenjing either. As the protagonist, if Zhou Wenjing was killed by him, the world would collapse, and the main god would pay attention to the data anomalies to track him down. Although the Xinghai space can shield him from the Lord God’s search, but his future plans would be very inconvenient, acting would be more difficult, and any accident will cause him to be found by the Lord God.

Such a super computer like the main god must have installed an anti-virus program, Zhou Yun Sheng did not want to test it.

So his current plan of action was to change the fate of the original owner to cause data disorders that will not lead to the collapse of the world. The protagonist was still alive, the world was still alive, but the world be changed beyond recognition, no longer resembling the main god’s original setting.

Reviewing the plans in his mind over again, Zhou Yun Sheng leisurely recovered his line of sight.

In the simulation time always moved quickly, in a blink of an eye, one day had passed. Zhou Yunsheng opened his uniform jacket- a black tie loosely hanging on a white shirt, hands in his pocket, marching towards a business car packed by the roadside. He was clearly slovenly dressed, but he gave off a yuppie feeling that attracted many girls to stop and watch.

“Sheng-shao, you are very popular in school, do you have a girlfriend?” Du Xu Lang opened the door for him, his smile revealed that he was joking.

Before the main god trapped him in this interdimensional space, Zhou Yun Sheng was purely gay, he naturally did not like women. But after being loaded into the villain system, he had to compete with protagonists for woman, and sometimes do worse things to woman than a raving beast. God knows that in reality, even if one hundred women stood naked in front of him, he would not be able to get it up.

Du Xu Lang’s funny comment made him remember the past nausea, his gentle smile receded, and he coldly looked into the other’s eyes.

Du Xu Long had never put the two brothers Zhou Yun Sheng and Zhou Wenang in his eyes. Especially Zhou Yunsheng, who was a downright fool, ignorantly being played with by Zhou Wenang. But that sharp look, momentarily subverted his impression of Zhou Yunsheng.

Those were not the eyes of a weak naïve youth.

However, before he could focus on that thought, Zhou Yun Sheng had shifted his eyes away and said faintly, “Go, you don’t have to wait for Wen.” Wen had skipped the last class, PE, and had left 20 mins ahead of time.

Du Xu Lang nodded, started the car to leave, but when he drove past an alley, Zhou Yun Sheng suddenly spoke, “Stop here, I have something to check.”

The car slowly stopped at the roadside, but Zhou Yunsheng did not get off, just opened the window, one hand hanging out, and smiled into the dark alley.

On both sides of the alley were towering skyscrapers, light was prevented from entering the alley, it was very dark. A few huge trash cans emitted strong smells, attracting many wild dogs and cats. Suddenly a muffled thud was heard, a shadow crashed into a trash can, and then laid twitching on the ground. A wild cat that was hiding in a can exclaimed and quickly fled.

After seeing the shadow’s face, Du Xu Lang’s eye color slightly changed, he immediately wanted to get off to rescue, but was stopped when Zhou Yun Sheng held onto his shoulder.

“He can’t die.” The boy’s tone was very leisurely, but his palm hid a surprising force.

Du Xu Lang had to take his hand off the door, and pretend to smile without a care.

Zhou Wenjing seemed to want to fight back, but before he could get up a tall man trampled on his back, a few young people with dyed hair walked up to him and plundered all his valuables. After he was ruthlessly kicked for a while, the men walked away laughing.

This type of scene in the hustle and bustle of the city was not uncommon, passers-by almost couldn’t afford the slightest sympathy. As the initiator, Zhou Yun Sheng exposed a satisfactory smile.

Yes, these people were hired by the original Zhou Yunsheng, the purpose was to teach a small lesson to Zhou Wenjing. Although he’d received Zhou Yunsheng’s original memory, he did not give up the plan. He not only came to enjoy the drama, but he also brought the protagonist’s God given protector to see the show.

Du Xu Lang pushed his gold glasses up the bridge of his nose to cover the slowly growing concentration of ice in his gaze. The eldest son is really not afraid of death…..

Zhou Wenjing staggered to get up, then bent over to pick up his fallen bag. This caused Du Xu Lang to secretly grip the steering wheel. He tried a few times before he finally picked up the bag, he stood upright, spit into the trash. His face was expressionless as walked toward the exit but when he saw Zhou Yunsheng sitting in the car smiling elegantly, his face instantly twisted in rage.

“It’s you!” The voice was squeezed out between tightly clenched teeth.

“Yes, yes.” Zhou Yunsheng nodded casually.

Zhou Wenjing was no longer good-tempered, he rushed in to give the boy a punch, but was suddenly pushed down by the opened door and was once again struggling on the ground.

Zhou Yunsheng walked slowly towards his side, slightly bent down, and looked him up and down with teasing eyes- he seemed to be looking at a clown. Du Xu Lang also followed behind to prevent Zhou Yunsheng from attacking.



jia – family

hold on to the thickest thigh – cling to a powerful person

Xinghai – star ocean

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