Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 4

Zhou Wenjing simply wanted to tear Zhou Yunsheng a new one, just when he was ready to get up he was kicked away, his mouth vomit out bile.

The original owner of the body fell prey to Zhou Wenang’s calculations, lost his identity as Zhou’s son and the family property, his life instantly fell into the pit. And when the protagonist became a commercial giant, he added insult to injury, so that the original owner could not find a decent job for a lifetime, and finally he ended his life in depression.

After receiving this body and knowing the fate of the original owner, not only did Zhou Yun Sheng not have any desire to hold the thigh of the protagonist, not immediately killing him was considered powerful self-control. If Du Xu Lang did not press his shoulder, he would’ve kicked him more for a few feet.

“Sheng -shao, don’t bully your poor younger brother.” The handsome young man pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, he seemed to be kindly comforting, but was also subtly warning.

Zhou Yun Sheng did not mind, he brushed his hand off his shoulders, slowly pacing towards Zhou Wenjing’s side. Zhou Wenjing could not climb up, forced to tightly stare at him with eyes of hatred.

“Do you hate me?” Zhou Yunsheng tilted his head.

In response, Zhou Wenjing spit out bloody saliva.

Zhou Yunsheng stepped sideways to escape, placed one foot on Zhou Wenjing’s chest, opened with a sneer, “You actually hate me? What qualifications do you have to hate me? Without my mother’s support, would your orphan mother, with her basic education, graduate to a job in Zhou’s house, taking home a hundreds of thousands a year salary? My mother treated her like a biological daughter, and how did she return the favor? Climbed into dad’s bed? Have a child with my father? Choose to kill herself in my mother’s bath? Was she was atoning for her sins by killing herself? Well, she did so and my mother finally followed her footsteps, leaving me to face the world alone, I ask you, who should I hate?”

Zhou Yunsheng eyes grew more and more red, had to stop to take a deep breath. His hoarse voice was filled with such a strong anger and hatred, as if he wanted to destroy everything in front of him.

Zhou Wenjing was frightened by his sudden outbreak of intense emotions, for a long time he dared not remove his eyes. Du Xu Lang’s, who originally wanted to pull away, heart slightly squeezed.

Before he came he investigated Zhou Wenjing’s situation in Zhou’s house. He had felt he was poor, but he never looked from the perspective of Zhou Yun Sheng. Now that he listened to his complaints, he suddenly thought that the biggest victim was really Zhou mother. And for Zhou mother’s abandoned child, the pain in his heart and hatred was not less than Zhou Wenjing.

Are children from a marriage automatically happier? The illegitimate child Du Xu Long had never considered this issue.

The air stagnated for a moment, Zhou Yunsheng also calmed down his mood, slowly asked, “You, find your conscience and ask yourself- if you replaced me in my situation, how would you feel?

What do you feel? Naturally it was hate, monstrous hate. Zhou Wenjing quietly clenched his fists, his eyes showing a confused look.

Zhou Yunsheng suddenly felt things were very boring, he moved his feet away from his chest, sneered, “The person you should hate most is not me but Zhou Hao (Zhoufu), he was the one who killed your mother.” Toward Du Xu Lang he waved, “Go.”

“What about Wenjing-shao? Do you want to send him to the hospital?” Du Xu Lang was worried for him. He has always put on a good show of being a nice man, so he was not afraid Zhou Yunsheng would be suspicious.

“His skin is tough, he can’t die.” Zhou Yunsheng faintly laughed, the look of his eyes made Du Xu Lang’s breathing stutter.

The car slowly left, leaving Zhou Wenjing’s confused and lonely figure. He still had not stopped hating Zhou Yun Sheng, but the hatred for his father was suddenly stronger. At that moment, he secretly swore, sooner or later one day he’d destroy his father, destroy Zhou. As for Zhou Yun Sheng, letting him lose his pride was enough.

Du Xu Lang seemed to focus on the road, but in fact the corner of his eye was constantly shifting to look at Zhou Yun Sheng. Right now, his thoughts on the juvenile was complex, he both thought that he was hateful, but also felt that he was poor, and there were some unspeakable attentions.

“Sheng -shao, although Jing-shao’s mother….” once he started, he was at a loss for the right words, “… … sorry about your mother, but Jing has done nothing wrong. Can’t you be better to him? As the saying goes, make a line to meet in the future. After all, he is your brother, it’s pitiful to fight against each other.” He had thought to find someone to “train” the oldest son, but now he completely eliminated that idea. Why put all the blame on a young child?

Although he used a lot of power he was not able to find out the secret of Zhou Jia. The father’s cover up of the events in that year were too good, the dead were quietly brought back and buried. The third son’s acting was very good, at the funeral he cried like he’d push out his liver and intestine in heartbreak, completely fooling all around him. Her life-expectancy was also not long, she was diagnosed with acute leukemia, so it was not unusual that she died a few months later.

This matter has become a top secret, except for Zhoufu and Zhou Wenang, only Zhou Yun Sheng who invaded the main god’s database knows the truth.

“He’s done nothing wrong, but I have?” Zhou Yunsheng lifted his eyebrow in laughter.

Du Xu Lang was silent a moment, then said, “You always bully Jing-shao, are you not afraid he will hate you? After all, he was also a son of Zhou, he’s qualified to inherit the family property. It doesn’t matter that he is currently being suppressed, in the future that’ll go away and then it wouldn’t be difficult to pressure you instead. It’s better to have more allies than enemies.”

If he was behaving normally, he would never say this to Zhou Yunsheng. Zhou Yunsheng was the most legitimate son of the Zhou family, and was the most qualified to inherit Zhou group, but Zhou father obviously did not think that should be the case. As a bystander, even Du Xu Lang can clearly see, Zhou Hao’s attitude towards Zhou Wenang was clearly different from the other two brothers, simply drowning him in love. If Zhou Wenang was interested in becoming the main, Zhou Hao would not object.

And Zhou Wenang, he has long ago thought that Zhou group was his, and poor Zhou Yunsheng, although he was a good brother to him, was only treated as an extremely useful tool. And Zhou Wenjing, with his thin skin, even if Zhou Yunsheng tried to make up with him, his days would probably not improve and he’d still be treated like an unknown silhouette.

At those thoughts, Du Xu Lang’s eyes mixed with some subtle sympathy for Zhou Yunsheng. When you look at the three Zhou brothers in that perspective, Zhou Yun Sheng was the most pathetic. Zhou Wenjing was looked after by him, Zhou Wenang was cared for by Zhou Hao, only Zhou Yun Sheng was in a helpless worrying situation.

Zhou Yunsheng did not know what was filling Du Xu Lang’s brain, even if he knew he would not care. He chuckled for a while before waving, “I don’t intend to go after Zhou group, so if he hates me it wouldn’t change a thing.”

Du Xu Lang was surprised a moment, quickly followed “You don’t want Zhou? Sheng-shao what do you mean?”

“The literal meaning.” Zhou Yun Sheng glanced at him, looked out the window and did not speak again.


Zhou Wenjing returned to Zhou at nine pm, opened the door to see Du Xu Lang standing by the floor window smoking, his scattered hair meticulously combed up, revealing handsome and sharp facial features. He pinched the cigarette and turned to look at him. That naturally strong a powerful breath made Zhou Wenjing feel some fear, but more worship.

“Uncle, I’m back.” He immediately closed the door and lowered his voice. He did not understand the true identity of Du Xu Lang, the other simply said he was friends with his mother in the orphanage, they loved each other like siblings so he specifically came back to take care of him. But the other side had a powerful and omnipotent atmosphere, so Zhou Wenjing guessed he must not be such an ordinary person.

“How’s your injury?” Du Xu Lang snuffed out the cigarette.

“Once he got your message, Dr. Fang immediately came. I have a cracked hand bone, and some skin trauma.” Zhou Wenjing shook the plaster of his left hand, teeth clenched, “Sooner or later, one day I’ll stomp all over Zhou group and make Zhou Yunsheng and everyone else pay the price!”

Listening to him say he’d deal with Zhou, Du Xu Lang felt nothing, until he heard the last sentence, he could not help but frown- but he did not say anything.

At the same time, Zhou Wenang knocked on Zhou Yunsheng’s door.

“Big Brother, are you the one that hurt that wild species? You’re really worthy of being my big brother.” Zhou Wenang intimately touched Zhou Yun Sheng’s shoulder.

“Yes, I set up the fight.” Zhou Yun Sheng said without a care, walked to his desk to play with his computer, a string of code quickly appeared in the dark screen then quickly disappeared, his face was clearly reflected.

“Big Brother, that wild species is such an eyesore, you should think of a way to get him to go abroad, it’ll best if he never came back.”

All the evil plans for Zhou Wenjing have always been from Zhou Wenang, Zhou Yunsheng was just in charge of the implementation. Zhou Yunsheng pulled all the hatred, while Zhou Wenang sold himself as a good person to Zhou Wenjing and gained favor. Therefore, the relationship between Zhou Wenjing and Zhou Wenang, although not intimate, was not bad. In the future when Jing took over Zhou, Zhou Wenang became a member of the board, his life was very fruitful.

This was what originally occurred. Zhou Wenang not only made Zhou Yun Sheng send Zhou Wenjing to a foreign country, but he also bought a few drug traffickers to guide Zhou Wenjing to become an addict. If Du Xu Lang had not arrived in time to force him to detoxify, Zhou Wenjing’s life would’ve been ruined.

The end result was that all the retribution fell on Zhou Yunsheng, while the real villain Zhou Wenang rode on the protagonist’s coattails, lived a lifetime of prosperity. What the hell kind of outcome was that?

Zhou Yunsheng’s heart sneered, staring into the computer screen, he lightly said, “You do it, I’m very busy recently.”

“What are you doing?” That was the first time Big Brother refused him, Zhou Wenang couldn’t help but frown.

“I’m moving abroad, I’m applying to the school I’ve selected. Dad does not know I’m planning on leaving, so until the application passes through, you have to help me keep it a secret.” Zhou Yun Sheng pressed the Enter key, the computer screen showed A country’s Hodges high school entrance application, the first part was already filled in, the entrance exam was a week later.

Hodges High School was one of the best secondary schools in A country, the admission requirements were very strict, it was known as a ‘small ivy’ league school. Every year, there were countless people who are enrolled.

Zhou Wenang’s eyes flashed a touch of hate, but it soon subsided. Compared to getting rid of Zhou Wenjing, he would actually prefer to get rid of Zhou Yun Sheng quicker. Since he chose to leave, it saved him a lot of effort. Even if he came back, Zhou would already be in his hands.

Moreover, A country’s law and order was not good, every year there were always a few students who inexplicably went missing. Zhou Yunsheng’s ‘luck’ might be bad enough to become one of them.



Make a line to meet in the future– don’t burn any bridges

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