Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 8

When he woke up at 5am, Zhou Yunsheng habitually hugged the warm body beside him. The man’s hair was very messy, his deep and handsome facial features revealed a lazy satisfied look. His usually dangerous eyes were tightly closed at the moment, inducing Zhou Yunsheng to lean over to kiss.

As a system-controlled villain that happened to be purely gay, Zhou Yun Sheng’s past relationships were very difficult. He would always be forced to ‘love’ someone, even the most intimate contact he was forced to complete. Whenever this occurred, the system would automatically control his body. Many times, when he sobered he’d find a shouting, or seeking death, or seeking to live, or intended to die with him woman. Ironically, he was the one who actually would’ve liked to shout, seek death, seek life, and die more than the other person.

Shaking away his painful past, Zhou Yun Sheng pinched the man’s sexy and determined jaw, and gave him a deep kiss.

Du Xu Lang had awakened the moment his wife opened his eyes. But he knew that his lover had a habit- whenever he got up before him he’d stare at him for a long time, then give him a strong kiss.

His lover’s appearance was handsome and gentle, his mouth always had a slight smile, but the real him had a very strong character. This led to their sexlife being like a battle for the winner of a war- intense, fanatical, hearty- when he tasted it once he could not get enough.

He laughed twice, grabbed his lover’s soft waist and pressed on his back… … his feelings for his lover was an attitude of unprecedented seriousness, but at first he did not think of perusing him like this. But with the passage of time, the face of his lover grew from green to mature, a gradually blooming bright light. His attractiveness lingered in his thoughts even when he was not present. He then suddenly found himself thinking of how he would love to have him in his life forever.

Zhou Yunsheng didn’t know Du Xu Lang’s thoughts, he just felt that the other man was particularly excitable today, they tossed in bed for more than two hours before they were willing to stop. Fortunately, his body’s data was improved, otherwise his waist would break.

They had a bath and was ready to call takeaway, when the phone rang. Zhou Yun Sheng looked at the caller, his brow couldn’t help but slightly rise- the caller was Zhou Wenang.

“Well, I’ll be back.” After silently listening to the phone call, he threw away the phone and began to pack his bags.

“What’s the matter?” Du Xu Lang felt that the expression his lover was wrong.

“Zhou Hao is dying, they asked me to go back.” Zhou Yun Sheng did not lift his head to answer, but his face was not sorrowful like he was about to lose a loved one, but held anticipation to see something interesting. He glanced at the AI on his wrist. The progress bar in the upper left corner had rose to 50% when he founded Noah Universal, but had not changed since then.

Zhou Hao’s death was the start of the tragic life for the original owner, he could completely disrupt the fate of the world if he destroys this event.

He stretched out his tongue to lick at his lips. Zhou Yun Sheng suddenly felt a difficult to suppress excitement.


The two packed up their bags, booked tickets, and arrived in the main house that evening.

“Big Brother, you came back!” Zhou Wenang briskly ran up to him and tightly embraced his brother, eyes red, and tears flowing. If Du Xu Lang had not investigated the other boy, he would’ve been cheated buy his superb acting.

“Dad?” Zhou Yunsheng pushed him. He looked very calm, even his tone revealed indifference. He was not bad at acting, he could easily pretend grief, but his strength was already beyond his opponents, so he was too lazy to disguise himself.

“Dad is upstairs, the doctor said he wouldn’t make it through the night and let me take him home. Lying in the hospital, he always felt uncomfortable.” Zhou Wenang said as he led the two people upstairs, seemingly inadvertently, he asked “Oh yes, how did Du assistant come? Did you meet abroad?”

Before Zhou Yunsheng could reply, Du Xu Lang slowly opened, “I didn’t run into him, we’re currently dating. I’m Yun Sheng’s boyfriend.”

Even choosing to come out of the closet at his father-in-law’s death bed, Du Xu Lang obviously didn’t intend to let his father die in peace ah! Hey, why was it father-in-law not father-in-law? Zhou Yunsheng’s heart was amused, his indifferent eyes finally brought a little smile, nodding in agreement.

Zhou Wenang tripped on his feet and almost fell down the stairs. Fortunately the old housekeeper that was following behind them held him up.

“You go, I’ll wait outside.” at door, Du Xu Lang had no intention of going in.

Zhou Yunsheng did not think it was strange, he touched his handsome face as he passed by him and walked in. The dark room was filled with the smell of medicine and the scent of approaching death. Zhou Hao was covered with wires, his thin chest barely moved up and down.

“Dad, brother came back.” Zhou Wenang shouted twice into his father’s ear, seeing his father not respond, he almost couldn’t wait to kick out Zhou Yun Sheng.

“Yun Sheng’s back?” When the two went back towards the door, their father awoke. He said with some difficulty, “Yun Sheng, I am so sorry, sorry your mother, I killed her … …”

“Dad, those things are long passed, we don’t blame you. Mother took her own life, it has nothing to do with you. Please feel at ease, don’t think so much.” Zhou Wenang rushed toward the bed and forcefully pinched his father. They say that the only true words people say was on their death bed. When his father strongly asked to call back Zhou Yun Sheng, he had a premonition that Zhou wanted to tell Zhou Yun Sheng the truth of that year.

Ninety nine steps were already completed, seeing the last step left, how could he allow years of planning to fail?

Zhou father flinched in pain, he saw the request in the eyes of his youngest son and ultimately decided to bring that secret into hell. Seeing his father fall asleep, which could also be called an awakening, Zhou Wenang was secretly relieved.

Zhou Yun Sheng had been standing three meters away, mouth raised in a ridiculing smile.

At the same time, Zhou Wenjing rushed into the main house and couldn’t help but stop in surprise when he found his uncle was present.

“I’ll explain later. Don’t you want to go in and see?” Du Xu Lang pointed to the door with the cigarette in hand, he was in the next door study, blatantly eavesdropping.

Zhou’s bedroom and study were connected together, only separated by a thin door. Sitting in the study, he could clearly hear their conversation. Zhou Wenjing hesitated for a moment, then he decided to stay in the study.

Zhou Yunsheng’s hearing was far above ordinary people, naturally he heard the two’s footsteps, but he didn’t mind and sat on the single sofa seat near the bedside. He casually asked, “Father, are you sorry for me because you murdered my mother?”

Zhoufu suddenly opened his eyes, then he started coughing severely.

Zhou Wenang suppressed his shock, while helping his father pat his chest, he scolded, “Big Brother what are you saying? Mother committed suicide!”

“What qualifications do you have to call her mother? Are you her son?” Zhou Yunsheng was comfortably leaning against the back of the chair, overlapping his slender legs.

Zhou Wenang’s face completely distorted, the two eavesdropping also couldn’t help but increase their breathing. The pulse monitor suddenly issued a long beep, then it eventually stopped fluctuating. Their father died of fright. But no one in the room moved, they did not even glance in his direction. Since it came to this point, Zhou Wenang also gave up his camouflage. He slowly sat opposite Zhou Yun Sheng, pushed his hair back, revealing a face full of hostility.

“How did you know?”

“Your thumb has betrayed you.” Zhou Yunsheng sneered, “Your thumb has one less bone than normal, it’s short and really ugly. That’s an inherited dominant gene, but my mother and Zhou Hao’s hands are both normal, do I need to explain to you what that means?”

Zhou Wenang forcefully closed his hand, after a long time he let out a low laugh, “Even if you know, what does it matter? You can’t take what’s mine away, and Zhou is already mine. Oh, yes, you can take Yang Xi’s heritage back. You can also beg Yang Jia to deal with me, but unfortunately, you probably don’t know, Yang Group is currently contracted to build an undersea tunnel between Thousand Island City and Chengdu city. Zhou Group promised to inject a 2 billion investment into Yang Group, once Zhou Group divests, Yang Group is finished, thoroughly bankrupt.”

Zhou Wenang seemed to feel that his own words were very interesting, he laughed in merriment. How can he not feel happy when he was finally going to destroy Yang Group?

But Zhou Yunsheng’s response made him very disappointed. He sat still, waiting for him to finish laughing. Afterwards he asked, “Was it Zhou Hao who killed my mother?”

“You guess.” Zhou Wenang was smart enough not to confirm.

“These years I’ve been abroad, haven’t you been trying to kill me? Was Elsa’s poisonous cigarettes prepared for me?”

“What a pity.” Zhou Wenang ambiguously smiled. He would not let the other side catch him in case he was secretly recording his words.

Zhou Yunsheng also laughed, he went over and patted Zhou Wenang’s cheek. He said in a gentle tone, “Enjoy your last festival, my dear brother.” Then he pulled the door to open and walked away.

The two eavesdropping in the study were trying to digest the epic they just heard. Du Xu Lang thought of the death of Zhou’s mother, thought of how the two children almost had the same date of birth, and finally put the suspicious details together. So seamless a scam could be easily seen through, Sheng’s insight is really terrible. When did he find out? At what time? His father killed his mother, his brother is the enemy’s child- with what kind of mood did he live in till today?

No wonder he did not feel a little bit of sympathy for Zhou Hao, no wonder he changed his attitude toward Zhou Wenang. Du Xu Lang’s heartache was endless.

Zhou Wenjing’s face was also very ugly. He did not expect the person who guarded him all these years was his own real enemy. The goodwill, comfort, gifts … … all hypocritical. These years, he was like a fool juggled between Zhou Wenang’s hands, as for his father he did not even have to think about it, he was always dead to him.

He couldn’t wait to strangle Zhou Wenang, but his angry settled down when Zhou Yunsheng walked out of the room. The servants walked in and out, readying for the coming funeral.

“Your mother was not killed by my mother.” he said straightforwardly.

Zhou Yunsheng raised his eyebrows.

“So I don’t owe you anything.” When he said this, Zhou Wenjing had to admit that he was relieved. His view of Zhou Yunsheng had become very complex. More than ten years of accumulated hatred couldn’t be completely eliminated, but he also felt that he was very pitiable.

“What do you want to say?” Zhou Yunsheng patiently asked.

“I want to tell you- I will not get revenge against you, but I will not help you. You have to look after yourself in the future.” As Zhou Yunsheng was too low-key, Zhou Wenjing always thought that he was just a student without financial status. He, who was sitting on hundreds of millions, felt disdain for him.

He could never forgive Zhou Yunsheng’s bullying, but now because of pity he left him a horse. To him that was the greatest kindness, he couldn’t give more.

These were the words of the president of his own Group and Du Jia’s nephew. If he exposed his identity he felt that Zhou Yun Sheng would be jealous to the extreme. He even thought that his uncle came to Zhou home just to support him.

Zhou Yunsheng was momentarily speechless, he could walk away from Zhou Wenjing’s determined gaze.

“Isn’t he too conceited?! What was that expression and tone? Does he think I’m a stray dog, just ignoring me was a big charity!?” Zhou Yun Sheng grabbed Du Xu Lang’s tie forcefully that night.

Du Xu Lang quickly hugged his waist, sincerely apologized, “It’s my fault. I didn’t teach him well. Baby why don’t we continue this conversation in bed?”

Zhou Yunsheng, “…”

It seems that all the family members had already forgotten their father’s tragic death.



Why was it father-in-law not father-in-law – these two words had different characters. After googling, it seems that one is for the wife’s father and the other is for the husband’s father.

Was amused – this amusement is amusement derived from something that could also be taken as an insult

Your thumb has one less bone than normal – From Wikipedia, “Clubbed thumb”, also referred to as stub(by) thumb….and known clinically as brachydactyly type D or BDD,[1] is a harmless genetic trait characterized by the last bone of one or both thumbs being short and round with an accompanying short and wide nail bed.

Left him a horse – left him a way out

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