Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Chapter 7

Zhou Yunsheng thought they he and Du would go to the next stage quickly – become canon. But Du Xu’s ideas were beyond his expectations.

The other seemed to be earnestly pursuing him, a phone call ever every three or five days evolved into three or five calls a day. He’d visit the country to take him out to dinner, but it was always a simple meal, and he always maintained an attentive but not explicit attitude. Every holiday he’d send expensive gifts.

Zhou Yun Sheng had to admit he was touched – Du Xu Lang was pursuing him, and his attitude was very serious. This feeling, to him who suffered miserable deaths and was hated as the villain by male and female protagonists from start to finish, was undoubtedly novel. Every world would end in unsightly death, every life he’d meet people who did not really love him, every life he suffered betrayal. Zhou Yun Sheng had thought he was numb to ‘love’.

But after getting rid of the shackles of the system, he found the desire buried deep in his heart slowly surfacing. Since Du Xu Lang was determined, he was also willing, if the two couldn’t last, that was a problem for later.

While he was thinking, the phone on the table rang, from the other end came a man’s low magnetic voice: “Did you like the watch I sent? I also bought the same style, it’s a good match … …”


J country

Du Xu Lang was standing on the top floor of a skyscraper, while talking softly on the phone, he had on a smile. The other side must’ve said something amusing because he chuckled, eyes flashing a happy light.

“Yes, I know, I’ll see you next week, you choose the place.” When he glanced up he saw that his nephew had walked in without knocking. Du Xu Lang frowned, had to end the call.

Zhou Wenjing looked at him curiously, he wondered what type of person could let his uncle be gentle.

“Uncle, you found me an aunt?” He joked tentatively.

Du Xu Lang was clearly pleased by the word ‘aunt’, he laughed for a while before nodding, “Yes, I found you an aunt,” then he added in a warning tone , “When I introduce you guys you must get along well.”

Get along? Zhou Wenjing was secretly relieved, promised to be well-behaved. He had already learned Du Xu Lang’s true identity. The first feeling was incredulity, the second feeling was surprise, and then fear. It took a year or two to adapt and gradually restore their original easy and natural relationship.

Under the guidance of Du Xu Lang, he founded his own company, now on the rise, his prospects were very broad. He was no longer the original bullied illegitimate Zhou family child. In J country, even if he met a business executive, they would shout his name with respect.

All of this was what Du Xu Lang gave him. If Du Xu Lang set up his own family, would he still treat this no blood relationship nephew so wholeheartedly? Would his wife and children accommodate his presence?

Zhou Wenjing’s heart was nervous from the thought. Du Xu Lang’s generous treatment just made him feel more alert.

The flash in his eyes did not escape Du Xu Lang’s strong observation, his heart couldn’t help but be disappointed. Sheng also knew his identity, yet his conduct with him was without the slightest difference from the past. His nephew, although he tried hard to cover it up, still couldn’t hide his words of fear and deeds of trying to please. Before he felt that Yun Sheng was inferior to his nephew, but the facts were proving that he backed the wrong horse.

Zhou Wenjing saw his uncle observing him, nervous, he opened his notebook and changed topic, “Today is the final day of “business war “, I want to take first place to make you proud.”

“Oh? It’s the last day?” Du Xu Lang threw out his hearts distractions, walked over to focus on the screen.

“Trade War” was a free online game by Noah Universal, it was very popular with business people. Because of the excellent production, the environment and the details truthful to real life, many business leaders forced their children to play the game to hone their ability. This year was Trade War’s second anniversary, the game held a yearly ‘business war’ but only allowed people under the age of 25 to participate.

This war was a thirty day competition, each player only got a 10,000 yuan starting fund, and at the end of the countdown, the computer would select a winner according to overall quality. Simply put, the one who earned more money, won.

Zhou Wenjing was a “business war” loyal fan, but also one of the big god level players, so far, he was ranked first. This game had a huge user base over the world, to stand out from the crowd was an extraordinary ability, naturally his identity was also extraordinary. Those who participated anonymously aside, real name participates had strong backgrounds-self-made business upstart, a chaebol or group, etc.

Who would think that the little-known Zhou son would beat the pack and rank first? Zhou Wenang, his father’s favorite son, was eliminated early on. Zhou Yunsheng made no appearance, perhaps he was too afraid of failure?

With a strong sense of superiority, Zhou Wenjing pointed to the map and explained, “Shuangba Island and Clear Water Bay reclamation project has been completed, here will become an important commercial port, and once the unknown water bin will be worth double. When the center of logistics announced the start of the reclamation project, my Xinglong Group bought up 20% of the shares of the water warehouse. The treasure has been won by me.”

“You’re happy but it seems a bit early. This person holds 22% of the shares, 2% more than you,” Du Xu Lang glanced at the data on the screen.

Zhou Wenjing looked at his screen only to find that a player named Deicide released a share certificate in the exchange channel, the bright red 22% stung his eyes.

“Which hole did this Deicide crawl out from?! I’ve never seen him before!” Zhou Wenjing was shocked, he quickly searched the other’s information and found that the other side was mediocre, but his investment sum was shocking. The industries he invested in were very complicated- there was food, technology, real estate, entertainment etc……. Although there was no profiteering, but you could not lose profit. In just twenty-nine days he actually quietly accumulated huge wealth. His ranking was stuck in eleventh, but the network only trends the top ten players. This had caused Zhou Wenjing to lose vigilance.

“It seems that his eyes have more long-term vision than yours. When the government sent the first investigation team to Clearwater Bay, he had already started to buy the stock of Clearwater’s warehouses,” he said. It’s really clever.

Don’t move, do move, he’d still kill you- it really was someone’s style of action. Du Xu Lang smiled.

Zhou Wenjing scorned, “Even if he has 2% more than me, my Xinglong Group is real estate and financial industry-based, it has long been in bed with the Bank of China. As long as I chat with the chairman of the International Trade Bank (npc ), BOC will terminate all financial dealings with Decide. If he does not want to go bankrupt, he will have to give up his current shares. Life is like this, just because it’s in his hand, does not mean it belongs to him forever.”

Du Xu Lang hooked up his lips, his hand shook off some cigarette ash. His nephew was very good, his ability was also very outstanding, but he was not Sheng’s opponent.

Zhou Wenjing and the chairman of the International Trade Bank quickly reached a consensus, but the variables increased. The second ranked group announced their intention to compete for the water warehouse. Holy Group was engaged in the shipping industry, was the highest ranked shipping tycoon, and its real owner was Lei Sheng, the grandson of the world’s top king of the shipping industry.

Holy Group and the BOC had strong capital ties, and Lei Sheng was the honorary vice chairman of the International Trade Bank. The connections was far above Zhou Wenjing. His involvement turned the game into a white-hot competition.

Inoue Xiushan was the personal assistant of Du Xu Lang. Concerned about the current game, he’d ridden to the top floor only to find the boss and his nephew in the office competing, he couldn’t help but come to observe.

“Today’s young people are so powerful, we old guys better watch out. Deicide, God Killer, quite a big name for a seemingly weak player. He took 22% of the shares, the hot potato. I’m afraid Xinglong Group and Holy Group will reduce him to cannon fodder. A pity, his performance had been very smooth up until now, the acquisition of clear water warehouse will probably become his downfall. This shows a lack of ability to read the atmosphere, although the business world needs courage, it also needs a cool mind.” he commented.

Zhou Wenjing nodded in agreement, Du Xu Lang forcibly snubbed off his cigarette, giving Xiushan a glance filled with an unknown feeling. Inoue Xiushan folded his hands, he suddenly felt a bit cold.

At that moment, Zhou Yun Sheng was sitting in front of the computer screen. When he saw that Lei Sheng had expectantly joined the race, he immediately channeled a private chat. The two people discussed for a moment, then they finally reached a consensus.

On the other end, Zhou Wenjing was surprised to see that Deicide, at 30 yuan per share, had transferred his shares to Lei Sheng. And Lei Sheng had persuaded the International Trade Bank to let Deicide buy 46% of the shares of its subsidiary Jialing Group. Deicide officially became the largest shareholder of Jialing Group, and joined the main board of directors.

Jialing Group was involved in the food manufacturing industry, the development potential was less than Clearwater warehouse, but the market value was worth at least 6 billion.

When he bought the shares of the warehouse, the warehouse’s share price was very low, even if he sold it for the low price of 30 yuan, he still earned 3.6 billion off Lei Sheng. This 3.6 billion was all used to buy Jialing Group. In other words, he made 6 billion yuan without spending a penny.

No one had noticed and at the announcement, everyone was shocked, unable to understand. From the beginning, Deicide did not want Clearwater warehouse, but Jialing Group. But he did not directly go after it, he turned so many roads, intending to get Jialing Group without spending a penny.

“That move is like a wolf waiting for prey to walk into a trap!” Inoue Xiushan’s glasses slipped off his nose, his handsome face was frozen from Deicide’s plays.

Zhou Wenjing endured to not crush the mouse in his hands. He felt Du Xu Lang looking at him, and suddenly felt the pressure double. He resorted to the most despicable means- while Lei Sheng and the board of directors convened in the world channel, he paid 45 yuan per share to acquire 49.9% of the warehouse’s stock.

Why 49.9%? Because the company law provides that once a shareholder holds more than 50% of the company’s shares, the company will enter into a compulsory acquisition stage. In other words, once you owned more than 50%, whether you have the money or not, you’d have to buy 100% of the shares from the other shareholders, otherwise you would bear legal responsibility.

This provision was proposed to prevent malicious acquisitions and to protect the interests of the company.

A comprehensive acquisition of water warehouse would cost tens of billions, the current Xinglong Group and Holy Group did not have that strength.

Acquisition in full swing, Zhou Yun Sheng saw that Lei Sheng had sent a private chat request and laughed with a satisfied smile.

Zhou Wenjing’s holdings were slowly rising, victory was imminent, when Lei Sheng posted in the world channel that he would buy the warehouse’s shares for 10 yuan more than Xinglong Group’s offer, until he bought 49.9%. The investors immediately flocked to the offer.

In the end, the takeover battle ended with a defeat for the Xinglong Group, the countdown signs all turned 0 and the game was over.

Zhou Wenjing wiped his face, messed up his hair, then suddenly the hand holding the mouse smashed it. The computer screen showed rapid calculations, the statistics of all the players were being compared to pick the final winner.

Du Xu Lang patted his nephew’s shoulders, then looked toward Inoue Xiushan, “Who do you think won?”

“It’s certainly Lei Sheng. He’s worthy of being the grandchild of the great shipping tycoon.” Inoue Xiushan assuredly said.

“No, Deicide won.” Du Xu Lang pointed to the screen, “The final bid cost nearly 90 billion, Lei Sheng, although his market value is high, his assets are not that strong. How could he get 90 billion in such a short time?”

“Borrowed?” Inoue Xiushan thought of a possibility, his heart couldn’t help but jump. My God, that young man was so terrible?

Seeing his twisted face, Du Xu Lang laughed, “Yes, the 90 billion was borrowed, as from whom… see for yourself.”

At that moment, Deicide’s stats had a new update. In his total assets column 20% shares of water warehouse suddenly appeared. Trade War’s biggest cake, he really took a big bite out of it, his calculations turned everyone in circles.

“He was the real final winner.” Du Xu Lang walked to the floor window, his lowered eyes filled with marvel and fascination. Zhou Yunsheng- his name was a curse, once he got involved it was difficult to disentangle yourself.

“Incredible! Just how far can that man calculate? Others take a step to see ten steps, he just starts and already the game is over! Everyone’s moves are within his expectations. 100% investment success rate, long-term business vision and excellent ability to operate, this person was a genius! In the future I am afraid he’ll even surpass you boss! “Inoue Xiushan was in complete worship mode.

Du Xu Lang smiled happily.

“Success in the virtual world does not represent success in the real world.” Zhou Wenjing pushed off the leather chair and strode out, he coldly said, “Having the ability to earn a few billion in reality makes you a genius. How many can succeed there?”

He’d founded a group based in the real estate and financial industry, and he has quickly earned money. Just two years and his assets were already in the hundreds of millions. And he was only a junior this year, less than 20 years old. Compared with the vast majority of young people he was undoubtedly one of the best.

His great success made his already proud nature gradually change to conceit, he couldn’t accept the victory at his fingertips being taken away by a little-known little person.

Du Xu Lang stared at his back and disappointedly shook his head. As the saying goes, there are mountains beyond mountains, and heavens beyond heavens. His nephew obviously forgot this. He was indeed very good in reality, very business minded, but compared with Yun Sheng, he was still too green. Yun Sheng’s Noah Universal had long replaced the illustrious Rener Technology, the past tech industry leader. He develops software for all walks of life, greatly facilitating people’s lives and work.

Mankind is certainly in the information age, and the information industry can bring much profit. People not involved in this area can never fully know. Making money was just second place, it’s more powerful to quietly dominate people’s lives. Noah Universal had long been able to compete with the business giants like Du Jia.

While he was disappointed by his nephew, Du Xu Lang was also proud of his beloved. He logged in to his War account for a private chat.

Inoue Xiushan had already prepared to leave when he saw his boss’s movements. He stood shocked still. He dared not believe what was happening, then he finally he asked, “You know him?! Can you introduce me?” He had risen from a passers-by to a dedicated fan.

Du Xu Lang did not answer, focused on the computer screen. On the other end was the handsome face that dominated his dreams. The man was pouring a glass of wine, the top two buttons of his white shirt were unbuttoned, revealing a sexy collarbone.

“Zhou, Zhou Yun Sheng!” Xiushan often helped his boss buy gifts, so he naturally knew the young boy. This revelation made him not know what expression to make. Young, rich, and completely self-made, his talent was enough to surpass all the younger generation. In the past, Xiushan’s impression of the youth was only a vague ‘excellent’, after that thrilling fight he finally realized his power.

No wonder he could let the boss send flowers and treat him like precious jade. Inoue Xiushan, leaning on the door frame, secretly sighed.

“Congratulations.” Du Xu Lang’s burning eyes were locked onto the other’s collarbone, Adam’s apple and other places.

Zhou Yunsheng smiled, put down the glass, and shook the camera, “Cheers.”

“What is your wine?” asked Du Xu Lang while he also opened a bottle of red wine.

“Red Royal Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon, 92 years old.”

A single bottle cost 500,000 in A country, equivalent to more than 3 million in C country, equivalent to 59 million in J country, really enjoyable. Du Xu Lang whistled, he put down his glass and sighed: “My wine is not as good as yours, why don’t you invite me over?”

Zhou Yunsheng squinted for a moment, then he hooked his finger toward the camera, “Come over. I not only invite you for a drink, you can even stay for breakfast.”

The young man’s tone was low and hoarse, implicit and ambiguous. Hooked, Du Xu Lang’s heart started hammering, barely maintaining a calm attitude he asked, “Are you serious? You know what happens before breakfast, right? ”

“If I don’t know why would I ask? After chasing me for so long, you won’t dare touch the real thing?” The boy raised his eyebrows, the wine made his face slightly blush.

If he didn’t go he was not a man!

Xiushan was stunned- Du Xu Lang, without even taking his jacket, rushed out of the office. The leather chair, shaken by his force, issued a loud bang as it fell to the floor.

From the other side of the screen, youthful laughter could be heard.



There are mountains beyond mountains, and heavens beyond heavens. – There’s always someone better than you.

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