Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: History’s Strongest Parkour

Li Yundong’s sudden defiance caught Xie Fei and Er Lu unprepared . They did not expect Li Yundong to actually dare to defy them of his own initiative .

Xie Fei blocked the bag of groceries flying at him, only to receive a kick from Li Yundong . He flew two meters away . Holding his chest, he could only laid on the ground unable to breath .

Er Lu stood at the side . His eyes glinted ominously . From behind his back, he actually retrieved an extra long watermelon knife and hacked toward Li Yundong .

Tiannan city had boomed economically in the past few years . The living standards of the city was rapidly catching up to second tier cities . However, the valiant personalities of the local residents and their habits had not changed much comparatively . A single conflict could result in a fist fight, or even the pulling of knives . Something like this was a common occurance .

On rather remote and not very developed streets, there were often gangsters armed with metal pipes and watermelon knives fighting each other . Some of the stronger and larger gangs were beyond the police’s ability to deal with .

Er Lu and Xie Fei were members of such a gang . They were used to being unopposed . Er Lu casually carried a knife and when attacking he had no restraint . Every attack would see blood .

Er Lu’s knife attacked from a tricky and vicious angle . He aimed for the arm Li Yundong used to hold onto Su Chan .

Even though Li Yundong consumed the Gold Pill, he was only equivalent to a Zhang Wuji who just learned Nine Yang Divine Manual . He knew no techniques . He had a entire body full of Gold Pill energy but did not know how to use it .

If this knife attack succeeded, regardless of the Gold Pill energy, he would still have his tendons cut and bones broken .

This knife attack instantly caused cold sweat to envelop Li Yundong’s entire body . Right when he was overwhelmed by terror, he saw Su Chan turn and kick out from under her dress . Er Lu was sent flying .

Su Chan had just kicked Er Lu flying yet there were three more gangsters charging at them from the front . The five gangsters from the back also retrieved their weapons one by one from within their newspapers . Without exception, they all carried shiny watermelon knives .

Li Yundong did pause to think . He simply dragged Su Chan and ran .

Su Chan wanted to charge back . She looked as if she were baring fangs and brandishing claws . “Let me go . Let me go teach these bastards a lesson . ”

Li Yundong cursed, “Are you insane? They have that many people, and they have knives!”

Li Yundong had a body full of Gold Pill energy . Only in terms of strength, he was no worse than the little fox . He hugged the little fox to his chest and with giving any time for refusal, he picked her up bridal style and ran towards the school .

“Catch him! Chop that man to death . Don’t kill the girl!” Xie Fei painfully and hoarsely managed to shout while holding his chest .


The little fox was held tightly by Li Yundong, but she continued to struggle, “Let me go . Let me go beat up those bastards!”

These hoodlums chasing from behind heard Su Chan’s statement . Anger boiled and they held their knives tightly . Their faces were malevolent and they gnashed their teeth . ‘We’ll see who beats up who!’

Despite hugging Su Chan close to his chest, Li Yundong felt like he was holding air . The unexpected conflict made his mind and his body tense . The blood in his body seemed to burn intensely and ignite .

As he ran, he calmly observed his surroundings .

This straight street had shops on both sides . In front there were three aggressive gangsters and in the back, there were five pursuers .

Li Yundong instantly made his decision . He quickly charged toward a pan-fried bun shop that was in front and to the right .

The three gangsters who were blocking the street rapidly arrived . Just as they were about to hack at Li Yundong, they saw him borrow the large momentum of his charge to tread several steps on the wall . His entire person seemed like a roof hopping wall vaulting expert . In a blink of an eye, he went from being in front of the gangsters to being behind them by detouring above .

By the time the gangsters turned to look, Li Yundong had already landed back on the ground and even carrying an entire person, he was getting away at a rapid pace .

“What are you hesitating about?” Xie Fei rubbed at his chest . He grimace as he stood up . “Chase!”

These gangsters gave a shout and disorderly chased in Li Yundong’s direction .

This street could not be considered wide or thin . It mostly contained restaurants and snack shops aimed at students . It was now almost time for morning classes to end, so it was a busy time when many students were present .

These students only saw Li Yundong carrying Su Chan running as fast as a galloping horse dodging all obstacles in the way . He was extremely nimble . His performance truly resembled the parkour seen in movies .

Except those traceurs usually wore very light equipment for parkour, not like Li Yundong who was carrying a person and yet still very vigorous and very nimble .

Some students gasped in admiration . They wanted to take out their cellphones and record, but by the time they took out their cellphones, they would find Li Yundong was almost twenty meters away leaving only his departing back .

Only then would his gangster pursuers show up like a gale . Waving their watermelon knives, they would curse wildly and chase at the same time .

Li Yundong carried Su Chan and ran for a while . He glimpsed out of his peripheral vision that the gate of Tiannan university was already not far from them . Li Yundong had an idea . Hugging Su Chan, he headed toward the school .

‘These bastards would not dare to chase into the university, right?’

Just as Li Yundong arrived at the school gate, he started to regret a bit .

This was the time when school let out . Many student who did not want to eat at the school cafeteria would leave the school to eat at nearby restaurants .

Li Yundong could tell at a glance that the students had already formed a crowd with people pouring out of the gate like a wave . He was carrying the little fox and his speed was extremely fast . Moreover, there was Er Lu and them chasing from behind . Slowing down or turning around now was not a viable option .

Li Yundong out of panic and anger roared, “Out of the way!”

With his shout, all the students coming out of the gate glanced toward him . Some recognized him and sneered on the inside, ‘You’re just a sophomore . What are you so rampant about?’ Some did not recognize him and those simply chose to ignore him .

Sun Li stood in the crowd curiously staring at Li Yundong . Seeing his nervous expression and the fact he was carrying Su Chan while running toward her, she was just about to ask what was going on when she saw the ten gangsters following behind Li Yundong . She immediately wanted to dodge to the side out of fear .

However, it was already too late to dogde . Li Yundong’s momentum was extremely strong . If he crashed into Sun Li, perhaps the girl would shoot out and probably end up with strained muscles and broken bones .

Li Yundong was aware of this point . Gritting his teeth, he pushed hard with his foot and his entire person actually somersaulted . He flipped over the top of Sun Li’s head and landed past her .

All students at entire school gate immediately burst into uproar . To carry a person and somersault over a 165cm tall girl, was this guy really human?

Sun Li just felt a gust of wind blast into her, followed by a black shadow that flew by her eyes . By the time she returned to her sense, a layer of cold sweat had appeared on her back out of fear .

At this time, Xie Fei, Er Lu and them had already arrived . They had already chased until their eyes were red . Completely disregarding the fact they were in front of a university, Xie Fei shouted, “Get out of the great me’s way!”

These students noticed the knives in their hands with a single glance, a path was cleared in an instant .

Li Yundong turn his head to take a look, only to see these guy actually dared to chase into the campus . He immediately cursed out loud . Not daring to stop, he continued heading toward the inner campus at a sprint .

His sprint caused many of the teachers and students to raise their eyebrows . When those teachers and students saw the gangsters chasing from behind, all of them without exception were shocked pale, each and every person started to shout .

Li Yundong had never encounter this kind of deadly pursuit . His panicked fleeing caused him to run into a dead end beside the boy’s dormitory .

Li Yundong suddenly had a back full of cold sweat . Looking back, he saw those people had all gained a temper from chasing him . Their eyes were all blood red . If he were caught, then they would chop him into meat paste for sure .

Turning to the front, thoughts flew like lightning in his mind . Without knowing why, he suddenly looked toward a balcony of the dormitory and the corner of the wall . An idea appeared in his head .

The instant this idea appeared, Li Yundong sped up once more, heading towards the dead end at a sprint .

At this time, Ding Nan and Zhou Qin just happened to come out from the girl’s dormitory on the other side . They saw Li Yundong sprinting like the wind toward the wall corner in a single glance .

Ding Nan was astonished and laughed in spite of herself . “Does that fellow want to crash into the wall and suicide?”

Before Zhou Qin had a chance to reply, she saw Li Yundong at the moment before he was about to crash into the wall, abruptly stomp the ground with one leg . He forcibly raised his body up by a stretch . His other leg stomped on one wall of the corner .

With this stomp, the blood of Li Yundong’s entire body suddenly seemed to converge on his leg . His muscles suddenly contracted . His leg compressed like a spring, then the pressure was released .

This stomp contained possibly a thousand jin of strength more or less! A piece of the wall was pushed in .


Li Yundong’s body violently raised itself upward by another stretch . He hurtled toward the other wall of the dead end, which was where the balcony was .

The distance between the walls was only slightly more than a meter . Li Yundong’s foot stomped on the balcony wall . His leg once again exerting strength .

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Li Yundong’s body was like a firecracker . Exploding upwards as he leapt left and right . His body was light and nimble like a jumping money . His legs were strong like a pouncing tiger . Several jumps along the way with only a few breaths of effort, Li Yundong leapt to the fourth floor rooftop .

The students who were beside the dormitory were shocked into a daze . Their eyeballs bulged out so much they nearly fell out of their sockets .

Only after Li Yundong with Su Chan in his arms jumped all the way up to the rooftop did they return to their senses . They were so excited that they were beside themselves .

“Grass*! What did I just see? Screw*! That’s too bullshit! Is that guy really human?”

“No kidding . Did you record it?”

“What record? I was too shocked . Who would think to record?”

“Haww, that’s a pity . If we recorded it and put it online, then it would be super popular . Chop my hand off if I’m wrong!”

Zhou Qin and Ding Nan were also stupified . Ding Nan stupidly said, “How is that possible? It’s too exaggerated right?”

Zhou Qin’s eye flashed with an unusual glint . Looking at Li Yundong’s back, her eyes contained shock and astonishment .

At this moment, Xie Fei and Er Lu arrived . They could only stare as Li Yundong leapt to the rooftop like a cheetah while carrying Su Chan . They were shocked pale .

Xie Fei’s underling was gasping for breath from the chase . He said to Xie Fei, “Bro Fei, this lousy bastard is too good at running . He’s like a monkey . How will we chase him?”

Xie Fei glared at him in a bad mood, “Shut up!”

After he finished speaking, he turn to look at Er Lu with uncharitable eyes . “This guy is difficult to deal with . Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Er Lu’s complexion became unsightly . “I didn’t think he’d be this difficult to deal with . ”

Xie Fei twitched his lip corner . He saw the teachers and guards of the university who were currently running toward them . Turning his head, he shouted at his subordinates, “Put away your knives . Do you think showing them off is going to impress anyone? Do you want to go to the police station?”

With those words, he hatefully glanced at Li Yundong and Su Chan who were on the rooftop . “I don’t believe he can escape for a lifetime . ”

However, he did not realize that the guy he was chasing could carry a living person and jump up to the fourth floor rooftop . If this person actually learned some fighting techniques, what would happen?


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