Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Sowing Discord

T/N: If only people could understand each other .

Li Yundong, with the little fox in his arms, glanced down . Seeing Xie Fei, Er Lu, and the rest depart in anger, he finally released his breath and put down the little fox .

The little fox grumbled from the bottom of her heart, “Why didn’t you let me go teach those guys a lesson?”

Li Yundong did not know whether to laugh or cry, “A little girl like you beating people up, what kind of talk is that? Did you watch too much ‘My Sassy Girl’*?”

Internally, he was thinking, ‘I can’t go on like this . I need to find a way to learn some fighting techniques . ’

Li Yundong all of the sudden recalled his unexpected burst of strength . He actually carried a person and still managed to run like that . Moreover, he leapt up to the fourth floor!

No matter how Li Yundong thought about it, it seemed miraculous . He secretly thought, ‘Did I suddenly bring out my hidden potential? In the past, I heard that in some dangerous situations, the human body can demonstrate enormous strength . Even a normally fragile unhealthy girl can lift a car . Perhaps he was also like that?’

Li Yundong contemplated the issue and felt it should be like that . Otherwise, there was no explanation .

The little fox felt that Li Yundong had consume the Human Origin Gold Pill . What happened a while ago was nothing unusual . She even grumbled that Li Yundong did not let her teach those bad guys a lesson, brooding internally .

The little fox puffed her cheeks and remained annoyed for a while, but suddenly she let out a startled exclamation, “Aiya! The money!”

Li Yundong looked toward the little fox . Only now did he discover that her hands were empty . She timidly looked at Li Yundong . “I lost the money you gave me . ”

Li Yundong felt pain in his heart . He asked, “How did you lose it?”

“I don’t remember,” the little fox replied while timidly looking at Li Yundong and using her hand to pull on Li Yundong’s shirt, “You won’t get mad, right?”

Starting from junior high**, Li Yundong received quite a bit of living expenses from his parents . Plus he was not a big spender . So he managed to save quite up a bit of money in these years .

A thousand or so to him could not be counted as a lot, but neither could it be counted as a little .

And most importantly, this money was not earned by Li Yundong himself, thus he did not treasure it .

Looking at how the little fox was, Li Yundong could not bring himself to be angry . He sighed and smiled faintly . In a very naturally manner, he rubbed the little fox’s hair . “You probably lost it at the beginning of the chase . Forget it . It’s not important so long as you’re fine . ”

The little fox had no concept of money . Seeing that Li Yundong did not seem to care, she cared even less . Thus she gave simply let out an ‘oh’ and that was it .

By this time, there was a chaotic mess by the dormitory building . Many students had brought out their cellphones to record Li Yundong and Su Chan who were on the roof . Some utterly heartless students felt the previous stunt was not exciting and wanted to watch some more . They started to shout, “Jump down . Jump down!”


Li Yundong was fuming inside . This bunch of farm animals, they were all the type to take joy in other people’s calamities and fear that the world was not chaotic enough .

Especially those super farm animals from Li Yundong’s former dorm . Seeing the guy on the rooftop was actually their former dorm mate, they individually started chatting up pretty girls in their vicinity, saying with a face of pride, “That guy’s my dorm mate!”

Some pretty girls did not believe them . One of them replied with a face of disdain, “I’m supposed to believe you because you said so? I might as well say that I’m his girlfriend . ”

Having seen the little fox who was beside Li Yundong, the boy laughed out loud and said, “Just you? As if! That girl beside him, even a hundred you could not compare!”

It is readily apparent, the boy who said those words suffered from an obviously drop in IQ and EQ . The pretty girl under hearing those words had her feathers ruffled . She immediately became snide, “What do you mean? Did you take the wrong medicine or forget your medicine? If you took the wrong medicine, go to the hospital and fix your prescription . If you forgot your medicine, get lost and go take your medicine . In any case, stop acting like a nut over here!”

The guy retracted his head . He was scared now . He muttered quietly to himself, “It’s the truth . What are you so fierce for!”

The pretty girl asked angrily, “What did you just say?”

While there was a quarrel on this side, on the other side the teachers, students and guards were rushing over . From far away, they already shouted, “What is going on? What happened?”

Wu Hui who had been in the crowd since the beginning immediately stepped forward . He replied while intent on adding fuel to the fire, “Director Qian . It’s great that you’re here . If you did not come, it would be a great big mess . ”

Director Qian is the university’s discipline director . He was a middle aged man who possessed an unkind face . His head had sparse hair in the style of middle management . According to the distribution of his hair, the east side was severely reinforcing the west side .

“Ah, Xiao Wu***…” Director Qian’s face immediately warmed up quite a bit upon seeing Wu Hui . He stylishly toss his middle management hair . “What actually happened here?”

There was a previous conflict between Wu Hui and Li Yundong . In addition, his father had a decent relationship with Director Qian . Seeing the chance, Wu Hui hurriedly tried to pile on further misfortune . He said, “Director Qian, just now Li Yundong and some gangsters were fighting in the school . Even knives were brought out . I believe all the students here can verify this . ”

This one statement was extremely sinister . In a single move, it determined the nature of Li Yundong’s involvement . He was regulated to a rule breaker that was guilty of ‘fighting with some gangsters in the school’ .

On the side, Sun Li who had chased the crowd over here immediately raised her beautiful brows upon hearing Wu Hui’s slander, “Wu Hui, what nonsense are you spouting! It was obviously the local hoodlum chasing Li Yundong with knives trying to chop him . Li Yundong ran to the school but they would not give up! What do you mean he was fighting with the gangsters? What fight? Where’s the fight? How could I didn’t see it?”

The surrounding students who had witness what had happened all yelled, “That’s right . It’s was like that . We didn’t see any fight!”

Wu Hui’s complexion changed . He walked to Sun Li’s side and said to her quietly, “Sun Li, you haven’t made a mistake right? You also dislike that fellow, don’t you? You need to understand the situation before speaking!”

Wu Hui spoke the final phrase in a strange tone, evidently carrying overtones of threat .

Sun Li had a sneer on her face . She backed up a step like she despised being on the same side as Wu Hui, “It’s true I don’t like that fellow . However, I hate using the kind of people who seek public revenge for their own private conflicts . ”

Wu Hui’s complexion became worse . He said incensed, “Sun Li . Who are you talking about? Who seeks public revenge for their own conflicts?”

Sun Li coldly said, “Whoever it is should be clear on their own identity!”

Wu Hui’s complexion once again worsened into extreme gloom . On the side, Director Qian interrupted impatiently, “What really happened? Xiao Wu, you just arrived . You might not have seen everything clearly . That’s possible too . I don’t blame you . However, if the situation is really as Xiao Wu said, then we Tiannan University will show no tolerance!”

Director Qian was cunning and crafty . He easily extricated Wu Hui cleanly from his previous argument and he used his authority to indicate toward the students whose side he was actually learning toward .

On the side, Ding Nan watched on with indifference . Her eyes spun once and she spoke in a low voice to Zhou Qin, “Zhou Qin, that loathsome fellow is really rampant . He think finding a coquettish fox makes him extraordinary . Why don’t you…”

Zhou Qin blandly glanced at her . After some thought, she slowly shook her head, “Forget it . Where it is possible, one should spare others . Moreover, he never really offended me . You on the other hand, weren’t there some problems between the two of you . ”

Ding Nan was indignant inside, ‘Wasn’t it because of you that I have some problems with him?’

Ding Nan’s face revealed an embarrassed smile and said, “I’m just saying . You’re really forgiving, how could I compare?”

Zhou Qin smiled for a bit and walked toward Director Qian .

Ding Nan looked at Zhou Qin’s back . Her eyes flashed with discontent . Internally, she was gnashing her teeth . ‘You’re a **** and yet you want to pretend otherwise! You avoid all the bad things in the world, leaving them to me . All the good things end up with you . I never get a piece . Hmph! Zhou Qin! Zhou Qin!’

How could Zhou Qin know the gaze from behind her was so full of bitter resentment . She arrived beside Director Qian and softly said, “Director Qian, I more or less know what went on here . ”

Director Qian turned to look . Upon seeing Zhou Qin standing before him, his gloomy face immediately changed into a face full of smiles as if he were standing before his boss . The only thing he lacked was a wagging tail .

“Aiya . Finally, there’s someone who can explain clearly . Zhou Qin, you came right when we needed you . What really happened? Please tell us!” Director Qian treated Zhou Qin much more cordially compared to Wu Hui . The reason was simple . Zhou Qin’s background was much greater than Wu Hui’s .

Zhou Qin had a faint smile on her face . She seemed to have the elegant poise of a girl from a wealthy family, but in truth, she gave off a sense of distance as if she were a thousand miles away . “Director Qian, the event happened pretty much as classmate Sun Li described . That is what I saw and any other students in school can act as a witness . ”

“Isn’t that right?” Zhou Qin raised her head and looked around .

All the guys were captivated by Zhou Qin and they collectively yelled out, “That’s right!”

With this, the entire fiasco was set in stone . Director Qian gave his verdict on the spot, “So it was like that . Okay . I understand . Then, where is this Li Yundong?”

The male dormitory had stairs connecting directly to the rooftop . Contrary to Li Yundong’s expectations, the door for these stairs was not locked .

Li Yundong and Su Chan quickly came down from the stairs . The space around the dormitory was overcrowded with students . Director Qian was surrounded by so many students that he was sweating nonstop .

Upon seeing Li Yundong, Director Qian was clearly shocked into a daze by Su Chan who stood by his side . Not only him, all the students were also dazed . The clamor around the dormitory died down swiftly .

Zhou Qin who was beside Director Qian frowned and quietly said, “Director Qian, this is Li Yundong . You can ask him about today’s event . ”

Director Qian seemed to wake up from a dream . Giving a complicated glance at Su Chan who stood beside Li Yundong like a little bird relying on someone, Director Qian headed toward Li Yundong . He inquired about the details and the process of the event . Then he told Li Yundong to submit a report to the disciplinary office tomorrow .

Finally, before he left, he gave Li Yundong another glance, secretly shaking his head . ‘How is this guy’s girlfriend pretty to that degree? What’s so good about him?’

After Director Qian left, Li Yundong walked to the front of Sun Li . He smiled and said, “Class monitor, at the crucial moment, it’s you who upholds justice . ”

Sun Li asked slightly surprised, “You managed to hear? Even though you were that far away, you still managed to hear?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Of course . The resounding sound of justice, it would be hard to miss even if I didn’t want to hear . ”

The corner of Sun Li’s lips slightly upturned into a smile . However, her expression rapidly became stern . “I simply judge matters as they are . Recently, you’ve left class early several times in a row . Do you really not want your credits? If you keep this up, even if no one comes after you, you yourself won’t be able to graduate!”

Li Yundong did not truly take this issue to heart . Internally, he muttered to himself, ‘These years, people with master degrees are everywhere, university students are as common as dogs . ***** What use does this kind of lousy university degree have? There’s more than a hundred university students competing for a job to move manure . These year, university students… hmph, hmph!’

If it were not for his agreement with the two parents that abandoned him, Li Yundong would not bother to attend this rotten university .

Despite thinking these thoughts, Li Yundong’s actual actions consisted of politely smiling at Sun Li . “In the end, it is class monitor who cares for me . Today, you helped me a lot . Let me invite you out to a meal . ”

Sun Li blushed slightly . She looked to the side where Zhou Qin along with Ding Nan were departing . She angrily said, “What are you blabbering about . Who want to bother with you . Go die! You’ve got such as beautiful girl beside you and you still want to womanize?”

Li Yundong felt slightly awkward . He gave a glance to Su Chan who was by his side . He was not trying to flirt with Sun Li on purpose . Even though this Sichuan little hot pepper had an excellent figure, Li Yundong currently focused all his thought on Su Chan .

However, he had a bad habit . When speaking with girls, he could not help but use flowery language . If he could tease the girls and make them blush, then he would be happy .

If it were a handsome guy, perhaps flowery language would make pretty girls blush and their hearts speed up . But Li Yundong could only get girls to roll their eyes at him .

Li Yundong saw that Su Chan was only sizing up the not so distant Zhou Qin with bright eyes and a face full of curiosity . She did not seem to notice his conversation with Sun Li . Only then did Li Yundong relax and let out the breath he was holding . Secretly, he raised his vigilance .

‘What the heck am I doing? How can I say those things without rhyme or reason? If I wanted to say those things, I should say it to Su Chan!’

Sun Li noticed where Su Chan was looking . She continued, “If you want to thank someone, then thank Zhou Qin . She was the one that helped you clarify how the event progressed, letting you come out fine . Otherwise, hmph, hmph, you can imagine for yourself!”

Li Yundong was a bit surprised, “Zhou Qin? Her?”

Sun Li raised her brows, “Otherwise, what did you think would happen?”

Li Yundong looked at Zhou Qin’s departing back and nodded . “This is truly rare . This ice queen actually knows how to speak fairly . ”

Sun Li snorted, “Your words are really not conscientious . She defended you and now you’re talking about her behind her back . Still not going over to thank her?”

Li Yundong looked at Sun Li . He jokingly said, “Yes, lady class monitor . Once you graduate, you must surely apply for preschool education . Otherwise, it would be a waste of talent!”

Sun Li replied without any good mood, “Go thank Zhou Qin . Why are you still chatting with me? You just confessed to her and now she’s turned around and helped you . Hmph . Hmph . Maybe at your darkest hour, there’s hope at the end of tunnel?”

Li Yundong burst out in laughter . He was just about to release a flirtatious reply, ‘I haven’t confessed to you before, why are you helping me?’

However, just as this reply reached his mouth, Li Yundong forcibly swallowed it back down .

Sun Li rolled her eyes at Li Yundong, as if she knew what he was about to say . Without any cheer, she said, “Classmate Li Yundong, I must remind you, in the future, please don’t behave so frivolous in front of your girlfriend . ”

Once she finished speaking, Sun Li turned around . Her jet-black hair bounced vibrantly and her graceful seductive figure headed in the direction of the school building at a walk .

Li Yundong stood on the spot slightly stunned . Internally, he thought, “I’m frivolous? It can’t be, right?”

His gaze turned toward Su Chan only to find her eyes fixed on Zhou Qin, shining bright, faintly giving off a sense of excitement and zeal .

Li Yundong also looked toward Zhou Qin not understanding what was going on . ‘What’s with this girl? Why is she like a cat that smelled fish? Oh no . She couldn’t be a lesbian, could she?”

Li Yundong looked over at Zhou Qin with his eyes full of puzzlement . At this moment, Zhou Qin just happened to be standing in front of the dormitory preparing to enter . She turned around and looked over . The gazes of the two met .

Li Yundong nodded toward Zhou Qin to indicate his gratitude . Zhou Qin’s expression was detached and did not show any reaction . Her gaze toward Li Yundong simply lost some of its disdain and gained a bit more curiousity .

At this time, Li Yundong did not notice the person behind him . Wu Hui who wanted to sow discord was using gloomy eyes to glare at him . Only after a long while, did he coldly snort and turn to leave .


*My Sassy Girl – That’s its English name . It’s a Korean show apparently . In Chinese, it’s my Barbarian Girlfriend, so you can probably guess what it’s like .

**junior high – junior middle school in China: That’s equivalent to grade 7-9 . Then there’s grade 10-12 . Plus he’s in his sophomore year of university . A bit more than 7 years of savings .

*** Same as before, xiao as in little/young is a nickname for someone close and younger . Xiao Wu would be the nickname for Wu Hui

**** I don’t know . It was censored in the original . I assume it’s b**** or something .

***** This is a meme: Originally, it makes fun of DnD, saying how epic characters can be found anywhere, and liches were as common as dogs . Epic = master degree Lich = university student . Or maybe I’m wrong, if I am, please tell me .

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