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Chapter 655 The Medicine King Cauldron's Storm

Chapter 655 The Medicine King Cauldron“s Storm

Just as Li Yundong was involved in a small disturbance in the crew, Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin got involved in a bigger storm in the Shen family in Tiannan City.

After they gave the medicine king cauldron back to Shen Wancai, who had knocked out by the shock and then was frightened to lie on the bed by the bad news, immediately jumping up from the bed as if he had come back to his senses.

Shen Wancai looked at the lost Medicine King Cauldron. For a moment, he burst into tears, but what was more excited than him was the Tian'ai Auction House. The manager of the auction almost worshipped Su Chan, Zi Yuan, Zhou Qin, and others, and even crazed that he could give them a Life-prolonging Ancestral Temple.

If Su Chan, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin hadn't brought the medicine king cauldron back, Tian'ai Auction House wouldn't have been able to imagine what kind of blow this would bring to them. Then who would dare to bid for their things in the future?

Because the news of the Medicine King cauldron's amazing price had spread all over the country in the first place, the news that the Medicine King cauldron had been magically taken away after the auction was faster than this one.

Robbing of a piece of art that was worth 700 million in public, no matter where it was, it was a big deal. This matter even alarmed the public security department and the public security department. Even Li Kebo and Zhou Keqiang were alarmed, especially when Zhou Keqiang knew that this matter was related to Li Yundong and his daughter. He even asked Li Kebo for help and mobilized the deputy director of the Public Security Department of the provincial public security department, Director Zhong, who led the team to set up the "Medicine King Ding's Big Robbery" and personally asked about it.

Therefore, when the Medicine King Ding returned to the Shen Wancai, it suddenly caused a sensation in Tiannan City. For a time, countless reporters swarmed in. Not only did the reporters from the major TV stations in the province and the province arrive, but even the CCTV media had also sent people to take photos. For a time, the Shen family's villa was very lively.

"Miss Zhou, may I ask who stole the king medicine cauldron? How did you get it back?"

"Miss Zhou, I heard that when the king medicine cauldron was robbed at that time, you were also there. Can you describe the scene for us?"

"Miss Zhou, Miss Zhou, where did you find the medicine king cauldron? How did you get the medicine king cauldron from the robbers? Is there any relationship between you and the robbers?"

All kinds of questions rushed to Zhou Qin like tides. The reporters stretched out their arms and almost stuffed the microphone into Zhou Qin's mouth. Standing on the second floor of the villa and watching all this, Su Chan patted her chest with lingering fear, said "It's so dangerous. Fortunately, I didn't deal with these reporters downstairs. Otherwise, I would have been swallowed alive by them!"

Zi Yuan stood next to Su Chan and said with a slight smile, "I know you and I can't handle it, so I let Zhou Qin go."

Zi Yuan was very careful. Before returning to the medicine king cauldron, she had expected such a situation to happen. Therefore, she and Zhou Qin had been prepared to deal with it. There was no better candidate than Zhou Qin for this scene.

The socialite of the Zhou family seemed to be born for such a big scene.

At this time, Zhou Qin, who was downstairs, had fully displayed the temperament of the daughter of a famous family. She had dealt with every question perfectly, especially when she heard a reporter's malicious question. She turned her head to look at the reporter and said, "Miss, you can ask the police who are involved in the investigation about your previous questions. I have told them everything I know. As for your last question, I can't help asking you, why do you think we are related to the robbers?"

The reporter, a woman in her thirties, was the top reporter of the provincial TV station. She was known for her sharp and aggressive way of asking questions. She said rudely, "With all due respect, when the robbers robbed the medicine king cauldron, the three of you were there. And when the robber returned the medicine king cauldron, the three of you were there again! This makes people's imagination go wild!"

Zhou Qin raised his eyebrows, which were full of heroic spirit. She said in a diplomatic tone, "You are the reporter Wang on the first scene of the provincial TV station, aren't you? I know you. You are very famous!"

The reporter smiled and said, "Thank you for your compliment, but please don't bypass my question."

Zhou Qin smiled slightly and retorted sharply, "I didn't bypass your problem. I just feel that your reputation doesn't match your ability. It's a typical disgrace! Because I think it's better for you to be a detective novel or a film screenwriter, because you have a rich imagination! If we have something to do with the robbers, why should we return the drug king cauldron intactly?"

Their peers were enemies. When the reporters around saw that the top reporter of the provincial capital was defeated, they immediately burst out laughing in a low voice.

Mr. Wang was a little angry, but she quickly said, "Isn't that the case? The whole thing looks like a drama directed and acted by yourself. Or, is this just hype?"

As soon as these words were said, the surrounding reporters whispered to each other and nodded secretly. It was also what they guessed, but not everyone dared to make things clear so directly like this reporter Wang.

It was absolutely impossible for a qualified reporter to be a qualified reporter in China without the excellent intelligence for politics and character. Almost every reporter present knew Zhou Qin's identity, and they also understood that the daughter of the Zhou family in front of them was not easy to deal with. There was no one who dared to touch the tiger's whiskers like Mr. Wang.

For a moment, everyone looked at Zhou Qin in unison. They wanted to see how the distinguished daughter of the Zhou family would deal with such a sharp and fierce problem.

Zhou Qin was not as angry as everyone thought, nor was he ambiguous. She just smiled slightly and asked, "Take a piece of art that is worth 700 million yuan to hype up? The Medicine King cauldron has a sky-high price of 700 million yuan. This is a huge hype itself. Do you need to hype up with a robbery case that is directed and acted by yourself? What if something goes wrong? Is it worth taking such a big risk? Do you have to do that? Mr. Wang, your imagination is very rich, but your IQ is really a little wrong!"

Obviously, Mr. Wang had already had an iron face. She acted as if she didn't hear Zhou Qin's words. She asked quickly, "Miss Zhou, can you give us a detailed description of how to get back the drug king cauldron?"

Zhou Qin put on a civil smile again and said, "You should ask the public security staff in charge of this case. I have nothing to say."

The reporter was unwilling to give up and asked questions like a bomb. The other reporters were also unwilling to be lonely. Once again, they threw all kinds of questions at Zhou Qin like a storm.

While Zhou Qin was dealing with them one by one, suddenly several young men squeezed in from the crowd. The leading young man grabbed Zhou Qin and walked out without saying anything.

Su Chan quickly grabbed Zi Yuan's arm and asked, "Sister Zi Yuan, Sister Zhou Qin has been taken away? Do we want to save her?"

Zi Yuan shook her head and said, "Don't be silly. With Zhou Qin's current strength, if she doesn't want to leave, who can take her away? It must be an acquaintance of Zhou Qin."

Only then did Su Chan relax. She smiled and said, "That's right. Sister Zi Yuan, you're so smart!"

The surrounding reporters rarely met Zhou Qin, who was so beautiful and had sharp words. They were unwilling to let her go easily. They followed her out and rushed like the tide. The young man turned his head and pointed at Zi Yuan and Su Chan on the second floor. He said, "Go and interview them and they also know."

These reporters turned their heads in unison and saw Su Chan and Zi Yuan looking at them in the corridor on the second floor. As soon as their eyes lit up, and many reporters immediately turned to them.

Su Chan was startled. She quickly turned her head and hid in the room that Shen Wancai had prepared for them. The temperament of the Zi Yuan was noble and pure, and she didn't like to have too much contact with ordinary people. She had always been able to hide from such a scene, so she naturally followed Su Chan and moved very fast.

Seeing that these two people hid like frightened rabbits, these reporters had no choice but to turn back to look for Zhou Qin. But when they saw that Zhou Qin jumped into an Audi A6 and drove away, they could only watch the car and sigh.

The person that took Zhou Qin to the car was none other than Secretary Liu, who had privately traded with Li Yundong before. After he sent Zhou Qin to the car, he got into the driver's seat and started driving.

As soon as Zhou Qin got in the car, he saw a middle-aged man with a square face and a dignified appearance sitting behind the car. He was her father, Zhou Keqiang.

Since the opening ceremony of the Disanxian, although the relationship between Zhou Qin and her father was still a little stiff, they were finally not like the life-and-death enemies of the past when the moment they met, there would be sparks in the sky.

Zhou Qin nodded slightly and greeted him in neither warm nor cold manner. "Dad."

Zhou Keqiang habitually took out a cigarette from his pocket and rubbed it with his hand. Before he could speak, Zhou Qin frowned and said, "Why can't you change your old habits?"

Zhou Keqiang grinned. "Can't I even smell it if I don't smoke?"

Zhou Qin didn't comment and said lightly, "Why do you have time to come to me today?"

Zhou Keqiang, putting the cigarette in his nose to take a deep breath, said with a sigh, "You made such a big noise. How can I not come to find you? Hey, 700 million! It's not 7 million, nor 70 million!! Humph, you are really capable. If you don't play for a long time, you will create an air bomb for me! Do you know how uncredible the impact of this matter is? The center has been shaken. Do you know?"

Zhou Qin frowned secretly. "Is it necessary? 700 million yuan isn't enough to disturb the central government, is it? You, officials, spend more than the money on eating, drinking, drinking, gambling, corruption, and wasting every day, isn't it?"

Zhou Ke was furious. He raised his eyebrows and said angrily, "You! What are you talking about? Can you talk nonsense like that?"

Zhou Qin sneered and turned his head away, as if he disdained to say a few more words to his father as an official.

Zhou Keqiang took a deep breath, suppressing his anger, and said, "Yes, I know that you have embarked on a road that is completely different from mine. You are very clean and arrogant now! But don't forget that no matter how lofty you are, you will still have to live in this turbid world! No matter how powerful you are in the cultivation world, you can't jump out of the Five Elements and the Three Realms! No matter how capable you are and great you are, you still can't jump out of the Confinement of the Three Realms! I am still your father!"

Although Zhou Qin's face was still cold, she felt a chill in his heart. She grew up in the system, so she naturally knew how correct Zhou Keqiang's words were.

On this piece of land, China, although many people did not like to talk about politics, the inheritance of the government and the thoughts of officials over the past 2,000 years caused the official culture to be everywhere. The official circles and forces were everywhere. Although cultivators were powerful and heaven-defying, if they offended the government, they would only have a few ways to wait for them. They would be surrounded by the power of the government. They would either be exiled abroad, hide in the forest, or be killed. Or they would directly ascend to the immortal realm and jump out of the Confinement.

Other than that, there was no other way.

On this point, whether it was Buddhist or Taoist cultivation sects, they had been tested countless times in the long river of feudal history of China in the past 2,000 years.

During Wei, Jin, Northern, and Southern Dynasty, Emperor Taiwu of the Northern Wei Dynasty and Emperor Wuzong of the Tang Dynasty once launched a large-scale Buddha-killing activity. At that time, the Buddhist cultivation sects had an absolute advantage in the world's cultivation world. But as soon as the imperial court ordered, Buddhism has immediately swept away, and all the major sects withered like fallen leaves in late autumn, which was terrible.

When Zhou Qin was studying the history of the cultivation world, he clearly remembered that in the period of Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, the Wu Emperor of the North Zhou Dynasty had done something even more outrageous. He had destroyed the Buddha and the Dao twice! And the reason why he had exterminated the Dao was simply incredible!

During the Northern and Southern Dynasties period, although the Wu Emperor of the Northern Zhou Dynasty himself was a barbarian, he claimed that he was a relative of the Han Dynasty. As for Buddhism, it was a foreign religion that belonged to the Hu Tribe. In order to prove that he was a relative of the Han Dynasty, the Wu Emperor of the Northern Zhou Dynasty claimed that he was a devout believer of the Taoist sect and wanted to suppress Buddhism.

However, it was impossible to suppress Buddhism by force. Therefore, the Wu Emperor of the North Zhou Dynasty organized a large-scale debate and settled a private score. However, because the cultivation sects of Buddhism had an absolute advantage in the cultivation world at that time, the cultivators of the Taoist sect were defeated in both debate and settling a score.

The Wu Emperor of the North Zhou Dynasty, who believed in Taoism, was furious. He hated not only the Buddhist sect's rampant influence, but also the Taoist cultivation sect's inability to help him, which made him lose face. Therefore, he was so angry that he directly turned hostile and announced to the government that he would kill both the Buddhist sect and the Taoist sect!

As a result, the Buddhist and Taoist cultivators, who had fought to the death, were beaten and completely defeated by the imperial court. It was a terrible sight to behold.

Even in the ancient era of cold weapons, it was still like this, let alone in this era of thermal weapons. If a cultivator was careless, an ordinary person would still be able to kill him!

Since ancient times, people did not fight against officials, and the religious forces did not fight against the royal power forces. This was a mocking remark concluded by blood and tears.

If the government really kept an eye on him and decided to suppress him, the consequences would be unbearable and unimaginable!

Zhou Qin was secretly frightened. She turned her head and said to Zhou Keqiang with a serious face, "Is there anything wrong with it?"

Zhou Keqiang snorted. "You also know that you are afraid? Aren't you the most fearless one?"

Zhou Qin snorted. "I'm afraid I'll get him into trouble!"

Zhou Keqiang said, "Hey, you should worry about yourself first! Don't move for something for a while. The leaders have noticed you. Don't be registered. Don't do anything out of line that can't be made up for. Otherwise... prepare to go abroad!"

Zhou Qin stopped talking. Her face was cold, and she kept her mouth shut for a long time.

Secretary Liu, who was driving, took Zhou Qin and Zhou Keqiang around and then back near the Shen family's villa. After Zhou Qin got out of the car, Zhou Keqiang said at the moment when she was about to close the door, "Remember what I said. Keep a low profile, otherwise... otherwise, you will know the consequences!"

Zhou Qin didn't say anything. She got out of the car with a sullen face. After getting out of the car, she glanced around and suddenly saw Zou Ping and Zhang Ling, who were teaching in the Zhengyi School, not far away.

Zou Ping saw that Zhou Qin glanced at them and then went into the villa. She turned her head and said to Zhang Ling, "Master, what should we do with the king medicine cauldron? Do we still have to fight for it?"

Zhang Ling's eyes were fixed on the car number of Zhou Keqiang's car. She obviously recognized who the owner of this car was. This great master of the Zhengyi School was not only very high in cultivation, but also had a sharp sense of politics. Her face was very ugly. After a long time, she said, "Don't think about it. The Medicine King Tripod made a big noise. It's not suitable for us to intervene."

Zou Ping's eyes widened. "Then are we going to let the cauldron fall into Li Yundong's hands?"

Zhang Ling snorted coldly and said, "It doesn't matter. In a while, it will be the succession ceremony of the head of the Linggong Sect. At that time, we will get all these back!" After that, she sneered, turned around, and shouted coldly, "Let's wait and see!"

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