Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home

Chapter 656 Out of the Mouth Comes Evil

Chapter 656 Out of the Mouth Comes Evil

When Zhou Qin returned to the Shen family's villa, most of the reporters had already dispersed, and only a few reporters were still waiting. However, Shen Wan was worried about the rest of Su Chan, Zi Yuan, Zhou Qin, and others. He had announced that the Shen family's villa was no longer open to the public and drove all the reporters out of the villa. Therefore, Zhou Qin was at leisure again.

After Zhou Qin returned to the room and told Su Chan, Zi Yuan about the warning he received from Zhou Keqiang, Zi Yuan and Su Chan all fell into silence.

Although Su Chan was simple, she was also a person who was proficient in history, so she naturally knew how terrible this kind of warning was. She raised her head worriedly and said, "Sister Zi Yuan, why don't we persuade Yun Dong not to take this king medicine tripod? I now feel that this king medicine tripod is really a terrible hot potato. Whoever holds it is just like holding a time bomb!"

Zi Yuan also frowned slightly. She pondered for a while and shook her head. "Now it's not the problem of whether to take this king medicine tripod, but... we should indeed keep a low profile. Li Yundong made such a big noise in Japan this time. In order to let him get away, we even alarmed all the famous TV stations in Japan. Even if the Japanese cultivation world controls media through its own strength, it will leak some information. I believe that the higher-ups must know something about it."

Zhou Qin also sighed and said, "If it's only in his own country, it's okay. But if you toss about any international problems, it's going to be in great trouble."

The three gorgeous women looked at each other and gave a wry smile at the same time.

The three of them were supposed to be the most carefree little girls at this age, but because they were involved in all kinds of waves in the cultivation world, they inadvertently stood on the top of the waves. However, it was easy to go up, it was difficult to go down.

Even a woman as intelligent as Zi Yuan couldn't come up with a good way to deal with the current predicament at the moment.

But compared with them, the others of the Shen family seemed to be more overwhelmed.

In Shen Wancai's bedroom, his second wife, third wife, fourth wife Li Xiaoxian, Shen Qian, and Shen You all gathered together and surrounded Shen Wancai like an imperial palace.

This time, it was rare for the whole Shen family to work together to talk about the same thing. Ms. Zheng, the third wife, wiped her tears and said to Shen Wancai, "Old Master, even if you don't think for us, you have to think for Xiaohui and Xiaoyou! No matter how naughty they are, they are still your blood! You can't destroy this family!"

Li Xiaoxian, the usually incompatible fourth wife, also cried and said, " Mr. Shen, I know you are angry with me, but you can't act stupid. 700 million yuan is not a small number! This money can be regarded as the life of our Shen family!"

Shen Wancai sat in front of the desk and said impatiently, "Am I so poor that I can't afford 700 million?"

Indeed, for Shen Wancai, who started from scratch and had developed for decades, 700 million yuan was just a small part of his assets. However, it was not easy for a large family to take out 700 million yuan in one go. Moreover, although the Shen family had tens of billions of yuan, most of them were real estate, and the floating funds were only about 700 or 700 million yuan. 700 million yuan could be said to have emptied the Shen family's pocket.

But for Shen Wancai's wives and his children, Shen Wancai's action showed a strong signal: If he could spend 700 million for a king medicine tripod today, what about tomorrow? One billion? Two billion in the day after tomorrow? If that was the case, even Bill Gates would not be able to withstand such torment!

The most important thing was that Chen Wancai spent 700 million to buy this king medicine tripod. It was neither a collection nor a charity. Instead, he wanted to give it to Li Jiandong!!

This was too much!!! There was no such thing as a close and distant family! It could be tolerated, so how could it not be tolerated?!

Shen Wancai's third wife and fourth wife were furious. "When did Shen Wancai treat me so well? He didn't hesitate to spend 700 million to please me?"

As a result, Third wife and Fourth wife, who were usually on bad terms with each other, immediately joined hands. They were determined to persuade Shen Wancai to give up the medicine king tripod. In order to persuade Shen Wancai, they even invited Second Aunt, who had never had much of an idea, and their children. The whole family went to the battlefield together.

Hearing Shen Wancai's words, Ms. Zheng, the third oldest, said, "Old Master, our family is very rich, but 700 million yuan is really not a small sum. If we take out the money, our working capital will be empty! Even if it's a large amount of money, we can't afford it! If we encounter any difficulties during this period of time, the consequences will be unimaginable! Old Master, don't you want to destroy the country that you have personally built?"

Ms. Zheng's words were so sincere that Shen Wancai fell silent.

For Chen Wancai, he had suspected this more than once. "Is it worth it to spend 700 million to become an apprentice? Moreover, Li Yundong doesn't look like a master who spent 700 million to become an apprentice! Did I do something wrong or something?"

This was especially the case during the period when the cauldron was lost. Shen Wancai's heart was constantly in a state of chaos.

But now, he had regained the king medicine tripod. Although he was excited, he had to face this problem that he had been thinking about over and over again.

When Li Xiaoxian saw that Shen Wancai was silent and seemed to want to move, she also tried to persuade him, "Shen, let's not talk about anything else. Just talk about our current situation, you know it well! It's easy to conquer the country, but difficult to defend it! How many people are looking at us now? Do you want to take advantage of our weakness to bite us? Shen, think about it. Which one of us doesn't know the news that we bought the king medicine tripod? Our enemies have been looking forward to us really buying this king medicine tripod, so that they can take the opportunity to attack us when we are in our midst! How much our company's stock price has been suppressed in the past two days? Don't you know that?"

Shen Wancai narrowed his eyes, raised his head, and snorted, "If they want to suppress me in this aspect, they are too naive."

Ms. Zheng advised again, "Old Master, you can't look down on your opponents. Who knows if they have any huge money hidden behind them?"

As she spoke, she tugged at Shen Qian's hand without batting an eyelid, indicating for her to try to persuade him as well.

Mr. Shen was clever and was very good at observing people's expressions. She thought for a moment and said, "Old man, are you afraid that someone will say that you bid for the item and then go back on your word? By then, your reputation will be ruined?"

This sentence surprised Shen Wancai very much. He looked at Mr. Shen in surprise. His favorite apple in his daily life really knows his mind best. What she said hit one of Shen Wancai's concerns, and these concerns were the words that could be said and the most high-sounding one.

Shen Qian's words instantly lit up the people in the room. Li Xiaoxian, the fourth oldest, said in a hurry, "Yes, he's right! Mr. Shen, if you're worried about this, you can rest assured. You're not the first one to break the contract! What are you afraid of?"

Ms. Zheng, the third oldest, also said, "That's right. The king medicine tripod was not taken away by us. It was taken away by the auctioneer of the auction house! Who knows if the goods were transferred or not? We are not breaking the contract. This is self-righteous. It's a matter of course. It's not our fault! Old Master, don't you think so?"

Li Xiaoxian saw that Shen Wancai was silent, as if he was hesitating. She saw that Shen Qian's words were very popular, so she also secretly stepped on Shen You's foot and whispered, "You should also say a few words. Don't poke here like a piece of wood!"

Shen You seemed to have just woken from a dream. He coughed drily and said, "Dad, in fact, I don't care if you buy this king medicine tripod. After all, it's your money. You can buy whatever you want, right? But I just can't figure out why you gave it to someone who is not good. Why did you give it to this Li Yundong? What on earth did he do to deserve such a big gift? Even if he saved your life, he wouldn't do that."

Hearing Shen You's words, his third wife and the fourth wife expressions changed at the same time. The fourth wife immediately stepped on Shen You's foot, signaling him not to continue. The third wife heart flew into a rage. "F*ck, he's really a good-for-nothing! Even now, he doesn't know what kind of character the old man has!"

Although Shen Wancai was self-willed, he was an ambitious and decisive man. As for such an important thing in front of him, he had his own decision. As his family member, the only thing he could do was to take advantage of the pros and cons and to deal with them with emotion. With Chen Wancai's character, he would naturally make his own choice.

But if someone pointed out what he had done and questioned him, he would definitely be the most powerful rebound!

Sure enough, Shen Wancai raised his head, but he didn't look angrily. Instead, he smiled gently and said, "Then tell me, why can't I spend 700 million to buy the king medicine tripod for Li Yundong?"

The third wife, Ms. Zheng, and the fourth wife, Li Xiaoxian, both had a bad feeling in their hearts. They kept winking at Shen You, but Shen You acted as if he hadn't seen it. He said confidently, "Do you need to say that? His surname is Li, and he is an outsider! Dad, you can't spend 700 million to please an outsider, can you? When did you spend so much money on me?"

Shen You's words made everyone in the room look pale except himself and Shen Wancai. The others looked at Shen Wancai in horror.

The fourth wife quickly grabbed Shen You and said in a trembling voice, "Mr. Shen, You'er is not sensible enough to talk nonsense. Don't take it to heart."

Shen Wancai still stood up with a smile on his face. He patted Shen You on the shoulder and said to Li Xiaoxian in a gentle voice, "It's okay. You'er will grow up in the end. It's rare for him to have his own ideas. Let him say it."

Shen You was encouraged by Shen Wancai and became bolder. He said, "Dad, you're right. I'm not young anymore. When can you make me happy? When can you make me addicted to more than 700 million yuan?"

Shen Wancai couldn't help but raise his head and laugh out loudly. His abnormal behavior made Ms. Zheng and Li Xiaoxian become more and more afraid, while Shen Qian stayed a little away from Shen Youyuan.

Shen Wancai patted Shen You on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Have you ever also thought about this addiction? Good, good! You have ambition and you have an ideal! But... You'er, do you remember what your last name is?"

Shen You followed his father and laughed. "Dad, are you stupid? Of course, my surname is Shen!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw that Shen Wancai suddenly became furious. He suddenly turned his face upside down, slapped himself heavily on the face, and knocked him to the ground with a snap!

Shen Wancai was as angry as an old lion whose territory had been invaded. He roared angrily, "Do you still remember your surname, Shen!!! I thought you had forgotten it! However, you had remembered your surname, remembered it clearly! I am your father. What are you doing? It's not up to you to tell me what should I do! Do you want to take over my work? Let's talk about it when I die!"

His roar was so loud that everyone in the villa could hear it clearly. The others in the bedroom were scared stiff.

Li Xiaoxian boldly reached out to grab Shen Wancai's hand. She forced a smile and said, "Old Shen, don't be angry. It's not good to be angry with your health."

Shen Wancai suddenly shook her hand off and roared, "You just want me to die earlier, don't you? Get away, get out of here!"

The third wife glared at Shen You and winked at Shen Hui. The mother and daughter quickly walked out of the door. The second wife, Mrs. Ma, also sighed, whispered a few lines of Buddhist scriptures, and followed them out of the door.

The Fourth wife Li Xiaoxian wiped her tears and walked out. When she reached the door, she turned to Shen You, who had been stunned, and said, "You'er, let's go. Don't make your father unhappy."

Shen You covered her face and looked at her father as if he were a stranger. He suddenly got up and rushed out of the door like crazy.

As soon as he rushed out of the door, he saw Su Chan, who came out from not far away, looking at him curiously.

As soon as she saw it, Shen You felt that the place where she had been slapped became hotter and more painful.

He instantly thought of the scene when he pursued Su Chan in the Seven Li Mountain Tang in Dong Wu City. At that time, he was a rich young master. Wasn't it a piece of cake for him to pursue such a little girl?

But now, his father actually spent 700 million to please this little girl's boyfriend! And his father even slapped him in the face when there was an outsider and scolded him loudly because of Li Yundong!

Was there anything more shameful than this thing in the world?

In an instant, Shen You felt that Su Chan's eyes were full of sarcasm and ridicule. Feeling ashamed and angry, he shouted and rushed out like an injured beast. No matter how loudly Li Xiaoxian shouted his name from behind him, he still didn't look back.

Shen You drove her car like crazy and rushed to the bar where he used to hang out on weekdays Because of his famous brand clothes and the demeanor of a rich young man, he immediately attracted the attention of beautiful women.

However, as soon as the beautiful woman sat down and tried to get close to him, Shen You roared at her, "Get away. Who asked you to sit down?"

The beauty was scared by him and immediately ran away. But as soon as she left, another person sat down in him seat, again.

Shen You turned her head and was about to curse, While he saw a man wearing a camouflage vest smiling at him. "Young Master Shen! What's the matter with you?"

While he was talking, three people came over and sat down separately. One of them laughed and said, "Do you need to ask? It must be a woman!"

This man was the security guard Gangzi, who once had a conflict with Li Yundong in the Dongsheng Building, and several of his accomplices. They were half black and half white, and they were related to both the black underworld and the white underworld. They could also be regarded as figures in Tiannan City. Shen You often got along with some people who were neither good nor evil, so they had some friendship with each other.

Seeing Gangzi at a glance, Shen You did not say any more bad words, but just drank the wine silently. A security guard on the side knew that Shen You was indeed a big blockhead. He paid for it with great effort. He laughed and said, "Master Shen, if you are in a bad mood, just say it. Which guy has offended you? Let's help you vent your anger!"

Shen You turned his head and looked at him. He suddenly thought of Li Jiandong's background and Li Jiandong's extraordinary ability and strength. His face became more gloomy and he didn't speak. He drank more and more. Next, he became more fierce.

He was not good at drinking. After drinking a few glasses of wine, he immediately smelled the alcohol and dared to shout something which he didn't dare to say as usual.

Shen You shouted drunkenly, "Su Chan, you b*tch, little b*tch, what's wrong with me? What's not good enough for you? Why do you take a fancy to him and look down on me?"

When several security guards on the side heard this, they looked at each other. The security guards who had spoken before laughed and said, "It is indeed a woman. Young Master Shen, don't worry. Isn't a woman like that? Gangzi has been in a mood because of a woman a few days ago!"

Shen You shouted, "She, she's different! I can't live without her!"

Gangzi glared at him, turned his head and said to Shen You with malicious intent, "Master Shen, now that you like her so much... Then, shall we help you find a way to get her? What do you think?"

Hearing this, Shen You's eyes immediately turned red. It was said that wine makes a coward. Gangzi's words immediately made him bolder and bolder. Shen You gritted her teeth, and a few words came out of her teeth. "Good! I want the Overlord to bow hard!"

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