Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 28 - Points Mall

Chapter 28: Points Mall

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Anyone could accumulate points as long as they mastered the teachings of a book found in the space.

There were many uses for points. They could be used to exchange for books, develop land, and also exchange for items from her past life, such as medicine and seeds, in the Points Mall.

The points could also be exchanged for other strange items, such as charms, weapons, and so on. According to the description of the Points Mall, all the items available for exchange were of the best quality.

Of course, she was uncertain if the items were really of good quality since she had yet to use the Points Mall.

“I will catch more poultry in the mountain to rear from tomorrow onwards! I have to accumulate points quickly and reclaim the jade land!”


She muttered to herself.

She had read the terms and conditions for the points exchange system. Every poultry raised could earn 1-30 points per month. Every chicken, duck, and goose raised were worth one point per month.

Points accumulation for these were automatic—she did not have to exchange them for points herself.

The eggs laid by the chickens, ducks, and geese in the space were worth one point each. However, she could choose to either exchange the eggs for points or for grains, vegetables, and fruits in the Points Mall to feed the poultry.

At this moment, she had no intention to exchange points for anything else. The most important thing was to save up her points and reclaim a piece of land to plant crops.

“It costs 100 points to reclaim a piece of land?!”

She knew that she would need more points to reclaim more land in the future.

She had to work hard.

After completing her tasks in the Microcosm and feeding the pheasants, she returned to her room to sleep.

She woke up at dawn the next morning.

She had some plain Chinese pancakes for breakfast. She planned to return to the bamboo forest to gather more bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots would remain fresh in her space, and they could eat it every other day.

When she went downstairs with her machete, she found many footprints on the muddy ground.

“Are these footprints of a wild beast?”

She crouched down and inspected the footprints.

There was no room for doubt. She was sure that these footprints belonged to a wild animal in the mountain. She also inferred from the multiple overlapping footprints that various wild animals had passed by, seemingly going somewhere.

However, the footprints did not belong to wild boars or tigers, but to smaller animals instead.

She had never seen such animal footprints in the mountains. Unless…

“Oh no!”

She gasped and lifted her head to shout something to the two little ones in the treehouse.

“Zheng’er, Rong’er, stay inside the house! I’m going to the village.”

Without wasting any time, she rushed down the mountain to check on the situation in the village, her bamboo basket still on her back.

At the foot of the mountain.

Just as An Jiuyue had expected, the entire village was covered by water, and only the roofs of houses could be seen. Many people were standing on top of the roofs.

This village was situated by the Cascade River. Every house here was constructed to a specific height to allow residents to stand on their roofs during a flood and wait for the floodwaters to subside.

Some richer families would build houses that were two stories high. This allowed them to live on the second floor during a flood.

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