Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 29 - Huge Flood

Chapter 29: Huge Flood

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The poorer people in the village did not have a lot of money to build such houses, so they could only take refuge on the roofs. However, that would only be manageable in the case of smaller floods.

If the rain persisted for a few more days, the floodwaters would engulf even the roofs, and everyone would be immersed in the water.

If the currents were stronger, many people would be swept away.

“I advise you to not block me when you’re resting in the future, Master. Otherwise, you would have known earlier that a huge flood has occurred at the foot of the mountain.”

An Jiuyue was still thinking about what she should do when Wei Na’s voice sounded faintly in her head.


As Wei Na did not require rest, it could pay attention to their surroundings round-the-clock while An Jiuyue rested. Although it was not powerful enough to sense what was going on below the mountain, it could have at least picked up movement from the wild beasts that passed by the treehouse.

“You talk too much nonsense.”

An Jiuyue looked unhappy and retorted.

The rain did not seem like it would stop soon. However, the villagers were in a dire situation and there was no time to spare. Gritting her teeth, she rushed back up into the bamboo forest.

After a long time, she finally reappeared at the foot of the mountain. She slipped a bamboo raft, which she had put together in her space, into the water.

The water was rather still. She took a deep breath and began rowing the bamboo raft towards the village with a bamboo pole. I’ll try to save as many as I can.

At that moment, anguished wails filled the village.

The flood occurred at midnight, so many villagers did not have enough time to react. They did not manage to gather much from their houses and only relied on their survival instincts to grab a couple of items before crawling up to the nearest roof.

Those who were able to get up to the roof were lucky. There were many who were swept away by the sudden flood.

The remaining survivors lamented about their loved ones, uncertain of their safety. They were also afraid that they would also be swept away if they continued to wait on the roof.

After all, very few women in the village knew how to swim, let alone children.

When An Jiuyue rowed over in her bamboo raft, the people on the roofs looked as if they had just seen their savior descend from heaven. They were so excited that they wanted to jump onto An Jiuyue’s bamboo raft.

At this moment, no one cared if there were children around them that had to be sent to a safe place first.

“An Jiuyue, quick, pull me up!”

When the bamboo raft neared a roof, a man was first to extend his hand to An Jiuyue.

“Husband, us… us too.”

The woman beside him saw that he no longer cared about her, and spoke up hurriedly.

She was carrying a baby in her arms and holding another child hand-in-hand. The baby in her arms was too young to understand the dangerous situation, but the other child had been crying loudly.

“Get lost! I want to live. You can die if you want!”

The man shot a glance at his wife and was almost going to kick her into the water.

The water levels keep rising. If I wait any longer and the floodwaters rise above the roof, I will be swept away by the floodwaters!

I can’t be bothered to care about this woman and her two children.

“Aren’t those two just good-for-nothings? If they die, can’t I just make another? And if you die, I can still marry another woman and give birth to many chubby kids. You’re just a hen who can’t lay many eggs! How dare you snatch this raft from me!”

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