Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 7 - Only Three Taels Of Silver Left

Chapter 7: Only Three Taels Of Silver Left

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It had been raining for half a month and the rain had not stopped. The water in the vat was full and she would fetch the water up to be used to wash their faces and the vegetables.

“How can there be only a little water in this water vat?”

Muttering to herself, she reached out her right hand and tapped the rim of the vat with her index finger. The water vat disappeared quickly before her eyes.

She turned around and looked at the pile of firewood nearby.

She had to prepare some more firewood since they have been burning firewood for the past two months. Otherwise, they would not even be able to start a fire.


However, she wasn’t bothered about that now. She was instead bothered by…

She walked to the pile of firewood and squatted down. Reaching towards a corner of the pile, she took out a small gray pouch. She placed it on her hand and blew the dust away gently.

Then, she opened it.

There were a few taels of silver lying inside.

“One, two, three taels of silver.”

She sighed internally. These three taels of silver were the Host’s—which is herself right now—entire net worth.

She had previously spent all the money she had to buy a coffin for her godfather and was left with only a few copper coins. She later sold the silver hairpin she had kept behind and received four taels of silver for it.

Then, she bought some rice, flour, oil, and salt, leaving her with only three taels of silver.

She pricked up her ears and listened to the sound of the rain outside. An Jiuyue sighed again.

“Saying that I can split a copper coin into two to spend is just downplaying the situation.”

She reckoned that the rain wouldn’t stop anytime soon. Right now, she only had three taels of silver left and there are three mouths to feed. She would need money if she wanted to buy rice and noodles in town.

She gestured with her hands and stored the three taels of silver into her space.

This space she had accompanied her wherever she went. It had existed for as long as she could remember. She wondered if she was abandoned by her biological parents because she would disappear by entering the space and then reappear.

The orphan director who had adopted her previously mentioned that she had always been extremely mysterious since she was young. She would come and go like the wind.

While those words may have been exaggerated, she did often enter and exit the space when she was younger and immature. It was like playing hide-and-seek and the director was unable to find her. She was very entertained by it back then.

After joining the organization, she was only able to survive in the organization without suffering because of this mysterious space she possessed.

Otherwise, with her lack of connections, she would have been completely trampled over by others in the same profession.

“Huff! Puff!”

After taking a deep breath, she let out a heavy sigh. She looked towards the storage room. Besides grain and other consumables, the tools and equipment her father had used to hunt were also stored inside.

Since she did not have much silver left, there was no grain in the storage room, and the storage room naturally looked empty.

The Host didn’t know how to hunt so she didn’t need the tools. If she encountered a prey, she would be eaten by the prey.

However, the current her had experience surviving in the wild. Even if she did not have any of these tools, she would still fight to turn the prey into food.

In that case, she would be able to survive in this forest.

After a while, An Jiuyue retrieved the hunting equipment, locked the door tightly and left.

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