Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 8 - Her Adoptive Father Is a Better Father

Chapter 8: Her Adoptive Father Is a Better Father

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She first went to the spring she was most familiar with in the forest and placed the water vat there to collect water from the cliff. After that, she followed the Host’s memory and went to the area where her father used to bring her to see the hunting traps he had set up to check if there was any prey.

Her father had reminded her about this before he passed away. In fact, when he knew that he might not live anymore, he was most worried about her and his two god-grandchildren.

To think that in this day and age, her birth father was worse than her adoptive father whom she had only known for a few years was pretty scary.

Of course, one’s imagination would often be more beautiful than reality. When she arrived at the hunting traps, not a single wild chicken was caught, let alone a large prey.

An Jiuyue had already predicted this.


Although wild animals did not know how to speak, they were not stupid. The hunting traps were empty. No animal would foolishly jump into the trap.

She sighed and turned around to pick up a lot of dry branches.

However, even the dry branches were no longer dry after so many days of rain. They were moldy and would break easily. She placed the moldy branches on the traps.

She scattered some leaves over the traps to make them look as flat as possible. She also made a few marks that only she could understand before leaving.

After that, she went into the bamboo forest and chopped some bamboo before putting them all into her space.

Finally, she returned to the spring and saw that her water vat was already full. She also stored it in her space and went home.

After returning home, she put the water vat away and went to her room to check on the two children. They were sleeping soundly and An Jiuyue heaved a sigh of relief before entering her space.

She had not discovered any other functions of her space other than storage. She supposed it was because she had yet to fully unravel the mysteries of the space.

However, this space was huge. With over several hundred acres of land, it was big enough for her to store a lot of things.

The only downside was that there wasn’t a single grain of soil inside.

Pieces of jade were laid out on the ground. These pieces were not small—each piece was about a hundred square meters.

However, she could not plant food on the jade. She used to think that she could only store items in the space to conserve her energy when transporting them.

There were many shelves and cabinets in the space, all of which contained the things she had collected earlier.

Previously, someone made things difficult for her and she was sent to train in the wilderness for a month. Since she possessed such a magical space, she naturally prepared for the trip beforehand so that she would not suffer pointlessly.

Besides, even though she was often picked on, she was not to be trifled with.

When she found out that she was going to be sent for training, she applied for half a month of leave and drew two million yuan from the organization in advance to buy some daily necessities.

Rice, noodles, and grain were definitely not needed in the wild, so she did not stock up on those. She only bought some snacks to store, and of course, instant noodles, as they could be cooked easily with water.

She also bought a set of solar panels to aid her in surviving in the wilderness.

Those items would come in handy here in the future.


She sighed deeply, her heart filled with regret.

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