Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 925 - Chapter 925: His Arm Was Blown Off

Chapter 925 - Chapter 925: His Arm Was Blown Off

Chapter 925: His Arm Was Blown Off

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The man in black stiffened. He did not dare to say anything unnecessary.

“I’ve made a mistake.”

“If you say another word, don’t stay by my side anymore.” Xue Fangyang lowered his voice and warned him for the last time.

He disliked people who thought they were clever. He had already warned him, but he continued to act as if he knew better. Did Ying Zi really think he would not attack him because he was his shadow guard?

Anyone who dared to disrupt his plans would not be spared!

Ying Zi lowered his head and replied, “I won’t do that anymore.” “Remember, don’t make a sound later. Restrain An Jiuyue and retreat immediately,” Xue Fangyang instructed the two of them.

He had quietly observed that there were many people in Camp Zhan Yun. If they were alarmed, they would not be able to leave safely. Even if the reinforcements outside arrived, they would not be safe.

Besides, they were here for An Jiuyue, so Qian Jiyun would not let him off.

“Yes, my Lord,” the guardian replied in a low voice, looking at the bright tent.

When Xue Fangyang noticed that Ying Zi still did not respond, he knew that he was thinking unnecessary thoughts again. He gritted his teeth and asked, “What about you, Ying Zi?” “I understand.” Ying Zi had no choice but to reply.

“As long as you understand.”

Xue Fangyang glanced at him again before looking at the tent.

“Let’s go.”

Once he gave the command, the three of them approached An Jiuyue’s tent in a flash.

However, before they could even enter the tent, a dark object was thrown out from inside and rolled toward them.

“What is this?”

They stopped in their tracks and looked at the object that had rolled to their feet.

The guardian could not help but ask in confusion, ‘Why is there smoke?” Xue Fangyang’s eyelids twitched as he realized something was amiss.

“Get out of the way!”

He shouted loudly, gathered his Original Soul energy, and backed off swiftly. Ying Zi also retreated, but the guardian did not react in time.

With a deafening boom, sparks flew in all directions. The guardian was thrown high into the air, like a rag doll, shaken by the powerful shock wave before crashing down in the distance, coughing up a mouthful of blood.


Ying Zi turned around to look in the direction of the fallen guardian. An arm dropped to the ground in front of him before he could yell out his name.

He gasped immediately.

His arm was blown off. How could he still be alive? Even if he were still alive, he would die shortly.

Too brutal! This was far too brutal! She had taken lethal actions without even facing them!

Who was An Jiuyue? Why was she so ruthless?

“Master, she…” She was not a kind person.

Before he could finish his sentence, his gaze shifted towards the tent, only to see An Jiuyue lifting the curtain and striding out nonchalantly. She pointed an unfamiliar weapon in Xue Fangyang’s direction.

There was a resounding bang, and he did not even have time to warn his master to be careful, instead throwing himself at Xue Fangyang.

The sound of a bullet entering flesh was heard, and blood splattered everywhere. He pushed Xue Fangyang to the ground. The image of the woman pointing the weapon at his master but smiling at him flashed through his mind..

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