Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 926 - Chapter 926: Are You Capable of That?

Chapter 926 - Chapter 926: Are You Capable of That?

Chapter 926: Are You Capable of That?

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That woman attacked his master unrestrainedly because she knew he would definitely shield him.

Although she had fired at his master, it was actually a lethal strike directed at him.

Xue Fangyang also could not react in time. By the time he did, Ying Zi had already pounced on him.

“Ying Zi, how are you?”

He immediately helped Ying Zi up and turned to look at the badly mangled guardian.

“No, I’m fine. It didn’t hit a vital spot.”

Ying Zi shook his head, dripping in cold sweat, and cursed internally, “That was close!”

If he had not used his Original Soul energy to protect his back, which was right where his heart was, that attack would have ended his life in an instant. He was not even acquainted with An Jiuyue, but she tried to kill him in one move!

However, he could not say it out loud. He could not tell his master that the woman wanted to kill him, not his master.

Having been by Xue Fangyang’s side for many years, Ying Zi had abused his authority like a tyrant for many years. This was the first time he experienced the taste of a bitter pill.

“An Jiuyue!”

He looked at An Jiuyue with bloodshot eyes.

I won’t let this woman off so easily! I’ll grind her bones and scatter her ashes when Master obtains the antidote and doesn’t need her anymore!

“Are you… looking for me?” An Jiuyue stood at the entrance of the tent and looked at them calmly.

She smiled and asked softly, “You want to capture me? Just you three? Are you capable of that?”


Xue Fangyang was not injured, but An Jiuyue’s words made him so angry that he almost vomited blood.

He admitted that he had underestimated An Jiuyue. Even though he knew she had refined the Mother-Child Reincarnation Pill, he did not expect a woman to

be so powerful.

In particular, she had easily killed one of the guardians he had brought with him. Even Ying Zi was injured.

“I’ll kill you!”

Ying Zi would have rushed forward to kill An Jiuyue if Xue Fangyang had not restrained him.

“You better not move!” An Jiuyue looked at Ying Zi provocatively.

“Although you used your Original Soul energy to protect your heart, who knows which blood vessel will be severed by a fragment that has entered your flesh? If you die like that, I’m not to blame.”


Ying Zi felt like he was about to die from anger.

How could such a woman exist in this world? He was used to seeing gentle and submissive women around his master. Meeting someone like An Jiuyue only enraged him!

“Who is there? Who dares to barge into Camp Zhan Yun?!”

In just a few words, the guardians of Camp Zhan Yun surrounded Xue Fangyang and the others.

Qian Jiyun, who was rather far away, dashed over when he heard the commotion. He arrived just in time. His eyes narrowed when he saw Xue Fangyang, and a murderous glint flashed across them.

“Xue Fangyang, you’re courting death!”

There was no movement elsewhere, only in front of An Jiuyue’s tent. It was evident that Xue Fangyang was here for An Jiuyue.

At this moment, there was no need for unnecessary words. He immediately attacked Xue Fangyang.

Xue Fangyang pushed Ying Zi aside and took on Qian Jiyun’s lethal strike. He was forced back several steps, narrowly managing to stabilize himself.


He looked at Qian Jiyun in disbelief..

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