Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 1688: Hole

Chapter 1688: Hole

As Dayus lunged towards him, Sam kicked hard on the burnt tree.

That one kick broke the tree into dozens of pieces that are coupled with sharp wind elemental energy that came at Dayus at the same time.

Dayus had to stop in his tracks to block the attack, which gave Sam a very tiny headstart. He used the shadow element to slip in between the trees within the woods. He is like a slippery loach in the water.

After defending himself against the attacks, which are not really that strong, but not weak either, Dayus pursued Sam once again.

"What happened, you cocky bastard? The great Sam is actually running away from me. Where did the crazy asshole that constantly picked fights go? Come and face me, you coward."

Sam didn't respond. To keep up with his speed, Dayus had to use his partial lightning fusion. It increased his speed and reaction time, but it made it hard for me to be as agile as Sam.

They are straight sprints, after all, so he is having a bit of a hard time within the forest as Sam used the terrain to his advantage.

Looking at Dayus' provocation, Sam didn't respond with his words.

Dayus only got angrier and tried to provoke him even more. After two minutes, Sam finally slowed down a bit.

Dayus wanted to get ready to tackle any attack that might come. He thought Sam would be up for direct confrontation. After all, he is banking on Sam's pride to be hurt by the repeated taunting he has done until now.

But Sam didn't do that. He slid to the ground and kicked on the roots of a tree nearby. The kick was laced with a wind blade. The tree fell leaned to the side as it was about to fall down. Sam jumped into the air and landed another kick on its trunk.

Dayus thought the attack would be the same as before. An attack with fragments and wind blades combined and he instinctually used an energy shield to defend himself. But that didn't happen. He just used the falling tree as his support to change his direction.

He used one full boost to disappear into a dense patch of the woods.


Dayus cursed and ran after him once again. He used his spiritual sense to find out where Sam's location exactly is.

Sam made that unnecessary. Even though he disappeared in the patch for a moment, he didn't hide for long.

The trees started moving the next minute he entered the patch. He used his wood elemental energy to control them. A handful of vines shot up from within them as they attacked Dayus.

Dayus didn't bother much with them. He easily dodged them as he tried to pin point Sam's location based on the movement of these vines and his spiritual sense.

As soon as he entered the patch, the movement of the trees was gone. They became still again and everything turned eerily silent.

Sam stood at one location without moving anywhere. Dayus located him easily and arrived there.

He wanted to get his spear back first, but Sam just stood there with the spear in his hand and dodged the lightning attacks that came at him. The trees that are stagnant moved on their own and blocked all the lightning attacks one by one.

They are reinforced with a bit of wood elemental energy and they are not turning into a completely burned crisp with just one attack. Sam moved around and blocked any attack Dayus threw at him with the help of these trees.

This made Dayus understand that there is no way, he would be able to get to Sam at this rate and he has to find a way to close the distance. The ranged attacks will not do much damage in this terrain.

Or the other option is to make the whole area disappear. Which is not ex

actly something he is willing to waste his energy on at the moment.

So, he decided to close in on the distance and moved with his lightning partial fusion.

Sam had very close shaves with him as he dodged those attacks. Dayus started destroying one tree after another with every attack, even if he is unable to defeat Sam directly. He knew that Sam could only play around in this patch as long as it was intact.

But what he didn't expect it, after he destroyed three trees that are in the middle of the whole patch and created a small place from where he could observe everything, Sam suddenly opened his wings and flew off from the spot.

Dayus wanted to chase him, but all the trees enveloped him as they tried to trap him right there.

Sam flew in the air and turned around. He held Dayus' spear and used his own lightning energy. The Silver lightning crackled and the spear absorbed it very well. Its innate nature to absorb the lightning energy is impeccable.

He overloaded the spear with his lightning energy as he threw it at Dayus who was tackling the vines, roots, and branches of the trees.

He unleashed full fusion and broke the restraints before he kicked the ground and was about to jump. But at that exact moment, the earth went limp. The hard ground under him turned into a flesh lump of soft soil that dragged his feet inside. He was stuck there when the spear came at him.

"Fucking bastard."

He muttered to himself as he looked at the silver lightning surrounding the spear hit him. He made last ditch effort with the energy barrier, but there is not much use.


With an explosive sound, the barrier broke and the rest of the surrounding patch of the forest was burnt to crisp.

When the smoke cleared, Dayus stood there on his knees with his armor completely tattered. He spat out a mouthful of blood and took the spear out of his shoulder.

He stood up and leaped into the air as he tried to keep up with Sam.

Sam just flew straight into the air as he increased the distance between them and then changed his direction before landing somewhere far away in the forest. Dayus stood on top of a tree and looked at Sam hatefully.

"I would be damned if I don't kill you today. You slick bastard."

He muttered to himself and gathered his energy in the spear. He aimed it straight at Sam as he moved towards the ground and threw it.


The spear was lauched with the extreme explosion of purple lighting and it destroyed everything that is within its path. All the trees and other vegetation within its path have been charred black.

Sam looked at the approaching spear. His only options were to either block it or stop in his tracks, dodging it. But he picked the first one because he just got an insane idea.

He took out the reaper sword and concentrated to his fullest to inject spatial element and shadow elements into it.

He slashed the sword vertically as he closed down his wings and increased his speed on top of the freefall.

A large gash appeared in the space and a spatial tear connecting to the shadow world opened up. The spear that contained an insane amount of lightning elemental energy was sucked into that gash. Sam and Dayus both got stunned for a moment.


There is a large explosive sound coming out of that gash which made everyone stumped. But they were more shocked by the fact this plan worked. Sam has never used the shadow world like this. The spear is obviously very valuable and it even possesses a spirit. Sam doesn't know what happens to the things that go

into that place, but at that moment, he understood that they won't really come back.

Dayus tried to get his spear back by summoning it. He was counting on the spirit to use the lightning energy and fly out of the crack. But it didn't work. The crack just swallowed the whole spear and it slowly started closing.

Dayus almost extended his hand into the crack, which is obviously stupid and he stopped after he felt the turbulent spatial currents and the rampaging shadow energy.

Sam slightly chuckled as the energy around him went rampant. He didn't bother going back to the hole in the space and just went on with their life. He just turned around and moved away.

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