Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 1868 - 1868 Plan

Chapter 1868 - 1868 Plan

1868 Plan

Ten minutes later.

Sam is standing in the middle of a large crater. He is surrounded by chaotic death energy and the whole area is painted with blood that was caused by a bunch of explosions that occurred because of the exploding Giants.

He deactivated his fusion as he observed the aftermath of his actions.

He is surprised by this level of damage. Even though he simulated it before many times, a direct application is still very surprising for him.

This is a new fighting style that he wanted to test out for a while.

This is based on the principles of resonance and amplification that he has been experimenting for some time. The core principle of the technique is pretty simple and direct.

When he made an attack with death energy, void style and ripple style combined along with some divine energy, the damage for that attack would just be normal.

But after the attack has landed and done its job, the energy in the surroundings would have already picked up the resonance from it. And the entity that helps with capturing the sequence and function of that attack is the body of the victim.

The muscles and cells in the body of the victim who took the attack act as a reference for the amplification and the damage multplies in the matter of a second. The best part of about this attack, is that its very stealthy.


Unless they knew about the attack before, a person wouldn’t be able to understand or guess what is happening to their body all of a sudden, just when they thought the attack has passed away.

The attack is very effective, particularly if he is fighting people at higher level.

Meanwhile, Mitra is also done with the opponents at his end. He came over and looked at Sam.

“I thought you wanted corpses. Why did you beat them up like that? There is not even a bone here.”

Sam didn’t answer him and just got lost in some thought.

“Let’s get out of here. Even if this commotion didn’t alert anyone, with these people gone, someone will notice.”

Sam collected the corpses after peforming a soul absorption before they left in a specifc direction.

“There is a camp a few miles away from here. The strongest is a Late-Stage Divine Plane Initiation Giant. It seems like Giants are trying to start production in all of the resource points. There is a very high level spirit stone mine that belongs to the Fire City.

Another piece of new is that they are trying to hurry up for some reason we don’t know. They want to finish this as soon as possible. These guys don’t know exactly what the hurry is. Or we could have had that information too.”

“How about we raid the camp? Maybe that will let us know the answers?” Mitra suggested as they moved slowly through the forest.

Sam though for a moment and said.

“I have a plan in mind. But I need some more information about what these Giants are planning and looking for.

It is weird that they hurriedly occupied such a large territory and instead of using the momentum and their element of surprise to their advantage, they took a step back and started stabilizing it.

I am sure they are expecting something here.

If we can find details about it, I am sure we can draft a proper plan that will ease our process.”

“Are you sure? We are only two people here? We are pretty powerful. I am sure you can handle yourself in the current level of battle. Why don’t we just drag a battle with the camp and slowly wear them out.”

Mitra suggested as he stretched his body lazily.

Sam looked at him and said.

“It is inefficient. It will take a very long time and the output could only be produced after a really long time. And the longer the waiting time for result the more variables will appear.

We need to make it as fast and as smooth as possible”

“So much nonsense? Why do you want to hurt yourself thinking so much?”

Sam just shook his head and let him go. As they walked further, finally they spotted some Giants.

“This is a temporary rendezvous point for the Giants that came out for exploration. The ones we fought are part of this explanation team. The person in charge here might be able to give us some more answers.

We are going to capture him.”

Mitra stood on a tree and looked at the Giants.

“Okay, there are about three dozen members here. Most of them are at Initial Stage of Divine Plane initiation. There are a bunch of middle stages as well.

They are about the same size as the team we just fought. I think we can breakthrough pretty easily.”

Mitra got ready to attack.

“Wait. I don’t want brute force through this. We don’t need to alert the enemies. The camp ground is pretty close from here and the camp itself is not far from the nearest village.

There is no reason to cause too much chaos here. We just need to get information out of the leader here.”

“How are you going to do it? Ask him nicely?”

Sam sighed and said.

“I now understand why your brother is in a commanding position.”

“Oh? You do? Why is that?”

“Because unlike you, he uses his brain cells. Just stay put and follow my lead. I don’t want to explain each and every detail to you. It wastes too much of my time.”

Mitra looked at Sam with a frown and said.

“Come on, I am not that dumb. I just don’t want to waste my mind thinking so much nonsense, when things could be solved directly.

And what is with that attitude? All you need to do is explain things to me a little bit. It is not like you are losing a lot of time. I mean, what better thing can you establish in such a short time?”

“Trust me, you would be shocked to know what my brain could think up in the time it takes for me to explain everything to you. Let’s wait for a while. I have some of my companions out.

We will gather the required info and once night strikes, we will strike as well.”

Time passed.

After sun set, a bunch of shadows quietly escaped the rendezvous point and came to Sam.

They are his shadow mice.

They quickly gave out all the info they acquired.

Sam immediately went to Mitra and explained the situation and they decided to make their move.

“You understood the plan right? No Chaos, no battle. It should go very smooth.”

Mitra nodded and took a deep breath.

At this moment, in this temporary rendezvous point. There is a main tent in which the leader of this exploration team is currently surrounded by a bunch of other giants.

“All the teams, that left has sent the required reports, except for the three teams. Until now, we didn’t find a single clue of the thing that we are looking for.”

“Boss, are we sure we are looking at the right spot? I mean, the mine is not even close to this place. We are way too far away.”

“The mine is just a natural indicator of the thing that we are looking for.

Our young master has a reliable source mentioning that it could be found around this area. We have to find it before anyone else. Particularly we cannot let other tribes find it before us. Now….”

The meeting went on for a while and the leader sent everyone away. He closed the tent and activated a formation before closing his eyes and went into a deep thought. He is almost in a meditative state. But at this moment, a faint spatial fluctuation occurred at one of the corners of the room.

Mitra appeared out of nowhere and before the leader could make any noise or even turn around completely, he disappeared like a shadow and reappeared behind the leader.

A single hit to the neck made the leader faint. Then, he took out a token and crushed it. The leader and Mitra both disappeared and reappeared in the forest.

“I thought there is a spatial barrier set around here, you were able to bypass it that easily? I thought it would take time.”

Mitra asked Sam with an impressed look.

Sam looked at him and said.

“It took less time than it would take if I have to explain that process to you. That formation is pretty easy to beat.”

“Really? For some reason, our forces are getting stumped by the formation laid down by Giants. How are you able to do it so easily?”

“It’s because you guys learn the formations through a different approach than I do.”

“Oh, what is that approach?”

“Do you know formations?”

“No, I am just curious about what you know.”


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