Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 30: Plan Executed

As soon as everyone left the cave and started walking a team of three emerged from within the soil behind the earthen wall.

"We should thank these freshmen really. Particularly that guy Harry. He made it a lot easier for us." One of the three said.

"This Harry really won't change. He only cares about himself. If he had used that guy in black, we would have a difficult time." Another guy said as he shook his head. He is from the Evergreen family and he also saw the second round along with other noble children.

"Who is that guy actually? Even Philip said to stay vigilant." The remaining person spoke with curiosity.

"Well, he is a friend of Philip and came from the Lava rock village. He is not only monster in battle taking on multiple opponents at same time. He is really proficient in archery and also formations. You guys didn't see, what he did in the second round. He actually defeated the top hundred all by himself using formations. And from the rest of the top ten, four guys including harry all gave up even before they fought." The guy from the Evergreen family said.

"He really is good then. Judging on this Harry's character, he must have held grudge against him and didn't give him proper opportunity and kept him in scouts team or something." The other guy replied.

"Okay it is time, we need to send the information to Philip and the attack squad to intercept Harry and his team. We are going to win this easier than we thought." As soon as he finished, all three of them entered the tunnel. Then they emerged behind the cave. There are about seven people waiting for them.

This is the scout squad who are responsible for scouting the main base of the Freshmen team. The three people who entered the tunnel are Late stage Earth elemental mage Acolytes. The decision to infiltrate the territory when it is still dark is very beneficial to them.

As soon as they relayed the information to the rest of the seven members, a guy took out a paper and wrote everything. Then he took out a bow and arrow. He tied up the paper to the arrow and shot it towards the bamboo forest. He is a wind element mage warrior. The arrow tore through the wind as it smoothly reached a tree and struck to it.

A guy emerged from the dark and took the paper from the arrow and shot it again in certain direction where another guy picked it up. These guys are from the second scout team. Actually, Sam made a mistake of guessing that the scout teams still haven't crossed the river. They crossed the river even he before he broke the stone path. So, twenty people slipped through and sent the information to the base and then to the attack squad.

The attack team of seniors has twenty people only. But more than half of them are at late stage and other at least at peak of middle stage Acolytes. Most of them are warrior mages.

By the time the information came to the attack team, they are almost nearing the river crossing. The leader of the team smiled as he spoke.

"The Team leader of the freshmen team is just as we predicted, Harry, the son of the city lord. The information says that the silver sphere is with him and even his team members doesn't know it. We can finish it quickly if we cross the river and set an ambush at the other side.

The others also became excited as they moved faster, but when they saw the river crossing, they immediately dropped their excitement. There is no usual stone pathway over the river is not there. The team leader gritted his teeth and said.

"We have to cross this as soon as possible. Let us go. Water elemental mages and Warrior mages, you guys move first."

Five people of the twenty moved. Four of them are Water element Mages and the fifth one is mage warrior. All of them are at peak of middle stage except one person who is at the late stages of the Acolyte. All four of them entered the water as they moved and reduced the water resistance by controlling the water flow. The rest of the team are also following them from behind. When they are in the middle of the river flow suddenly a river they stopped moving.

All the members gulped down loudly as they looked around nervously. They are surrounded by the river gators. Suddenly, all the river gators attacked and started biting them. "Move" the team leader shouted as they tried to retreat. But they are quite slow and are a far away from the both sides. Then they decisively moved forward while fending off the attacks from the River gators. After a desperate struggle they got an opening. But a guy screamed.

"Shit. Vile beasts" He screamed as he broke his token and disappeared then followed by him other three people including two women also broke their tokens. All four of them are fire element users. One of them is even Warrior mage. All of them are late stage. The rest of the team members cursed under their breath as they started moving hysterically towards the other side.

By the time they reached the other side, they lost another team mate and only 15 people were left in the team.

"Shit. These wild beasts. I want to kill them all." A guy shouted as he stood up.

"Stop, we need to move towards a safe place. We have to engage the attack team as quickly as possible." The team leader stopped the guy and lead the rest of them to the forest.

At this moment at the Viewing platform all the spectators are whispering while glancing at the city lord. They are really disgusted by Harry's actions. By the time they are getting heated by the discussion they saw the scene of attack team getting attacked by the river gators and five of them getting eliminated. Their jaws dropped. They saw the scene when Sam commanded the River gators but they never expected this to actually work. Then they saw the change in the score board. There are five points next to Sam's name. The first one to gain points is Sam a freshman instead of any senior.

"How can the attacks by the River gators count as his points?" An elder from the city lord mansion shouted.

"He commanded the beasts to attack and they obeyed. Thus, they are his subordinates, we can even call them as his weapons. So, naturally the points are his. Even the formation spirit of the testing grounds accepted it. Why, do you have a problem?" An elder from the Academy's platform said. Everyone became silent and didn't speak.

Then suddenly score board changed again as points appeared beside ten members of the senior team. Then everyone noticed that the scouts' team of the seniors' team at the cave attacked the defence and took them out only one guy from the freshman is left. He is none other than Oliver. He is left out as his fingers are not completely healed. The Elder said that he needs to rest the fingers for at least a month, before he can fight or do anything else. That is why he was left here and used as watchman for the cave. One of the seniors questioned him.

"Do you know Sam?"

"Yes" He replied in a shaky voice. As soon as he heard the name, he involuntarily broke into cold sweat. He himself didn't notice, but the seniors did. They patted his shoulder and said.

"Where is he now? Which area is he assigned to?" The senior asked again.

Oliver forced himself to calm down and said in a low voice. "He is not participating with the team."

The seniors frowned and asked. "What do you mean?"

Then Oliver recounted what happened and the seniors' mood became gloomy.

"We need to inform this to Philip." One of them said and took out a paper. But they don't know it would be too late.

Meanwhile at the Wolves' lair. Sam finally finished his preparations and started moving, He has a very small glass container in each hand as ran towards the wolf pack. Sam then threw the containers and took out another one from the storage. Just like that before the wolves could react, he threw a lot of containers with the green liquid, the black wolves with blue eyes all inhaled the green vapours emitted by the green liquid and started shaking with irritation. They looked at Sam, who is running and all the wolves including the alpha started chasing him.

Sam ran at a fixed pace. He is visible to the wolves, but kept a constant distance between them. He ran straight towards the cave of Seniors' team. After running for a while suddenly the cave entrance came into his view and he increased his pace.

"Philip the wolves are chasing someone, he is leading them this way." Someone who is on the watch duty outside the cave ran inside and said. Philip and others ran outside and saw. They didn't recognise Sam. Because Sam changed his clothes and covered his face. He ran in the front and the wolves followed.

There is a total of thirty people inside the cave and all of them came outside and looked at the incoming wolves with fear. When they looked at the guy in front, they all want to greet all his ancestors for luring the wolves here.

Philip looked at the team members and said. "This guy is definitely a freshman. He must have provoked the wolves accidentally and brought them here. We need to take the sphere and move out of this place. Let's go."

All of them went inside and then stared the screen in dumbfounded manner. They looked at five names which are dimmed. They are all from the attack squad. "Damn, it there are already people from the attack squad who got eliminated." Someone said through his teeth. Philp also felt quite surprised. But he didn't dally and said. "Paul, take the sphere. We have to move quick."

All the defence team at the cave moved towards the narrow path and then met with the other defence team which has twenty members, now all fifty members started moving towards the narrow path. Even though they have fifty members, the thought of fighting the wolves didn't even cross their minds. They just kept on fleeing. But how can they be faster than Sam and Wolves?

Soon Sam along with the wolves met the group. The group which is orderly suddenly became chaotic mob and all of them started fending the wolves as they ran towards the path. Sam removed the clothes covering his original attire and threw it away. Then he took out a big glass container which contained the same red liquid he made and threw it in the middle of the battle as he held his breath.

The wolves and the candidates all started feeling dizzy as they took in the vapours emitted by the red liquid. Philip looked at Sam and the liquid he threw and immediately cursed.

"F.u.c.k, hold your breaths and move out of this area." He said as he moved towards the narrow path and entered it with great difficulty. Sam moved to the back of the battle field and didn't follow them towards the path. He looked at the people who fell unconscious on ground along with the wolves. The Wolves' cultivation is not enough to make them as intelligent as humans. Yanwu is intelligent because of his high-grade blood line.

As soon as the red fumes dissipated, Sam moved towards the unconscious seniors. Out of fifty, half of them fell unconscious. The beasts all fell unconscious because they aren't intelligent enough to hold their breath. Sam slowly broke the tokens of Seniors. They disappeared and Sam looked at the wolves and pondered. Then he shook his head and dismissed the idea as he walked inside the narrow path.

Sam came out of the other end of the path and looked at Melisa, Jack and Shawn. Melisa has a cheerful expression and Shawn has a grin. Only Jack is calm as ever. Sam looked at the pits and slowly took a detour around them. He then looked at Melisa and asked with a smile.

"How is it?"

Then only the three noticed Sam and almost jumped out of their skin.

"Sam, you are not handsome as me. So, if you surprise people like that you will scare them to death." Shawn said in a vexed tone. Both Melisa and Jack looked at him speechlessly. Sam didn't speak and kicked him on his butt directly.

"Sorry, sorry." Just as Sam was about to continue, Shawn pleaded. Then Sam slowly walked towards the pits and looked at the people inside. The seniors inside are all cursing.

"Damn it we fell into their traps. We are done for."

"Who came with this despicable idea?"

"I want to kill them."

Actually, all the seniors aren't unconscious this time. As even though Sam and others dropped the liquid, it has been long time and their effects will be reduced even though the hole is closed. That is why seniors are just feeling weak instead of unconscious. Sam slowly moved towards other pits and finally found someone.

He looked into the pit, coincidentally all of Sam's friends are inside that pit. Philip, Marvin, Freya, Haley and Paul. All are looking at Sam with angry looks. Even cold as ice Haley is looking angry.

"Sam, can you be any more despicable?" Marvin shouted from pit.

"Good to see you too. Marvin" Sam spoke in sarcasm. Then he looked at Philip and said.

"Philip, didn't expect you to be the commander."

"Me too. I didn't expect you to be here. I thought based on Harry's character, he would try to suppress your involvement." Philip said as he smiled. Even though he is angry he is in a better mood than other four.

"Well, you are not wrong completely. You guys just gave an unnecessarily high evaluation to his intellect. He just said that, I don't need to be the part of the team and do however I want." Then he gestured Melisa and others to come and spoke as he pointed at them. "These guys followed me and here we are, setting up half of the Senior team." Sam finished.

Hearing to what he said. Philip and others immediately want to be buried in the same pit. They felt that this year is the most embarrassing of all years for senior team's performance.

"I guessed one thing right. You are indeed troublesome." Philip said and gestured to Paul, who took out the golden sphere out of his pocket and threw it towards Sam. Sam caught it and said. "Thanks, I will treat you guys to dinner. So, don't hold against he alright."

"Next time. At least let us fight you man. You are too ruthless. You are not even giving us chance to fight and directly making us lose." Marvin complained from the side. Sam nodded and waved his hands. All of them took out their tokens and broke them. Sam's points increased by another five. He then walked towards the other three. He then said. "You guys can take the other pits. I had enough harvest." And then he moved towards a tree and leaned against it to rest. The three nodded and walked towards another pit. Shawn and Melisa took seven points each and Jack got six points. Then three of them walked towards Sam and also sat down as he waited for him to recover.

As soon as Sam opened his eyes. Melisa asked. "Sam how did you do it?"

Sam smiled and replied. "Actually, it is quite simple. The red grass is from the territory of the Myriad illusion snake and it only grows there. It is known as 'Mind numbing grass'. If it is mixed with the blood of the bird type beasts which is usually warmer natured than the normal beasts and heat it up. It will make people unconscious. But it only works on Acolyte level and it the person is more vigilant, it might not even work. Then the green liquid is taken from another grass which also grows in the same territory. It is called 'turmoil grass'. It will make the temper of the ones who inhaled it to immediately lose and attack their enemies in frenzy. I used it on wolves and lured them towards the senior team main camp. Then the rest you know." As soon as Sam finished all three of them dropped their jaws. Not only them even the spectators at the Viewing platforms are all in uproar. Sam stood up and said.

"Don't you guys remember the words of the elder? Everything in the forest is our resource."

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