Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 6: Grudge

"Little brother right there." The leader from the group of four walked along with his team and called.

Seeing them Sam immediately became a bit vigilant. Because they are not from the village and looking from their luxurious cloths and fancy hunting equipment, they must be some bigshot from the city.

"Hello little bro, Is this bull for sale?" the young leader asked as Sam didn't reply with a smile on his face.

"No." Sam indifferently replied and turned around to do his work but he was suddenly grabbed from behind.

"Hello, little brat. Its not polite talk like that and do you really think you can really reject the option?" the young man who looked similar to team leader spoke as grabbed Sam's shoulder from behind.

"Take your hand off me." Sam said in a cold voice. He is actually irritated to put up the act this long and he is already a bit impatient to continue his revenge, now a random person who thinks so highly of himself grabbed him from behind. When was he stooped this low?

"What you think you are something just because you took down the bull?" the young man said with disdain still keeping his hand and released his aura. 'Acolyte Mage' A thought came to his mind as felt the aura. 'Judging by the aura he should at initial stage' Sam thought with a smile on his face. Suddenly he moved and grabbed that person's hand and twisted and moved towards the back of the young man. Then in a blink on of an eye he coiled along the young man's back and locked his neck with his remaining hand and used his legs to hold his legs and made the young man kneel. He applied more pressure on the Youngman's hand which he caught and said in a cold voice.

"It is not for sale. Do you have an opinion?" Sam said in a cold voice. His voice was so cold that even the beautiful cold young woman looked a bit terrified. At this moment the team leader hurriedly stepped forward and said in a mediating tone.

"Little bro, just leave him please. My younger brother is ignorant. Why stoop to his level?"

"Humph" Sam coldly snorted and released him. "Next time you put hand on me without permission think twice, because much less your elder brother even if your father came and pleaded you won't be off the hook so easily." Then he turned around when to the bull.

"I am Philip. May I know your name?" The team leader asked. Sam didn't reply. Seeing that Philip didn't reply instead his smile got bigger. Just when he was about to say something. His younger brother beat him to it. "You piece of shit. Bastard just you wait. Do you know who I am? I will kill you. If you have the balls. Tell me your name before you leave."

"Damn it Paul, Will you shut the f.u.c.k up? Don't you have any shame…."

"CAREFUL" Before he could finish speaking, the other young man who was silent till now shouted. When Philip turned around, he saw Sam rushing towards his Paul with a horn in his hand. The horn is the bull's horn. Sam broke the 1.5 feet long Bull's horn and rushing towards Paul. The look on the Sam's face is so cold and terrifying that even Philip felt chills along his spine. He came out of his daze and suddenly intercepted Sam by releasing his aura. He is a midstage Acolyte mage but even he felt a little startled by Sam's strength. Even though he is not a Warrior his body strength is still refined by the spiritual energy. It is not a peak of initiation could take. But the person in his hands right now is going against the norm.

"Little Bro, stop it. He just spoke in an impulse. Even though Sam got intercepted he forcefully dragged Philip and took his face close to Paul and coldly spoke. "Who did you call a Bastard? Say that again if you dare." Sam's voice is filled with incomparable fury. He is filled with just cold rage. Listening to his words Philip understood what happened. The foolish little brother of his really hit this guy's sore spot.


Just then a smacking sound heard and Sam suddenly fell unconscious. The one who hit him is the ice-cold woman. She just stood there indifferently after that and then coldly glanced at Paul.

"Just keep your loose tongue to yourself if you had no capabilities to back it up. If that guy is even a 1st level acolyte you would have already been dead even with your brother's help." She then turned to look at Sam for a few seconds and turned around to examine the Bull corpse.

*Pah* *Pah*

Suddenly Philip slapped Paul. Just because you are from city do you think every one is your sub-ordinate. Do you really think pissing others off and losing in a fight is enough shameful? Now you even started pressuring others with your status. I should have never let you play with those noble pricks. Worst of all you even dare to insult the person who beat you and shown mercy. Damn it that guy is an Acolyte, both of us would have been dead."

Suddenly Sam woke up. He looked at his surroundings and searched for something his eyes still filled with cold fury. Finally, he found something and just when he was about to reach his horn. Philip beat him to it and said.

"Little Bro, I know you are angry, but please give me some face and leave this matter alone. This time it really is my brother's fault. Just give him a chance. We can discuss things. How about it?" he said with a polite tone.

Sam coldly looked at them and as though he was thinking something, he stayed silent for sometime and slowly walked towards Philip. He slowly grabbed the horn and turned around and walked towards the corpse. Haley stepped back from the corpse and looked at him.

"Little Bro. Do you need some help with that corpse?" Philip offered. Since Sam walked away, he is more than happy to help and he sighed in relief.

"Where are you guys from?" Sam asked without turning around.

"We are from Starwood's academy from Star wood city. I am the son of Ever green Pavilion head. As an apology today. You can come to my place and fine I will treat you to a good meal."

"The day I come to the city; the day is your little brother going to have a broken arm. If your brother is half as humble as you and apologized, I would have called it off. But trust me next time if all four of you come at me together. I will still take that arm. There is no person who is still alive after calling me a bastard. I am letting him off easy because of you. You better take care of you brother." As soon as he finished a shocking scene happened. The bull which is around a 700 kg is lifted up by Sam with a single arm and he kept it on his shoulder. Just like that he started walking off without turning back towards his village

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