Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 8: Uninvited Guests

"Why are you guys here?" Sam coldly looked towards these four people and asked with no emotions.

The expressions of the four people cannot be anymore astonished. They thought this Sam is completely different person.

"Sam isn't it a bit rude. You just said that we are your friends right." Philip said with his signature friendly smile.

"Get to the point." Sam asked impatiently.

"Hahaha okay, May I know how old you are?" Philip asked.

"Why do you need to know?" Sam asked with a trace of confusion.

"Just answer some question and we can have a proper discussion. Please." Philip requested with a pleading tone.

"Two months to 15 years." Sam replied as he sat cross legged in front of the bull corpse. While Sam was still indifferent every one else was stunned beyond belief. Because even in the city even in the imperial capital of the western continent, reaching the peak of initiation before 15 is rare.

"Are you telling the truth?" Paul asked to make sure. But all he got is a cold glare from Sam in reply.

"*phew* Sam are you interested in coming to Starwood city to join Starwood academy." Philip asked after taking a deep breath. Sam looked at him in confusion. Seeing his expression Philip started explaining.

"Actually, your village is the complete end of our western continent in Southern direction. It has only connection with three cities. Starwood city, Misty River city. And finally, Mountain lake city. This Lava rock village is under jurisdiction of Starwood city. Every year there will be a batch of people from your village sent to the Starwood city. That is why I am asking if you have an interest to join. Listening to the explanation Sam finally realized. Right now, Sam really wanted to go to Starwood city. But It was not to join academy but to open a business. Sam knew one thing that is if he wanted to develop his cultivation, he needs a lot of resources. That is why Sam decided to open his shop in the city. Even though he never learnt any tailoring skills in previous life the owner of the body has ingrained the skills to his bones. So, it is not difficult earn some money. After some initial savings he can just bring out his skills and inventions from his previous life and he can develop further. But when he thought of his limited knowledge of his world going to the academy doesn't seem to be a bad idea. But he still has to wait to complete the test of that Ling Tian guy.

"I will come but I have some things to take care of here. So, I won't be coming until a few days later." Sam replied. And then again continued to concentrate on the corpse. Sam closed his eyes and started releasing his spiritual energy into the corpse and started observing. He is testing the 'Observe' ability of his spiritual core. When the Spiritual energy completely filled the corpse. Sam got a view in his mind. He can clearly see the muscles, blood, bones, nerves, and even cell structure of the Bull. There is a faint trace of particles emitting from the pores of the skin from the Bull. That is the spiritual energy particles. 'So, the spiritual energy is just like concept of light in my previous world. Light is made of photons where as this spiritual energy is made of these particles. One thing in common is that both doesn't seem to be have any particle mass.' Sam thought as he slowly opened his eyes and withdrew his spiritual energy. As soon as San got up, he has a faint headache. 'this is why he gave me the Divine soul spiritual sense technique. Sam thought as he turned around. When he saw that there is nobody there in his backyard, he was relieved. He didn't want any guests. He slowly walked towards the door to enter his house.

Meanwhile, the village head was fuming in his mansion. "what connection does that brat have with the young master of Evergreen family? Tell someone to keep watch on his house. As soon as those nobles from the city left inform me. I have to kill that bastard for all the mess he created." Village head said to his subordinate, His subordinate bowed and left. He turned look at his son who is still lost in daze and heaved a sigh. 'If Sam doesn't die, Oliver can't recover and advance in his cultivation.' He inwardly thought and he turned his gaze towards the window. There outside the mansion, more than half of the village residents are sat down in protest for their taxes. Seeing this he only burnt more in fury.

Faraway from the mansion, Sam just entered his house and stood there dumbfounded by the scene in front of him. There are four people in front of him. They are none other than Philip and his team. They all washed up and changed their clothes and sitting in his living room c.u.m Shop and chattering away as if it was their own home. Haley has some papers in her hands as she is examining them with full concentration with a strange expression. Seeing that Sam has entered Philip said.

"Come on Sam. We are waiting for you." He said as he gestured to Sam to sit in an empty chair.

"I already said I can't go right now. Why are guys still here?" Sam asked in annoyance as he sat in the chair.

"Of course, we will be staying here until you settle your matters." This time the one who answered is Marvin. Hearing his response, Sam became speechless. 'Aren't you guys nobles from city. How can you be so shameless?' Sam thought inwardly.

"Don't worry. We won't disturb your life." Philip said shamelessly.

"Are you the who made the dresses do Freya?" Out of blue, Haley asked causing everyone to be silent. After all this is not how the ice princess behaved. But Sam was clearly annoyed by her tone. Was she ordering him? Like hell he would answer her back. So, he just turned his head away. Seeing his response, Haley really got angry. Twenty or something days ago Freya got a new dress collection from god knows where and those dresses are really pretty. Either quality or embroidery everything is excellent. Freya said she specifically custom made her dress by a tailor. But she won't reveal who it was no matter what. That is the reason when she saw the designs of the dresses, she really felt excited. She didn't control her tone because she got used to it.

"I am asking you. Answer me." Haley repeated in same tone. Sam got more and more irritated. 'If I wasn't afraid that you would all gang upon me, I would have kicked you out already and now this girl is even speaking to me in bossy tone.'

"What does that got anything to do with you?" Sam replied in the same kind of tone as her. Hearing this all the people in the room became stunned again. Nobody dared to talk to Ice princess like this before. 'Bro you got guts alright.' This is the thought in all three boys' minds. This time even Haley got stunned. This is the first time anyone has spoken in that tone with her. Everyone will always be respectful to her or flatter her. She even has people sucking up to her. But this is first time hearing such reply. Looking at their faces, Sam understood what they are thinking so he continued.

"Listen to me Miss. You might have been people flattering and sucking up to you left and right. Hell, you might even have several flower guardians pursuing you. But I have no reason to be subservient in front of you and I don't even have to tolerate your tone and behaviour. If you have a problem with a that get the hell out of my house. If you really need to know something, you have to be polite and I will also politely answer." Speaking up to this point Sam stood up and walked towards his room and continued talking. "If you guys want to stay here, I can allow you as repayment for guiding the city. For the food you can eat the bull outside for the following days. But the you have to separate the leather blood and horns for me in repayment. I am not looking for friends. if you really want friendship lets wait until we are trustworthy enough for each other. Until then we can only make deals. If you agree, you can stay. Or else leave by tomorrow." Finishing what he wanted to say, he left to his room and slept on his bed.

After hearing what Sam said everyone was dumbfounded. Haley then had as complicated expression on her face. Philip has a smile on his face s he muttered. "Interesting."

Next day before the dawn arrived. Sam jumped the wall and entered Michael's house and then he covered himself with a cloak and left the village in the direction of woods. He thought that he should be cautious since he offended the village head. Indeed, he is right. They are some guards secretly watching Sam's house. But they didn't realise they missed him.

Sam slowly made his way to his usual place in the woods and wondered. 'Where should I search for the best beast? As far as I know the strongest beast in the woods in this area is level 2 peak stage 'Scarlet flame panther' and its partner. So, if strongest is considered best then it should be one of the two. But I think that is not true.' Sam pondered. Just then a sound came to Sam's ears.

"CAW" "CAW" Sam lifted his head up and saw a bunch of crows flying over from the volcano. Then suddenly something flashed in his mind. 'No matter how much of a greater world it is. How can there be ordinary crows in a volcanic region? There is definitely something fishy here. As thought about it Sam directly walked towards the volcano. Sam looked at the volcano from the distance as he slowly made his move over there. The top of the volcano is not visible. As the smoke covered all of it. Sam went to the foot of the volcano and the temperature is very high. He can clearly see the crows making their way in and out from the smog cloud at the top. "Let's see what you have in store." Sam muttered as he slowly started climbing

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