Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming

Chapter 1008: A Great Box Office

Chapter 1008: A Great Box Office

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Qin Guan finally escaped from the exhibition thanks to the help of Han Zhujiu and the security personnel. He looked like a real villain beaten by a superhero. His hair was a mess and his collar was loose, but his pants thankfully remained on his hips.

He made a decision to wear a costume before showing up at such an event again. He would dress up as a faceless character, or a character with a mask covering his face.

Being an ordinary person was akin to a sin at a comics exhibition. The representative of Warner Bros, who couldn't keep his mouth shut, decided to use Qin Guan for international promotion.

Before he could execute this idea, Qin Guan was pulled away by Qu Xuemei.

When the international financial crisis broke out in 2008, the increasing unemployment affected countless industries. Redundant fashion magazines were also affected. Even tycoons suffered in terms of sales. Rich people looked up from their fashion magazines, which they had only been reading for fun, and turned to the "help wanted" ads in cheap newspapers.

The storm was on its way to hitting the publishing industry. Magazines needed a beam of light amid that dim future, so they had to unite to create a timeless magazine.

This was a task taken up by Vogue, who was the leader of the industry. The magazine, which wanted to make a last effort, started searching for beautiful men and women from the international film circle. The most famous, beautiful and fashionable individuals would create an unprecedentedly timeless magazine.

When Qin Guan was almost kidnapped and taken to the Vogue headquarters, he found a lot of acquaintances of his in the dressing room. The editor of VOGUE must have gone mad. The magazine had invested its entire budget on this bet.

Leonardo Di Caprio, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, Bruce Willis, Will Smith and Brad Pitt, who always held himself back when he saw Qin Guan, were all there.

Everyone had a general idea of who he was. Only Brad Pitt lied to himself.

They all walked out of the dressing room one after the other in an assembly of black suits, white shirts and leather shoes. The smell of cologne lingered around the room. This was a fashion miracle.

The stars assumed their positions on the set automatically. They didn't need any assistance.

They all sat or lay down on the couch in comfortable poses, leaving the spot in the center to Qin Guan. Their gesture showed his status among them. When the photographer entered the room, he found the stars sitting quietly in place. Some of them even cracked jokes about Qin Guan, who was about to become a father.

The atmosphere was really harmonious, so Qin Guan wouldn't normally leave as soon as his job was finished. He often even went out with his colleagues. As Cong Nianwei finally let out a sigh of relief, Qin Guan's movie premiered quietly all around the world.

Everyone was shocked by its statistics and reviews. The film's box office in North America reached 80 million on the opening day and 180 million during the first week!

The experienced director of Warner Bros. announced his conclusion about the result, which was resolute.

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