Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming

Chapter 1009: Another Billion-Dollar Movie

Chapter 1009: Another Billion-Dollar Movie

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"It will be another billion-dollar classic that will go down in film history. If everything goes well, we'll top the box office this year and Qin Guan will be invited to the Golden Globes. Film critics will pay homage to our work tomorrow!"

He was right. The positive feedback put a perfect end to the film. The articles written about it were as artistic as oil paintings.

The New York Times said that "The Dark Knight" was like a vigilante with right on his side. This small step was a great leap for that entire film genre.

No matter how cynical one was about Hollywood films, it was easy to be convinced by such a movie. The director had left enough space for the world's greatest actor to express himself. When Qin Guan's ruined face shot out of the window of a police cruiser, all laughter was gone with the wind. Neon lights flickered behind him like bright pearls.

It made sense for newspapers to praise a Chinese young man who had started his career in New York City. This was the birth of a new hero. New York was witnessing the miracle of someone realizing their dream.

The Hollywood Times also made pertinent comments about the film.

"The Dark Knight has broken away from other comic adaptations and become a complex, dark and meaningful film franchise."

"Qin Guan's performance has given the film a Hollywood Golden-Age aura. He beat all the previous films of the series and turned this one into a classic."

As a result, all the movie tickets were sold out two weeks before the film's first run in other countries. In China, the situation was even worse. Some crazy fans even slept in their sleeping bags outside the entrances of cinemas.

The owner of Wanda came up with a 24-hour cinema service, so one could now watch the film at any time, which eased the pressure considerably.

Screams rose and fell one after the other in all movie theaters. The men who had gone there for the superhero were scared. The new Superman film had also premiered during the same period. Eventually, the film's box office reached nearly 1.1 billion. Qin Guan had set a new record!

More and more people had the same thought.

It's Oscar time! Fame and merit go together!

By then, Qin Guan had been away from home for five months, so he had started to miss his wife and home. He couldn't stand this anymore! Even Wang Liying couldn't stop him from returning to China.

"Brother Qin! Boss Qin! Wait! You have been shortlisted for the next round of the Golden Globes! Don't you want to win the award?"

Qin Guan picked up his suitcase with a smile.

"I have already won a Golden Globe. Do I even need another one? I have spent too much time on this movie. I want to see my wife and baby!" Wang, who was holding on to his legs, slid down on the floor. Suddenly, a pair of black high-heels kicked Qin Guan down, making him land on his face. Hey! I have put up with you for a really long time! I want revenge, you rebel!

A pair of comfortable, cotton-padded shoes showed up before his face as he stopped abruptly.

It's… It's Wei!

Qin Guan was furious. Who had let a pregnant woman fly across the ocean?

"I asked them to keep it a secret. I came here for my award ceremony. I didn't want to distract you, but now it's all over. You finally stopped obsessing over your dream. I showed up at just the right time..."

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