Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei

Chapter 1

Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 1 Rebirth of a Gongzhu

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A girl wearily whipped her horse to go faster. Sherushed night and day without stopping through many prefectures. But when sherushed into the Imperial Palace, she was met with the cold broken bodies of herFuwang [Imperial Father] and Muhou [Imperial Mother] with her little brothertied up to threaten her. She crazily raised her sword to rush at the man shetrusted for eighteen years, the one she called Wangshu [Imperial Uncle]. Butbefore her sword could fall, numerous knives fell onto her body. Bloodsplattered and her arms and legs were cut off. Her body became scattered inpieces like her Fuwang and Muhou's. Nevertheless, her eyes never closed. Shestared, stared dead at that face, that gloating face with a cruel smile!

Ah! Ah!

A girl sat up in shock, the clothes on her bodysoaked in cold sweat. She clutched the injury on her chest tightly, glitteringteardrops falling from eyes.

She dreamed it again. She dreamed of her blood feud.She dreamed of Fuwang and Muhou's tragic deaths. She dreamed of the enemy whomshe hated with all her being, deep in her bones.

"Xiaojie [Unmarried Miss, Lady], what happened?" Anunfamiliar maidservant came in and carefully looked at her.

The girl glanced at her, her face graduallyrestoring its calm. She shook her head, "It's nothing. I had a nightmare.Where's XiaoLan?"

This maidservant was not her personal maidservant.She seemed to be a maidservant who does rougher work.

The maidservant looked anxious and could not speak.The girl coldly hmphed. Even with her toes, she knew what XiaoLan was doing. QiFu [Manor] must have sent people over and she went to report the situation.

XiaoLan failed in murdering Qi RongYue. She went toreport the situation to Nanny Li. Maybe in two days, she would try again.

Well — I am not your easily bullied andgood-natured Qi RongYue. I am the one wearing Qi RongYue's skin, ChuChaoGongzhu [Princess], Chu TianYu.

Three days ago, she opened her eyes in the bottom ofa cold lake. The feeling of being suffocated by the water pressure made hervery excited. She was alive, she was still alive. Although she was no longerChu TianYu, she was still alive. That's all that mattered, wasn't it?

She rose to the surface of the water. She saw, onthe shore, the originally proud smile on that face quickly become stiff. Shesmiled happily. Yes, she wanted this effect. She wanted those who harmed QiRongYue and Chu TianYu to pay the price.

From that day onwards, ChuChao Gongzhu turned intoQi RongYue, a brand-new Qi RongYue.

She waved the maidservant out. She slowly got downfrom the bed. Taking slow steps, a Gongzhu's prestige and aura emerged fromher. A cold light emerged in her indifferent eyes as they swept the room.

The pozi [older maid, woman] peeking from outsidefelt her trembled. Since she fell in the water last time, Da Xiaojie [Da: big,elder, first; Xiaojie: Unmarried Miss, Lady] seemed to have changed a lot. No,it was like she turned into a different person.

Was this still the old cowardly and weak Da Xiaojie?

Pozi's body couldn't help but shiver. She didn'tdare to peek anymore and left.

Qi RongYue's eyes swept over the window the pozi washiding behind. Her eyes grew colder.

She pulled opened the drawer on the table. There wasa box in the drawer. From memory, it seemed like this was the only item Qifamily's Da Furen [Married noblewoman, lady] was allowed to give her when shewas sent to this courtyard.

The box had two layers. There weren't many things inthe box. The first layer had some simple hairpins and bracelets. The secondlayer had some scattered silvers and two banknotes. The denominations weren't big,a hundred silvers written on the front. There was also a slavery contract. It wasXiaoLan's slavery contract.She pinched thisslavery contract, mouth raised in a cold smile. You harmed me?

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