Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei

Chapter 2 part1

Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 2 Slave-dealer, Part 1

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*"Xiaojie" [Young Miss, Lady, Mistress] (capitalized) is a proper noun, referring to someone specifically

"xiaojie" (lower-case) is a common noun, referring generally]

The next morning Qi RongYue woke up early, butdidn't get out of bed. She waited until XiaoLan came in with breakfast beforeshe pretended to look like she just woke up and got out of bed.

XiaoLan did not prepare hot water for her. Thecopper basin was filled with cold clear water. These past few days were thesame. An unfavored xiaojie, a xiaojie who had been kicked out of her house wasnot a true Xiaojie. Who would truly serve her? Even the fu's maidservants wereso negligent, not to mention others!

In the wintry last month of the year, she washed herface simply with the ice-cold water. Although she was a Gongzhu, she was notthe same as other Gongzhus. She had endured lots of bitter hardships. It wasn'tas if she hadn't washed her face with cold water before.

On top of the table were steaming hot meat buns, avery thick white congee, and two fragrant side dishes.

Her expression didn't change. She coldly sneered inher heart. She used to eat cold congee and cold dishes. When did she havesteaming hot buns? It's the meat, huh?

She suddenly smiled, "It's a rich feast today.XiaoLan, you sit too. Let's eat together."

XiaoLan hastily waved her hand. "No, no, no. How canthis slave sit together with Xiaojie? Yesterday, this slave did not understandthe rules. Nanny Li chided this slave. This slave does not dare!"

She didn't dare? She even dared to push her masterinto the water. Was there anything she didn't dare to do?

If there really was something she didn't dare to do,then it would be that she wouldn't dare to eat the things on the table!

"I tell you to sit, so you sit. This is not the fu. Who would care about it? We're mututally dependent on each other now. Why are you being so polite to me?"

Qi RongYue pushed a bowl of congee and a steaming meat bun in front of XiaoLan.

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