Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei

Chapter 3 part1

Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 3 Selling XiaoLan, Part 1

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A small smile appeared on Qi RongYue's beautifulface. "XiaoLan and I grew up together. We didn't have many good days in the fu.Now she followed me to this place to suffer. She had never done any rough workbefore. The maidservants here have their own duties and couldn't help her out.I want to buy another girl to help her, fearing that she will get tired!"

So it was like this. Wang pozi looked at XiaoLan andXiaoLan nodded at her. At this crucial time, it was better to do what Xiaojiewanted, lest she suspected them and ruined the plan.

Wang pozi had no misgivings towards XiaoLan's secretmission. She immediately left.

After four hours, Wang pozi returned with aslave-dealer from the city. Seven or eight girls walked out of the black shabbyhorse carriage. They were around fourteen or fifteen years old. Some still hadtear marks on their faces, some widened their eyes to look around and somedidn't care, as if they already accepted their fates.

The slave-dealer was a tall and thin middle-agedman. His face was pale yellow and his steps were slow. In ordinary people'seyes, he was a normal person. In Qi RongYue's eyes, he was a normal person whowas ill.

Wang pozi smilingly lead him to Qi RongYue'scourtyard. She had the girls stand in a row and introduced, "Xiaojie, this BossLi. His girls are top-quality. They are frequently sent to big residences."

Qi RongYue smiled and nodded towards Boss Li, "Isour Qi fu not a big residence?"

Boss Li busily nodded. Xuzhou prefecture's officialwas a fourth-rank official and a big residence. But why was this Qi fu xiaojieliving in such a run-down place? It should be the fu buying and sending peopleover here right?!

Qi RongYue did not care about Boss Li's thoughts.She only needed him to know that she was Qi fu's Xiaojie.

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