Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei

Chapter 3 part2

Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 3 Selling XiaoLan, Part 2

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Qi RongYue walked in front of the girls. She saw onewith a fearless expression. The girl was ordinary and small. But her eyes helda fearless momentum. She lightly smiled and pointed at the girl, "Her!"

Boss Li frowned but was secretly happy. That girlwas too bold with no discipline. Many people overlooked her. He was consideringwhether to sell her to a brothel at a low price, but he didn’t expect this QiXiaojie to pick her.

Qi RongYue said to the cheerful Boss Li, "You notonly sell girls, but you buy them too, right?"

Boss Li hurriedly nodded, "Yes, slave-dealers are inthe business of selling girls and pozis. Naturally, I also buy them."

Qi RongYue nodded. She pointed to XiaoLan, "What doyou think of this girl?"

XiaoLan's heart jumped. What did Xiaojie mean?

Before XiaoLan could question, Boss Li smilinglywaved his hand, "Qi Xiaojie is really joking. I can see with one glance thisgirl is your personal first-rank maidservant. Who sells their first-rankmaidservants? I can't afford it."

Qi RongYue was indifferent and airy. She said withoutanger, "You don't need to pay. Just take her in exchange."

Boss Li's face changed. This was a good deal.Xiaojie's personal maidservant would sell for at least 180 silvers. That roughgirl would at most be sold for ten silvers. He would make a fortune.

XiaoLan threw herself in front of Qi RongYue. Shegrabbed Qi RongYue's arm and screamed, "Xiaojie, you can't sell me. You can'tsell me. Furen… furen…she…"

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