Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei

Chapter 5 part2

Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 5 Why Aren't You Dead Yet? Part 2

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"It's Wei jiejie's [Literally: older sister, can beused to denote closeness] techniques that are good. Furen is so comfortableshe's almost asleep!" Jiang Yiniang said.

Wei Yiniang lightly smiled. "Jiang meimei's[Literally: younger sister, can be used to denote closeness] words sound likeshe's jealous!"

The two yiniangs teased each other. Da furen wasalso pleased and was about to participate in the conversation when she heardthe sounds of hurried footsteps.

Da furen saw Nanny Li with a gloomy expressionstriding over. Her heart tightened. Did it have something to do with thatplace?

She shook her body and told the two yiniangs, "You twogo back first. I'm tired."

The two yiniangs saw that Da furen and Nanny Li hadprivate words to say. They quickly curtsied and left.

Nanny Li then rushed to Da furen's side. Shewhispered into Da furen's ears.

Da furen's original ruddy face turned deathly white.She threw her hand stove to the ground, gritting her teeth. "She knows?"

Nanny Li was gloomy and shook her head. "Sheshouldn't know. Otherwise, how can she peacefully stay on the farmstead?"

Da furen's white hands wrung together. Her faceturned gloomier and her voice lowered, "Still not dead? Why aren't you deadyet?"

She took a deep breath and turned her head towardsNanny Li. "Go order the farmstead's pozi to move quickly. Before she finds outabout this matter, quickly take care of it. Next month would be Yin fu's establishmentof the marriage contract. If this darned girl doesn't die, it will delayXue'er's marriage."

"I absolutely won't allow it!" Da furen's originalcalm and elegant appearance was gone. Her face turned ruthless and sinister.Even the familiar Nanny Li could not help but shiver.

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