Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei

Chapter 6 part1

Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 6 Startled a Horse, Part 1

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Disregarding the cold weather, Nanny Li rushed out ofthe fu. She came to a farmstead in the outskirts of Pengcheng. She entered thefarmstead and saw a nervous Wang pozi.

Wang pozi saw Nanny Li came and rushed over. Shelowered her voice, "Nanny Li, you're here!"

Nanny Li frowned. Something else happened?

"Xiaojie just went out!" Wang pozi's face wassorrowful. She carefully looked at Nanny Li. Sure enough, Nanny Li's facedarkened. "What did you say? How can you let her go out?"

Wang pozi shrunk her neck, helpless. "Nanny Li, Ialso know to not let her casually go out. But she is Xiaojie. I can only adviseand dare not stop her!"

"She went out alone?" There was no use focusing onthese issues. Finding the person was the main point.

Wang pozi shook her head, "She went with her newmaidservant. I also arranged a maidservant to go along too."

Nanny Li's gloomy face loosened a bit. Fortunatelythis woman sent someone to follow along. She's not stupid.

The two were talking when a girl frantically raninto the farmstead. Wang pozi saw and angrily said, "This girl! Didn't I tellyou to follow Xiaojie? Why did you return alone?"

The maidservant was pale. She grabbed Wang pozi'shand, "Nanny Wang, something happened. Xiaojie startled a gongzi's [young sir,son of nobility or official] horse. The gongzi fell down from the horse.There's a lot of blood. I'm afraid he's dead!"

Wang pozi was so surprised so almost jumped. "Where?Where is it?"

"At the end of the road near the farmstead!"

Nanny Li pulled the girl, "Xiaojie? Where is she?"

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