Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei

Chapter 6 part2

Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi FeiChapter 6 Startled a Horse, Part 2

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The girl shook her head. "I…I don't know. When Ileft, she was still there. Now… now…" She was in shock and babbling.

Nanny Li shook off her hand and shouted at her forbeing useless. She told Wang pozi, "Quick, capture Xiaojie. We cannot let herrun away." Nanny Li thought very quickly. She had been in the household a longtime. She had done many things, but murder was the first time. The party inquestion was a Xiaojie. If things were spread out, she's afraid that she [NannyLi] would be the first one in trouble.

Now that Xiaojie got herself in trouble, she couldwash her hands cleanly of this matter.


"Xiao…Xiaojie, what do we do?" Xue'er was so scared,her legs were weak. She had never seen so much blood since she was born.

Qi RongYue knelt down besides the richly-dressedgongzi. She inspected his wounds and told Xue'er, "Quickly, get some twigshere."

Xue'er left. Qi RongYue withdrew a handkerchief andpressed it tightly against the gongzi's wound. She pulled out the daggerhanging on the gongzi's waist and cut out some cloth. She used it to quicklybandage his wound, lest he lost too much blood. Or if he didn't die, then hewould still lose half his life.

If she had a silver needle, she could hit hisacupuncture points and halt the bleeding. Unfortunately, without proper tools,no matter how good her medical skills were, it was useless.

Xue'er came back from a small grove, holding a pileof dead branches. Qi RongYue picked out some appropriate ones and set them onthe gongzi's lower leg. She took his belt and wrapped the branches tightlyaround his calf.

The sounds of horses and a man shouting came near.

A young boy rushed to the side of the unconsciousgongzi. He saw the pool of blood on the ground and almost fainted due tofright.

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