Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Grocery Basket

A silver SUV parked outside the grand doors of Total Entertainment.

The journalists who had been waiting by the door all swarmed forward at this time, and the cameras flashed blindingly.

Six burly security guards immediately came over to ensure the safety of area outside the car door.

A few impatient journalists had already started to yell.

"Mr Bai, do you have any explanation for the news report today?"

"Is the watch on your wrist real or is it an A grade replica Mr Bai?"

"What's your thoughts on purchasing an A grade replica? Mr Bai can you say a few things?"

"Mr Bai shouldn't you make some explanation as to where you were sleeping last night? The fans are very curious ah!!"

Bai Lang ensured that his sunglasses were worn correctly on his nose. He didn't delay but opened the door of the car decisively.

The lights of cameras flashed like crazy and the voices of the journalists became even more piercing.

"Mr Bai, can you please reply to our questions!?"

"These are all the fan's questions, Mr Bai shouldn't you respond properly ah!?"

"Mr Bai, can you please let us know who your patron is ah!? Or is it only that you're deliberately trying to create news to promote yourself!?"

"I want to ask about the day your car sped in the city Mr Bai, are you creating dangers for the public!?"

In the face of these aggressive questions, Bai Lang acted as Fang Hua had instructed him on the phone. His footsteps didn't stop and he only smiled slightly and waved his hand. "Thank you for everyone's concern. Hope everyone has a good day."

The cameras flashed blindingly.

"Mr Bai, today you are still wearing that watch ah!!"

"Mr Bai do you really like this watch or is it some special significant gift!?"

"Mr Bai you're wearing a diamond watch and living in a luxurious residence but have you given anything to your family!?"

"Mr Bai, can I ask what dish you made that night!?"

This question of a particular publication made Bai Lang pause. He turned around and looked for the person who has asked the question.

This caused the crowd of journalists being restrained by the security guards to go into frenzy, fighting with each other as to who could scream their question the loudest.

Very quickly, Bai Lang found the young woman wearing thick-rimmed glasses. She was being squeezed inside the crowd with her head full of sweat. In her hand she held a microphone asking her own question, trying to get his attention.


Bai Lang smiled it. Under her shocked and joyful gaze, he turned around and walked into the company.


When Bai Lang walked into Fang Hua’s office, there were seven or eight newspapers spread out over her desk.

The newspapers were all entertainment publications and they were all filled with Bai Lang's pictures.

The articles accompanying the newspapers mostly contained the same questions that Bai Lang had been asked outside.

A large amount were candid photos taken from all angles while Bai Lang, wearing sunglasses, was shopping in a supermarket.

In them Bai Lang was wearing a dark blue lined with silver shirt paired with gray trousers. His sleeves were rolled up and in one hand he held a grocery basket. It was clear that the photographs were taken by the same person and then distributed to the various large publications.

Among them, the largest and clearest photo of Bai Lang was published by the entertainment news giant Morning Star.

In the headline photo of the Morning Star, Bai Lang was still dressed this same way. But in the photo, Bai Lang was picking up a box of refrigerated raw meat. He had his head lowered and he was intently looking at the packaging. So the photograph just happened to show clearly the diamond watch on Bai Lang's wrist.

Perhaps because at this time Bai Lang happened to become still so this photograph was especially clear and good looking.

The refrigerated section had bright lighting, and cast on Bai Lang's skin the same effect as camera lights, it was very beautiful. His slightly lowered head showed his beautiful back of his head as well as the elegant line down to his neck. Contrasting with this elegant visage was the ordinariness of holding the grocery basket. It was a very fascinating image.

So the first thing that Fang Hua saw Bai Lang the first words she saw wasn't her worries, but instead her admiration. "If Hong Hong didn't let me know in advance then I would also think this was being deliberately done by you. Look at it, these photos practically look like advertisements. How can they be so beautiful?"

Bai Lang laughed. He picked up a copy and had a look. "This little brother is indeed talented. Should we pay him? This is good promotion."

Fang Hua couldn't help nodding her head in agreement. "You haven't even seen the messages left on the company's website. The majority of the fan's discussion is about the eggs and tofu you have in your basket. As for your patron and your diamond watch, they can't compare to the groceries you have in your basket. I'm really worried about whether this person that took the photos of you secretly can get the payment for their services or not." {T/N: Since most likely this person took the photos for the purposes of smearing BL's name.}

As for why Bai Lang didn't have his own online social platforms, it was because when Fang Hua had raised the subject, Bai Lang had rejected it. He expressed he wasn't the type of person who knew how to express himself in writing. He said the things he wrote were very dry and boring. Then since someone else would have to do the writing for him, what was the point of all the bother? If the fans wanted to leave messages for him they could use the company platforms. However as for in person meet and greet events, Bai Lang would be happy to cooperate and appear.

Bai Lang smiled as he raised his head. "Since the photos have this kind of effect, perhaps the danger can be turned into an opportunity."

Fang Hua saw his reaction and raised her eyebrow. "It looks like you're not worried at all?"

Bai Lang shrugged. "Since this opponent clearly wants to follow until the end, there's no use to being worried."

Fang Hua looked again at the newspapers on her desk. Then a thought suddenly flashed through her head. She said suspiciously, "Don't tell me…. you deliberately dressed like this and went to the supermarket to let them take shots of you?"

Bai Lang smiled. "Openly letting them take photos, the effect will definitely look better."

Shock spread through Fang Hua. This kind of technique was not something a new person ought to have. If he could control the setting and timing of the photograph meant that at other times Bai Lang was also able to control his movement and position so that different photographs could not be taken…

Thinking of this Fang Hua couldn't help but think about the report that Chen Song (Bai Lang's previous manager) had given her. What it said in there about Bai Lang's working ability clearly did not match the things she had seen with her own eyes.

Hiding her suspicions in her heart, Fang Hua gave Bai Lang a stern glare. "But remember, there can't be a next time. If something like this arises again, you must tell me at the first opportunity."

"Yes. I've given Sister Fang a lot of trouble. I apologize." Bai Lang apologized obediently.

Fang Hua nodded. "Then let's not mince words. Next I'll let you know about the company's response plan."

Bai Lang agreed but internally he sighed. In his previous life's three trials, he had never gotten this kind of service. But this time Fang Hua immediately jumped out to help him manage it. He felt reassured but at the same time complicated. Resources could only be given to those who brought profits. This was the cruel reality.

"Before I start, I should compliment you. The way you dealt with it was very good." Fang Hua suddenly smiled. "This kind of deliberately letting them take photos feeling is very good at misleading the media. Thus, we can definitely continue to let them think this situation is our deliberate self-promotion activity and make everyone think that this was our original purpose."

"Sister Fang what do you intend to do?" Bai Lang didn't feel surprised.

This was also Bai Lang's plan. Since he couldn't hide from them, then it was better to turn the situation around to make people suspect that he was trying to deliberately promote himself. Of course, if he did this on his own the effect would not be very realistic, but if the company added their weight, then the entire matter would become much more believable.

He wasn't scared of the original paparazzo who took the photos to jump out and deny the fact. Because if the other person did that then they would be definitely cutting off their own back path. The rewards were little but the dangers were large. Hence Bai Lang was not afraid to go do what he wanted, the purpose was to reduce the damage to the barest minimum.

Fang Hua continued to speak, "These days I have been carefully reviewing some scripts for you in order to arrange work after you finish filming "Partners". Now that this situation has arisen, then I don't have much choice. Even if it's a little risky, however I think this is the most suitable solution."

After she finished speaking Fang Hua took out a document from her table and passed a thick script to Bai Lang.

Bai Lang took it and his movement visibly paused. The reason was because of the Director's name on the front page.

Fang Hua saw Bai Lang's surprised face and explained, "Zhu Kuan. I know it's a Director you've never heard of. Right now in China he hasn't made any movies, however he has been filming documentaries for many years in overseas non-profit organizations. He has some small fame. This time his good friend invited him to come back to China and wanted to invest in his filming a movie related to custom suit making. But because Zhu Kuan's name is too new and films are different from documentaries, established actors don't want to take this risk. However people who have too little experience also do not fulfill the requirements of this role and so casting has been stuck at an impasse. I know that the first movie for a newly debuted actor is very important, however this role is fortunately…."

Bai Lang couldn't help interrupting her. "I'll do it."

Fang Hua paused and raised her eyebrow. "I haven't reached the important point yet."

"Sorry for my impatience," Bai Lang smiled. "However I do know of Director Zhu Kuan. I've seen his documentaries before and really like them. I didn't think that I would have an opportunity like this so quickly."

In his past life, after Zhu Kuan had taught Bai Lang so much, Bai Lang had naturally watched Zhu Kuan's entire collection of works. So Bai Lang knew that when Zhu Kuan was forty-something, he had come back to China to film his first movie. However that movie, because of shortage of funds in the middle of filming and an inability to find new investors, fell through.

Although Zhu Kuan's talent was immediately discovered upon his second movie, however the failure of his first movie was one of the reasons that led to the dragging down of his friend's textile company. Many years later Zhu Kuan was still affected deeply by it. He blamed himself for not giving his friend more warning and letting him suffer so many losses. Luckily Zhu Kuan's friend was an understanding person and their friendship didn't change because of this. When Bai Lang heard it he felt very envious.

"Oh? You watch documentaries too? So you're interested in this film?" Fang Hua felt herself become suspicious again. Documentaries had a small audience and Zhu Kuan's documentaries were not easy to find.

"Yes." Bai Lang smiled sincerely. "I'm becoming more and more interested."

This smile made Fang Hua still. However it also reassured her. Even if she couldn't completely see through Bai Lang however as long as his interest was genuine then Fang Hua could believe that Bai Lang was going to become a good actor. At the very least he wasn't a lazy one.

"That's very good." Fang Hua nodded her head, satisfied. "However the reason I have for picking this script is not because of Zhu Kuan but because of the male lead in the script. The male lead's background is someone who comes from a wealthy and prominent background, the kind of person who is so rich they can not work for their entire life. From a young age he enjoyed every single type of luxury, however he was betrayed by his closest relatives. After he lost everything he became a custom suit maker and began to again revolve in the circles that he was once a part of."

"So in order to research this role I have to experience what it is like to be wealthy?" Bai Lang asked.

"That's right. In the story, the male lead is described as always having the kind of elegance that belongs to the upper echelons of society." Fang Hua smiled as she explained. "This is an important point in the role, juxtaposing his job and fallen station in life with his demeanor. In order to grasp this point, you have to have a similar type of experience. We've already contacted the investors on their side. As long as you nod your head, then we can immediately issue a press release."

Bai Lang couldn't help but admire Fang Hua's efficiency. "Thank you Sister Fang."

Fang Hua sighed. "It's just that this type of role which needs to express a large conflict inside the heart, is really a bit too much for a newcomer like yourself. The investors over there have already backed down quite a lot. If not for the situation then I also don't want you to take such a large risk. So if there's any situations or if you need any type of resources, you can come look for me. You don't need to be polite. Got it?"

However Bai Lang already knew about the "situation" which would arise. "Sister Fang, do you know how much money this film will cost approximately?"

Fang Hua felt this question was a bit strange. "Right now the budget is around 35 million. However a lot of luxurious venues appear in this film. If the director doesn't manage it properly, I'm afraid the costs might blow out."

In his past life, Zhu Kuan had not carefully considered how much investment his first film would take. However right now even 1/10th of the 35 million was to Bai Lang a heavenly price. But now that he had encountered this opportunity, Bai Lang wanted to help Zhu Kuan avoid the regret of his past life. It would be a form of repaying him for everything he had done for him.

Under normal circumstances, from casting to filming there should be quite few months duration. He needed to this time to think of some ways… Bai Lang nodded in a distracted away. "Then if the journalists ask again, I'll just say everything is arranged by the company."

Fang Hua immediately added, "Oh but if it's about the apartment, you have to say it's due to your friend's help. There's a lot of other beady-eyed stars in the company. If they all want this kind of service then my head will explode."

Bai Lang smiled. "Okay, no problem."

"As for this friend," A smile floated onto Fang Hua's face. "He's waiting downstairs for you."

Bai Lang blinked his eyes. When he left the company, he saw in the first building's large reception area, Rong SiQi sitting on the sofa wearing earphones. In his hand was a backpack.

The reception area was a large grand room which had floor length windows. Right now the paparazzi who had been chasing Bai Lang before were now crowded by the window closest to Rong SiQi, furiously taking photos. Rong SiQi's face was completely cool as he tapped on his phone as though he couldn't even see them.

It was only when the elevator made a [ding] noise that Rong SiQi finally raised his head to look over there. When he saw Bai Lang come out of the elevator, he immediately packed away his earphones into his bag, looking as though he had come here specifically to wait for Bai Lang.

Bai Lang's heart felt warm. He walked over with a smile. It wasn't that Bai Lang felt like an old person, but because he had seen the mature Rong SiQi ten years later, now when he saw the nineteen year old version, he kept having the strong feeling of seeing a little brother.

Bai Lang didn't question him. He only smiled in a helpless way. "Sister Fang said I have to let you help me with this mess. I'm sorry to trouble you."

Other than his genius musical talent, one of the other primary reasons that Rong SiQi was treated so preciously by Total Entertainment, was because of his family background.

The Rong family was a dragon in the entire country's aviation business. Rong SiQi was also the youngest child in his generation of the Rong family. Above him was an elder sister and two older brothers. The youngest one was still older than him by more than five years. In the family he was treated like a precious pearl or jewel. However this type of protective upbringing had made Rong SiQi very awkward when dealing with the outside world.

Rong SiQi's family upbringing was something that was dug up by journalists several years after he had become famous. Right now when he had just debuted, everyone only knew that he came from a wealthy family.

Rong SiQi coolly shook his head. "It's not any trouble. My family lives in A building. Brother Lang, which one do you live in?"

"D building, on the 8th floor." Bai Lang gave him his address.

"En. Sister Fang told me to take brother Lang's car. Let's go." Rong SiQi shouldered his backpack and prepared to walk out.

Bai Lang glanced the paparazzi who were still crowded outside furiously taking photos. He could vaguely hear the din of their yelling coming through the thick glass.

Bai Lang patted Rong SiQi. "Let's wait inside for the assistant's car. If we go out now we'll be eaten alive."

Rong SiQi looked outside. There was another flash. He narrowed his eyes.

Bai Lang saw and took out the sunglasses that were hanging in front of his shirt. He gave it to Rong SiQi. "Wear these, your eyes aren't good. The flash will hurt them."

Rong SiQi paused. However he remembered he had come here to "show" his friendship, and so he took the glasses and put them on.

The next day, most of the entertainment publication's headline showed with this photo.

On the same day, UNI also released the first promotional materials for their new winter line: Bai Lang and Rong SiQi's jointly taken photographs.

The mature and gentle older brother, and the cool and genius little brother.

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