Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Mooncake

"Did you see UNI's advertisement clip last night!?"

"Of course I saw it! I watched it so many times! I even downloaded it."

"After I watched it I as so so excited. How come they match so well! Putting these two people together is pure genius!"

"Yes ah! Ah Qi is so cute. Using his wooden face to act spoiled. I bet he's like that at home too! Also Bai Lang! If my goddamn older brother could be 1% like him then I'll be happy to death!"

"I also kept that picture they took together in the newspaper, the one where Bai Lang's giving him the sunglasses!! Bai Lang looks so gentle and mature!! Also that picture where he's buying groceries, how can he look so handsome even when buying groceries!!"

"Hehe I have even clearer digital versions of those. That way I won't be scared of the paper getting torn."

"Please let me copy it ah. I'm not as good with these things as you."

"No problem. Then do you have time this weekend? I'm going to go shop at UNI!"

"I'm planning to go tonight, why wait til Saturday?"

"Oh wait for me. I need to work late tonight ah."

"Haven't you heard? The two colors of down jackets that Bai Lang and Ah Qi are wearing are limited edition! I need to go grab it before it sells out."

"Limited edition!" The girl gave a loud yell. "Why is it limited edition!?"

"Because all the stores are trying to grab stock ah, so they don't have enough. Once they sell it you can only go look for it in a different store."

"Then, then tonight can you help me buy it. Please I'm begging you! I want the cream colored one, size 3!"

"That's good, I want the purple one. Okay after I buy it, on Saturday we can wear it together to have tea."

"Haha, okay okay. You definitely need to get it."

"No problem. I'm planning to sneak out of work early."

"You irresponsible employee, I'm going to tell your team leader!"

"My team leader is worse than me! She already snuck out of work at lunch today!"


The candid photograph incident became like a promotional activity for Bai Lang. After the newspaper released the photos, combined with Total Entertainment's press release for Bai Lang, along with UNI immediately following up with a plethora of print and TV ads, it pushed Bai Lang's popularity to a new level. As for the rumors of him having a wealthy patron, it only circulted for one or two days.

Probably this was partly thanks to Rong SiQi's help. After all Rong SiQi had come out personally to support Bai Lang, the media chased them for many days to ask them about their relationship. However everyone was clear that without the company's approval, Rong SiQi would also not have the chance to express his friendship, so from this it could be seen that Bai Lang was not only a lucky newcomer but also someone who was being actively promoted by and important to Total Entertainment.

The most important thing was the success of UNI's advertisement.

This series of ads fully utilized and promoted everything that Rong SiQi and Bai Lang had to offer. Their original fans didn't need to be mentioned but even bystanders who previously didn't pay much attention to them, began to develop an interest.

As for this thing called "popularity", it was a very miraculous thing.

Once the wave was started, it would grow larger and larger.

Once the matter with the photos was resolved, Bai Lang became one of the most popular actors in "Partners". No matter if he was filming indoor or outdoor scenes, there was always journalists and fans at the locations trying to get close to him. This made Wu ShenEn so angry he was constantly locking himself up in his dressing room between scenes, putting up a silent protest.

However if one said it was only because of Rong SiQi that Bai Lang's path was so smooth, then it also wasn't accurate.

In the eyes of the fans, after he became friends with Bai Lang, Rong SiQi's image also became more fascinating. Also since "Partners" was broadcasted every day, Bai Lang's exposure was non-stop, and Rong SiQi's song from his latest album just so happened to be the ending song for the drama. This was a fortunate coincidence, binding the two names closer together.

As a result, the scriptwriters of "Partners" decided to change the plot of the script in order to add scenes for Bai Lang.

However it wasn't in the direction that Fan Shan wanted which was to add entanglements between him and the female lead Wu XinYa. Duh, if they changed something like that it would definitely make Bai Lang's fans angry. After all in the end Wu XinYa would still definitely end up with the male lead Lin QuanXi, giving the entire drama a happy and comedic ending.

So in order to not make Jiang XinCheng into cannon fodder, Scriptwriter Xu acted decisively. She instead blackened Chen MeiYu's character, letting Jiang XinCheng leave behind his bitter love for her so that he could move towards a new and better life together with his son Jiang Le.

As for Jiang XinCheng's happiness? They didn't need to worry about that. As long as his son Jiang Le was by his side, Jiang XinCheng became a fortunate star in the drama, it was enough to attract the audience's attention. In the latter half of the drama, Scriptwriter Xu added many scenes of Jiang XinCheng at work as well as between him and his son, changing it to a family-type storyline. The amount of scenes was just as many as the male lead Lin QuanXi so he pretty much became the second male lead and not a supporting male character.

When Wu ShenEn received the new script he was so angry that he kicked over a chair in front of his assistant. He also announced to everyone at Grand Media that if they so much as raised the name of Kang Jian in front of him, he would immediately cut ties with them. Because Kang Jian was a star of misfortune!!

However unlike what Wu ShenEn and Kang Jian thought, things had not nearly reached a conclusion.

They hoped that by taking candid photos of Bai Lang they would smear his name, or at the very least even if it didn't work, it would only be that they had troubled themselves for nothing. However what they didn't know was that in these few days the people that took photos of Bai Lang had already been investigated clearly by Hong Hong, including who had directed them behind the scenes.

The trail lead clearly back to the people beside Wu ShenEn.

The directions to the photographer had actually been to take a photo of Bai Lang along with his "male lover".

When Chou Qian heard this news, he laughed. He immediately remembered that morning when he had talked to Kang Jian on the phone. He almost never appeared in public with Bai Lang and Bai Lang's dating history until now had also been empty. So other that incident there should be nothing leading anyone to suspect Bai Lang's sexual orientation.

"It turns out that you and Kang Jian have bad blood and he acted even quicker than you. How do you want me to deal with these two people?"

Chou Qian asked this one night as he stood on the apartment's balcony. The breeze was in his face and hair and he was smoking a cigarette.

Bai Lang leaned against the wall. He looked at the far away lights. "I've already asked Sister Fang to help me deal with Wu ShenEn."


"I've asked Sister Fang to help make a connection for him and introduce him to a role in a different drama."

Chou Qian raised his eyebrow. "So nice?"

Bai Lang smiled slightly. "I know that in that crew there are people that love to take people to parties and use drugs. If no one speaks out that's fine but once it's found out then the entire production will be wasted. After all what they're filming is a righteous police drama." In his past life, this news had broken just as the drama was being promoted before broadcasting, dragging everyone involved down into the mud. Not only did they that but several months of hard work were entirely wasted.

Chou Qian drew in on his cigarette and then angled a look at Bai Lang. "Oh? How do you know that?"

Bai Lang shrugged. "A good friend told me."

Chou Qian looked at him then asked a question he was far more interested in. "Then what about Kang Jian?"

"Kang Jian's first movie is about to be released. The promotional activities is at the same time as mine and some of the places are the same. I won't let him off easily."

"Just like that?" Chou Qian waited but didn't hear anything more. He felt very dissatisfied. "You should at least take an eye for an eye."

"At this crucial time Kang Jian won't make any mistakes. It'll be a waste of time." Bai Lang also felt helpless. In his memory at this time Kang Jian's behaviour was extremely careful, Bai Lang actually couldn't think of anything to use against him. "Right now he probably wants to start filming some television dramas to increase his exposure. I don't mind fighting with him but I don't think Sister Fang would agree."

"Why? This method is workable."

For a boss like Chou Qian, it was something he could achieve in a single sentence.

Bai Lang raised his eyebrow. "Me and him, we aren't on the same level."

That cool look in that beautiful face was extremely tempting.

Chou Qian felt itchy. He snuffed out his cigarette and pulled the other man into his arms. He said, "Not bad ah. That's the right attitude. Let me deal with Kang Jian."

Bai Lang stilled. When Chou Qian sensed it he said, "What? I can't touch him?"

Bai Lang didn't get a chance to reply before Chou Qian suddenly grasped his chin, narrowing his eyes in a dangerous manner.

"Don't tell me that he's the kind of person that only you can bully, whom you won't let others bully?"

Even though Chou Qian was not able to find out the exact relationship between Bai Lang and Kang Jian, but just from their call history he could see that the two people had been in frequent contact for some time. This kind of non-transparent relationship made Chou Qian really feel very displeased.

Bai Lang heard what he said and laughed helplessly. "No. It's up to you. But make sure you don't finish him off completely, leave his last breath for me."

"Is this your method of begging for mercy for him" Chou Qian moved his fingers along Bai Lang's jaw.

Bai Lang grabbed his hand. "He stabbed me, so I need to return it to him."

Chou Qian smiled after he heard it . "It's like I have to beg you to help you."

Bai Lang rolled his eyes. He used a tried and true method. He reached forward and directly used his mouth the block Chou Qian's one.

Chou Qian have an involuntary grunt, he used both hands to crush the person against him, and immediately became an active participant in this activity.

What followed after temperatures swiftly rising and breathing quickly becoming rougher.

Even the coolness of the night breeze could not mask the heat.


In the coming days, other than filming "Partners", Bai Lang was very busy trying to complete all of the endorsements that Chen Song had helped him accept before. Some of the least influential ones had already had their contracts directly terminated by Fang Hua and the requisite damages paid.

Kang Jian's first movie's promotional materials were also released during this time. Just as in Bai Lang's previous life, the audience found his role likeable. However rather than being an important stepping stone for Kang Jian's career, in this life the audience didn't pay as much attention to it. This wasn't because of anything Bai Lang did but just because without the added effect of UNI's advertisement, Kang Jian's star couldn't fly up as much as before.

However during this time which can still be said to be a good start for Kang Jian, Chou Qian decided to intervene. He successfully stuffed Kang Jian into the same production that Wu ShenEn was about to be in (otherwise Kang Jian's fame would not be enough on his own), and even arranged for him a supporting role that appeared quite often.

After he sent people to investigate he discovered that Bai Lang's news was real. Since there was a ready-prepared trap, Chou Qian didn't trouble himself and just let Kang Jian and Wu ShenEn fall into misfortune together. This way even if the scandal over the drugs didn't eventuate, then Chou Qian could just use money to directly suppress the drama. It would be two birds with one stone and save him time and effort.

Plus, now everyone in Grand Media knew that Wu ShenEn hated Kang Jian. Letting Kang Jian go with Wu ShenEn to film together would definitely push Wu ShenEn into a temper tantrum, maybe someone as cunning as Kang Jian might even find a way to retaliate against him. That way the two dogs could bite at each other and both come up with a mouthful of fur. Chou Qian felt like these two people both had potential in this regard.

To Chou Qian these things were as easy as moving his mouth and using a couple of favors. After things were done, he immediately went to Bai Lang to show off his achievement. Bai Lang was grateful and his reward was very good. One plate of fried beef with spring onions, made with the highest quality wagyu beef.


A few weeks later "Partners" officially wrapped up filming.

In the press release after, Director Zhou ChunCai continuously sat by Bai Lang's side, smiling as he accepted interviews together with him. He was filled with praise for Bai Lang, saying that his acting had improved by leaps and bounds during the filming and that the best was yet to come. The new generation’s film emperors had a lot to look forward to.

The female lead Fan Shan very intelligently also stuck to Bai Lang's other side in order to win as much exposure as possible. She was wearing a wine red mini dress which showed off her shoulders, she looked small and delicately feminine. She stuck so close to Bai Lang she was pretty much on top of him. A handsome man and a beautiful woman together garnered plenty of attention and photographs.

Although Wu ShenEn chose to stand on the other side of Zhou ChunCai, however the microphones of most of the journalists were all concentrated between Zhou ChunCai and Bai Lang. It looked as though the male lead was Bai Lang.

It was unknown whether or it was intentional or not, but after Director Zhou, most of the questions were all aimed at Bai Lang. Bai Lang also didn't shy away and answered all the questions confidently. On the other side Wu ShenEn was so angry he gnashed his teeth, however on the surface he maintained a veneer of lofty elegance.

After all among the journalists, there were many waiting for Wu ShenEn to slip up. Before Wu ShenEn can be said to have some small fame and his temper wasn't good, he was at many times impolite to the press also. Among the press there was many people who nursed thoughts of revenge in their hearts.

Thus Wu ShenEn could only wait until the press release had come to a close before finding Bai Lang at the after party. He raised the glass of champagne in his hand and smiled insincerely.

"I'll remember you."

Bai Lang smiled demurely. He raised his glass too. "For every action there is a reaction." {T/N: Actually Bai Lang said a classical chinese saying: "来而不往非礼也", which means that if someone does something to you, it would be impolite not to respond in kind. But I wanted to keep it vague/poetic the way author intended it. This one was the closest I could think of.}

It was a long time afterwards before Wu ShenEn understood the meaning of those words.


That night the celebratory party was majestic and lively.

They had rented out an exclusive private club and the champagne flowed freely as though it cost nothing.

Everyone played well past midnight before finally leaving slowly and reluctantly.

After the high-spirited and extravagant evening, Bai Lang returned home alone to his lonely apartment.

He threw the key aside. There as a [pa] sound as Bai Lang also threw a heavy box onto the table.

This was something that Hong Hong had just given him. It was a box of mooncakes.

It was something that Bai Lang's parents had sent to the company and asked for people to pass onto him.

Bai Lang sat in the darkness. It was like he had woken up from a dream but somehow, the pain still lingered.

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