Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – Little Rabbit Steamed Bun

"—! Wu ow—-"

The punished Chou XiaoHai cried until his entire face was red. He looked extremely pitiful but he still clung onto Chou Qian's neck and refused to let go.

In the end Chou Qian was still a father. He hit until his heart softened however his mouth still wasn't good. "Looks like you really want me to attach a leash to your neck. Trust me I will do it. How many times have you run away now, you tell me!"

"Wuwu…." Chou XiaoHai miserably cried and rubbed himself against Chou Qian's head. "… Three times."

"My ass! It's five times!" Chou Qian added a few more slaps on Chou XiaoHai's butt. "If you run away again then mark my words, I won't come looking for you. You can run to where-ever you like and see if I care!"

Bai Lang watched this silently. It was a side of Chou Qian he had never seen before. He turned around and went to the kitchen to pour a glass of warm water. Chou XiaoHai had cried until his voice was hoarse and he had just eaten a pancake so he was probably thirsty. This way he could avoid hearing what he probably shouldn't listen to.

Chou XiaoHai hiccuped and said in a pitiful voice, "…. I won't run away. I just want to be together with daddy….."

"Didn't I tell you it's not convenient? I'm often not here," Chou Qian frowned. "Don't I always go back to see you? I also sign off on your homework every day." {T/N: I'm not sure about this, I believe it's like the parent has to sign off every day that the child has completed the tasks set by the teacher. I think can also be done online in some cases.}

"But, but I didn't see them ah. Every time it's when I'm sleeping." Chou XiaoHai's tears fell town non-stop.

"Ancestor, you can't blame me for your sleeping ah," Chou Qian said. "I'm also wondering if I gave birth to a pig for a child, how come everytime you're sleeping?"

"I'm, I'm not a pig!! It's only because I drink the soup that I fall asleep," Chou XiaoHai was so anxious he stammered. "I also don't like to drink it. Can you tell Auntie Yang not to make me drink the soup anymore."

Chou Qian's face went dark and he laughed coldly. "Auntie Yang works hard to make you soup every day and you don't like it? Are you some kind of young master? Me, your father, never had this kind of fortune. If you don't drink it I'll beat you."

Chou XiaoHai had thick skin and he wasn't scared of being hit. He raised his head and said in a loud voice, "If Daddy lets me live with him then I'll drink it!"

This topic came around again. Chou Qian felt impatient and stood up. "That's enough, let's go home. Anyway I'm going on an overseas trip soon. So if you want to run away again go ahead and run! No one will pay any attention to you."

At this time Bai Lang had just come out of the kitchen holding the glass. He saw Chou Qian holding Chou XiaoHai who was yelling, "I don't want! I want to go with you!". He handed over the glass.

"Drink this before you go. He probably wants to scream some more." Bai Lang said.

Chou Qian took the glass. "Do you have any earplugs? Lend me a pair."

The Chou XiaoHai who was in the midst of hollering suddenly stopped and stared at the glass. He suddenly pointed at Bai Lang and said to Chou Qian, "How about I stay here with Jiang XinCheng. He can help me do my homework. I, I'll wait here for daddy to come home! Okay? Okay? Okay?"

Chou Qian said, "What's the difference? If you're waiting for me, isn't everywhere the same?"

"I, I like Jiang XinCheng ma. Ah Zan also lives next door. I can go and find him to play!" Chou XiaoHai's fist clenched Chou Qian's collar.

Chou Qian looked at the Bai Lang who completely had no reaction. He suddenly turned around and asked his son, "If I let you live here, then you won't run away?"

Chou XiaoHai's eyes brightened. He nodded vigorously. "En! I won't run away! I'll wait here obediently till daddy comes home."

"Wait a minute," It was time for Bai Lang to feel things weren't right. "I can't take care of him. I don't have the time."

Chou Qian looked at him with an expression of "it's your fault for not speaking up earlier". He raised his eyebrow and said, "Don't worry. It's just for these few days while I'm overseas. Er Hong will help you take care of him." After he spoke, as though they'd reached the end of a discussion, he gave the glass to Chou XiaoHai. "Here, drink water."

Chou XiaoHai immediately drank it. He clutched Chou Qian's hand and made a [gu-lu-gu-lu] sound, afterwards he smacked his lips.

"Is there pancake left? I haven't finished eating it."

"….." Bai Lang could only silently take back the glass.


After things were settled, that night Hong Hong brought over Chou XiaoHai's luggage.

The luxurious apartment originally had four rooms with three living spaces. It was no problem to make room for a child. However Bai Lang, considering the importance of childhood education, wanted to sleep in the living room for the night however Chou Qian stopped him laughing loudly.

After spending a long time to put the overly excited Chou XiaoHai to sleep, Chou Qian locked the door. He immediately dragged Bai Lang over to the bed and did him a few times. The most inconvenient situations would create the most exciting circumstances. Chou Qian wasn't different from most men in this aspect. That night he was more passionate than ever.

Luckily Bai Lang had rested the whole day. He was able to survive after being tossed in this manner however as he sleepily drifted off, he still remembered to ask some questions.

"Are you leaving tomorrow?"

Chou Qian pressed closely against Bai Lang's naked back. He said in a lazy tone, "En."

Bai Lang closed his eyes to rest. "Will there be someone coming to look for your son?"

"What do you mean?"

"If someone comes looking for him, should I give or not give?"

Chou Qian laughed lowly. "If you have a question just ask it, don't beat around the bush."

"….Where is his mom?" Bai Lang sighed.

Chou Qian rewarded Bai Lang by biting his shoulder. "Ran away."

"Has Xiao Hai met her?"

"No impression ba. At that time he hadn't even stopped weaning. So don't give no matter who comes."

Bai Lang only wanted to ensure security. "Then Auntie Yang is?"

"Just the nanny," Chou Qian turned Bai Lang around. He couldn't help but feel pleased. "Are you investigating me, little white rabbit?"

"Will you let me investigate?" Bai Lang smiled.

"Aren't I completely naked waiting for you to investigate?"

Chou Qian laughed lowly and suddenly moved forward, beginning a new round of lovemaking.

Bai Lang thought he must have definitely asked the wrong question, so that's why he got "punished".


The next day Chou Qian first sent the happily jumping and hopping Chou XiaoHai to kindergarten then left for the airport. As for his destination Bai Lang wasn't clear either. Chou Qian hadn't said and Bai Lang hadn't asked. As long as he could be contacted on the phone, everything was okay.

After sending away these two people, Bai Lang stood in the finally quiet house and sighed for a long time. This morning there had been cries to wake up, brush teeth, wear clothes and eat food. He even had to pay attention to whether or not Xiao Hai had gone to the toilet… thinking that he had live like this for over ten days, Bai Lang had a feeling of aching back and a headache.

But comparatively, taking care of Chou XiaoHai let Bai Lang not have any time to feel sad during the mid-autumn time {T/N: Mooncake is eaten during mid-autumn festival}.

Bai Lang didn't have time to think about that box of mooncake. The night before Chou XiaoHai's gaze had fixated on it so Bai Lang had no choice but to open the box but then immediately saw it had passed expiry date. He didn't even have any time to think about it before immediately throwing it away to avoid Chou XiaoHai eating it. And then somehow, Bai Lang was not even sure if he had agreed, but today he had to use some little rabbit steamed buns in order to "pay back" this little young master. As for how this all happened, Bai Lang was also not quite sure.

Unexpectedly, the generous patron Chou Qian seemed to understand the difficulties of being a nanny. Before leaving he had expressed that there would be a big reward and hence he had placed a large amount of money into Bai Lang's card to express his thanks.

At this time Bai Lang realized that the money in the card was not for household expenses, but a "gift" from Chou Qian. Because that morning hadn't he told Chou Qian that he had spent the five million dollars and needed money?

Bai Lang was silent for some time. Originally he wanted to reject it but thinking about the future financial difficulties that "Outside Gold and Jade" would face, he clenched his teeth and under Chou Qian's difficult to read gaze and smile, he had accepted the money with his thanks. It wasn't a big deal to be thought of as a gold digger. After all Chou Qian's impression of him couldn't have been very lofty so there was no point in him making a big fuss.

So in the morning after Chou Qian left, Bai Lang wanted to firstly sort out his financial affairs.

According to what Zhu Kuan had told him in his previous life, the movie's financial problems arose when his friend's textile company ran into trouble and so the funding dried up. Bai Lang couldn't help but think about what during this time could affect a textile company's finances? A natural disaster? Sabotage? Or some kind of accident? But as for these things that had nothing to do with him and which happened ten years ago, Bai Lang really had no idea.

Then his only option was to try and make up the money himself. Bai Lang calculated. With Chou Qian's card, the money he had earned from his endorsements, as well as Bai Lang's recent jobs including UNI's, together it was only some 1.5 million. And more than half of that was Chou Qian's money.

This kind of money to an ordinary person was enough to live comfortably for a few years. However if he wanted to use to film a movie, it was probably as useful as a toothpick. There was also a lack of time. Of course Bai Lang knew ten years later which stocks were worth money. However it wasn't something that could be used to make a fortune in a mere few months. He needed a fast method of making money. Something that could make this 1.5million turn over a few times quickly. Only this way he could help Zhu Kuan.

Thus, Bai Lang turned to the internet and searched various news channels, including overseas. However he couldn't find any leads.

In relation to investment, Bai Lang really felt somewhat lost. In university his major was foreign languages. In this he had listened to Bai Li's advice that if he knew a foreign language he would definitely be able to find a good job. But actually that was completely untrue. Nowadays many people spoke foreign languages and most didn't have to go to a university to learn them. If it wasn't for the fact that he had accidentally stumbled upon an acting career, once he graduated from university, Bai Lang really didn't know if he would be able find a job, and at the most he would be somebody's secretary or translator.

And translating… eh, translating!?

Bai Lang suddenly remembered that sometime around this time, there was a series of books from G Country which became a phenomena that spread across the world. Afterwards it was translated into many languages and was a bestseller for many years and even became a movie. This book's author had no other works other than this series and was a small time post office employee. Thus he became famous extremely unexpectedly so that when the publishing editor afterwards was interviewed, he always smiled and said he felt like he had really hit the jackpot.

This wind of popularity was late a few months before it blew into China. Thus the publishing houses were late to try and buy its copyright. By that time this series of books had already become so dazzling that the publishing houses had no choice but to use a high price to gain its rights. There were many people gossiping on the internet and Bai Lang had a vague impression of it and he had even because of this stayed at home to carefully read over this series of books.

When he thought of his, Bai Lang's heart leapt. He immediately went to the website of the G Country publisher who was the first one to publish it and have its copyright. He scanned the site and saw that the first book in this series was listed in the promo for "next month's new books".

This expressed that this series of books still existed and it was just before the period of its popularity. The timing couldn't be better…

Bai Lang couldn't help but feel numb. It was liking falling into bed only to have someone place a pillow under his head. It was so smooth that he felt his scalp go numb.

But after he thought it about it more carefully, he was an outsider to the publishing world. Even if he only wanted to purchase the copyright in order to resell it later, he didn't have a clear idea how to earn money using it. If the series of books was only famous but didn't earn money, then wouldn't the 1.5million completely become foam?

Bai Lang's finger on the mouse stilled. His heart was filled with hesitation. Thus, he closed the website and continued browsing through the news.

But after looking around extensively, Bai Lang understood one thing. After all he was also an outsider in all other fields as well. He didn't have any insider knowledge and he didn't have any contacts. Other than in acting he didn't have any other knowledge. If right he had to make a blind investment, then wasn't everything the same? Thus while he was feeling impulsive, Bai Lang opened the website again and wrote an email.

After writing the email, Bai Lang's hand felt sweaty. He got up to drink some cold water to calm himself down. He also called Fang Hua.

Copyright was also something that was important in the entertainment circle. Thus Total Entertainment definitely had some industry knowledge and expertise. Bai Lang didn't mind sharing the opportunity with Total Entertainment. He only wanted to make this 1.5million grow as much as possible.

Of course after he called, the first thing that happened was Fang Hua yelled at him for not being professional and focusing on his acting. However she told Bai Lang to come by the company in a few days. She would call a meeting to discuss it. Bai Lang couldn't help laughing helplessly. The fact that he had this kind "insider person" service, of course he knew who to credit.

After finishing talking to Fang Hua, Bai Lang told himself to calm down and carefully read over his script. He also completed his daily exercises. At this time Hong Hong called. It was almost time for school to finish. They had to go pick up Chou XiaoHai.

Bai Lang knew how to drive himself. Btu thinking about Chou XiaoHai's safety, it was better to bring Hong Hong along so Bai Lang didn't reject his offer. Of course he could also tell Hong Hong to pick him up by himself, after all Chou XiaoHai recognized Hong Hong. However thinking about Chou XiaoHai's trusting gaze, Bai Lang picked up his jacket and sunglasses, and prepared to be Jiang XinCheng once again.


Just as he thought, when he came to the kindergarten there was a chorus of, "Oh, it's Jiang XinCheng!!" "It's Jian XinCheng ah!!" "Where's Jiang Le!!?""Hello Father Jiang!!" All of the young voices called him and Bai Lang received a very enthusiastic welcome. The time of "Partners" broadcast often landed during dinner for young children, so Bai Lang had a large group young audience members who watched the show with their mothers.

Chou XiaoHai held Bai Lang's hand. He announced proudly, "My daddy told him to come pick me up. I'm going home now ah."

Under a gaggle of envious looks and cries, Bai Lang smiled and waved at the teachers and students and also gave away a few signatures. Only then could he successfully take Chou XiaoHai out of the kindergarten.

After exiting the gates, Chou XiaoHai held Bai Lang's hand. He turned his head and said, "Later we're going to buy little rabbit steamed buns right? Daddy said you would buy it for me."

Every sentence contained the word "daddy". Actually what Chou XiaoHai wanted was just Chou Qian's care wasn't it?

Bai Lang smiled. He rubbed Chou XiaoHai's little head. "Yes."

However when he raised his head he saw there was a person blocking his path.

"Are your Mr Bai? I think it's better if you let me take Xiao Hai home ba."

It was a elegantly dressed slightly plump woman. She smiled at Bai Lang in a friendly manner.

{T/N: No it’s not the mom. BL’s luck isn’t that bad lol.}

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