Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Chou XiaoHai

"The recently hotly popular drama "Partners for Life" has completed filming. Last night a celebratory party was held at the Rong Hua Club. The crew and actors all gathered to let their hair down. They are all very excited about the fact that "Partners" has garnered the highest ratings ever in the 6PM to 7PM slot…"

"… The Director Zhou ChunCai enthusiastically proclaimed that the success of the drama was due to the miraculous writing of the scriptwriter, the wonderful acting of the new generation of young actors, as well as the encouragement and advice given by the audience online. He also expressed his personal opinion that the actor for Jiang XinCheng, Bai Lang, has grown a lot during the filming and that he has extraordinary talent. As a Director, this is something Zhou ChunCai feels very proud of…."

In the early morning entertainment news broadcast, the screen was showing various clips of Bai Lang.

Under the continuously flashing bright lights, Bai Lang who was wearing a black suit looked tall and slender, beautiful and handsome.

His clean and bright eyes smiled in a friendly manner and seemed just as kind and intimate as on the UNI advertisement. It really made people feel very happy in their hearts.

Kang Jian sat in front his television. He put down the newspaper and stared at the Bai Lang on the screen.

A few months ago, that person had also smiled at him in his manner. In fact the smile was even more genuine, close enough to touch….

That's why Kang Jian had been thinking a lot. Thinking about why the good-tempered Bai Lang had suddenly become cold towards them. Wu ShenEn said it was because Bai Lang had become famous however from the bottom of his heart Kang Jian didn't really believe this. From their period of contact before, he was confident in his instinct that Bai Lang wasn't this kind of materialistic person. Also the timing was not quite right.

However his animosity on the set that day was real.

Even his gaze had been very cold, there wasn't a hint of any pretense.

… so, was it because his desire had been detected by Bai Lang?

Kang Jian remembered the last time he and Bai Lang had met prior to seeing each other on set that day. It was when he had taken a carton of beer over to Bai Lang's apartment to chat.

That evening, he had tried to persuade Bai Lang to drink with him however Bai Lang had stubbornly refused to touch the alcohol. Kang Jian's plan of making Bai Lang drunk was not successful however he himself had used to alcohol to pretend to be in a drunken state. Using this excuse, Kang Jian had pressed Bai Lang down and during the play struggle, his lips had brushed by Bai Lang's face. He was becoming more and more interested in Bai Lang. Every time he saw him his heart felt itchy so finally he was beginning to lose control.

However Kang Jian had just managed to keep it within the bounds of "normal". The next day when he had called Bai Lang as usual to chat, Bai Lang didn't seem unusual. This made Kang Jian feel reassured.

That's why originally Kang Jian hadn't thought this was the reason. However now, in the face of Bai Lang's continued rejection, Kang Jian could only think of this.

In addition, Kang Jian was pretty sure that the person at the other end of that phone call could only be Bai Lang's lover.

Early morning, a nasally voice, taking a shower, the mobile phone nearby. Every sign was indicating this. Bai Lang and that person had definitely slept on the same bed the previous night, otherwise why would the other person pick up his phone?

When thinking of this, Kang Jian felt a dark sensation of jealousy.

Was it for that person that Bai Lang wanted to draw a clear line between the two if them?

If that was true then he could "forgive" Bai Lang for treating him this way. He also liked loyalty in a lover. Bai Lang's personality was originally very much to his taste.

However it was only a pity that Bai Lang wasn't his… no, there was still time.

In this circle people got together and broke up all the time. He has had to be patient and there would definitely be an opportunity.

Then at that time Bai Lang would no longer reject his overtures, and they could start again from being friends…

He just had to develop himself well and not be thought of by others at that time to be trying to use Bai Lang for his fame.

He had confidence that one day he could stand gloriously by Bai Lang's side.

Kang Jian placed his hand into his pants, rubbing while his breathing sped up.


The next day after the celebratory party, Bai Lang woke up very late on the apartment's king sized bed. He blinked in confusion for a few moments because he couldn't remember how he had fallen asleep last night.

He pressed his fingers against his swollen eyes and looked left and right. The other side of the bed was very messy. The black suit he was wearing last night was crumpled into a ball and was on the floor.

Bai Lang got up and carefully hung up that expensive suit before slowly making his way to the bathroom to shower.

After "Partners" concluded filming, the endorsement deals that Bai Lang had previously signed had also pretty much been completed. In the coming days, other than Zhu Kuan's movie "Outside Gold and Jade", Fang Hua had not arranged much work for Bai Lang.

In her opinion, Bai Lang's recent exposure rate had been enough. After this "Partners" would still be broadcasting for one more month before reaching is grand finale and with the addition of all the endorsement deals, it was time to slightly reel things in a bit. Too much exposure might make the audience sick of him.

This gave Bai Lang a small break to rest well. However Fang Hua had given him some homework. She had told Bai Lang to read the script for "Outside Gold and Jade" thoroughly. She had also found a very famous custom suit shop and told Bai Lang to go there to have a custom suit made, and at the same time to observe the other person doing their work. Of course the method Fang Hua had also arranged trainee lessons for him.

However today Bai Lang decided he was going to have a rest.

Because he had still not decided how to deal with the box of mooncake sitting on the table.

Or he should say he already had an answer but when enacting it, he once again had the feeling of reopening his old scars.

After returning from T City, Bai Lang had changed his address as well as his phone. However he had continued to use the some mobile phone number.

However until this day, his family had never tried to call him to explain the matter with the cheque. Actually they had not said anything at all.

And now suddenly this mooncake box had floated here, what was the meaning of this?

Was it to remind Bai Lang that even though he had been reborn, he still didn't have a real family?

Discovering that he had been staring blankly at the mooncake box for some time, Bai Lang shook his head. He decided to get rid of the mooncake. Out of sight, out of mind.

However just as he reached out his hand, the doorbell that had practically never been used, rang.



When he opened the door, Bai Lang stilled in surprise. Because there wasn't anyone outside.

Then a milky, tender voice suddenly said, "I'm here ah. Where are you looking?"

Bai Lang looked down and saw a approximately five or six year old boy. His head was raised and was currently staring at him unblinkingly.

Bai Lang blinked. "….who are you looking for? This is D block, level 8." Was he lost?

The little boy shouldered a large backpack. His two hands were clutching the two straps. His expression looked a little apprehensive. "You, you're Jiang XinCheng right?"

… was it a little fan? Bai Lang couldn't believe it but when he looked around he still couldn't see anyone else.

This was a luxurious apartment where each floor only had one residence. After exiting the elevator, the only door was this one.

Bai Lang could only kneel down. He said carefully, "Yes, I am. Where's your mom and dad? How come you're by yourself? Who brought you here?" This place had top security after all.

The little boy's chin moved. He said loudly, "I, I came here to find my daddy. Let me in!"

Bai Lang blinked in confusion. "Your daddy? Who? What's your name?"

"My, my name is Chou XiaoHai," The little boy swallowed his saliva. It was clear that he was very nervous however his voice wasn’t soft. "My daddy is Chou Qian. The car you get driven in is my daddy's. I, I know about it!"

Bai Lang opened his mouth. A few moments later he had no choice but to invite this little ancestor in.


After he came in, the first thing Bai Lang did was go to the kitchen to prepare half a cup of ice milk. At the same time he called Chou Qian however Chou Qian's line was engaged. He called three times then gave up.

The kid who called himself Chou Qian's son Chou XiaoHai at this time had taken off his bag. He had obediently climbed on top of the sofa and while swinging his little legs, was looking around full of curiosity.

Bai Lang came back to the living room and handed the cup over. "Do you want some milk?"

Chou XiaoHai nodded. He immediately took the cup however the cup was too heavy and his hand slipped slightly. Bai Lang immediately helped support him so Chou XiaoHai simply held Bai Lang's hand and [gu-lu-gu-lu] swallowed all the icy milk inside the cup. Just before he had seen the child's lips were very red and Bai Lang had guessed he was thirsty. When Duo Duo had been on set, his mother had also taken care of him like this.

Bai Lang took out a tissue and wiped the milk moustache around Chou XiaoHai's mouth. Chou XiaoHai obediently blinked his eyes and complied with him, then he even stretched out his hand and said his hands also needed a "rub rub". Bai Lang changed the tissue and cleaned it carefully.

"Okay, now you need to tell me why you came here to find your daddy? Have you told your family members?"

Bai Lang was kneeling in front of the sofa, looking up at this little master.

In his previous life at the time of his death, everyone in the company knew that although boss Chou Qian didn't have any marriage history, however he had a son. The age was unknown.

Most likely because of the Chou family situation, Chou Qian had hidden his son very deeply. He had never appeared in front of other people.

Bai Lang's stern expression made Chou XiaoHai wilt a little. He drew his chin in and looked innocently at Bai Lang.

"I, I came with Ah Zan. He lives next door so I came in his family's car…"

Chou XiaoHai had thick brows and large eyes, it was possible to see Chou Qian's shadow. However his round face was much cuter.

Bai Lang raised his eyebrow. "Who is Ah Zan?"

"Ah Zan sits next to me at school," Chou XiaoHai immediately replied in a more energetic tone. "His name is Rong Zan. He know a lot. We are really good friends!"

Once Bai Lang heard the surname "Rong", he touched his face. He thought this world is very small.

Rong SiQi had just not long ago told him that the residence they had here was lived in by his second brother after he had gotten married. They had bought a few levels. Other than his second brother's home, Rong SiQi also had a floor to himself. However normally Rong SiQi still lived in the Rong family's villa in the suburbs. That day when Rong SiQi had come with Bai Lang here, he had gone to look in on his second brother…

So Bai Lang was able to surmise that this kid had obviously seen him on TV, otherwise he wouldn't call him Jiang XinCheng, and had then found out where he lived from Rong Zan. Then he had seen his car which had been shown on various publications and realized that he knew his daddy. So then he had come here to look for his dad? This was a very rough set of related events, he really couldn't make it up.

Bai Lang sighed. "Then have you told anyone that you came here? Do you remember your house's phone number?"

Chou XiaoHai shook his head vigorously. "No, don't! Auntie Yang won't let me come. She will scold me. Don't call her. I don't want to talk to her!"

Bai Lang was again speechless. He could only pick up his mobile and keep trying to call Chou Qian. He didn't know if he was because Chou Qian had received news of his son's disappearance and was trying to call around furiously but his phone was always constantly engaged. Bai Lang tried numerous time. Chou XiaoHai simply stared at him, his lips quivering wordlessly.

"I, I just came to ask you to help me with my homework. After I finish it I'll go home ah."

Bai Lang looked at Chou XiaoHai's disappointed face. "What kind of homework made you come all the way here to ask me to help you?"

"…. Jiang XinCheng always accompanied Jiang Le to do his homework. Since you know my daddy, you, you can accompany me right?" Chou XiaoHai bit his lip. His head was lowered and he kicked his legs.

Bai Lang looked at his little head and suddenly understood something. "Isn't it better to ask your daddy to accompany you?"

Chou XiaoHai used his little fingers to scratch the sofa. "Auntie Yang says daddy is very busy and not to bother him. It's okay if you accompany me, then daddy will come later…. Daddy will come to pick me up right?" After he spoke Chou XiaoHai looked up at Bai Lang eagerly.

The wide and trusting innocent gaze made Bai Lang's heart feel a twinge of pain.

Because in front of the sofa where Chou XiaoHai was sitting, was the mooncake box that Bai Lang had been deliberating about whether or not he should throw away.

Some people wanted it, but they couldn't have it. But others clearly possessed it, but they didn't treasure it. {T/N: BL is referring to family love.}

Bai Lang thus changed his method and fired off a quick message to Chou Qian. [Your son is here. You come personally to get him.]

After he sent the message, Bai Lang rubbed Chou XiaoHai's little head. "Let's eat first then do homework and wait for your dad."

Chou XiaoHai raised his head. His eye were bright with joy and surprise.

"What do you like to eat? Curry? Fried chicken? Steamed egg? Or something else?"

Bai Lang listed a whole list of things that children often liked to eat.

Chou XiaoHai gave him a big, dumb smile. "Pancake with spring onion!"


Bai Lang sighed. This was really a father and son.


Half an hour later, Chou Qian appeared with a black face.

Chou XiaoHai spat out the pancake with spring onion that was still in his mouth, then very intelligently ran to hide behind Bai Lang's legs.

However he was immediately pulled out by Chou Qian and without any warning was beaten vigorously. Large slaps landed on his buttocks, fully reflecting his family's style.

{T/N: Uh so in China it's very normal to hit your kids. It's not considered to be anything horrible (unless done to an extreme extent), just a normal part of discipline and parenting. In Chinese there is a saying "to hit is to kiss/be intimate, to curse is to love", which basically means your parents are only doing it out of love for you. No opinion from me as to if this is right or not, can only say I was hit a lot as a child (//ω//).

Also yes this is CQ's son. When picking his novel to translate the fact that this might be an issue for some readers didn't occur to me. Honestly this son is the cutest, most fluffiest parts of the novel. He is super adorable. Give him a chance to make you guys love him!}

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