Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – The Regal Suit

After more than ten hours travel, by the time Qiu Qian rushed back to Bai Lang's apartment it was already past 3AM.

Qiu Qian had been suppressing a furious anger the entire trip. As soon as he came in he crept into Qiu XiaoHai's room. He desperately needed to take a look at his son first. However he didn't expect that the bed was completely empty. Qiu Qian paused and then immediately changed directions to the main bedroom.

He wasn't wrong. In the main bedroom's large, deep blue bed he found one big person and one small person.

Bai Lang was sleeping on his side with a small frown. Behind him Qiu XiaoHai was sleeping like a octopus on his stomach as though he was very tired. His small face was tightly pressed against Bai Lang's back, completely squashed against him and he was even drooling onto Bai Lang's back. This image was completely like he had taken Bai Lang for a large-scale hugging pillow, it was only the size wasn't right so Qiu XiaoHai couldn't get his leg completely over. But even so the two people were both breathing very peacefully, sleeping very soundly.

Underneath the moonlight, Qiu Qian saw this peaceful image. The anger and panic in his heart faded slightly. As for the investigation and getting to the bottom of things, it seemed to be not as important as letting these two have a good rest.

Qiu Qian couldn't help himself reaching out and feeling Qiu XiaoHai's head. Then he also touched Bai Lang.

This time, it was his mistake. He owed the two of them.

He owed Xiao Hai, and also towards Bai Lang…

Qiu Qian lowered his eyes. Something in his heart couldn't help loosening. Then he also lay down beside these two people.

Tomorrow. He would begin tomorrow.

He would make them pay. Pay with everything they had.


The next day, Bai Lang was woken up by the feeling of pressure. He was being squashed by two people, one big one small, one on top and one on the bottom.

But with his small movement the big one immediately woke up.

Bai Lang squinted his eyes and turned with difficulty. Then his breath was stolen away by a smoky and heavy kiss.

Bai Lang didn't push him away. He closed his eyes and returned the kiss.

These days he had been made restless by his dreams from his previous life. When he thought about the scene from his dream and compared it with the lively and cute Qiu XiaoHai before his eyes, the cruelty and malevolence of the person hidden behind the scenes really made Bai Lang feel cold all the way into his heart.

Thinking about Yang Li's smile in front of the kindergarten as she had handed the soup over and the specificity of her instructions, it was enough to make him sure that she had known the significance of the medicine. It wasn't just that she was trying to find a way to make her job easier. It should be known that placing serious sleeping tablets into soup, when used over a long time, can stunt a child's development. It was a chronic type of developmental disorder, the symptoms were very slow and by the time it was detected, it would have already left irreparable damage. The cause also would not be found easily.

Although Bai Lang didn't know her reasons, to do something so cruel to such a small child was really outside the realm of Bai Lang's experience in his past life. So when he felt Qiu Qian's familiar scent, Bai Lang's heart relaxed. He didn't mind to cling closer. As the kiss went on, Qiu Qian's aggression also seemed to lessen. The heat became comfortable and soothing, Bai Lang felt his whole body going soft…

At this time Qiu XiaoHai's sleepy voice sounded. "Daddy!…. Why are you biting each other ah?"

Bai Lang realized that one could also choke during a kiss.


Qiu Qian arranged for Qiu XiaoHai to have a secret full body examination in a private clinic.

The results of the tests were good.

Perhaps because Yang Li was scared in the beginning of being found out, so the dosage seemed to be on the lower end. All of Qiu XiaoHai's developmental parameters were within normal ranges. However he still had drunk the soup for some time so no one could predict exactly if there was any permanent damage. It could only be determined after three years of follow up testing. When the doctor told them this, Qiu Qian's face sunk. It became just as what Bai Lang had seen in his previous life.

As for the investigation regarding Yang Li, Bai Lang didn't know the details. After Hong Hong took away all of the soup that Yang Li had made, Qiu Qian never again spoke of this person in front of Bai Lang and Qiu XiaoHai. Qiu Qian only told Qiu XiaoHai one evening that Auntie Yang had gone back to her hometown and probably wouldn't be coming back.

Qiu XiaoHai opened his eyes wide. He happily asked if this meant he didn't need to go home? Could he continuing living here forever?

Qiu Qian also didn't look at Bai Lang. He pressed his son's head and said okay, in the future you can live here.

Bai Lang logically interpreted this as, after what had happened to Yang Li, it was difficult for Qiu Qian in the short term to trust another nanny. He also didn't want live apart from Qiu XiaoHai anymore. Hence prior to him finding some new to settle him, it was reasonable for them to stay here for the time being.

When Qiu XiaoHai heard this, he was so happy he rolled around on Qiu Qian's belly. Qiu Qian hugged his son and didn't push him away.

Everyone was like this. Only after almost losing your treasure would you learn its value and importance.

Bai Lang watched from one side. He only hoped that no that Qiu Qian had had this lesson and that the scene from his dream would never occur.

However on the other side of Qiu Qian's warmth, was another face that shocked Bai Lang.

A few days later in the evening news it was broadcasted: "A Madame Yang has jumped from a building in a suspected suicide". Bai Lang immediately changed the channel and didn't look at it again. At that time Qiu XiaoHai was holding a little rabbit steamed bun and munching on it. He was smiling as he said he wanted to save one to give to Ah Zan tomorrow. Ah Zan really liked his steamed buns.

Qiu Qian who was sitting to one side looked at Bai Lang. He suddenly spoke.

He said the old seafarers were all superstitious. It was their belief that if children with mental retardation were the result of curses.

So thus the cursed person needed to be kicked out of the house and sent far away. Otherwise they may cause danger around them.

When Qiu Qian said this, his eyes were very cold.

However Bai Lang felt surprised. He didn't think Qiu Qian would reveal anything to him.

After all in these few words, it was enough to reveal the people behind Yang Li. It was most likely the people inside the Qiu family {T/N: I think Qiu family originally started out as dock/boat workers generations ago, that's why their main industry is shipping and they still have old beliefs/superstitions}. Combined with Qiu Qian's dangerous expression and his dark and threatening aura, it was clear he had not managed to completely eradicate the nest. Bai Lang couldn't help but sink into silence. He thought about the cruel and ruthless methods of the Qiu Qian ten years later. Perhaps it was because of these type of events happening time and time again.

All the way until Qiu XiaoHai came over and said what's a curse ah, can it be eaten?

The heavy atmosphere lightened.

Qiu Qian sighed and expressed that he thought his son was really a pig. He only knew how to sleep and eat.

After being scared by this shadowy incident, Bai Lang didn't have much free time left.

Fang Hua's homework for Bai Lang had been delayed by him for many days. He had no choice but to get onto it.

Thus he made an appointment and then Bai Lang, who was also a nanny, took Qiu XiaoHai with him to visit the "The Regal Suit".


When it came to the "The Regal Suit", actually it wasn't a custom suit shop that had been established since the olden days. However everyone in the industry knew that the head tailor's skill could be traced back to the previous dynasty. The knowledge and expertise had been passed down from that time but it was recently that the brothers Li Fu and Li Hua had established the brand "The Regal Suit". Right now the fame of their brand could be considered No 1 or No 2 in the industry.

The older brother Li Fu had inherited most of the tailoring skill. The younger brother Li Hua was mostly in charge of the running of the business. Li Hua had also helped his mother Li Fu find a group of skilled disciples to study and work under him. In the industrial era of garment making, there were a lot of outside markets and he successfully manage to increase the output and broaden the audience of his brand.

So other than the MasterLi Fu, there were twelve personal disciples. Right now all of them could be considered very experienced and talented suit makers and there was even a third generation of pupils. Using his business acumen, Li Hua successfully managed to keep all of these younger generations within "The Regal Suit" and didn't let any of them slip away. So "The Regal Suit" was often used as an example of not only the highest quality suit making skill, but also of a very successful family business.

This time the teacher that Fang Hua had arranged for Bai Lang was none other than Master Li Fu.

If people in the industry knew about this they would definitely wag their tongues. After all the suits that Li Fu made personally now cost into the 6 digits. If this great master appeared then Bai Lang might even be able to directly change careers. {T/N: BL might learn so much from him that he can change to become a suitmaker lol.}

However the reason that Li Fu accepted to tutor him was because "The Regal Suit" can be said to be the professional advisor for the movie "Outside Gold and Jade". The details regarding custom suit making were all provided by "The Regal Suit" and this was something that the highly intelligent Li Hua had arranged. Since they had agreed to be the professional advisor, then Li Hua was also very dedicated and sincere. Thus he directly pushed out his older brother to help.

This decision led Fang Hua to be slightly surprised. She had to inform him in an embarrassed manner that she had told Bai Lang to also go and get some custom suits made at the same time. But it was not necessary for Master Li Fu to do these personally.

When he heard this, Li Hua laughed exuberantly. He expressed that "The Regal Suit" could handle this kind of small expense {T/N: As in it's OK to get LF to make it}. So thus Bai Lang came unexpectedly to win this fortune. However it was not until Bai Lang reached "The Regal Suit" that he got this good news.


"The Regal Suit" was located in a elite area of A City. The set up inside the shop was also very different to a ready to wear shop.

The deep colored wooden furniture and soft lighting were very refined, and made the fabric displayed on one side look even more elegant and exquisite. However in the shop there was not one set of finished suit for show.

The entire shop, other than the front counter and the velvet sofa in front of the counter, was occupied by independent and separated studios. This was to make it more convenient for the each VIP to privately discuss their requirements, have their measurements taken by the tailors and to try on their creations.

Thus the very large shop was extremely quiet.

The shop was run on appointment only, so other than the receptionist sitting at the front desk, there wasn't anyone else that could be sen.

This day when Bai Lang held Qiu XiaoHai's hand and took him inside, he couldn't help but hold his finger in front of his mouth and remind Xiao Hai to [shh].

Qiu XiaoHai obediently nodded his head and used the same gesture to mimic back to Bai Lang [shh].

The girl sitting at the front desk smiled in a friendly manner. "Mr Bai, welcome to the "Regal Suit". There's still a few minutes until your appointment time. Right now the Master's previous client still hasn't left. I'm so sorry to ask you to wait on the sofa for a little while."

Bai Lang politely returned the smile. "Thank you. I'm the one who should be apologizing for the delay in coming. It was really because of some family matters and so also today I couldn't help but bring this child along. I don't know if the Master will mind?"

The receptionist smiled happily. "Don't worry, the Master really likes young children. This little brother is obedient and pretty, the Master will be very happy."

Qiu XiaoHai nodded his head. He used a very small voice to say, "I'm really very good."

The receptionist laughed out loud. "Big sister knows. That's why good children will have biscuits to eat. Later on big sister will get one for you."

Qiu XiaoHai opened eagerly and looked at Bai Lang, waiting for his permission. In these last few days Qiu XiaoHai had been well managed by Bai Lang as to what he could eat.

Bai Lang patted Qiu XiaoHai's head. "Thank big sister."

"Thank you big sister," Qiu XiaoHai said enthusiastically.

The receptionist took these two to the sofa to sit down. Then she poured a pot of red tea and brought over a plate of soft egg tarts. The exquisiteness of it would not have lost to an afternoon tea shop.

After a few minutes more passed, the receptionist came to apologize again. It seemed that the previous client needed a little bit more time. Bai Lang smiled and said he didn't mind. He said he also wasn't scared of eating a few more egg tarts since the suit was custom made. These words made the receptionist giggle so she brought over a plate of even more desserts.

While he was waiting, the bell above the door rang and a group of clients came in.

The receptionist greeted them with equal politeness. "Welcome to "The Regal Suit". Master Chen has been waiting for you for a long time. Please come this way."

It was a sizeable group. These people talkingtogether disrupted the silence of the shop. Even if Bai Lang didn't want to listen he couldn't help it.

"Hehe, I didn't think I would be able to come here one day. If I tell my mom, she'll definitely be scared to death."

"What kind of antique suit shop is this? Does the company really want us to wear it?"

"We have to look more proper at the award ceremony. Seeing how pitiful brother Ming looks, we had better just endure it this time."

"Then what about my hair? I've shaved off one side. I don't think it will go with this kind of look."

"Haven't you heard of a wig before, dumbass?"

"Hahaha, I'll definitely tug it off you in front of the camera…."

Among them there was one familiar face that Bai Lang couldn't help turning his head to look at.

It turns out these were people that he had "met before".

Total Entertainment's male idol group R-RED. They were also Bai Lang's colleagues.

In this group there were four members: Ya Ge, Ya Du, Ya Qi and Ya Lang. All four members were present.

R-RED was known for their handsome looks and power dancing skills. They were a group that had established their fame in the idol circle. However they followed a completely different path to the Rong SiQi who had real skill. However they were also one the successful moneymakers of Total Entertainment currently. {T/N: Hmmm, so Chinese people often separate entertainers into two categories, "idol" and "real skill". While not to say that the idols do not have any skill whatsoever, they are often the ones seen as to be selling their good looks and outside packaging, whereas the more established/traditionally trained singers/actors are part of the "real skill" group.}

In his previous life, just as with Rong SiQi, Bai Lang hadn't had much contact with them.

However Bai Lang approximately knew why, when these four people looked at him, a strange expression appeared on their faces.

Just as he expected, after awkward momentary pause, one of the youth raised the corners of his mouth. He had apricot shaped eyes, the left one of which had a small beauty mark underneath. He said, "Bai Lang?"

He didn't disguise the animosity in his tone.

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