Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Tape Measure

Bai Lang had just been helping Qiu XiaoHai wipe his mouth. He nodded his head. "Nice to meet you."

The youth's dark pupils narrowed. His gaze flickered to Qiu XiaoHai then returned to Bai Lang. "What a fortunate coincidence. Those headlines before were really big huh. That was a nice performance from you, beautifully done. So tell me, is it comfortable living in Building D, Floor 6?"

The youth said the address because he wanted to provoke Bai Lang. However unfortunately he was off by two floors.

Bai Lang didn't know whether to sigh over Qiu Qian's wealth or his regular pattern of treating people. He only said lightly, "The environment is not bad."

"It's a bit of a hassle getting in and out but the view from the sixth floor isn't bad." The youth raised his eyebrow. "That's why I chose the middle room. The view is the best. The room was also renovated according to my requirements, everything is painted black. Once it's paired with completely white furniture, the effect is quite thrilling. However other people might not be able to get used to it."

"The view is really very good." Bai Lang agreed.

This kind of reply made the youth really feel as though he was being coldly patronized. He was even more incensed and said, "Oh I forgot that it doesn't really matter which room right? Because when that person gets excited, he can do it anywhere."

R-RED's leader was Ya Du. He was also the tallest one in the group. He grabbed the youth and jerked him back. "Let's go Ya Qi. You should stop talking now."

However at this time Qiu XiaoHai turned his head to look ask Bai Lang, "Ah Bai don't we live on the eighth floor? I counted. It shouldn't be wrong."

When Ya Qi heard this, his face changed.

Bai Lang rubbed Qiu XiaoHai. He thought about whether or not to give this good boy another egg tart.

This time Ya Qi was really angry. He pushed aside his friend and clenched his teeth and said viciously to Bai Lang, "Turns out you're mocking me huh? Don't worry, I'm used to it. But do you really think that you're different? Don't be stupid. Think about whether or not he's ever appeared anywhere with you in public? When the newspaper started to talk, didn't he erase everything immediately? He gave you a house, a car and a bottomless credit card, raising you up openly. But he will never let you stand by his side. Because that place has already long ago been taken by someone else."

Bai Lang listened to all of this with no expression on his face. However in his heart he felt some surprise.

He thought about the rumor he had heard from Total Entertainment previously. Turns out it wasn't just a rumor.

In the rumor, Qiu Qian and Ya Qi previously had a "connection" {T/N: The Chinese word used is ai mei, which is an extremely vague relationship term}. This word was very vague and there was no indication of whether or not it had been an exchange type situation. However a little while before he had also heard that someone had personally witnessed Ya Qi clutching Qiu Qian in a crowded hallway where there were a lot of people walking about. The youth had clung onto him, forcibly asking: "Didn't you even have the slightest bit of real feelings?" Qiu Qian had only disentangled himself and coldly kept walking.

That gossiper who had been filled with mirth had added: At least Ya Qi can be said to have gotten famous. However he was still unsatisfied and doesn't know when to let go. How awkward.

However now that Bai Lang saw him in real life he understood that Ya Qi probably had real feelings towards Qiu Qian. Since he liked him he directly opened his mouth to ask him. He had a direct gaze. He wasn't scared to love and he wasn't scared to hate. This was the kind of courage that only a young person would have.

Thinking about it this way, this Ya Qi at least had a direct personality. He wasn't the kind of person to hide in the shadows to stab someone. However it seemed that Qiu XiaoHai was startled by Ya Qi's sudden change in demeanor. He huddled closer and Bai Lang couldn't help but lower his head and hug him to comfort him.

"Do you think I'm lying to you? It's just that I can see clearly that's all. I'm telling you out of the goodness of my heart to just to take his money and forget anything else. Otherwise it's just a waste of your time! Do you know why Qiu Qian is always taking up with people from the entertainment circle and doesn't touch anyone else? Because there's someone inside his heart who also belongs to this circle. He is only looking for that person's shadow. Other that person, he will never… hey, are you listening to me or not ah!?" Ya Qi's face moved furiously.

Bai Lang only just raised his eyes when Qiu XiaoHai hurried to say, "Yes, listening!"

"Pfft, this kid is really a treasure ah." Another member Ya Lang grinned.

At the same time Ya Lang also put his arms around Ya Qi with some force. He said, "Okay that's enough. Mr Bai has already received your good intentions. What are getting upset about? Didn't you already say you want to wear your new clothes to find a new man? Let's go, let's go, our time is limited." After he spoke, he quickly turned around and added to Bai Lang, "Mr Bai, please don't mind him. When this kid is in a bad mood his mouth is really ugly. But he'll get over it after a while. When that time comes I'll bring him over to apologize to you."

Ya Qi furiously struggled and said "let go of me!" but the other three people forcibly suppressed him. Since the other people were willing to help him, it can be seen that the bond between the members of R-RED was quite good.

Bai Lang smiled vaguely. "It's not necessary. Go ahead."

The group leader Ya Du once again apologized to Bai Lang. Then this group finally entered one of the studio rooms and finally the store returned to silence.

Bai Lang rubbed the Qiu XiaoHai in his arms. "Did you get scared? That older brother just got a bit excited, that's all."

Qiu XiaoHai nodded his head and expressed he understood.

"But what was that older brother talking about ah. The person in daddy's heart, isn't it just me?"

Bai Lang could help bursting into laughter. "Yes, of course it is."


A few minutes later, Bai Lang saw Master Li Fu.

Li Fu was approximately over 60 years of age. His hair was gray and his figure was thin. However he stood very straight.

When Li Fu saw Bai Lang, he straight away smiled and complimented Bai Lang on his elegance and beauty. Because if order for clothes to be worn well, the bearing of the person wearing it was also important. He then waved at Qiu XiaoHai and then patted his head affectionately. He had always wanted to make clothes for children this age but unfortunately by the time he finished, the clothing couldn't catch up with the growth of the child.

His friendly and mellow attitude was not like that of a industry famous master. After they chatted for a little while Bai Lang also relaxed. He settled Qiu XiaoHai at the table to draw in a picture book he'd brought along and then started to as Master Li Fu about his job.

There was a tape measure hanging from Li Fu's neck as he smiled at Bai Lang and indicated that he wanted him to stand up. "Actually I'm not good with explaining so let me help you make a suit. You watch from one side and if there's something you don't understand, just ask. Is that okay?"

"Yes. Sorry to trouble the Master." Of course Bai Lang didn't have any objection.

Li Fu took out his tape measure. Bai Lang cooperated by standing straight. He drew in his chin and stomach but this made Li Fu laugh. "My guess is that Mr Bai has never had a custom suit before right? A custom suit should fit the body and be comfortable. From measuring, design, pattern making to stitching, everything is done specially for you. It is unique suit, in this world there won't be any other like it. It is made to fit your circumstances and your lifestyle. So you don't need to change yourself. Otherwise the suit won't fit well in the end."

Bai Lang received the lesson. "I understand."

Li Fu didn't measure immediately however, instead he walked around Bai Lang several times. "Then what kind of suit do you want?"

Bai Lang was aware there was many different types of suits; single button, double breasted, all different types of collars and buckles. In his previous life he had a stylist who helped him choose his clothing. So right now when be was being asked this question he really had no clue.

So Bai Lang instead thought about a scene from "Outside Jade and Gold" and said seriously, "If there was a person that was once glorious but is now fallen on times, however he has to now go and see his old friends, then what kind of suit would Master prepare for him?"

Li Fu was amused by this description. "Young man you don't need to be so honest. The costumes for the movie will be otherwise provided. This suit is a gift for you."

When Li Fu said this, Bai Lang knew that he also knew the story for the script. So asked, "I'm also trying to do some research. Master will know these wealthy people better than me. In their opinion, what type is the best? Other than material and style, is there anything else that they would take into consideration?"

Bai Lang's question was actually about the inner turmoil of the main character in "Gold". It was the kind of question that he should not have asked Li Fu but instead the Director.

However when Li Fu heard it, he did indeed have some experiences to share. "If you are talking about those people who were really born with a golden spoon in their mouths, they're really different from us. Even if their bodies are covered in mud they would still think themselves majestic. This type of arrogance and loftiness is something that was ingrained into their bones, bit by bit, from childhood. It has nothing to do with what they are wearing. Because to them, their flesh and blood is already different from others."

"By the same token, people like us, even if we earn a lot of money, in the eyes of some people we are just the servant that kneels on the floor to help them make their clothes. Even if we became the richest man in the nation, that fact wouldn't change." Li Fu's smile expressed a lot of emotions. "Every man in his heart has a definition of what is master and what is servant. So to answer your question, that person that you speak of would wear his most ordinary clothes to meet his friends. In his heart, he probably still thinks he is the King of this world."

Within the space of a few sentences, the role sprang to life in Bai Lang's mind.

He was wretched but tenacious, generous but also cruel. He had a conflicting personality. Many images appeared in Bai Lang's mind. "Thank you Master for your guidance."

"I haven't started teaching anything yet." Li Fu smiled and waved his hand. "Since your entire mind is fixated on the movie, then let's make you a suit that a tailor would often wear to work ba."

A suit maker's work uniform was obviously still a suit. Right now Li Fu was wearing a striped suit with a matching vest and shirt. He looked very spirited and stylish.

Bai Lang agreed, "I like the Master's suit type. It's conservative and simple, but still has a uniqueness about it."

"How rare for a young person to think this way." It was Li Fu's turn to have his eyes light up. "They usually think that a suit is traditional, stuffy and unchangeable. But they don't know that it is even more eye catching than any other type of clothing. Just like what you're wearing now. En, the matching is not bad. However your pants are too wide and the shoulders are also not suited to your body…" Li Fu's interest rose and he walked around a few more times and also asked Bai Lang to walk and sit. He repeated this a while until he was satisfied. "Okay, I approximately understand it."

What Bai Lang didn't know was that when Li Fu finished the suit, he sent a large box full of accessories as well {T/N: Probably additional pieces of clothing like vests, shirt etc etc.}. It was enough to fill an entire closet. According to Li Fu, he had not met a such a "suitable" client for a long time. When he was free he would make a few patterns and then give it to his pupils to practice their craft.

At this moment Bai Lang was busily trying to commit to memory the details of the "measuring up" procedure that Li Fu shown him.

Thus when he came home, Bai Lang also brought with him a tape measure.

In order to make sure he wouldn't forget, that night Bai Lang dragged Qiu XiaoHai to measure up. However Qiu XiaoHai wasn't a cooperative model. He kept fidgeting and was also very scared of being tickled. He played around for a while until Bai Lang finally gave up.

Later in the evening, Qiu Qian came back. After Qiu XiaoHai had gone to bed, Bai Lang took out the tape measure again and indicated that he wanted Qiu Qian to be the model for a while. But Qiu Qian was also not a cooperative model. He wasn't fidgety but he got excited very easily.

Particularly when Bai Lang was kneeling in front of him to measure his calf. Qiu Qian reached out and grasped Bai Lang's chin. He used his thumb to rub against Bai Lang's lips. This kind of angle, paired with Qiu Qian's smile, made what he wanted very clear.

However Qiu Qian's amorous expression made Bai Lang suddenly think about the things he had heard today. Bai Lang couldn't help freezing slightly. He then lowered his eyes and mechanically reached for the zipper in Qiu Qian's pants.

His movements weren't natural. Qiu Qian reached out to block his movement. "Don't like it?"

"Not used to it." Bai Lang didn't raise his eyes. He replied in a toneless voice.

Qiu Qian grabbed Bai Lang and pulled him up. He looked at him in a measuring manner. "Have I ever forced you?"

"No." Bai Lang sighed. He had to admit that Qiu Qian was a generous lover.

Qiu Qian narrowed his eyes, "… Then what's the matter?"

Bai Lang felt helpless. Even he didn't really know what it was.

Because according to Bai Lang's plans, he shouldn't have any expectations…

In order to make it up to Qiu Qian, Bai Lang proactively kissed him. "Can we do it normally?"

Qiu Qian wasn't appeased. He held Bai Lang and carefully looked into his eyes.

Bai Lang had to force himself not look away.

It was unknown what Qiu Qian saw. He also didn't ask anymore. Instead he suddenly pushed Bai Lang towards the wall and suddenly kneeled down himself. With his hands he fixed Bai Lang in place.

Bai Lang froze. In a split second he understood what Qiu Qian wanted to do. He hurried to say, "That's not what I meant…"

"You don't want to say," Qiu Qian pressed close to his target. He raised his eyes. "So I can only use my actions."

Bai Lang also lost the ability to say anything.

Afterwards the feelings were too intense and made his entire head muddled.


Later that night, Qiu Qian watched the Bai Lang who had fallen unconscious.

The deeply sleeping Bai Lang still had some wetness at the corner of his eyes. It was probably from overstimulation before.

Qiu Qian used his finger to wipe it. Then he picked up his phone and called Hong Hong.

"Who did Bai Lang see today?"

"Ya Qi."

Qiu Qian's gaze moved over to the watch sitting on the bedside table. "Get the recording file out. I want to listen."

"… yes."

It was clear that the Hong Hong on the other end of the line didn't approve.

However Qiu Qian directly hung up the phone and lay down beside Bai Lang.

He wasn't guilty about using these kind of covert surveillance tactics.

Especially since he was, little by little, letting Bai Lang enter into his world.

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