Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – Sunscreen Oil

The watch returned to Bai Lang's wrist.

It was just that Qiu Qian was very displeased about Bai Lang's "disappearance". When his search for answers only yielded several vague statements, it made him even more dissatisfied. Thus he expressed that Bai Lang definitely needed a punishment, just like when Qiu XiaoHai ran way.

So thus with one more week of the holiday time left, Qiu Qian ordered Bai Lang to pack a suitcase and leave with them that afternoon.

Bai Lang obeyed and packed a simple backpack. As he was leaving he grabbed his phone and couldn't help asking, "Where are we going?"

Qiu Qian coldly glanced at Bai Lang's phone. "Oh so you still know how to use your phone? Too bad because we are going somewhere where you won't be able to get any reception."

"…." Bai Lang was speechless. Was this holding a grudge? "Five days after new years, Sister Fang will probably contact me."

"What do you have an assistant for? If she can't find you she will find Er Hong." Qiu Qian lifted up a big bag that was Qiu XiaoHai's luggage. "Let's go."

Qiu XiaoHai was happily jumping up and down. He ran over to grab Bai Lang's hand. "Ah Bai let's go, this time we can go play together!"

Bai Lang glanced at Qiu Qian who was walking in front then whispered in a low voice, "Do you know where we are going?"

Qiu XiaoHai grinned sunnily. "No idea."


This child really made one worry.


Without any further discussion, the car drove towards the back mountain then immediately took a turn towards the highway.

There there was an about thirty or forty minutes car journey in which Qiu XiaoHai didn't stop talking, mostly about the boat he had taken when he went back to XinDao with Daddy and how big and how pretty it was. Bai Lang of course played the part of the conversation partner, making the appropriate responses. Outside the window he could only see more highway. This way when he next realized what was happening they were already at the entrance of A City's international airport.

"…." Bai Lang and Qiu XiaoHai were kicked out of the car. Bai Lang adjusted his sunglasses in a slightly shocked manner, "I didn't bring my passport."

"I have it." Qiu Qian was just talking into the phone and responded to him between sentences.

Not long later, Qiu Qian's assistant Xiao Li who often helped transport Qiu XiaoHai appeared out of nowhere. Qiu Qian threw the keys at him and after a few more sentences grabbed two big bags and at the same time put his arm around Bai Lang's waist and started walking towards the front door. "Let's go, what are standing around like an idiot for?"

Bai Lang couldn't help but freeze. He quickly looked around them.

Two big men walking, one of whom had his arm around the other's waist, what was that if not coming out of the closet? Also he was still holding Qiu XiaoHai's hand….

So Bai Lang dug his heels into the pavement, clearly a rejecting motion. "You…."

Qiu Qian was also wearing sunglasses. But underneath his sunglasses his mouth twitched slightly. "I said before that you needed to be punished, did you think I was joking?"

Bai Lang didn't know what to say. He could only frown. What kind of "punishment" was this? Was it punishing him or was it punishing Sister Fang?

Qiu Qian raised his eyebrow. "Last time didn't you say you didn't care? Now you do?" {T/N: Referring when BL told HH to let the newspapers write what they wanted.}

Bai Lang stared at Qiu Qian for a moment. He couldn't figure out what Qiu Qian's motivation was. Thus he distanced himself, moved away from Qiu Qian's arm around his waist, and bent down and picked up Qiu XiaoHai who was looking left and right in curiosity.

"There's so many people here. Don't get lost." Bai Lang reminded Qiu XiaoHai as though nothing was wrong.

Qiu XiaoHai completely didn't understand the situation. He excitedly nodded at Bai Lang and pointed at the things that caught his interest.

"Ah Bai, are we going to take a boat? I saw big crates like that when I went to take the boat with daddy ah. They have it here too. Daddy said they were really heavy. There were also cars. Daddy said that the crates had to be put underneath the cars…."

"We aren't taking a boat. We should be taking a plane."

"Plane!!" Qiu XiaoHai opened his eyes wide. "I know them! Planes are the big big birds that fly in the sky~~"

Qiu Qian saw that Bai Lang was holding Qiu XiaoHai and laughed lowly and strode forward. He didn't force his action from before.

After all if there were really paparazzi here then didn't intimately holding someone else's son also require some explanation?

Thus Qiu Qian strode with large steps into the main hall and took the two people to have their customs procedures completed.

Because they took the special pathway for customs clearance and not the normal passengers one before directly boarding the plane, they didn't really get stopped for signatures. However in the area where mobile phones with cameras were everywhere, there was no guarantee that they hadn't been photographed. The only thing that comforted Bai Lang was because they were taking a private plane so even if he took off his sunglasses, he didn't have to worry about being photographed during the journey.

After sleeping on the plane for a short while, after a few hours, Bai Lang found himself being blown by a sea breeze. Underneath his feet was white sand. He was in an island nation with a name he hadn't even heard of much before.

When he looked in front of him, all he could see was an endless and vast blue sea.


The sand was clean and pure, the sea was azure and the breeze was warm and lazy. Bai Lang's holiday villa was on a private beach. After tanning in the sun for two days, even his bones felt soft.

As for what Bai Lang had done these two days, the schedule was very simple.

During the day time he would play with Qiu XiaoHai in the water and sand, and then at night he would play with the older version again the water and sand but in a somewhat different manner.

After having a simple island tour, Bai Lang gradually understood that this island was one of the Qiu family's shipping ports. Other than exporting oil and raw materials, the Qiu family had also invested in a tropical coffee beans business. It was the major player in this country's economic development, thus why their private planes could fly here whenever they wanted.

This type of business seemed to have only arisen in the last couple of years. It was an inevitable trend that if you made a lot of money then you would then seek out more avenues to make your money earn even more money.

Even if the En Jiang Group (which essentially was just the Qiu family) wasn't a listed company, and was considered by outsiders to be a somewhat shadowy group, but based on the number of times it appeared on the major shareholders list of other companies, it can be seen the reach of the group is slowly spreading.

This type of investment methods in ten years would allow the company to increase its value by a factor of ten. This was something that Bai Lang had heard. At that time Qiu Qian was already in charge of the family for many years.

That's why Bai Lang didn't at all believe that Qiu Qian was at this moment was just a relaxed boss of Total Entertainment. Since the En Jiang group had so many faster ways of making money, for them to pick the entertainment business, there must be other public relations type motivation behind it.

Thus as for Qiu Qian's activities at the airport, after thinking about in the sun for a few days, he decided to just take it at face value.

Just like when he had been photographed by the paparazzi, Bai Lang had already prepared for the situation where him being "kept" was exposed.

Since he dared to it, then he also wasn't scared that it would be known. Of course if he could avoid damage then he didn't mind to avoid it. However if someone as powerful as Qiu Qian wanted to expose it, how could someone like him prevent it? Therefore he wouldn't bother.

However just as Bai Lang said before, sister Fang had only just painstakingly raised him into the limelight, if Qiu Qian suddenly did this kind of thing, when wasn't the person being punished sister Fang?

If sister Fang knew the reason that it was only because he had turned off his phone for a few days and didn't wear his watch that everything she had done turned to dust, then shouldn't she vomit blood?

Thinking about this the lazily lying down Bai Lang decided to go drink a glass of cold juice to clear his throat as well as his thoughts.

But when he turned his head he found himself looking into the eyes of Qiu Qian who was lying next to him and who had had just ended his phone call.

It should be mentioned that Qiu Qian's phone still had connection because he seemed to have made plans in advance.

[Bi–] Qiu Qian hanged up his phone. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Bai Lang. "Should I help you add sunscreen?"

Bai Lang looked at Qiu XiaoHai who was playing far away. At this moment he was happily making a sand castle. "There's no need."

"Don't be polite," Qiu Qian came over and took the sunscreen oil from the side table and poured it into his hand. "The sun is too bright. If you get tanned how will you film your movie? You need to always top up."

"…." Bai Lang silently drank some juice then obediently lay back down. "Thanks."

Qiu Qian smiled in a somewhat evil manner. He stepped over Bai Lang with one stride and then sat on the side of his chair. His warm and large hand filled with oil pressed down on Bai Lang's shoulders and the back of his neck. "Don't worry I'll be careful and won't make you accidentally hard again, okay?"

What could Bai Lang say? He could only say again, "Thanks."

The facts proved that this statement was a lie. Qiu Qian's hand, which alternated both hard and soft, slid over Bai Lang's sensitive underarm and waist, making him tremble. Qiu Qian evidently found this amusing, his slick hand kept dipping under the waistline of Bai Lang's swimming trunks.

Just as Bai Lang was about to stop him, Qiu Qian suddenly said, "Tomorrow we'll be going back. Don't you have anything you want to say to me?"

Both of his hands were become more and more bold. Bai Lang was at the mercy of his "torture".

After taking a few deep breaths to calm himself, Bai Lang finally opened his mouth. "That day at the airport, did anyone take a photograph of us?"

Qiu Qian leaned low next to Bai Lang's ear. "There really were some. What do you think we ought to do?"

"As long, as you're, happy." Bai Lang's voice wasn't steady because of where Qiu Qian's thumb had crossed over to someplace that shouldn't be crossed. Luckily from Qiu XiaoHai's perspective, Qiu Qian's hand would have been blocked by his back.

"What do you think would make happy?"

"… to punish me and make me more obedient?"

"Wrong. Guess again."

"… to give me more lessons to make more compliant?"

"… Wrong. Guess again."

"… to use more force so that I-" Bai Lang had only finished half his sentence before his voice died. This was because Qiu Qian had suddenly bitten his ear.

"I just knew that you would rather die than say it. What if one day, while being silent, you change? What should I do then?"

Qiu Qian opened his mouth and then licked the place he had just bitten.

"I think that among the two of us, the possibility of you changing is higher." Bai Lang turned his head.

"Oh? Then why don't you ask me about Su Quan? Why don't you ask about the things that Ya Qi told you? Or is that you don't think it's necessary to ask?" When Qiu Qian said the last thing, his eyes became somewhat dangerous. "All you need to do is turn off the phone?"

Suddenly the joking questions became serious. It made Bai Lang flounder.

Underneath Qiu Qian's penetrating gaze, Bai Lang couldn't help lowering his eyes. "The reason I turned off my phone is because I didn't want to get any calls from my family."

Qiu Qian laughed coldly. "Do I need to tell you that before the new year, Bai Li once called the company to ask if your phone number had changed?"

Bai Lang froze. Before he could answer, Qiu Qian grasped his lower jaw. He said lowly, "So be honest with me. The person who you didn't want to get a call from was me, right? The one you wanted to get away from for a while was me, right? Why?"

Bai Lang was trapped in a place he couldn't escape.

However if he wanted to he could still just seal his lips and not give Qiu Qian any answer. Qiu Qian knew this.

Underneath the surface of warmth and gentleness, there was an unyielding stubbornness. This was the same as the Bai Lang of the past.

Perhaps he didn't have the intimidating aura but when it came to something he felt strongly about, Bai Lang could be incredibly firm and immoveable.

This was the special quality that Qiu Qian had felt when he had met Bai Lang for the first time at the club.

Then afterwards Qiu Qian had had taken over Bai Lang's entertainment contract. It was out of amusement because he wanted to play with this young man like a plaything.

However a few months ago when Bai Lang had suddenly requested to see him, it was as though his entire person had changed.

He had become tolerant and amenable, and he had learnt to change and endure.

But then in the time that they had gotten to know each other, Qiu Qian once again felt that Bai Lang was still the same as before. He still had a bottom line that he would never cross.

He had asked for 5 million. But after that he never once asked for more money.

Even after saving Xiao Hai, which can be considered making Qiu Qian owe him greatly, he was so stupid that he never considered to ask for something more as recompense.

So even though Bai Lang put on a great act in front of him, but after testing him time and time again, Qiu Qian gradually felt like being suspicious of this person really made himself tired.

He only wanted to put his effort into something that concerned him more. Which was how to make Bai Lang stay with him.

Just like the first time they had met when his heart had moved slightly. Now that feeling became stronger and stronger.

If Bai Lang wanted to run then Qiu Qian would make it so that he didn't have anywhere to go.

Even if Bai Lang had some kind of other ulterior motive for being with him, then if Qiu Qian could satisfy it he would. And if he couldn't then he would just continue to cling onto him in a love-hate relationship.

So what did he have to be scared of?

Well actually what he was scared of was if this stubborn creature Bai Lang steadfastly refused to admit things and continued to stay stubbornly inside his own walls.

Because Qiu Qian could feel that Bai Lang also had some feelings towards him.

After all Bai Lang had previously raised the topic of "loyalty". He had said that if he found someone new then he should first throw away the old person. And after the end of year party, Bai Lang had also wanted to avoid him.

If there were truly no feelings at all, and it was just a contractual exchange, then Bai Lang wouldn't have this kind of reaction.

So Qiu Qian kissed the tightly closed lips. He sighed and said, "Even if you like this kind of jealous and awkward feeling, I don't. What is it that can't be said between us? I like you so I want to chase you to become my lover. If you agree then just say so. Then isn't everything resolved?"


This type of confession really made Bai Lang speechless.

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