Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Airport Photograph

Qiu Qian suddenly slapped Bai Lang's butt. "Turn around. I've finished with the back."

Bai Lang was still frozen. Very slowly he obediently rolled over. After a few seconds of thinking he finally opened his mouth, "Regarding the phone, really the reason was because–"

However he didn't get to finish before Qiu Qian pinched his waist forcefully.

"Wrong answer," Qiu Qian narrowed his eyes. "Right now there's only two answer options. Number 1: 'Okay, let's try it'. Number 2: 'You're disgusting. Leave your money and get out.' Of these two, which one do you want to pick?"

Bai Lang was silent.

This kind of method was abrupt and blunt. But at the same it didn't leave any room for vagueness.

Qiu Qian came closer to Bai Lang. He licked Bai Lang's lips in an a dangerous manner.

"I should remind you that you only have one chance. If you chose wrong then there won't be a second chance."

Bai Lang looked into Qiu Qian's eyes and heard his warning. He wanted to laugh helplessly.

If you ask me to chose like this then how can I give any other answer?

Bai Lang admitted to himself that it was just Qiu Qian had guessed, that his heart had been somewhat moved by their time together.

Probably because the days after his rebirth were too lonely.

Suddenly returning to ten years ago, although the people around him seemed familiar however they were also like strangers. The things that had happened within the Bai family also hurt Bai Lang's heart a lot.

So after getting together with Qiu Qian, Bai Lang would naturally place his feelings onto him. No matter if it was friendship, feelings of gratefulness or if were some other type of nameless emotion. Then with the addition of Qiu XiaoHai's warmth and intimacy, the kind of warmth that made one's heart soften, Bai Lang couldn't help but think that if his days could just go on like this, then it would be pretty good.

That was why, when Qiu Qian took Qiu XiaoHai home for new years, the cold and empty apartment forced Bai Lang face the cold, harsh reality once again.

A warm and peaceful life. It was all just an illusion. Like an oasis in the dessert, it was just a beautiful mirage.

Because also Bai Lang knew that Ya Qi's words were not just spoken out of anger and an unwillingness to accept his situation. There was some truth to it too.

Take the Qiu Qian of his past life for an example. In his life there had been many rumored partners, all of them small stars from the time before they got famous.

The time to cycle from one to the next was not fast but neither was it slow. The pattern was one every 1-2 years.

As for these stars who had become famous because of Qiu Qian, their fans might not know a thing but the people inside the industry were very clear.

As for why Qiu Qian was like this and if the reason was really Su Quan as Ya Qi said, then Bai Lang wasn't sure.

However that actually wasn't important. The important thing was after 1-2 years then their relationship should also follow this same trajectory and finish.

Just history repeating itself.

So Qiu Qian's guess was actually very accurate.

The moment that Bai Lang had switched off his phone, he really had made a decision in his heart. He had made the decision that he would use these days of being alone to rebuild the walls around his heart.

Since he was only with Qiu Qian for the purposes of gratitude, then when the time was up Bai Lang didn't want to have forgotten how to be on his own.

It was just that, he never thought that Qiu Qian would suddenly give him a choice like this…

It was just like placing a small glass of water in front of someone who had already been drinking for a long time.

As for how long he could continue drinking, well no one knew. But at least the cup of water was real and not fake.

After all since Qiu Qian had been his patron and they had slept together for some time, then there was no need for him to lie to him was there?

So if Qiu Qian was serious…..

There was some sliver of emotion, some measure of genuine feelings, something that could respond to the nameless emotions that was in Bai Lang's own heart.

Bai Lang really found it difficult to control his urge to nod his head.

But what if all of this ended up still being an illusion in the end?

…Well then at least it would be better than having nothing right away.

Bai Lang closed his eyes. There was a lot of conflict in his heart and he sighed.

"Okay. Let's try it."

Qiu Qian's gaze deepened. Then his entire body pressed down on Bai Lang's and he captured Bai Lang's lips and began kissing him hotly and passionately.

Bai Lang closed his eyes and cooperated fully. After brief pause his hands also clutched Qiu Qian's shoulders.

He was rewarded from Qiu Qian's satisfied groan. His entire body pressed down on Bai Lang's and one of his legs manouevered between Bai Lang's own long legs….

Just at this opportune time, an unhappy voice appeared.

"Daddy! Why are you squashing Ah Bai ah! Ah Bai will get broken!"

Qiu XiaoHai threw a ball of sand and unhappily stamped his feet.


Bai Lang really didn't want to know exactly what Qiu XiaoHai had seen. He only got up and then, with a red face, took Qiu XiaoHai to play in the water. After playing at the beach, usually it would be time for Qiu XiaoHai to have a bath with either Bai Lang or Qiu Qian. Then they would have a private seafood buffet in the comfort of their own villa.

Qiu Qian originally hoped that today Bai Lang might agree for them to take a bath "together" with Qiu XiaoHai, and nurture the three people's feelings together. But before he could even take a step into the bathroom, the ringing phone made him stop.

"You're coming back to China tomorrow, right?" Fang Hua's voice said directly from the phone.

"Tomorrow night. Did you take care of everything?" Qiu Qian gazed mournfully at the bathroom door which closed in front of his eyes.

"Everything's taken care of," Fang Hua then immediately began to complain. "But consider it as my begging you. Next time if you want to do something like this, can you inform me first? If you can't be bothered making the proper arrangements, then I'll do it for you! It's the new years, what were you thinking going to the airport and putting a display with Bai Lang? Right now everyone has mobile phones, do you really think you're that lucky?"

Qiu Qian laughed lightly. "So what if they have mobile phones. I'm scared that they won't take photos."

"… so then why did you tell me to "take care of" the media then?!" Fang Hua's voice rose quite a lot.

"Just some small precautions." Qiu Qian was in a good mood so he didn't mind explaining. "I don't want have to have to cover up forever when I'm conducting a romance. So from now on, I want them to slowly get used to my "good relationship" with Bai Lang. This way if things develop in the future, then the impact on Bai Lang will be less."

On the other end Fang Hua was silent for some time. Then she asked in a somewhat halting voice, "What did you say? Romance with who?"

"Who else except Bai Lang?" Qiu Qian announced happily. "Don't worry, I won't ruin your protegee."

Fang Hua was definitely not as relaxed as Qiu Qian. She was silent again then said, "Are you being serious?"

Qiu Qian laughed in reply. "Why would you ask that?"

"I thought once the time was up then…" Fang Hua stopped. "Don't you already….?"

"Turns out all of you think you know me better than myself." Qiu Qian made his voice very casual.

Fang Hua sighed. "Okay. I know what to do. As long as you're clear on what you're doing."

From within the bathroom emerged the sound of Qiu XiaoHai's laughter and the splashing of water. It was slightly dulled by the closed door.

The sound of a warm and peaceful family filled the space.

The corners of Qiu Qian's lips raised up. "I'm extremely clear."


Just a few days of holiday was definitely not enough. When Qiu XiaoHai heard that it was time to go home, he clutched onto the branches and leaves and refused to leave. Bai Lang could only use pancake with spring onion to persuade him. After all in the holiday villa Bai Lang couldn't cook. Qiu XiaoHai's eyes lit up. Every moment he spent not asleep on the plane journey was used in making up a menu.

However the big chef Bai Lang slept the entire way.

After all the night before he had had a night of strenuous adult activity. It was even more passionate than any other night before.

After all "lovemaking" couldn't be separated from the world "love". Since their relationship had entered a new stage, all of their touches and kisses seemed to have an additional layer of electricity and heat. Bai Lang was tossed by Qiu Qian until he cried and begged for mercy and the next day his eyebags got heavier. Even after getting off the plane he didn't feel fully recovered.

Luckily when they got back to the country, because of certain arrangements, it wasn't under the eyes of a large audience as when they left.

The photographs of the three of them taken the day they had left the country had been suppressed by Fang Hua before they could be published. Then, under Qiu Qian's instructions, she had also posted the news that Bai Lang had gone on holidays with a friend's family.

To those on the inside, they only needed to take one look at he news and know immediately what kind of "holiday" this was. After all Qiu Qian had previous history. However this time it seemed Qiu Qian was actively controlling the news. Under normal circumstances no one would dare to write this kind of thing that everyone knew but no one had real evidence. After all no one wanted to make an enemy of the the young master Qiu.

Thus a few photographs were posted in the corners of a confusing spread of other news, and didn't cause much of a fuss. {T/N: So QQ and FH are controlling the news, they want to slowly let people know about the relationship but not cause any large drama. Hence releasing in dribs and drabs if that makes sense.}

However in the eyes of the industry insiders and people in the know, this was a clear sign of who was behind Bai Lang and whether or not they could touch him.

This was the effect that Qiu Qian and planned. Right now he had placed onto Bai Lang a label of "belonging to him".

Thus, when the Rong family head celebrated his 70th birthday two weeks later and the honored guest Qiu Qian brought Bai Lang along with him, it didn't cause too much of a furore.


The current head of the Rong family, Rong Ai's 70th birthday was held at the Rong family mansion.

The list of guests included people famous in the political and business circles. There was a large network of contacts that the Rong family wanted to keep secret. Thus the banquet was mostly private and kept hidden from the eyes of the journalists. Even if some news got out, all of the journalists knew that this was one topic they couldn't write about.

Qiu Qian had received his invitation long before leaving the country with Bai Lang.

After coming back to China, Qiu Qian raised the topic to Bai Lang of going together. Bai Lang agreed immediately. One of the reasons was because of his friendship with Rong SiQi. So even if he didn't get an invitation and attended with Qiu Qian, it would still not be untoward to go to make his greetings.

However he didn't expect that when he got to the party Qiu Qian would smile and say he wasn't even sure if Bai Lang would be even to get see Rong SiQi. This was because the list of people who were attending were similar to Qiu Qian, they were mostly the important business associates of the Rong family. There would also be a separate party for private friends. The two parties weren't mixed.

When Bai Lang realized this he said, then why am I here?

Qiu Qian raised his eyebrow. Because this party is boring ma. So you come and accompany me to keep me entertained.

Bai Lang looked at Qiu Qian's casual expression and thought that if this guy didn't even think it was impolite to bring a male companion, then there wasn't any need for Bai Lang to think too much.

However soon after Bai Lang stepped into the opulently decorated venue in the latest black suit that Li Fu had made for him, he quickly understood Qiu Qian's nonchalant attitude.

Because inside Bai Lang saw many such companions.

There was the new film Empress Fei Hong, the goddess of TV hosting Zhang MeiYi, the long-legged supermodel Li LinLin, as well as the newly hot young male idol Li KuanLin…. All of them came with someone who was obviously an honored guest. And some of these honored guests were people that clearly were already married.

Bai Lang absorbed everything in front of his eyes, then he couldn't help aiming a glare at Qiu Qian.

Qiu Qian immediately pressed close to Bai Lang's ear. He whispered in a low voice, "Some of them also brought their wives. Just look at the ugly ones."


Bai Lang decided not to ask which category he belonged to. He continued to observe the venue before he suddenly paused.

Because Bai Lang had seen Su Quan.

That perfect and exquisite face bore a warm and gentle smile. He was following beside an old man sitting in a wheelchair.

Bai Lang also recognized this old man.

Every time there was news about major political negotiations, his name would never failed to be mentioned. Hong Yu.

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