Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – Hong Yu

The good thing about having a self-service bar was the freedom. At the same time the environment of eating was also very free.

Prior to sitting down, Qiu Qian had already taken Bai Lang around to greet people. Still after they sat down, they were still subject to countless people coming over for a chat. Bai Lang thus understood why when Qiu Qian had dinner events, he often came home and still wanted to eat the noodles that Bai Lang cooked.

Bai Lang didn't intend to eat too much. He had just came back from overseas and if he ate any more then he would look too round on the cameras. So he only took some vegetables and fruit and didn't mind the interruptions. However Qiu Qian's appetite was big. He had only managed to eat half of his plate full of meat but it was already cold. Thus Bai Lang got up and went to get Qiu Qian a self-made hamburger. That was he would take two pieces of bread, some vegetables, a few tomato pieces and some roast beef, and stuff them together to make a hamburger. When he saw Qiu Qian had a spare moment he gave it to him.

Qiu Qian seemed to enjoy this very much. He could eat one in three bites and seemed to want more. Rong SiQi was sitting in a corner. His position was blocked by Bai Lang and so he didn't get disturbed much. When he saw Qiu Qian's satisfied expression his gaze glimmered and so Bai Lang also made him one. He was also very satisfied with the taste.

After eating and drinking his fill, Rong SiQi was led away by the elders in his family and it was unknown who he had gone to meet. Qiu Qian also took Bai Lang on another round of the room, and then it was approximately time to leave.

The waiter came by to top up the champagne and Qiu Qian looked around. "There's one last person to talk to. After we speak to him we can leave."

Bai Lang nodded and agreed. After a whole night he already felt his back was sore.

Qiu Qian looked at him sideways. "Tired?"

Bai Lang gently rolled his shoulder. "Having to stand up so straight like this the whole night. I don't even need to do it when I'm acting."

"It's better once you get used to it." Qiu Qian smiled and raised his glass. "But I have to say very honestly that you look very handsome tonight."

Bai Lang was wearing the suit that Li Fu had specially made for him. The shoulders were very stiff and the waist was cinched in perfectly. When paired with the tapered pants, it made Bai Lang's figure look very long and beautiful. Plus the tips that Li Fu had given him about his posture, it really made him look like the perfect image of a young master from an aristocratic family.

Bai Lang raised his juice glass and clinked it against Qiu Qian's. "Thank you. The suit cost over 100,000 yuan, if it's not handsome then Li Fu would really panic."

Qiu Qian came closer. He pressed his hand that wasn't holding a wine glass against the small of Bai Lang's back. "Honestly what I want to do the most is to take it off."

Bai Lang replied calmly, "If you can defeat Xiao Hai then go ahead."

Every time these two people came home late, then Qiu XiaoHai would become unusually clingy. A few times before Bai Lang had accompanied him to sleep and after those times Qiu XiaoHai had become attached to this service. Thus since this evening fulfilled the requirement of going home late, then Qiu XiaoHai would undoubtedly run into the main bedroom and want to sleep with them.

Qiu Qian also knew. He felt regretful. "The solution to stiffness is more exercise."

Bai Lang really felt his back was sore. "Let's go then. Who's the last person?"

Qiu Qian smiled and pointed at the other side for the venue. "The most noisy place."

That meant the corner where Su Quan was, as well as the old man in the wheelchair.


"It's been a long time. Elder Hong looks very well, that is very comforting."

Qiu Qian waited until the people crowded around Hong Yu were momentarily quiet before making his greetings.

The people made away for Qiu Qian so that Hong Yu in the wheelchair could see him more easily.

It was the first time that Bai Lang was given the opportunity to meet this legendary figure that before he had only heard about on the news.

The just over 60 Hong Yu sat in his wheelchair. His hair was gray-white and his figure was very slight and thin. Even though he looked a bit tired however his eyes were extremely bright.

Everyone knew that the reason that Hong Yu was in the wheelchair was because of car accident a few years ago that was suspected to be intentional. His legs were damaged in the incident. Prior to that, although he was older, he had been considered quite a glamorous figure.

As for Hong Yu's identity, other than the Hong family being an established political clan in the capital, what was more remarkable was his personal achievements.

His job could be described in a complex way but actually it was also very simple. Basically it was to help people talk and come to an agreement. However the things he helped people agree on, was the differences between the various political factions.

This kind of mediator who trode the line between multiple parties and varying interests originally should have been a wallflower type person whom all all the parties disdained. However the Hong family originally had quite a lot of power in the capital, and also Hong Yu had some special methods and was able to complete several important mediations beautifully. Thus after that more and more people came to find Hong Yu to help them arrange things, and his networks grew more broad and he quickly became a powerful and persuasive force in his own right. Thus even at the Rong family's own birthday party, it was the host Rong Ai who paid his respects to Hong Yu and not the other way around.

When he heard Qiu Qian's greetings, Hong Yu smiled. "Oh it's Boss Qiu. I saw you from far away before and was thinking that it would be good to find an opportunity to talk to you today. However it's inconvenient for me to move so Boss Qiu will have to forgive me for waiting for you to come to me."

Qiu Qian came forward and respectfully bowed his waist to shake hands with Hong Yu. He smiled and said, "I don't dare to trouble Elder Hong. Everyone here is a senior and has many important things to discuss. So this junior didn't want to trouble you too early and that's why I'm late."

"Truly it is a bit late ah." Hong Yu smiled, his eyes curving. He followed on by saying, "Couldn't you tell that Xiao Su has been hoping that you would come over the chat from very early on? This whole night he's had to accompany an old man like me. He must be very bored."

Su Quan who had been standing by Hong Yu with his hand on the back of the wheelchair the whole time, immediately bent down. His gentle face was completely different from the one he showed outside. "Teacher, you've misunderstood. Su Quan doesn't feel that way." {T/N: SQ calls him "xian sheng" (JP: sensei) which is a respectful way to call someone whom you learn from or just respect in a senior position. Doesn't have to mean a literal teacher or academic.}

Hong Yu's smile didn't change. He inclined his head and said, "You think I don't know you? Tonight you've been more quiet than usual. It really makes my heart ache. Right now Boss Qiu can also be considered your proper boss as well. You guys must have many things to talk about, it's only natural. You don't need to mind me."

His words seemed very peaceful however within them there were many different elements and meanings. Qiu Qian thus said, "The fact that Mr Su was able to come to Total Entertainment was also due to Elder Hong's help. We will definitely support Mr Su well in his work and won't let Elder Hong down."

"That is good." Hong Yu smiled even more. However then he suddenly said, "But does that mean that Boss Qiu will not help him with anything outside of work?"

Qiu Qian laughed in a natural manner. "I'm sure Elder Hong already knows that Mr Su and I are from the same hometown. Based on that, of course I will take good care of him."

Hong Yu smiled and nodded. Although he looked satisfied however there was a flash in his eyes. Following that he looked at the Bai Lang who was standing behind Qiu Qian. He asked, "The person next to Boss Qiu looks very familiar. Won't Boss Qiu introduce me?"

Qiu Qian backed up slightly and used his left hand to support Bai Lang's waist.

"This is Bai Lang. He's also one of the artists from Total Entertainment. Since today is a rare opportunity, I brought him here to experience things."

Bai Lang met Hong Yu's gaze and felt that it wasn't kind. Thus he only nodded his head. "This junior is called Bai Lang. I'm honored to meet Mr Hong."

Hong Yu smiled as he received the greeting. He retracted his gaze and said, "Mr Qiu is really a very successful businessman. Every seed you nurture is very excellent. However if you put your main focus into entertainment then it's too much of a pity. Based on your acumen you can do much more. How old are you this year?" The last sentence was suddenly aimed at Bai Lang again.

Bai Lang was surprised for a second, then answered, "Twenty-four."

"Twenty-four ah." Hong Yu smiled again. "It really is very young. You need to grasp your opportunities well. After all in your industry the most valuable resource you have is your youth. Without discussing appearances, just based on age, even the film emperor can't compare to a junior like you, isn't that right?"

The named Su Quan bent over again. He lowered his eyes. "Teacher is right."

Bai Lang felt this conversation was getting stranger and stranger. Previously he was 80-90% sure that Hong Yu and Su Quan had a relationship, however based on this conversation, it also didn't seem quite right?

However Qiu Qian also didn't have any patience for this kind of full of hidden meaning talk. He changed the topic and asked Hong Yu what he had been discussing with the others before. After 10 minutes of inconsequential chatter, he dragged Bai Lang to leave.

During this time other than the two sentences he spoke earlier, Su Quan didn't say a thing. However his gaze kept returning to Qiu Qian throughout the conversation. And since he was standing behind Hong Yu's chair, then it was impossible for Hong Yu to see these glances.

This situation made Bai Lang feel very uncomfortable however Qiu Qian's reaction was also somewhat special.

Towards Su Quan's glances, Qiu Qian behaved as though he completely didn't notice. He only talked to Hong Yu and the others.

Under normal circumstances if during conversation, someone keeps looking at you then politeness would dictate that you should also look back once or twice to show acknowledgement. Qiu Qian wasn't someone that hadn't been in society. From his behaviour tonight Bai Lang could tell he was very experienced in social situations. Thus his response to Su Quan should be purposeful ignoring. If the reason was because of not wanting Bai Lang to misunderstand, then it seemed a bit childish and not like Qiu Qian….

So when they got in the car, Bai Lang's thoughts were still wavering. All the way until Qiu Qian grabbed him and pulled him into his arms.

Because he had to drink tonight, the Qiu Qian who usually liked to drive himself, had asked Xiao Li to drop them off and pick them up. The car was also one which was appropriate to the situation. It wasn't the Land Rover that Qiu Qian normally liked to drive, but instead a long black limousine. This meant that between the driver and the back seat there was a wall separating them.

"What's with the face?" Qiu Qian pulled Bai Lang over and began to massage his shoulders. "Having a question but not asking it, is it fun to keep it stuffed inside your heart?"

Bai Lang looked at Qiu Qian's disbelieving face and then slightly relaxed his body and leaned against him. Then he said, "What's the relationship between Su Quan and Hong Yu?"

"That's the question you want to ask?" Qiu Qian laughed lowly. "I thought everyone present could tell."

Bai Lang went silent. However even though he suspected it he still felt a bit shocked. Based on Su Quan's appearance and skill, it turns out he also still needed a patron behind the scenes to support him. He had never heard talk like this about Su Quan in his past life. However based on Hong Yu's power and influence this wasn't unexpected. However…

"Just now Hong Yu's attitude, it didn't seem that way?"

Qiu Qian held the back of Bai Lang's head and lowered his head to kiss him. He asked, "Back then you came to me and wanted a contractual relationship. Did you think about what would happen in ten years?"

"I did." Bai Lang nodded.

Qiu Qian raised his eyebrow. "Oh? Pray, tell me."

"You find someone new and I would gracefully withdraw."

Qiu Qian narrowed his eyes. "You really have a lot of confidence in me."

"Even though I haven't studied statistics before, I still understand the concept."

Qiu Qian punished him by biting Bai Lang's lips. This time he claimed every inch tyrannically and didn't release him for a long time.

"Then what would happen if I was captivated by you, to the point where I didn't want to let go? Then what would you do?"

"Isn't it like that now?" Bai Lang could barely breathe but still managed these words.

Qiu Qian went still, then laughed joyfully. He dragged the person onto his leg and lovingly caressed him.

"I know. Since Xiao Hai is at home, we can solve the problem of your stiffness right now. En?"

Bai Lang froze and then turned his head to ensure that the window to the driver's side was shut.

"I'll remember to block your mouth. Xiao Li won't be able to hear anything." Qiu Qian enthusiastically bit Bai Lang's neck and said in his throaty voice.

However the motion of the car couldn't be disguised and Xiao Li was someone that Bai Lang had to see often. Thus he firmly shook his head. Then he sighed and amended, "…. actually, before sleeping with Xiao Hai, we still have to take a shower."

Qiu Qian's eyes lit up. "We really haven't done it in the bathroom before."

"So can you please take out your hand from my pants?" Bai Lang asked helplessly.

Qiu Qian's mouth quirked and he obediently retracted his hand. He continued to hold Bai Lang and let him rest in his arms. He returned to the previous topic. "Hong Yu and Su Quan have between them a contract of twelve years. The time is already up and so theoretically Su Quan should have his freedom back. However it seems Hong Yu isn't willing."

Bai Lang thought for a while. "So is Su Quan looking for another pathway to escape?"


"Is that pathway you?"

"If his freedom is more important to him than his reputation, then I can do it." {T/N: What QQ is saying is that he is powerful enough help SQ leave HY however not so powerful as to do it without damaging SQ's reputation at all. Since HY will fight back.}

However it seemed that Su Quan hadn't chosen his freedom because his reputation was still very much intact. And his progress within the country and overseas had also been very successful. And as for Qiu Qian, for some reason, every few years he would change to new small star to keep.

This time Bai Lang was silent for a long time before asking, "What's your reason for helping him?"

Qiu Qian once again supported Bai Lang's head and met his gaze. He smiled lowly and said, "Finally you deign to ask?"

Bai Lang didn't reply however he didn't hide from Qiu Qian's gaze.

Qiu Qian smiled. "A long time ago, just when I thought that Su Quan and I would become a pair, Su Quan left with Hong Yu."

Bai Lang saw a slight expression of self-mockery appear on Qiu Qian's face. He didn't interrupt and waited for him to continue.

"At that time I was just a rascal that sailed a boat. I did earn some small money but I was almost never on shore. Su Quan's biggest desire was to be successful and he didn't have time to play the game of 'you wait for me, I wait for you'. That's why he chose Hong Yu. I guess you can say that both of us put bread before love. We're quite similar in that way so that's why in the end we became old friends."

Bai Lang stared at the smile on Qiu Qian's face. However he didn't feel relaxed.

Because now some hints and clues from his past life were now linked together, just as Ya Qi said.

After all, someone might speak and think a way about themselves ideologically however when compared to reality, there were still differences. For example Bai Lang himself. Prior to talking to Ya Qi, he had also thought that he wouldn't be affected by Qiu Qian's previous relationships. But now that he was really faced with it, there really was a knot at the bottom of his heart. Although he could hide it from other people he couldn't hide it from himself.

In the same way, Qiu Qian might appear relaxed right now but his behaviour of continually changing from small star to small star could also be seen as a method of revenge. This meant that while logically Qiu Qian might understand Su Quan's rejection, however his feelings might be different… {T/N: BL thinks that the reason in his past life that QQ was never able to truly settle down was because he never got over SQ.}

However even if that was the case, then who said everything in this life would still be the same?

In his past life, he had never met Rong SiQi, he had never held Qiu XiaoHai and he had also, never like this, rested inside Qiu Qian's arms.

In this life, regardless how Qiu Qian felt, Bai Lang's heart had moved. He didn't dare to expect forever however he only wanted honesty and not lies as in his previous life with Kang Jian.

Thus Bai Lang lowered his eyes and quietly asked, "So you're just friends?"

Qiu Qian's laughter rocked his chest. He repeated. "Just friends."

Bai Lang didn't follow him to laugh. He only nodded. "I don't accept sharing."

"What a coincidence, I'm the same." Qiu Qian's eyes went dark.

"Remember what I said before. If you find someone new then-"

He didn't get to finish before Qiu Qian blocked his mouth again.

This time Bai Lang passionately responded. It was as though he wanted to embed himself into this position in this person's arms.

So Qiu Qian was made so excited that he couldn't stop. These two people had no choice but to use their hands to do it halfway, otherwise they really wouldn't be able to get out of the car.

However it was lucky that they had "relieved" themselves.

Because as soon as they got home they saw Qiu XiaoHai on the king sized bed in the main bedroom, curled up fast asleep with his big rabbit pillow.

Such a small figure sleeping on such a large bed, the image was very lonely.

Any desire that they had disappeared when met with this image.

The two people hurried to wash up and then tiptoed onto the bed. They slept on either side of Qiu XiaoHai.

Qiu XiaoHai seemed to feel something in his sleep. He scrunched up his face, clutched his rabbit pillow and rolled over to Bai Lang's side.

Bai Lang carefully straighted Qiu XiaoHai's arms and legs, then pressed a kiss against his head.

When he raised his head it was his turn to be kissed by Qiu Qian who huddled closer. He added a sentence which he hadn't said in the car.

"You don't need to worry. You've already captivated us long ago."

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