Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – Black Cherry

Qiu Qian who was standing by Bai Lang also seemed to notice the direction of his gaze.

Qiu Qian followed it and at the same time Su Quan also looked over at the two of them.

Immediately Su Quan smiled in a familiar manner. After smiling at Qiu Qian, his gaze swept over Bai Lang and as if by coincidence the smile faded quite naturally, as though the greeting had been completed. There was nothing particularly unusual but at the same time Bai Lang felt a coldness sweep through him.

However this was also normal. Bai Lang had no relationship with Su Quan so he also looked away and continued observing his surroundings. It was just as Qiu Qian had told him. Rong SiQi didn't seem to be here.

Qiu Qian pressed closer to him and said with a teasing smile, "What are you looking around at? Su Quan just greeted us before."

Today Qiu Qian was dressed formally for once. He was wearing a traditional three piece suit. The color was predominantly a dark gray paired with a black shirt and a dark purple tie. Perhaps because he wasn't used to it, currently this tie had already been made askew by Qiu Qian.

"Only you, not us." Bai Lang looked around. After confirming they were in a quiet corner, he reached out and helped Qiu Qian to straighten his tie and at the same time flatten his collar.

Qiu Qian cooperated by raising his chin. He gazed at Bai Lang in a pleased manner.

"If you want to know about Su Quan, just ask and I'll answer. However if you don't ask then I'll assume that you don't want to know."

Bai Lang followed on by helping smooth the shoulders of Qiu Qian's suit. This movement was something he had carefully learnt at "The Regal Suit". "I still trust you."

"'Still'?" Qiu Qian grasped Bai Lang's hand. "That means things might change?"

Bai Lang said vaguely, "Trust is something that's very simple. If it's there, it's there. If it's not, then it's not."

Bai Lang was clearly deliberately distancing himself using this manner of speaking. Just like before when no matter how much he investigated, Qiu Qian did not feel as though he was able to see through Bai Lang. He was like a mirage. At the same time close and far away. That's why Qiu Qian felt that he needed to break the barrier between them as quickly as possible, otherwise there wouldn't be any chance for a future.

Qiu Qian tightened his grasp on the hand inside his palms. Right now he was trying his best to hold onto it.

"Very good. Then let's go make our greetings to the host."

Bai Lang nodded his head. Qiu Qian didn't let go of his hand but continued to hold it as they walked to the other side of the room.

The first couple of steps Bai Lang hesitated and walked slowly but then he began to follow with big strides.

After all wasn't this the kind of clear, public relationship that he died trying to achieve in his past life? In this life he didn't need to do anything and instead it was almost forced upon him. Thinking about it this way really made Bai Lang laugh helplessly.


The format of the dinner tonight was that of a buffet.

The guests went to get their own food and drinks and a dining area was set up nearby with free seating.

The advantage of such a format was that guests could freely move around and mingle without the restrictions of formal seating. However if one was not able to find anyone they wanted talk to or whom wanted to talk to to them, then they could only sit by themselves in a lonely and bored manner. That's why the invitation clearly stated that guests could bring a companion. Bai Lang had seen several artists in the crowd and thus knew there was nothing untoward about his attending. However as to what nature of companion was brought by each person, that was up them to decide. {T/N: i.e. if they want to bring their mistress or their wife, it's up to them.}

The birthday host was the senior Rong Ai. He was accompanied by several middle-aged members of the Rong family to receive each guest's congratulations. Just before Rong Ai had already gone to the stage to make a simple thank you and formally opened the party. Afterwards there also weren't any other speeches arranged because there were so many important people at the party that it wasn't appropriate to choose who to put on the stage and who to leave out. Thus only the birthday host made a speech. And as the elder of the the country's number 1 aviation business, he definitely had this right.

Rong Ai was wearing a gold Tang coat tonight. His figure was thin and short however he still looked very spirited.

When Bai Lang and Qiu Qian went over, Rong Ai had just finished talking to the Hong Yu who was sitting in a wheelchair. To make the head of the Rong family come over to speak to him personally, it was clear at this person's identity was exalted even among this group of honored guests.

Rong Ai wore a joyful smile the entire night. When he saw Qiu Qian he stretched out his hand, "Oh, isn't this Xiao Qiu? Welcome, welcome. When such a young person is willing to come to an old man's birthday party, it really makes me feel young again."

The Qiu family controlled the sea shipping business and the Rong family controlled the air shipping business. From a long time ago they had many business deals. These couple of years as Qiu Qian had started to represent the Qiu family in their shipping business, so he naturally had a lot of contact with the younger generation of the Rong family.

Qiu Qian smiled and returned the handshake warmly. "Congratulations to Elder Rong. May your life be long and prosperous."

"Thank you for words and also for the pots of kumquats. They look very fresh and full of fortune. I love them so much I can't put them down." Rong Ai grinned happily. He was able to accurately recall the gift that Qiu Qian had sent in advance. This showed that his ability to deal with outsiders and attention to detail was very good.

"If Elder Rong likes it that's good." Qiu Qian smiled. "Don't just look. Eat them, they're good for the body. As for the method of eating, perhaps Bai Lang you can give Elder Rong some suggestions?" This naturally gave Bai Lang an opening to speak.

"Elder Rong happy birthday. Other than eating, you can also wash them and with the skin together you can brew a tea. It's good for digestion and relieving phlegm." Bai Lang didn't need to pause long to think about it. After all this gift was chosen by him. "However one hour before and one hour after, you shouldn't eat any dairy type products."

A flash of surprise showed in Rong Ai's eyes. After all many people liked to bring stars to these kind of occasions. It was just like women bringing a designer handbag to show off. Rong Ai was already used to it. However since most of these partners were only temporary, they usually would not be given the opportunity to converse with anyone important. Previously when Qiu Qian had come he had often brought some small stars with him and had followed this rule. But now…

"So it's like that." Some thoughts turned inside Rong Ai's head and he smiled at Bai Lang. "It's good that you've come Mr Bai. I've heard that previously you took care of our SiQi a lot and I haven't had a chance to thank you." After speaking he reached out and clasped Bai Lang's hand, clearly also treating Bai Lang as a proper guest.

Bai Lang clasped his hand back. "There's no need. It's only just my job."

"Very good. It's okay for young people to do what they like, however no matter what you choose you should always do your best." Rong Ai nodded and smiled. He looked around and said, "Oldest son, SiQi didn't come today?"

Next to him a serious looking middle aged man came forward. "No. He has lessons tonight."

"It's okay to take a break once in a while. Tell him to come and accompany Mr Bai to chat." Rong Ai instructed. "There's not that many young people at the venue. It wouldn't do for Mr Bai to get bored."

After he expressed this intention, a woman a few steps away dressed in a professional looking cream suit smiled and said, "Grandfather you probably don't know but actually Mr Bai knows our Xiao Zan too. Previously he came to visit with desserts. Afterwards Xiao Zan might not say much but I can tell it left a strong impression on him."

Rong Ai was genuinely shocked this time. "Aiyo, to leave a strong impression on Xiao Zan. That's really extraordinary."

When the topic turned to the kids, Bai Lang immediately felt much more relaxed. "We happen to be neighbours. Xiao Hai is always making a fuss about wanting to play with Xiao Zan, so I had no choice but to disturb him."

Rong Ai felt a bit lost. "Xiao Hai?"

Qiu Qian smiled and interjected, "My son. Qiu XiaoHai. He's in the same class as your family's Rong Zan."

"Such a coincidence? How come no one told me?" Rong Ai was both surprised and joyful. "This is really fate. Next time we should all have a meal together and get more familiar, haha. If Mr Bai can really make that grandson of mine who always has an expressionless face show some feelings, then it's something I have to see."

Since the conversation had turned to family matters then the atmosphere became a lot more intimate. All the way until an elegant voice interrupted them.

"What are you all talking about so happily, eighth brother?" It was a slightly plump but cultured looking middle aged man. On his arm was the elegantly dressed film empress Fei Hong. They both smiled as they came over.

Bai Lang recognized him. He was one of Qiu Qian's rivals in the younger generation of the Qiu family, the third son Qiu Kuo. A few years later he would be ruthlessly trampled by Qiu Qian. The event had even reached the news. {T/N: I don't know if it's confusing but at this point QQ has not officially been declared the heir of the Qiu family business, it's just that his grandfather has been giving him more power and so it seems like it's going this way.}

Qiu Kuo said in a genteel way, "On an occasion like this it's not good to take up too much of the host's time. Since I'm your older brother it's my job to give you a little reminder. Otherwise outsiders might think our Qiu family isn't raised well."

The smile didn't leave Qiu Qian's face but his eyes became significantly colder. Qiu Kuo's manner of speaking made it clear that he was telling everyone that Qiu Qian wasn't raised well.

If one wanted to talk about Qiu Qian's father Qiu EnXin, other than the fact that he was a shipping and gambling mogul, then his most notable achievement to date would be his openly and publicly taking of four wives. And Qiu Qian wasn't even the child of any of these four "wives" but just a wild weed from the outside. He wasn't properly brought back into the house until he got older. The stories about this big family's messy private lives were also famous throughout the country.

Thus Qiu Qian also didn't hide but only said lightly, "He can remember to have, but can't remember to raise. That old man also must be very busy."

In a few words he placed a hat of "exposing family ugliness to outsiders" on top of Qiu Kuo's head.

Qiu Kuo's face froze. He could only clear his throat and turn around to pay his respects to Rong Ai. "Sorry to make Elder Rong laugh. I am a junior of the Qiu family, the third son Qiu Kuo. This time I represent my father to pay respects to Elder Rong on his birthday. I wish Elder Rong fortune as wide as the east sea and longevity as long as the north mountain. This junior has accompanied my father to study and learn for a long time. I often hear father talk about Elder Rong's achievements and have admired you for a long time. This time I also hope that I can learn things from Elder Rong and will be grateful for your guidance." {T/N: I don't know if it comes across but Qiu Kuo is speaking in a very obsequious and overly "cultured" way.}

Rong Ai continued to smile. He also shook Qiu Kuo's hand in the same manner. "So you are another scion of the Qiu family. Welcome, welcome."

Qiu Kuo held his hand and also bowed his body 75 degrees. The movement was very humble and respectful.

However when Rong Ai hadn't even had a chance to withdraw his hand, another jade hand stretched out.

It was Fei Hong who was smiling beautifically. "This junior is Fei Hong. I also want to wish the Elder a happy birthday and a long life as bright as the sun and moon."

Although her words were very nice and according to western traditions, shaking hands with a woman was not rude, however the people here were old and traditional. In the eyes of the people around Fei Hong's movement clearly showed she didn't know her place. For a moment Rong Ai didn't say anything nor did he reach out his hand.

The oldest son Rong He stepped forward. From one side he stretched out his hand. "Welcome. Ms Fei's name is very famous."

Since she was complimented in this manner, joy flashed through Fei Hong's face. She quickly forgot the moment of awkwardness.

The two handshakes were completed and the awkwardness from Rong Ai's rejection was melted. However when Rong Ai saw that Qiu Kuo didn't look at all understanding, and instead looked somewhat gloating, his smile faded slightly. At the same time Qiu Qian made his farewell. It was clear he didn't want to spend much time with this brother of his. Rong Ai made a few polite remarks about having a good time then watched Qiu Qian walk away still holding Bai Lang's hand.

This pair of backs was straight and graceful, neither too humble nor too proud, and their behaviour have been natural and easy. Rong Ai wanted to sigh. Even though two men together was clearly not traditional however when compared to the male and female pair in front of him right now, somehow they made him feel much more comfortable.

Not long after, Rong SiQi came in wearing a suit and raised some small commotion from the guests inside.

Until now few people on the outside knew the relationship between Rong SiQi and the Rong family. In formal business banquets, even if other members of the Rong family came, Rong SiQi would never appear. This time he did and under the eyes of half the people in the room, they saw that after going to speak to Rong He for a few moments, he immediately made a beeline for Bai Lang.

"Brother Lang hello," Rong SiQi said immediately. "I'm sorry for coming late."

Bai Lang was holding a plate of fruit. He smiled, "I'm the one that should be sorry. I didn't think that I would make you have to come all the way. Have you eaten?"

Rong SiQi very honestly shook his head. "Not yet."

Right now it was already seven or eight o'clock.

Bai Lang asked curiously, "They said you were having lessons. What kind of lessons?"

A frustrated expression appeared on Rong SiQi's face. "English class."

"Is it hard?"

Rong SiQi nodded his head morosely.

Bai Lang wanted to laugh. He was just about to share some study techniques he had when his mouth was stuffed by a very large black cherry.

Qiu Qian appeared by his side. His plate was filled to the brim with meat. He raised his eyebrow. "Talk after eating. What's the hurry for?"

Bai Lang felt helpless. It was very difficult to talk with a cherry in his mouth. He could only point to a seat, indicating to Rong SiQi that they should sit there.

After Bai Lang had walked a few steps away, Qiu Qian looked at Rong SiQi and said in a somewhat warning manner, "Talk is okay, but Bai Lang already has a boyfriend." He was still a bit unhappy about the end of year party when Bai Lang had spent the whole night talking to Rong SiQi. Although clearly there weren't any fireworks between these two people.

However unexpectedly Rong SiQi met his eyes in a completely unafraid manner. He suddenly said, "Sister Fang said that Brother Lang owes you money. How much money?"

Qiu Qian's eyebrow climbed higher. "Why do you want to know?"

"I'll pay it back for him."

"You'll pay it back for him?" Qiu Qian narrowed his eyes. Was he wrong about this kid? "Then what?"

Rong SiQi went silent for a while. Then he said, "Then Brother Lang can pay me back slowly."

Qiu Qian couldn't help bursting into laughter. He somewhat understood why Bai Lang liked talking to this kid.

"Okay little brother, go and get your food. Eat more so you can grow up quicker."

Rong SiQi didn't understand. He frowned. "You haven't replied to me."

Qiu Qian said mirthfully, "Right now he doesn't owe me money. He owes me something else." He took his plate and left.

Not a single event that had just transpired was missed by Su Quan was was standing on the other side of the room, watching.

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