Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – Long Time Friend

When Qiu Qian came home that night, he placed the keys in the lock, opened the door and found that there wasn't any of the usual sounds of noisy cartoons coming from the TV. He took off his shoes and poked his head into the living room.

He saw Bai Lang hugging Qiu XiaoHai on his lap. The two people's heads were pressed together, as though they were talking about something in secret. They were so focused they didn't even hear him come in.

Qiu Qian raised his eyebrow and walked in. He asked, "What are you two doing?"

Qiu Qian's voice made the two people turn their heads at the same time.

Bai Lang's expression was slightly complicated. Qiu XiaoHai's eyes were both very red.

Qiu Qian was surprised, "Eh eh, who's been bullying our little piggy?"

Qiu XiaoHai turned his head around and refused to answer. He also pouted and buried his head into Bai Lang's chest.

Bai Lang also didn't answer Qiu Qian. He only held Qiu XiaoHai and continued to kiss and hug him. "Okay, don't cry anymore. We've already agreed and even made a pinky promise, right?"

Qiu Qian parked himself next to Bai Lang. He asked, "What happened?"

Bai Lang only gave him an expression that was halfway between helplessness and concern. At this time Qiu XiaoHai said in a pitiful voice:

"…Why does mommy have to a girl ah. I want Ah Bai to be my mommy oh."

Bai Lang held Qiu XiaoHai tightly and said, "It doesn't matter. Even if Ah Bai isn't your mommy, I can still make lots of yummy food for Xiao Hai."

Qiu Qian's eyebrow climbed even higher. He approximately understood what was happening.

"But Chen ZhenZhen said mommys are just like Ah Bai ah." Qiu XiaoHai's voice was both muffled and pitiful.

Bai Lang stroked Qiu XiaoHai's hair. "So no matter if I'm your mom or not, I will always accompany Xiao Hai."

"Ah Bai will you always be here?"

"Until Xiao Hai doesn't want Ah Bai anymore, Ah Bai will always be here." Bai Lang said gently.

Qiu XiaoHai heard this and burrowed himself even deeper into Bai Lang's chest. "I won't ever not want Ah Bai oh. I, I, want Ah Bai to be my mommy ah."

"So Xiao Hai will always have Ah Bai. It's the same."

{T/N: It's BL talking. He's referring to himself by name.}

"Then if it's the same thing then why can't I call Ah Bai my mommy?"

"Because Ah Bai isn't a girl, mommys have to be girls."

Bai Lang's voice was still very gentle. His face was extremely patient as though he intended to continue dragging this talk on with Qiu XiaoHai.

"Why ah? I don't like girls. Why does mommy have to be a girl?"

Qiu XiaoHai was as obstinate as mule.

After he heard this, Qiu Qian realized how many times Bai Lang and Qiu XiaoHai had been going over this again and again.

Also this was the first time he had seen Bai Lang being this resolute in refusing Qiu XiaoHai. He refused to even give one inch. Previously his treatment of Xiao Hai had really made Qiu Qian feel jealous so he wasn't at all surprised that his son would kick up a fuss and want Bai Lang to be his "mommy". So actually Qiu Qian didn't mind to watch them go on like this for a bit longer but it was only that if he did that then Bai Lang probably wouldn't forgive him.

Thus Qiu Qian said, "Why don't you just call him that in your heart, idiot."

Bai Lang's eyes flew up and Qiu XiaoHai also turned his head around. He paused then said stupidly, "But if I call him that in my heart Ah Bai won't hear it oh."

"How do you know? Why don't you try it. Just think "mommy" and say "Ah Bai". Try it." Qiu Qian raised his chin.

Qiu XiaoHai opened his eyes wide and turned back to look at Bai Lang. "Ah Bai~?"

Qiu Qian looked purposefully at Bai Lang. "So, did you hear it?"

"…." Bai Lang was really speechless with these two people. But because Qiu XiaoHai was looking at him with eyes full of worry and anticipation, he could only relent and say, "I heard it."

Qiu XiaoHai's face immediately lit up. He yelled loudly, "Really!? Ah Bai! Ah Bai Ah Bai Ah Bai~! Hehehe." His entire person clung onto Bai Lang's chest and started rubbing himself all over just like before.

Bai Lang wrapped one arm around Qiu XiaoHai but his gaze was still looking at Qiu Qian in an accusatory manner.

Qiu Qian also knew why Bai Lang had been stubborn. He was worried that Qiu XiaoHai might suddenly say it at the wrong time and be laughed at by his friends.

But truth was truth, just because he didn't say it did it mean it didn't exist? He would rather be blamed by Qiu XiaoHai, then make him live a lie.

"He will eventually understand," Qiu Qian reached out and ruffled Qiu XiaoHai's head. Then he lightly bit Bai Lang's lower lip. "Who let him be my son." In this way Qiu Qian's protection was at times stern but also sometimes very relaxed.


The next day, Qiu XiaoHai beamed from ear to ear as he held Bai Lang and Qiu Qian's hand to go to school.

His two little legs bounced and hopped until he almost left the ground.

After Bai Lang sent Qiu XiaoHai into the classroom, Qiu Qian took off the sunglasses and indicated with his hand that he wanted to teacher to come to one side to chat. Bai Lang was busy dealing with a bunch of his young fans in the classroom, and so he didn't hear with Qiu Qian and the teacher talked about. He could only tell that when they left the classroom the smile on the teacher's face was somewhat frozen. Qiu Qian had put his sunglasses back on.

The two of them left the kindergarten together. Bai Lang couldn't help asking, "What did you talk to the teacher about? Didn't you intend to just let things be and not meddle?"

Qiu Qian laughed evilly. "Just because I'm not going to meddle, doesn't mean I will let others do it. It's a parent's responsibility to maintain "friendly" communication with the teacher."

Bai Lang looked at Qiu Qian suspiciously. Qiu Qian rested his arm on Bai Lang's shoulder. "What kind of expression is that? Let me tell you, from now on you're also one of Xiao Hai's parents. I told the teacher already."

Bai Lang looked at him in a speechless manner.

Qiu Qian raised his eyebrow. "Long time family friend, okay. Family friend."

This made more sense. Bai Lang thought.

Just now the teacher's expression was clearly not believing it but having no choice but to believe it.


On the other side, Qiu XiaoHai was very happy.

"Ah Zan, here, this is the little rabbit steamed bun that Ah Bai said to give you~"

As soon as Qiu XiaoHai sat down he took out a lunchbox from his bag. Inside was several white and fluffy little rabbit steamed buns. He pushed them towards Rong Zan who sat beside him.

This was a little boy who was so pretty he looked a bit not like a boy. However his quiet and stern expression also didn't make him seem girly.

Rong Zan blinked his long eyelashes. He lowered his head and looked carefully at the lunchbox. Then he said, "Thank you."

Qiu XiaoHai leaned in towards Rong Zan secretively. He said excitedly, "Let me tell you a secret oh Ah Zan, Ah Bai is my mommy now, I can call Ah Bai mommy! Isn't that great!?"

Rong Zan's large eyes, which knew the difference between black and white, looked at Qiu XiaoHai. He gravely nodded his head. "That's to be expected."

Qiu XiaoHai smiled so much his teeth were all showing. "You were right and Chen ZhenZhen was wrong! Ah Bai really can be my mommy."

Rong Zan nodded his head again. Then he took out the handkerchief from his breast and wiped his hands carefully before opening the box. Then he took out one of the fat and white steamed buns and broke it in half. He gave one half back to Qiu XiaoHai. "Here."

Qiu XiaoHai naturally took it. He bite off the rabbit's ears with one bite. He completely didn't look embarrassed at having taken back a present he had just given out. Rong Zan saw Qiu XiaoHai eating then also delicately bit off the little white rabbit's bum.

At this time a little girl wearing a pink sundress and a long ponytail came over to the two people's table. She stopped and pointed at Qiu XiaoHai and said in a childish voice, "Qiu XiaoHai, why are you eating in class ah."

Qiu XiaoHai hurried to cover up his nose and throat. "Who cares. I'm almost finished anyway."

The little girls face went red. She stammered slightly, "Did you not eat breakfast? I, we always at cake at home. It's much better than this oh. I will bring some for you to eat. You, you will definitely like it!"

Qiu XiaoHai heard it and paused slightly.

Rong Zan suddenly said, "You can't eat cake in the morning."

Qiu XiaoHai turned his head in a hurry. "Why?" He also liked to eat cake.

"Your stomach will hurt." Rong Zan muched on the steamed bun and said slowly. "The doctor said so."

"Liar! My, my stomach doesn't hurt!" The little girl heard it and yelled out immediately.

"Ah Zan wouldn't lie," Qiu XiaoHai immediately puffed out his chest and protectively shielded Rong Zan like a guard. "If Ah Zan says it will hurt then it will hurt!"

When the little girl heard it she couldn't think of any response. She stammered for a while then finally stamped her feet in anger.

"Qiu, Qiu XiaoHai you dummy! I'm going to tell the teacher!"

Qiu XiaoHai watched as she ran away. Then he turned his head and sighed at Rong Zan.

"This is why I don't like girls ma."


Qiu XiaoHai was happy at school and Bai Lang's movie also continued filming.

However after Hong Yu intervened in "Gold", whether it not it would successfully reach the screens was not something that Bai Lang could be sure about.

But at least Hong Yu had made up for the shortage of funding for the movie. It allowed this life's Zhao JingXuan to focus his attention on restoring his family business, and didn't let "

"Gold" became a burden on them. From the perspective of Zhu Kuan, it had already solved his problem of not being a burden on his friend. Thus Bai Lang still felt some relief.

However although everything seemed smooth on the surface, Hong Yu's intervention still raised Bai Lang's danger instincts.

He had the feeling of being threatened by someone and if this really came true in the future, Bai Lang didn't want to be helpless and simply sit around and wait for someone to save him.

Thus Bai Lang changed his mind. Originally he always felt that as long as he had enough money to spend it was enough. However now he decided to place more focus on his finances.

Firstly, there was the copyright for the books that he had bought earlier.

Since there was no pressing need for money, Bai Lang thought about the increasingly popular and furious sales of the book series in the next few years, and decided to put it to better use in the future. This way he would also have more resources to invest in the future few years' rising housing market. Although this method was crude but since he didn't have any networks or any power, he could only rely on money.

Thus Bai Lang purchased a publishing house that had been operating relatively well.

One-third of the shares for this company was given to Qiu Qian who had "lent" him the money.

After obtaining the publishing company, Bai Lang didn't hesitate to find the same translator who had gotten famous for translating this series of fantasy books. The book was quickly translated. The time it took to publish the very first book was earlier than his previous life by several months. It was able to very conveniently grasp the good timing for when the fame of these books from overseas was just entering into China.

Thus because of this good situation, the book was able to ride of the wave of fame coming from the internet and other pathways. Unlike in his previous life, there was no chance for pirated translations to come in first and steal a portion of the sales. Thus the book naturally sold even better than in his previous life. The result was extremely good and it made Bai Lang anticipate the return he would get once the entire set was on the market. He was already able to recoup his entire investment of 3.5 million.

Bai Lang knew that right now was just the start. There was a total of 6 books and once they were all completed, the sales within the country should reach more than tens of millions. So in order to better pave the way for future sales, Bai Lang unhesitatingly took out one-third of this 3.5 million and spent it on the company so they could professionally package and market these books, as well as to crack down on pirated copies. As for the rest, Bai Lang simply needed to let his money make more money for him.

However all of these events took place several months later.

At the end of March, "Gold" wrapped up filming and entered its post-production period. Just as Bai Lang was still worried whether or not "Gold" would ever reach the screens, his schedule was already filled with various promotional activities.

So on a particular television program, Bai Lang once again met the person he had almost forgotten.

Kang Jian.

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