Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – In Front of and Behind the Cameras

Running into Kang Jian again after several months, Bai Lang no longer felt the revulsion from before. Right now he simply didn't feel anything. He didn't have any joy nor any sadness. It was as though the person in front of his eyes was a complete stranger.

Right now the progression of events should have made Bai Lang satisfied. Previously the drama that Kang Jian had filmed, which Bai Lang had behind the scenes "recommended", had during the new years time exploded into a large scandal.

Because of that the entire production had been halted. Over half of the people were investigated by the police. Within them, Wu ShenEn was even detained for three days and it seemed to be that he really was a drug user. Thus the entire drama was definitely cancelled as many related bodies had declared that in order to promote good social order that they would definitely not approve it to be broadcasted.

Thus the trap that Bai Lang had set for Wu ShenEn and Kang Jian had completely taken effect. These two people's fame which had only just been on the rise immediately plummeted down. They had also wasted several months work and were now associated with "drugs". It can be said to have had a very severe effect. However when he heard the news, Bai Lang didn't spend much time being happy. After all right now his time was occupied very fully by his work as well as the Qiu family father and son.

It was only that for Kang Jian to right now still be standing here, it meant that he had passed the investigation over the drugs. Not only that but even before the audience had forgotten this news, there was still a show that was willing to invite Kang Jian to come on as a guest. Thus there was definitely someone behind him supporting him.

On the way to the makeup room, Bai Lang passed Kang Jian in the corridor and this thought floated into his head.

However on his side, Kang Jian was not aware that his plot of working together with Wu ShenEn to get someone to take photos of Bai Lang had been exposed. At this moment he was still thinking about his "friendship" with Bai Lang. He still thought that it was only because he had moved too quickly that Bai Lang would distance himself for the sake of that man.

If he could return to a friendly position then based on Bai Lang's previous warm attitude, then he probably wouldn’t distance himself anymore. Also right now Bai Lang's fame was getting bigger, so he wouldn't want to ruffle feathers by making himself look like someone who would turn a cold shoulder on an old friend right?

When he saw Bai Lang, the other man was just as beautiful and gentle looking as before. In these few months there was a new confidence and mesmerizing feeling about him. Paired with his elegant clothing, he gave off the impression of a worldly young nobleman. There wasn't a single shred of immaturity about him. The itchiness in Kang Jian's heart rose up again. His footsteps slowed and he turned around and said, "It's been a long time, Ah Lang."

However Bai Lang didn't stop walking.

It was only Hong Hong who was standing behind Bai Lang that lightly inclined his head towards Kang Jian.

Kang Jian's body froze. However he was determined not to let Bai Lang ignore him thus he said loudly.

"Ah Lang, if I've done anything wrong, then I apologize okay? I'm sorry. It's my fault. Please forgive me! I've called you so many times and you still won't pick up. You're being like this makes me really unhappy ah."

He yelled so loudly that half the corridor could hear.

The staff who originally weren't originally paying attention now all looked over.

Thus Kang Jian displayed an even more contrite expression. He didn't lower his voice at all as he said, "I know I'm a careless person. If there's something I've done that makes you feel uncomfortable then just directly tell me. I'll definitely change it! We've been classmates for so long, just based on that sentimentality can you please forgive me just this once?"

If Bai Lang continued to walk then tomorrow the entertainment news would probably be the gossip about how new rising star is acting like a bigshot.

Thus within his words, Kang Jian also slyly reminded Bai Lang that if someone came to ask him, he still had their call logs and call history which would be able to fool some people.

So Bai Lang had no choice but to stop walking and turn around.

As he faced down Kang Jian's cunning plotting, he asked quietly, "What have you done?"

Bai Lang's expressionless question made Kang Jian paused, but he reacted quickly.

"I, I don't know that's why I'm asking ah?"

Bai Lang revealed an extremely disappointed expression. Then he shook his head helplessly and then turned back around and walked away.

A few simple movements completely changed the story. Now it seemed like Kang Jian had clearly done something over the top to ruin the two people's friendship but without even figuring out what it was, just ran over him with a thick face to ask for forgiveness… The people who were eagerly watching from the sidelines used strange expressions to look at him. When they saw Kang Jian's somewhat guilty expression, they thought "Ah it's like this" and then with gossip in their hearts, went about their own business.

Only Hong Hong, who was following Bai Lang, stopped. He carefully stood in a corner and observed all this.

After all Qiu Qian had instructed him before that if this person Kang Jian appeared in front of Bai Lang, then he needed to watch closely.

And as Kang Jian was still standing there "acting", a person appeared behind him. It was a girl with a very small and short stature, however her entire person was covered head to toe in brand clothing. She had long permed curly hair, and wore a T-shirt with a very large brand logo showing and hot pants. On her wrist was a shiny expensive looking bracelet. She had long eyelashes and big eyes and combined with her carefully arranged clothing, she could be considered a middling to above average beauty.

However it was clear from her dress that she wasn't in the entertainment circle. She looked more like a spoiled and pampered second generation rich girl.

The girl clutched Kang Jian's arm in a familiar manner and said in a intimate voice, "Ah Jian, I heard you yelling "sorry" from far away. What happened? Why is that person ignoring you?"

Kang Jian lowered his head. He smiled and patted the hand on his arm. "It doesn't matter. Just a small misunderstanding. Didn't you go next door to find your friends, how come you came back so quickly?"

Filming the crime drama previously had tanned Kang Jian's skin somewhat as well as made him more manly looking. Right now he was wearing leather pants and a white denim jacket. He was gradually moving down a more rebellious and bad boy style and combined with his sentimental and seemingly full of deep emotions expression, it was indeed a look that many girls would fall for.

"Of course it's because I'm worried about you and want to watch you closely," The girl said in a coquettish manner. "Look, I just left for a second and you were already bullied by others."

"Am I that easy to bully? It's more important that you have a good time and not get bored accompanying me." Kang Jian smiled in a gentle and helpless manner. He used his superior height to lightly pat the girl's head.

"Hn, men always like to pretend to be strong." The girl dodged Kang Jian's hand and used her chin to point towards Hong Hong's direction. "That's Bai Lang right? On screens he looks alright, but in real life he gives off a weird and effeminate feeling. Just ignore him. Who cares about him, he's just another newcomer."

Kang Jian raised his eyebrow. "He's the darling of Total Entertainment. He's completely different to me who's almost out of a job."

"With me around, how can you be scared of not having work?" The girl proudly raised her chin. "What Total Entertainment, can't they see whose family's program they are participating in? I should let them know who they can and cannot offend!"

Something flashed through Kang Jian's eyes but on the surface he sighed. "Don't, please. Later on you'll be yelled at by your dad again for making trouble. I want to leave a good impression on him."

When the girl heard this she couldn't suppress the joy on her face. However she still stamped her feet. "I'm here trying to help you and you want to get in my way? Then I want to do it even more!"

Kang Jian didn't stop her. He just put his arm around her and led her away.

"Okay okay, it's up to you okay? Shall I make a cup of coffee to appease this warrior woman's anger?"

"What ah…" The girl's angry voice faded away.

Hong Hong absorbed all of this and then slightly narrowed his eyes. After making a few phone calls, he finally went into Bai Lang's dressing room.


The talk show Bai Lang was attending today was a program whose speciality was introducing behind the scenes footage called "In Front of and Behind the Cameras".

During a show's production, no matter if it was a movie or a concert, there were always lots of little stories and gossip from behind the scenes. The NG scenes of many big stars become even more funny and precious after some editing. Combined with the quick-witted and sharp-tongued host's interview, the program was very popular with audiences. It was broadcasted at a very important timeslot on Saturday night.

The fact that "Gold" was able to come on such a program was beyond Bai Lang's expectation. They were originally a small production, without any particular special features. Even though with the new investor's contribution, they now had ample funds for promotional activities, however able to come on this kind of red-hot program was not something that could be purely bought with money.

So Bai Lang went to ask Fang Hua about it. It was impossible for Fang Hua not to know however the reply she had given him was that still that it was all because of the new movie owner.

Thus Bai Lang felt really confused. Based on these actions, Hong Yu seemed to really want "Gold" to be successfully screened? He didn't have any ulterior motives? Or was it that Hong Yu felt that if he pushed "Gold" into a more successful and anticipated position, it would mean that he could even more successfully use it as a threat and as a leverage? In this world there was no such thing as a free lunch so when Bai Lang saw the large-scale billboards and intensely broadcasted clips pop up, he couldn't help but still hold a suspicious attitude in his heart.

As for Qiu Qian, he seemed to already know about Hong Yu's intervention in "Gold".

One evening the two people saw the ad for "Gold" on the TV. Qiu Qian grabbed Bai Lang, pressed him down onto the couch and kissed him deeply. Then after kissing he said that no matter how much money someone else threw out, Bai Lang was still his. Bai Lang rolled his eyes and thought that it was rare occasion when Qiu Qian completely missed the point. He definitely didn't feel Hong Yu was interested in him at all.

He didn't think that Qiu Qian's next notion was even more misguided. It was because all his focus was on doing the person on the couch.

Although Qiu XiaoHai was right now sleeping soundly in his own room, Bai Lang still slightly resisted. However in the end he was defeated by Qiu Qian's combination of seduction and persuasion, and the two people didn't even really take off their clothes before doing it quietly and secretly in the living room. Afterwards, Qiu Qian lay breathing beside Bai Lang's red ears and Bai Lang, slightly trembling, couldn't help but admit that doing it in this kind of strange and tense atmosphere was quite exciting.

And also because of Qiu Qian's careless and nonchalant reaction, Bai Lang's heart also relaxed a lot.

Thinking that he didn't need to worry anymore about Zhu Kuan and the Zhao family's problem and even if he was embroiled in some kind of drama between Hong Yu and Su Quan, then the person who should be worrying was Qiu Qian and not himself. Since the main character didn't seem stressed at all, then what was the point of him scaring himself?

Right now Bai Lang checked himself over in the mirror again. He straightened his collar, then left the dressing room and went on stage.


"Today I'm very happy to have been able to invite a handsome guy to the program. Little sisters don't rush to scream just yet, Sister Fen knows that the picture on the screen is very handsome but Sister Fen can promise you that, the real person is even better looking."

The female host Gao FenFen elegantly sat on the single person couch and smilingly said, "Let's welcome Bai Lang, who is also the very lovable Jiang XinCheng from "Partners for Life"!"

Bai Lang was cued and he entered the set. He smiled towards the cameras and waved his hand, then sat on the spot to the left of Gao FenFen.

"Hello everyone, hello Sister Fen. I'm very happy to have the opportunity to come here today."

His movement was extremely smooth, without the hesitation or awkwardness of a newcomer. Gao FenFen did not allow this unexpected event mar the smile on her face. She followed on and said, "We are the ones who are honored to be able to invite Bai Lang to come personally to chat with us. I trust that everyone has now seen the promotional material from the movie "Outside Gold and Jade". Just the image alone is extremely beautiful. The main character "Li ChuanQing" is so handsome that Sister Fen was really speechless. Everyone is really curious what this movie is actually about. So Bai Lang, do you want to firstly introduce us to "Outside Gold and Jade"?"

"Thank you Sister Fen," Bai Lang tilted his head and smiled. "Thank goodness that all my efforts in begging the director to take a photo from my best angle didn't go to waste."

Gao FenFen held a hand over her head. "Then it must be this angle. Because right now Sister Fen is about to faint."

Bai Lang smiled again. He then returned to the proper topic. "As for the plot of Gold, I think it's a very entertaining story. It's the revenge story of a prince. The prince was lofty and high above others, but then one day he was kicked down into the mud. And then finally he once again crawled back onto his throne. The journey is very difficult however the ending is very beautiful. It's very satisfying and really suitable for watching if you're feeling down."

"Oh? Based on the beautiful images, I thought it was going down the path of a beautiful art-house film." Gao FenFen showed a shocked expression.

"The visuals are really a great feature of the Gold." Bai Lang smiled and agreed with her. "All the items and clothing that we use in the drama was painstakingly picked by the bosses behind the scenes. I should mention that the people who funded the film is really a textile business with a long legacy. Not only did they take care of the clothing but they also cooperated with many famous furniture and homeware companies. The luxurious setpieces are so beautiful that even if I covered up my head, the film is still worth seeing."

Gao FenFen was really tickled to laughter. "Your tongue is so glib that if you weren't in movies then there would definitely be a place beside Sister Fen for you."

"Thank you Sister Fen. Your words just now was recorded for evidence." Bai Lang smiled and pointed at the camera.

Gao FenFen's mood became even more joyous. "Okay! If you can ensure my safety from all your movie fans, then Sister Feng will do her best!”

The two people then followed the program schedule and watched a few short interviews from crew members as well as some funny NG clips. Actually there weren't many of Bai Lang and most of the behind the scenes footage of him actually involved him bringing his large lunch boxes. Everyone in the audience was very curious about what was inside his lunch box. Sister Fen was also interested and asked Bai Lang about several dishes and then praised Bai Lang for his talents.

At this time, Bai Lang suddenly noticed that there were two people standing beside the camera person. One was actually Kang Jian. The other was a girl that Bai Lang had never seen before. It was the girl that was previously holding Kang Jian's arm.

Kang Jian's face was warm and gentle, however on the girl's face there was a mocking expression.

Bai Lang's gaze passed over them without changing however he didn't expect that Gao FenFen, who had until now been very friendly, suddenly changed.

"However it was previously reported that in order to understand your role in "Gold", you moved into a luxurious residence provided by your friend. Now that you've finished filming, are you planning to move out ah?"

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